PRT034 – When They Get Hot, They’ll Black Out

What happens when we get behind on our audience comments? We devote an entire show to answering your questions! Enjoy this audience-response show…

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Picks of the Week

Update: Here’s a link to Nancy’s Cinderalla Layout.

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  • Jmp1022

    I have been listening for quite a while now and enjoy the shows. My only problem is you talk about website but I can't find the websites. I tried to find Ell Studio and it went to a mexican school online. It would be helpful for a list of the websites that you list.
    I really miss all the scrapbook shows that used to be on tv. It only takes a person or two to ruin it and it's taken off the air. I'm on a fixed income so try to make the most of my stash. I love to look at the sites even if I can't buy. Someday I hope to belong to you podcast.
    Thanks for the roundtable and digi.
    jmp1022 in the USA

  • Mcscraps4

    Yay Izzy!! I love my iPhone 4. I use the camera all the time and the quality is great for printing 4×6 photos for scrapbooking. I love all the app recommendations and always end up getting them is y'all have picked them for the week. Keep up the great work!

  • Adrienne

    Where is the promised link to Nancy's Cinderella page? My interest is peaked!

  • Heather

    Here is the Elle's Sudio link
    There is a blog and a store there.

  • Hi Adrienne,

    I just added the link to the post as an update. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

  • I've only been playing with it for a few days, but so far I'm really impressed. It blows me away that we can have this kind of quality technology in our pockets. My understanding is that 15 years ago, cameras with this quality would cost $20K or more. And now anyone can have one!

    I feel lucky to be alive right now. :-)

  • Thanks for the link, Heather!

  • What do you all think of these response shows?

    Periodically we like to do them as a break from the normal format, but we're very curious to hear if you like them, if you hate them, if wish we'd do them more often or less…


  • travelgirl

    I agree about the links. For this episode I already knew about Elle's studio but there are other times when some throws out a website or product and I have no idea where to find it. I understand that it would take more time, but it would definatly be helpful

  • First, a big thank you to Noelle who guided me to the comments section. How did I miss that orange box??!?!? But now I have it, and you'll have me.

    I liked the show and yes do them periodically. As a digital PSE Mac scrapper with an iPhone4g, etc etc you can't get too techy with me. One day I WILL learn to do the video, but recently have been making ringtones for the new phone. “House” them is now the ringtone from my…of course…house.

    I would love to hear a show with Katie Pertiet as she gets a major chunk of my money – and I'm glad to spend it there. (Designer Digitals). I had forgotten how funny Patti Knox is, and for near wet your pants fun, there is always Cathy Zielske.

    No question, no complaints today, just thanks for the Roundtable and the Digi show. (and yes I became a member)

  • Karen Keiper

    i like this type of show every now and then. BUT i like all the shows any way, even the techy ones. And this is from some one who doesnt own an i phone, i pod or i pad , have no special photo editing software, my computers probably 6-7 years old, my camera is digital but also atleast 10 years old.Gee how do i survive????? :-)

  • Karen S.

    Great show. I really liked hearing the answers to all the mail. I totally agree with the website link comment. I too was looking for Elstudio…LLsstudio…yelstudio…Thanks for the link below!

    I also wanted to say that I love love the idea of putting your design tutorials all together. Now with over 150 different videos it is harder to find what I might be looking for. Yes, your tutorials on design are really so different from what other people are doing. It is soooo helpful. The only discouraging thing is that I look at my pages now and say, 'There is something not right here.' I realize it has to be some design principle that I am missing. Some times I figure it out some times I don't.
    I am really wishing I took those Home Economic Artsy Courses in college right now….but back then everyone was saying…

    'What is the matter with you? Home Ec? You need to get a 'real job'!

    I am sure they have changed the name on those University courses now but those of us who went to Univ. in the 70's were really pushed away from art/design/color type courses because we were told we were…
    'Smarter Than That'.
    All to say Noel is that you have a real audience out there for teaching these principles. I really appreciate that you make it affordable .

    Karen from Istanbul

  • Thank you, Karen! And thank you for your membership.

    Wow, I didn't realize they discouraged even art and design at that time!

