PRT035 – Memory-Go-Round

What can you do about all the emotions that flood you when you’re scrapbooking? We have lots of ideas on this week’s Paperclipping Roundtable!

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  • Ann

    Just wanted to jump in and say google Cricut Imgine and watch the Youtube video. I did not watch the whole video but the machine seems pretty cool. Not that I would get one because I don’t use it but the concept is pretty cool. ~Ann

  • slbarton

    My kids listened to the part of the show when you read my mail about the art. My little boy liked the idea of cutting out the best parts of his art. AND both my kids informed me of some ways to squish their artwork. I love the envelope idea. I have a box of their stuff, plus binders for each of their school thus far. Will be cutting down some art to size soon! Thanx

  • Jana Oliveira (NJ)

    I loved the show today, such a good topic. I understand where the reader comes from, I also agree with Angie and Nancy, all the comments about what is important sometimes if be with the memory and that's why we scrapbook. I agree but also sometimes you want to record memories that are painful but you still feel it's important to document.
    To me there are so many stories and things about my dad that I want to put on paper, I want to document to myself but to my son about who I was with my dad, things we did together.
    But still hard to even want to remember details, still hard to see him in pictures. I always wonder will it ever be easier. Should I really do this?
    So far I could do just a couple of layouts about him, but not the stories yet I want to tell.
    Scrapbooking is to bring you happiness and not sadness but I 'm always in a big conflict about this topic. Because yes I like the memories, I want to document but still hurts that my dad is not here and the memories hurt, but I still want to do it, and maybe I can one day.
    Thanks for the great topic

  • Erika_c

    I loved your conversation about emotions with scrapbooking, and I too am very sappy when I scrapbook, both for the moments I'm living right now and the moments from years ago. I also LOVED that you had Vinnie Pearce on, I am a huge fan! You all have inspired me to create a new album called Retrospect. It'll be an ongoing album for layouts of pictures I stumble on here and there that “take me back”. Then I can search my memory and my heart, lay it out, and tuck it in there. The years and subjects won't matter, it'll be like Quantum Leap of scrapbooking! (does that age me?) Thanks so much for all you do! Erika

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  • PomMommy

    Your discussion about how a single picture can be scrapped a thousand ways just gave me an idea. It would be fun to take multiple copies of the same picture and scrap it using several different layouts to bring out all the different things the picture can say. Or a mini book. A circle journal where different people all say what a certain picture means to them! Be a fun contest too! lol hmmmm Guess I shouldn't comment when I'm in my “Flight of Ideas” mode. Just thought I'd throw that out there for ya! hugs,Claudia

  • Love the title!

  • I agree, Jana — I think it must be a personal question of what you can

    handle doing right now when the emotions of your dad's death are right there

    at the surface.

  • I've had similar thoughts, Claudia!

  • Pat_lyn

    Loved the show and your guests today. I look forward to listening to your sessions every week. To me scrapbooking is a very emotional hobby. You can choose and pick which stories to relive again. I took the Stories in Hand class from Jessica Sprague and have the album sitting on my desk so I can relive my childhood memories with the help of this album. I have a number of my stories already journaled with plans to scrapbook them in the future. My mother-in-law took a class when she was in her 70's to learn how to write her life story. She worked on it for about 10 years and gave all her children a copy of her work last Christmas (she is 83 now) and everyone loved ready stories they had not heard before. She does not scrapbook, but she included some photos and geneology and had each one bound. Very inspiring to put my story down on paper for my kids and grandkids.

  • What a great idea for an album, Erika!

  • Wow, what a great gift she gave you all!

  • Tamara

    Just wanted to share my comments. First, about the children's artwork- I just completed sorting through and scanning/photographing my daughter's Kindergarten papers. It took a few days, but the huge open spot on my counter feels so good (now that it's time for another school year, it'll fill up fast lol). Then I made a photobook with them. I can't wait to get it in the mail and show it to her! I also liked the Memory Box idea- I totally had one when I was little. It's kind of like the “treasure box” Stacy talked about last week maybe? Awesome ideas.

    Second about the topic discussed, I think just the act of scrapbooking can be therapeutic. Even if you don't deal with how you really feel about a certain topic, you are recording life and how you feel about other things. I remember a time when some things were going on in my family that I couldn't control, but I had time set aside every week to go and scrap at my LSS. Just having ME time and scrapping helped me get through that time. It was so wonderful. And like CD Muckosky said in the adoption Roundtable, we all have poopy stuff in our backgrounds, but we get to choose what we put in our scrapbooks. So maybe an actual journal would be good to record that in. Writing things down helps to process things.

