PRT047 – Scrapbook the Commute and Lunch

What are some great scrapbooking ideas for making layouts about work? This episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable is packed full of them. Enjoy!

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  • Lynnette Erlandson

    I am in the middle of the Scrapbook your Commute and Lunch episode and had to write to tell Nancy that I have a Packaging Engineering degree from Michigan State University! Yes I used to design packaging and now I love to design scrapbook pages and currently I work as a Continuous Improvement Leader. Love this episode, I want to leave work right now and go home and create a page about past bosses, commutes and where I’ve eaten lunch, I am so inspired! Ok, back to the episode…. Thanks, Lynnette

  • No way! That is awesome! :)

  • Wow Lynette! That’s freaking amazing that I mentioned that and we have a listener who actually has that degree from that program! I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket now…LOL I have to say I’ve never looked at packaging the same way since actually realizing that there are people whose whole job is to design it! Glad we inspired you to scrapbook about such a big part of your day as your job! Thanks for listening!

  • Barbara

    This is another GREAT episode! And, I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, but I missed you…. Had to listen to an older episode to fill in the blank. ;-)
    Anywhoo, just wanted to say that a few years ago I took my camera on a trip with me (I’m a flight attendant) and did a “life in the day” post on Facebook. But, I never thought to make a page. Duh! I think I need to do that now.
    Thanks again for a wonderful episode and for all you do.

  • I think that would be a really interesting page!

  • Anonymous

    It is interesting to me how differently we “no kids” scrapbookers are. I have made pages about my job before and about the car pool I used to be part of. One page I made using scraps of items on my desk at the time. (A candy wrapper from a snack, pieces of reports I was working on, some notes, etc). It never occured to me that other scrappers might not have considered scrapping this part of their life. One word of caution though you may want to blur out part of your journalling etc if you post online based on what you say about past bosses and jobs in case it might be read by the wrong person or it is business sensitive.

  • Ha! Good point about online posting, lol!

    Yeah — many of us lose a bit of ourselves once we have kids. Hopefully we
    learn to find ourselves again, but some never do!

  • Iceteeeeee

    What a great episode! Thanks, as always, for such an enjoyable broadcast! This Roundtable reminded me of eleven years ago when I was competing for a job at a brand new school opening near my house. I was an elementary school teacher and so excited to try for this opportunity to be a part of a brand new school. However, the new principal limited her interviews to 100 out of 700 applicants.I was lucky enough to get an interview, but since I only wanted to teach my usual first grade at that time, I was limiting myself to only one of 7 openings and needed to stand out in some way. I ended up making a mini-scrapbook of pictures I had taken in my previous 20 years of teaching that included my classrooms, displays and projects the children had done, memorabilia from workshops and conferences I had intended, letters from parents, cards from children, etc. I left the scrapbook with her after my interview. I got the job and I am sure that scrapbook put me over the top! I am so glad I had the pictures and did this project!

  • That’s awesome!

  • I downloaded this episode this morning and listened to it on my communte!

  • Mary L

    What a timely topic! Although I eagerly await each weekly episode, and am never disappointed, this one really spoke to me. I have a wonderful boyfriend, family, friends, and of course, papercrafting as my hobby. But let’s be real, my job is basically my life right now and at 28 years old, that’s fine with me. It’s a demanding one and I’m there, pretty happily, ten or eleven hours a day. I realized as I was planning for December Daily that I had no idea how I would deal with this fact in terms of my album—so you can imagine my excitement this morning when I realized the whole episode would be devoted to this issue! Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and for just acknowledging how much time in a single day we spend working at our careers.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to add that I basically have “discovered” scrapbooking through the Roundtable. I’ve been cardmaking for a year or so and it’s made me so happy to finally have a creative outlet. I found the podcasts over the summer through Kristina Werner’s blog. As someone with no crafty friends, I loved just being able to listen to others talk about the industry, products, and make me feel that it was okay to obsess about patterned paper! I didn’t understand scrapbooking at all: why would anyone scrap only a few photos on a layout when you could put hundreds in a regular album with the 4×6 page protectors? Now, with the Roundtable’s help, I’m happy to say that I get it. I’m also a Paperclipping member and the tutorials are fabulous, so concise and straightforward for busy neophytes like me! So far mini-books have been my thing—the project-based stuff is totally me, per the episode a couple of weeks ago—and I love it. Thank you to you all, you’ve been very meaningful to me this year and I’m grateful.