    I should probably talk about this more: as a Member, you can send me a
    picture of your “not-quite-right-yet” layout and I will help you out with it
    during Paperclipping Live! If you are not able to watch Live! during that
    time, I'll send you a link to the recording so that you can watch it later.

    I offered this to the Members but haven't really talked about it a whole

  • mande

    Love having response shows once in a while so we can get more Male (I mean, Mail). I think you could have skipped the picks and had one more piece of mail this week though. The picks are always great of course, but since this particular episode had no theme, it would have been nice to hear that ONE more piece of mail that you decided to save for later. I'm curious now.

  • Dpiercey7

    Great show as usual. You four are always an entertaining bunch. I very much enjoy the question and answer format once in awhile. It's nice to get a real mix of topics in the show. And please tell Nancy her Cinderella layout is perfect as it is. She did a wonderful job! Thank you all for your hard work in providing these podcasts. I look forward to them each week!

  • knew2scrap

    I have just paused the PRT 034 so I can comment. I love it when you devote an entire show to the reader's responses. No only do I get to hear what other listeners are getting out of the show but occasionally they will ask (and you all answer) a question that I did not even know that I wanted asked. However this it not the reason I felt compelled to write. I was taken aback by the almost apologetic manner in which the “tech” items were presented. There should be no apology for getting any and all information related to memory keeping. As an example “How horrible would it be to those who complain about the tech talk to discover one day that the pictures from their digital camera that were loaded on the computer to be send out for developing were gone, not backed up and deleted from their camera because they were loaded on the computer” maybe it is at that point they realize that they should have paid attention the all of the “tech talk” going on. I am not saying tech talk all the time but you all should never be made to feel guilty about talking about something that at least a portion of your audience is asking. Sometimes the squeakers get too much oil in my opinion. I truly enjoy all aspects of the PRT and am grateful that all areas relating to memory keeping are discussed.

  • deanna_munger

    Oh I didn't know that! That's great!

  • Thank you! Excellent points, for sure! :)

  • Carolyn

    I have another techie question:

    I have a normal hard drive (not specifically designed for external use) and a hard drive enclosure. I only plug it in and turn it on when it is going to get more stuff added. Will it have similar failure problems to the ones specifically designed for external use?

  • knew2scrap

    I love the response shows. It truly shows that even while doing a show to promote all opinions and aspects of the memory keeping work of which you work in, all of you recognize the wonderful contributions that your audience can give. What more could we ask for then a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable values our input. Thank you

  • ErinK

    I just wanted to say that I love the comment show. I have been listening for several weeks and have now started going back and listening starting with episode 1…and I just wanted to say that you all have done so much for me and my scrapbooking philosophy…so I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Keep up the great work.

    I would love to hear more from Ali, Stacy and all of the other great storyteller's out there…I love that you all promote scrapbook is not one size fits all…

  • Izzy's understanding is that there is no difference in reliability of hard drives. No matter what, there is risk, so you always want to have your stuff in at least two places.

  • Thank you! And yes, we are very aware of our awesome and intelligent audience!

  • Karen S.

    Oh I would love to do that! I have a layout I would love to send today! How do I send it to you?

  • travelgirl

    I liked the show and have no problem if we hear more of them in the future. I did think that the journaling response was a repeat of what was said in a previous episode so I found myself zoning a little. So my only suggestion would be to make sure not to repeat the same information.

  • Email me a jpeg of the layout to If you think it
    might be hard for me to read the journaling on it, please type it up in your
    email. More importantly, though — let me know as best you can what is
    bothering you about the layout.


  • Thanks for the feedback on that. It's funny because I was surprised by the
    panel's responses on the journaling responses. I wonder if some of you have
    better memories than me? ;)

  • slbarton

    I liked this show..picked up a good number of tricks to keep in my hat. I have a question. I was looking at Noel's school book project and I was wondering what you all do with oversized kid's art. My kids went to art camp this year, and I definately want to save some of it, much of which is three-d and oversized, but I don't want to keep it in it's current state…It's too big. I have scanned some stuff in the past, but the three-d of these projects makes them extra cool, so I want to capture it in the scrapbook too…Any ideas?

  • Steph H.

    The piece of mail about the analog to digi conversion of audio files got me thinking. My mom recently came across an old real-to-reel tape of me talking to my German grandmother, and then singing her a song in German (I spoke both languages as a kid). We would love to have this as a digi file. I found some instructions online and would love to hear Izzy's opinion on these – does this work?