    Thanks for another GREAT discussion!

  • Such great insights, Tamara! I bet your daughter is going to LOVE that book

    of her stuff!

    I think having that ME time (which I take, too) on the schedule is so

    important — knowing that your time is coming when you're under stress and

    anxiety is very calming.

    I think Jana touched on the idea of choice, too, in her comment above (if I

    remember right) — we may not choose everything that happens in our lives,

    but at least we get to choose what we want to spend time remembering and

    sharing in our scrapbooks, right?

  • Amy K

    As always, kudos on an excellent show with an excellent panel.

    I wanted to share my two-cents on what I do with my kids' artwork. They know that we can't possibly keep everything, so when they have a particular item (this also includes school projects/assignments that they may have put a lot of time into creating) that means something special to them or to my husband and I, that item goes in a labeled organizer drawer for the specific school year.

    At the end of the school year I will take all the items for each child out of the drawer, and typically I will photograph each individual item (if the artwork is fairly small & not 3-D I may use the original).

    At this point I do one of two things: 1) Have the photos printed and create a mini album out of them, or 2) create a bound digital photobook from the photos (Shutterfly, Snapfish,, etc.).

    We all love to look back at these!

  • Lindsay

    I wish I was on the panel today regarding 3D artwork! Take a picture of the child WITH the artwork. That way not only the artwork is displayed but the child as well. I heard of this somewhere and can't wait to try it. Its on the to-do list! I'd also suggest finding a website or blog that has something similar, and discover how they describe something 3D in a 2D way – the WEB! Often they take multiple photos & clearly describe it. IZZY! Why not take a video of the child describing the art project! That would be totally awesome!

  • Excellent idea!!!

  • I agree Lindsay — I think it's usually a much interesting picture when the

    child is in it, than when it's just the artwork itself.

  • Great topic…I think it's actually wonderful that the emotions come out when you are scrapbooking. I believe that you are giving yourself time to really sink into a particular relationship or issue and that is healthy! It can be intense at times, but I do believe it's good for our souls…and journaling can really help to “talk out things.” You can always rejournal and decide in the end exactly what your final layout will be, but the process of creating is almost like therapy time, especially if it's a sad topic.

  • NanScott

    Fantastic show. As I listened to Angie's comment “Any picture could have a thousand stories,” I realized more clearly why I like to create minimalist pages. I really just scrapbook to provide a beautiful but simple context for photos and journaling, which are THE most powerful components of the page no matter how you slice it. And I believe that scrapbooking helps develop gratitude for life and dare I say, become a better person :) Some of the emotions we feel may not be always “positive,” but they probably always help us grow. Thanks to Toni for the thought-provoking question and for the candid discussion!

  • Deb Servantez

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  • Deb — I sent Izzy your address so he can look up your membership info.

    I've been hearing from people that can't find the contact information — I

    thought I had it on the About page, but I just looked and it's not there!

    I've been needing to change the about page anyway, so I'll get on that today

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    not making it easier to find!!!

  • Amanda S

    Let me begin by saying – LOVE your show. Sure makes my 2 1/2 mile jog much more enteraining (although I think you should release 3+ a week ;))

    Just one comment about the Imagine. I've always thought the technology would be awesome IF PC would be intelligent and let you design your own images to use. Similar to the way SCAL or MTC works. If I could print & design my own images (or even use the imagine as a wide format printer to replace my photo printer), they might just have a buyer in me. However, as it is, using only their carts and such, I'm taking a pass.

  • dreamscrapper

    Another great show! What I have done for my daughter's art work, school projects, etc. is to photograph or scan them to keep a copy. It makes it much easier to scrap that way and I can have the whole thing, rather than just a part. This works well for me since I am a totally digital scrapper.

    As far as the emotional part of scrapping . . . as I scrap different aspects of my life, emotions surface but I don't have a problem with that . . . I think that everyone needs a good cry now and then . . . it is very cathartic. I agree that some memories may be painful but if you still want to scrap them, you need to wait awhile so that you have a little more objectivity and distance. This will also help with the perspective you have on the events you are scrapping and you can then document them the way you want to in your journaling.