  • Emily

    Wow Tammy! I just wanted to say that your album is amazing! I love your time line and how you laid out all of the pages. I’m in awe! Thank you for sharing.

  • JeannieB

    I loved this episode so much that I listened to it a second time so I could take notes on all of the ideas that were thrown out. I loved listening to you all brainstorm. I have so many ideas now about layouts I could do and can even think of some pictures to put on them. I love listening as I sit at my computer at work each week.

  • Peggy

    This was a great episode! I am a telecommuter now and before we were “sent home” to work, I took pictures of the office from my window (where I had an awesome view of storms coming in). I’ve planned to scrap them and wasn’t even sure where to start, but this episode has given me more ideas of the commute I used to have even prior to that job – a lot of “then and now” type pages. Seriously, I have more to scrap than I will EVER have time for!

  • I have a question that has nothing to do with this episode (Is this how I’m supposed to ask it?). I’m looking for ideas of how to store (or whether to store) small paper scraps. I have only been paper scrapping regularly since the summer, and I’ve accumulated a ton of small paper scraps–strips I’ve cut from 12×12 papers; extra little tags and hearts and butterflies, etc., I cut with punches but never used; stuff I die cut with my Big Shot but didn’t end up using, little pieces of paper that I like and could use here and there or with a punch. I can’t figure out a way to keep them and use them. I had them in an overflowing open topped plastic container, but the overflowing aspect put a damper on that idea, and today I tried sorting them out–long strips, paper scraps, die cuts, etc., but now I’m not sure if there’s a good way to keep them so that I can actually use them someday. And it all begs the question: should I be chucking this stuff, figuring that I can always punch a new heart when I actually want to use one?

    Sign me, Drowning in little scraps…

  • noell

    Really nice! How awesome to have saved and documented all that! Thank you for sharing!

  • noell

    Awesome! Welcome to scrapbooking and to Paperclipping! :)

  • noell

    I love the idea of a “then as a commuter, now as a tele-commuter” page!

  • Kathy28

    I have a bunch of cropper hopper sleeves that I have labeled by color family. I stick all my scraps in them. Then, when I need and accent color or when I want to make a crazy page (think crazy quilt) I just sift through the scraps to pick what works.

  • Kathy28

    I chuckled as you guys talked about jobs that no one knows about! I’m the Problem Manager in the IT department of a large company. Let me tell you, that generates a few interesting return comments. I actually think I’m going to use one of the previous picks of the week – to help me scrap this!

  • Jenniferdraut

    I loved this episode. I created a page and put a link to the episode so others could experience it too!

    Here is my page

  • Cool, thanks for sharing! Nice layout! :)

  • This episode was so inspiring! I found myself taking notes throughout, as the ideas kept flowing. I found that I have done a good job of documenting my current workspace and commute thanks to Week in the Life, since that is where I spend most of my time during the week! But this episode really made me think of stories from my jobs that I held prior to starting to scrapbook and how I might make layouts out of them (with minimal photos). Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Nicole

    I’m behind – way behind – listening to episodes on iTunes while . .. . I’m at WORK!! But when I found myself wanting to jump in and chat on the topic, I had to leave a comment. I was just listening to the panel wrestling with what to do about jobs you disliked. Well, for one of my jobs I decided to scrapbook about how much I disliked it and pointed out some of those details of everyday work. It was a two page 12×12 layout with a black cardstock background and red and orange freehand-cut flames. It was titled “My Version of Hell” and featured explanation of the details of my office and some very candid journalling. I wish I had a picture of it to send you, if you would like a picture, please feel free to email me and I will share it.

  • Nicole

    I forgot to mention (sorry for the two part post) that doing this layout was very therapeutic and was a way of closing the book on that chapter of my life. And now I have visual proof of how much I disliked that job!

  • Katie Scott

    I did a post about my work scrapbooking & a talk we went to in 1999 when we got to meet Zig Ziglar.  Here’s the link: