PRT046 – Hone Your Intuition

This week we have two of the 2011 4Experts from Enjoy the show!

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The Panel


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Picks of the Week

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  • Rosann517

    Wow, it’s a celebrity packed show. I’m downloading the episode now for my early morning commute to work. Can’t wait. I am participating in Ali’s December Daily. I just finished LOAD 10/10 and I recently finished a BPClass with Claudine Hellmuth. :) Let’s not forget Izzy, Noell and Nancy ;)

  • Rosann517

    Wow, it’s a celebrity packed show. I’m downloading the episode now for my early morning commute to work. Can’t wait. I am participating in Ali’s December Daily. I just finished LOAD 10/10 and I recently finished a BPClass with Claudine Hellmuth. :) Let’s not forget Izzy, Noell and Nancy ;)

  • oh gosh, honored that you guys read my comment… it was just something running through my head because around me, scrapbooking is still stereotyped to be a grandma/mom kind of hobby. i would love to get my nieces involved, but not sure they think it’s cool enough…so was wondering about how the new generations get into scrapbooking as a creative hobby and not just as memory keeping for their kids photos … not that it’s a bad reason to start scrapping! perhaps when people have kids they suddenly get that it’s important to record the stories and memories – kids grow fast! but i wish we could all start earlier, because our individual and personal stories are important too. I don’t have kids yet, but I already know that when I do, that will definitely be a huge emphasis for my scrapbooking… so I guess I’m really focusing on the personal stuff now that I have the time :)

  • And Stacy! :)

  • Another possible way to tempt your nieces to start thinking about
    memory-keeping is to focus on photos of them goofing off with their friends.
    That was what interested me most when I was in junior high and high school
    and I think that’s the case with a lot of teens. They feel cool when they
    have pictures being social goofballs and in the center of their friends,
    laughing and having fun.

  • Claudia McDaniel – mcscraps4

    I love the combination of guests on this week’s show because I’m trying to decide which of the Experts class series to take next year. While it might seem that Ali’s and Lain’s classes are opposite, I really see how one feeds the other.
    Ali’s class really seems to get people thinking about their stories, their deeper stories, and their process. By taking the slower approach first, you build up basic skills and become confident in those skills and learn how to see all your stories, past and present. Then you can take that and in Lain’s class you do it regularly, a layout a day, so that you repeat all the things you learned so that the process becomes second nature and you can then enjoy making layouts and recording your stories rather than focusing or getting distracted by what to do about the design or where to put embellishments. You’ll be making pages you like in your own style intuitively while you relax and enjoy putting your stories and photos together. I love it! And it just made my decision that much harder. LOL

  • April290

    I always enjoy your show, Noell, but especially when you have Stacy, Ali, and Lain all together! I took Ali’s YT class last time it was offered and it was some very well-spent time. I knew I had stories to tell, but had never taken the time to sit and write them down and then elaborate. Ali is a fabulous instructor and I don’t think anyone who decides to spend the money on her class this January would ever be disappointed! And Lain . . . sigh. I love Lain’s LOAD challenges when I’m able to participate! I just got done with her 10/10 challenge and finished 32 layouts in 31 days. Having my list at hand of stories I wanted to tell from Ali’s class definitely helps feel a sense of accomplishment. Between these two ladies (and Stacy too), my scrapbooking has grown and I’m not wasting time with “fluff” pages anymore. I am getting the stories told that I need to tell with the motivation to do it and having fun too!

    One class I’d like to add for helping me get productive was Karen Grunberg’s Book of Stories. It took how I scrapbooked and created a system for me to store those stories (many of which I came up with in Ali’s class), so that when I had time to scrapbook, I had all the stories and information I needed right where it helped me the most!

    Thanks for having such an excellent podcast! I am always so ready when Tuesday or Wednesday rolls around!

  • TracyBzz

    I’ve done LOAD 5 times now. The first time was scary but a great sense of accomplishment. It is awesome! I’m a fairly quick scrapper, not always simple but still quick. I’m a glue and go kind of scrapper.
    Ali’s class was deeper and really thought provoking. She is everything I love about scrapbooking: photos + words.
    I highly recommend them both for totally opposite reasons.

  • Katiescottscrapbooking

    Thanks for reading my comment! Today’s show was awesome!

  • Iceteeeeee

    I just wanted to tell you that I discovered your site a few months ago, am now a member, and loving it! I am going back and listening to all the old Roundtables while I scrap! I always learn something new and you guys always make me think. Thank you so much for such a high quality service at such a low price. I really appreciate it!

  • Debra

    Hi guys,

    Just finished listening to today’s show – enjoying hearing the chat about honing your intuition. Totally agree with Stacy – scrapbooking and crafting has helped me discover “me” too.

    We built a house and I used green/brown inside and then realised a few months later that I hate green and brown!! Honestly, what was I thinking? I was trying to create an environment that looked nice, but it wasn’t me. Or us. Big sigh. I realised this, got annoyed and wanted to change things, but didn’t know what to do.

    A few months later I came to the realisation that my favourite cards and scrapbook pages had a cream background with all the colours on them. THEN I realised my house had cream walls and THEN I realised I was a doufus and THEN I started adding different coloured accents, furniture etc around the place in all the colours I love. Ah, so much better!! It was me.

    My friend has a saying, “It’s just lovin’ ya right back!” When you do what you love and know that it’s you, it loves you right back. If you’re scrapbooking and you’re frustrated and annoyed, maybe you’re trying to fit into a mould that’s not you.

    If you’re doing what you love, you’ll love it and it’ll love you right back. That is, give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for – the me time, the accomplishment, the fun – whatever it is. You’ll get it, but only if you’re YOU!

    So, to all those scrapbookers out there who are struggling, but really want to find an answer, keep searching, it’ll come. You can’t force it, it’ll happen when you’re ready and when it’s time.

    Case and point for me. I didn’t scrapbook much, even though I wanted to. Sitting was committing and I just couldn’t commit for whatever reason. I didn’t touch my stuff for months at a time.

    One day I saw a photo Ali put on her blog of her Project Life album – it was open (this is key) on a counter in her office, so she could slip things in as she wanted to etc. A light went on for me and I realised that’s what I needed to do – find a place where I could leave the album open. I’d already bought Project Life because I was ready to simplify the whole process, so I was ready to go.

    By the way, I use PL for a regular photo album, not a photo a day option. I also add all other types of page protectors in there and love the mix of everything – once again, Ali Edwards inspired. Honestly, that girl is so amazing – she’s progressive and has a real grip on everything (she’s an expert of experts) and just rocks. I know it comes from a lot of self-reflection, trial and error, though, I know that. All art does.

    Anyway, story short – I now scrap standing up in my living room using a slip-in system for the photos. It’s very accessible for me being out there and I just love it. It’s a total 180 from what I used to do and guess what? It’s lovin’ me right back!

    Summary: Art/scrapbooking/card making is from the heart and if I’m not coming from there it feels contrived, it doesn’t give me what I need and it doesn’t love me at all. So, what’s the point? Exactly.

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts, I had a lot of them (not unusual for me).

    Bye now,

    Debra in Australia :o)

  • Hokiecoyote

    After listening to your show I went looking for the music background stamp that Nancy mentioned. Kristina Werner used a similar background stamp in one of her holiday card series videos (

  • Cyndi

    This podcast has something for everyone. And I love the mix of guests from week to week and also the regulars. I am THIS close to signing up for Ali’s Yesterday & Today class! So close! I’m all about stories too and find that I lack that side in my scrapbooking. Not for lack of want. Sometimes I get to the end of a layout and gloss over the best details. It’s time to pay heed to those that suggest starting with the story first. Anyone who hasn’t taken Lain’s LOAD class should sign up ASAP. I sure hope Lain is ‘listening’ and will offer LOAD in February ’11. I’ll be so ready to dive in during the cooler winter months and tackle projects. BigPicture classes offers so many diverse classes…’s sometimes a bit overwhelming what to choose. Does anyone get overwhelmed by all the classes being offered online and the access to the neverending amazing projects online? Nevermind the magazines….I let a few subscriptions go because I was online so much….I think I’ve just created another problem though! Laugh Out Loud! and Sigh!
    Kudos to all you do here at Paperclipping. Love it all!