  • Kari in MN

    Hi. Great show as usual! I just tried the Pictory link and it doesn't work… may want to check it. Loved the pictures on PhotoBomb – I bet I have a few I could add… Thanks!

    Kari in MN

  • Bibliotecaria

    Thought you might like to know – your link to Pictory is wrong. It's pictorymag, not pictory. Was just checking the links after listening today.

  • Great conversation between you all today about such an important and sometimes difficult topic: Emotion. I loved how personal the topic was and the way the show honored that there are so many stories, emotions, and perspectives behind each event/photo/moment in our lives. Likewise, I continue to find myself fascinated by memory and how we construct our stories. There is just something so interesting about waiting a bit to tell the story.

    While I, too, sometimes feel the passage of time as a loss, the show sort of made me realize how quickly I shake this emotion to turn around and embrace the passage. Passing time IS a part of the story — that is, what happens to us between here and there — specifically, what happens to our impression of “there” — is a great light that shines on who we really are as people over the space of our lifetime. And, being aware of this and our personal changes allows us to fully comprehend ourselves in the moment, I think.

    Thanks for such a provocative (in a good way) show! =)

  • PS: Oops it was really several days ago that the show aired. I just caught up to it, so it was today for me….

  • LCSmithSAVED

    Once again I enjoyed the Round Table so much! Two comments: When I began scrapping I was working to keep current & work backward at the same time. About the time I hit a really rough patch with my teenage daughters, I was approaching their really sweet younger years in my backward scrapping and I had to stop, because the disconnect between the present difficulties was too great – I couldn't process the joyful memories! My second comment is that this is a wonderful commercial for journaling – I was asking my daughter to journal in a scrapbook of a family trip and could only explain what I wanted by asking her to tell it as if she was showing the album to someone sitting at her elbow – what would she want to explain?

  • BeckyLinn

    Just listened to the episode today (I’m catching up!) and I loved this episode! I always wish I could join in the discussion but this one in particular spoke to me. Like Toni, I have lots of emotions well up when I scrap and that’s why I’m a lapsed paper scrapper. I recently started digital scrapping because I thought a change in medium might help me refocus my creative efforts. The emotions are there, regardless of the method, but as was mentioned, I frame the how the viewer sees that photo – the details, the focus, the story. In the meantime, I have to process my emotions to best present all of that on the page. And it’s hard sometimes. The guilt, the sadness. I had postpartum depression with my second child and there just aren’t as many photos and I just don’t have as many memories as I do with my first. I just can’t remember details and if I can, it was a plain hard time. That shouldn’t be his story however so when I work on my son’s book, I need to work through my guilt and sadness so I can present his story the best I can. Anyway, that’s my perspective. I did go through lots of therapy at the time and I’ll go through it again in a way when I’m able to work on the pages. It’s a part of my history. I just want to make sure that when I do work on my son’s book, I make it as sweet and precious as he is, not clouded by my struggles at the time.

  • Toni

    Noell, I listened to the first half of this just days after you recorded it. I must admit that I just listened to the second half TODAY (after downloading the file to my MP3 for our family walk in the 30 something temps this afternoon). I’ll not get into the g’zillion reasons I’ve been out of touch with scrapbooking since the end of the summer, but I will say this. Faith and family first, then everything else finds its proper place of balance with me. Scrapbooking was thus on the back burner for awhile.

    But goodness, I want to say THANK YOU for your coverage of this topic. There were sooo many little nuggets of wisdom shared with me and others regarding the struggle with nostalgia. What I gleaned the most is to work on allowing the story that begs to be told from the photos, to be told.

    Many of my memories are vivid and intense (ie. don’t fade as much as other people’s seem to), and they go waaay back (I have several memories from when I was 2 years old, and can recall my 3rd birthday, who was there, and what I wore that day.) I’m not uncomfortable with connecting emotionally, but rather it’s more of a struggle with the intensity of emotions that sometimes rise unexpectedly. There were some good things shared today that I hope will help me moving forward.

    Oh my, I have sooo much catching up to do on “PRT”. Fortunately, our family walks all the time, so I’ll listen on some of those walks. Miss seeing the live show as well, and hope to pop in someday soon.

  • Hi, Toni! I’ve been wondering where you disappeared to and have wanted to
    email to see if you’re okay. I hope things are going well now if they
    weren’t going so well before. And I’m so glad to hear you liked the episode.
    I do hope it helps you in the future!

    Welcome back!