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  • Iceteeeeee

    Thanks for another great show. It was wonderful to hear the perspectives of everyone on memory keeping and to realize we all really do have the same goal when you get right down to it. I have done Project Life (365) for two years now and every New Year’s Eve my husband and I look back over the year in my album. It sparks some good discussions as we relive the memories.

  • Love the project Stacy mentioned about 180 days for her son… what a fabulous project!

  • Beth

    Okay…I so am NOT willing to leave a voice mail waxing poetically about PRT, but that is only because I am horrible at leaving voicemail and I am unwilling to sound like a dork for what I am sure is many, many (millions?) listeners. lol I am a big fan of PRT and eagerly wait each week for the next episode to be posted. I usually start with a cursory listen to get a feel for the topic and then go back and listen several more times to fully digest the info in each episode. Noelle, Izzy, Nancy and a multitude of great industry guests fulfill what was grossly needed in the scrapbook industry… sending home the idea that scrapbooking doesn’t need to look or feel the same for everyone, but however you choose to keep your stories and memories should be meaningful to you. There is no right or wrong (motivation, products, process), just different. The panel embraces and actually encourages different as long as it’s something. And last, but not least, I would like to take a moment to mention just how much fun each episode is to listen to. No matter whom the guest, no one seems to take themselves too seriously and all are open about their successes and difficulties as they pursue their hobby. There are always plenty of laughs. PRT is a great show! The format is perfect…don’t change a thing! I can hardly wait to hear what the next 50 episodes bring!

  • HeatherC

    Very timely episode — but of course I am sure that you thought of that — I just bought Project Life for my hubby to give me for Christmas — I got last years design — was $29.99 on Black Friday — what a bargin. I am super excited about it and hope that I can keep up — I am thinking of doing the photo a Day thing, but I think it will be more realistic for me to do several photos a week and just showcase month by month — I love December Daily, but it is about killing me.

    Also — did your call in thing — mine is totally geeky, but let me just say I love the show, and while I do not hover over the refresh button, I do check back frequently to see when I new show has been posted. I love the conversation of the show — not like many podcasts which are more onesided rambling — this one I feel like I am sitting in on a conversation. Thank you for continuing to bring the guests I that I love to hear from — Ali, Stacy, Becky, Angie, etc… Congrats on your 50th show and I look forward to many more. {there — much better — I write far better than I speak! :)}

  • Beth

    I just left a message, but since I typed it all out before recording it (I hear the other Beth who mentioned being unwilling to sound like a “dork” to the millions of listeners), I thought I’d include it here, too! (Plus there’s a bonus paragraph since I got cut-off the first time I tried recording such a long message. Yeah, I’ve always been kind of long-winded when people yield the floor to me.) LOL

    Hi, Noelle, Izzy, Nancy, and all the Paperclipping gang! This is Beth, and I’ve been a digital scrapbooker since 2008. I’ve always loved keeping memories via a handwritten journal and a blog. I secretly envied my scrapbooking roommates in college, but never could take the plunge into scrapbooking myself until I heard about digital. You see, I’m kind of a perfectionist (would you believe I typed out this whole voicemail message ahead of time? ‘Cause I did!) Anyway, until I found the freedom of the “undo” button in Photoshop, I didn’t even attempt scrapbooking. But now that I’ve found it, I love it – all the creativity coupled with memory-keeping really, I don’t know, FILLS me.

    I didn’t find the Roundtable until Steph at The Daily Digi launched your companion show, The Digi Show. How totally awesome! I mean, it’s one thing to visit a scrapbooking forum; it’s completely different to HEAR people talking about your favorite hobby! I couldn’t get enough (and still am a faithful listener to the Digi Show). But the new episodes only came out once a week (I know, Izzy – I’m sure you’re thinking, “what do you mean, ONLY?” I totally appreciate all your hard work to get these podcasts up!). To hold me over until the next Digi Show, I decided I’d give Roundtable a try.

    The first episode I listened to was all about CHA. It was informative (I mean, who knew there was a convention for scrapbooking suppliers??), but coming from a purely digital perspective, I didn’t find a whole lot in that episode that interested me, content-wise. But I loved the conversation anyway. Sometimes, when you’re a stay-at-home mom of little ones, just *hearing* other adults being social!

    I went through and hand-picked a few of your back episodes that sounded like they’d be of interest to me. And that’s when I really FELL IN LOVE with the Roundtable.

    Like I mentioned before, I’m a perfectionist. I have a creative side, but there’s also these “rules” I have to follow in life – and in scrapbooking, too. I would go to galleries and see lots of pages with STUFF on them. Lots of clusters of things. I thought that was the way you were “supposed” to scrapbook, but that part always bothered me and never made me happy. But listening to you and your panelists talk (I’m specifically remembering Ali Edwards, but I know there were others – I’m just not as familiar with them), I realized that you should do whatever “floats your boat” – whatever makes you happy. That’s what makes your style unique.

    Personally, I like titlework and lots of pictures and definitely some journaling. I spend time on that. I have ditched most of the “extra” stuff. And, thanks to the “drop-shadow haters” episode, I even have a few digital pages WITHOUT drop shadows! I had never even considered breaking that “rule” of digiscrapping until that episode.

    So thank-you, Roundtable gang, for bringing me a new perspective on the process of scrapbooking. I have had less time to scrapbook since the birth of my baby this summer, but my scrapbooking time is more productive and more enjoyable for me – and you deserve much of the credit for that. Happy Fiftieth Episode!

  • Jdaloisio

    So happy to hear that I’m not the only one who hasn’t yet learned my photo editing software! After hearing such good things about Lightroom from the Digi Show, I ordered it on Black Friday when Amazon had it for around $125 – what a deal. Except when it came I was in the midst of the December Daily project, and after realizing it wasn’t as intuitive as I’d hoped, I decided to not add to the stress of December Daily. Why is it that Adobe products are so awesome, but so hard to learn and don’t even come with the most basic instructions? I too am worried about how I will find the “2 hours” to sit down and learn Lightroom once the holidays are over. I think I’ll be looking for some good videos or tutorials. My question for you is where you go to find these types of tutorials? (Izzy I already know what website you will suggest, but I’m hoping for mainly free tutorials). Thanks! Love your show!

  • Kbrown0

    Darn you Nancy. I went into my lss just for black and white textured cardstock and I seen the last time holtz ruler hanging there. I bought it. So not like me at all, but the holes on the side in 1/4 increments sold me. I feel like you did when you bought something from Ali’s recommendations.

  • Anonymous

    I wanted to suggest one other product that makes recording everyday life simple and fun. Cathy Zielske has a great layered template set at Designer Digitals called The Monthly ( it’s available in both 8.5×11 and 12×12 and I think in a printable PDF version.
    I’d done a 365 project for two years and at the beginning of this year, I just didn’t have it in me. I really started to miss it. I picked up the templates shortly after they came out and ended up back-tracking to the beginning of the year.
    I agree with what I heard on the show today. I know that I see my life differently when engaged in this sort of project and I love the perspective I gain.

  • I don’t know of free tutorials for Lightroom. It seems like maybe Kayla Lamoreaux was going to put tutorials together but I doubt they’ll be free.

    I think free is great when you need to find an answer to an isolated question but when it comes to getting an overall understanding of a subject — like a piece of software — you really want the quality and wholeness of something you pay for. That’s been my experience, anyway.

  • Btw, for anyone trying to decide between Aperture and Lightroom, Aperture was intuitive enough for me to have used it for 3+ years with only the free brief explanations that Apple provides. It’s very Easy software.

    I’m now enjoying more in-depth understanding of it from tutorials on Lynda–but that definitely wasn’t necessary with Aperture.

  • Anonymous

    Just jumping in to say that Scott Kelby’s book on LR helped me tremendously. It goes through a workflow step by step with lots of pictures. And Kelby talks on my level, which means pretty much anybody would be able to understand.