  • Yes, I really have to remind myself how much I can do!

  • Angela

    I started Scrapbooking about 6 years ago. I feel that I have been scrapping in a cave. I had never heard of many of your guest until I started listening to Paperclipping. I started with Creative Memories. One of my co-workers was a consultant. I used Creative Memories for almost 2 years until I stumbled upon QVC. It so happen to be scrapbooking day. That’s when I discovered that there was a whole world besides Creative Memories. Yes Lisa Bernson was introduced, but all I heard was Lisa Bernson founding blah, blah, blah. I would tune out and think “come on get to the products.” I learned to scrapbook watching QVC. I didn’t have a clue what Creative Keepsakes was until Lisa stop appearing on QVC 2 years ago. Now I know who she is and her impact in scrapbooking. I also missed out on Simple Scrapbooks. I think I would have liked that magazine. What I am amazed is the talent that no longer is a CK. Had they stayed, CK would have been the mega information source for all scrapbookers (paper, digital, hybrid). There are so many scrapbooking sites out there it can be a little overwhelming for those new and old to scrapbooking. Thanks for introducing me to these talented women. I was a scrapbooker who only put embelished pages in albums. It was all about the picture, product and technique. I never thought about the story behind those pictures. You and your guests have introduced me to the STORY. thanks Angela

  • Wow, thank you for introducing yourself, Angela! It makes me happy to hear
    about the impact that all of our awesome guests have had on your story! :)

  • Michelle

    Hello ladies, and Izzy, greetings from snowy Germany. I just wanted to let you know that I attended the Paper and Company Show event this weekend in Paris, and it was awesome!!! The accommodations were horrible, the restrooms were worse, the food was awful, but the classes were fabulous, the teachers were wonderful, and the friendship was amazing!! This was my first scrapbook weekend ever and I will definitely do it again (but probably not in Paris). I made new friends from all corners of the earth and it was a blast!
    PS. In a few weeks I will be moving back to the land of scrapbook stores, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby, oh my!

  • Cool! Thanks for the report! :)

    Where will you be moving back to?

  • Laurabean

    This is not in response to anything in this episode, but I came across something that you all have talked about in the past–a way to archive Tweets. It’s called Twournal, and they offer a way to make your tweets into a printed book or an ebook. The ebook is free. It’s at

    Another interesting option is Book of Fame, which assembles Facebook updates into a journal ( or Tweet Notebook ( for tweets.

    I haven’t tried any of these options–I’m not that prolific a tweeter or FB updater!–but I thought some folks might be interested. I learned about all these options at this link:

  • Peg in CO

    Love the show every week and you couldn’t have had a panel that made me any happier this week!

    I was struck this morning after looking at Ali’s December Daily project how I can really see the development of that project in HER over the last few years. I’ve watched for 3 years now I think and I’m just blown away at the leap that seems to be there this year. The album already has a cohesive feel, she has amazing pictures and a lovely look and feel going even by day 4. All the years have been lovely but I really think I can see a development in her work on this project. It was a great reminder to me that I need to practice things and allow myself to develop over time and acknowledge that. Then, low and behold, there it was again in this show when you discussed the ideas of allowing intuition to develop and developing a practice as Ali mentioned.

    I love all the picks of the week and the delightful rabbit holes and Izzy’s wonderful humor but I just can’t thank you enough for when you help me connect the dots in my development of my creative side!


  • Ali also got the Cannon 5D Mark2 (I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly)
    — it’s an amazing camera that Izzy has (and I’ve been using it this month)
    and it takes your photos up about 12 notches. I’ve noticed a very obvious
    new wow factor in Ali’s already awesome photography since she got that.

    I love how she’s simplified her process this year with that project. You
    make a great point — practice and long-term development make a huge
    difference. It means patience and not being hard on ourselves, right? Thanks
    for your thoughts!

  • Hi2lows

    Loved the show. So cool to have my three favorite scrapbook celebs as guests!!!