    Lastly, is this the Canopus converter you have, Izzy?

    Thanks for the reminder about needing to find a solution to this need.
    Steph H.

  • I would take pictures of them from all angels. Would make a great page

  • Jenn V.

    Thanks for another great show! I am a couple weeks behind, as I just listened to the last two episodes. I really liked the format of the comments show…there was so many different things to hear about. I listened to it as I rode my bike to work this morning (in one ear) and it made me smile. :)

    I also wanted to comment on the last episode, if that is appropriate. I thought the memorabilia episode was AWESOME! My heart ached during a lot of it as I am remembering a super old scrapbook that I have unfortunately lost. I used to tape gum wrappers and random pieces into it and then scribble some notes and draw arrows on the page. It definitely wasn't pretty, but I wish more than anything that I could see that scrapbook again. It had pages from every year of Junior High and high school. So sad!

    I know this is getting long, I just had more suggestion. Recently I made a mini book out of ephemera and photos from a recent trip and I copied a format that I learned about on Kelly Purkey's website. Basically I just glued 4x 6 photos back to back and punched holes to make them into pages. I also put in all sorts of brochures and tickets and parts of paper bags, just anything you can think of. It was so easy and fun! The mini album Kelly made is on her blog in the beginning of June. That kind of book would be great for memorabilia.

    I will stop rambling now! I never leave long comments like this! :-/

  • Jenn, I've made at least one (or more?) minibooks that way, too! I love how
    simple and economical it is to make pages from photos!

    I'm feeling for you on that lost scrapbook. I lost my junior high scrapbook,
    which had tons of memorabiia. I can't even imagine how I'd feel if my high
    school stuff was gone too! :(

  • Karen Bierdeman

    As usual, great show. I just have to say that I so appreciate Ana's perspective on organizing and designing because it validates my own experiences. I am a very “right-brained” scrapbooker. I see the big picture and sort of go with my gut. I love learning about design principles and color theory, but overall, if something has too many steps, I won't do it. For example, I use my iPhone to take most of my pictures. I am a decent photographer, but certainly not on the same level as you or many others that have been on the show. I am okay with that. The ease with which I can take and upload my iPhone photos matches how I work (not to mention all the cool photo apps I've learned about on the Roundtable!). Similarly, when I create a layout, I don't plan anything in advance or measure. I might get inspired by the idea of stitching and feel absolutely compelled in that moment to do it. It's like an inner urge that has to be satisfied. Or..I might be inspired by a story or a memory. I then listen to music or just see what images come into my mind. I have to let my ideas “percolate” a bit and then I have an idea of where to start. I'd never erase a mistake in journaling nor plan what I was going to say. I just sort of trust that what comes out is what's supposed to! This even extends to how I organize my supplies. I never know how I am going to use them so I organize them very generally: cardstock by color, all buttons together, all alphas together, all brads together. I separate out supplies that are overtly Christmas or Halloween, but for the most part, it doesn't pay for me to take the time to do a major sort. If it has too many steps, I get overwhelmed and my creative process is shut down. I used to feel weird for being/scrapping this way, but have since realized that my way works for me and that it's just fine. I'm just very visually inspired and a very organic, in-the-moment person. That said, it is reassuring to hear from people like Ana who aren't as linear and organized. I mean, the day I tag a photo beyond “school year 2010” is the day where I'll shoclk myself–not because I think it's right or wrong, but because it's not a necessary part of my process and isn't how my brain works. Thanks for representing diversity on your panel; to me, it's one (the many) major strengths of your show.

  • Awesome. Loved reading your comment, Karen!

  • Awesome. Loved reading your comment, Karen!

  • I have to say that I also buy loads of scrapbooking supplies when I go back to the USA or if anyone visits me they are bringing some orders for me…because most products cost a lot more abroad and ordering overseas means outrageous customs fees. Those of us internationally just don't have the selection offered…so I totally understand the comment!

  • A tip for when you have a lot of the same stuff, like the X letter stickers is to use it like a design element rather than a letter. So you could create a border of Xs or create a frame with them or even cover a piece of cardstock to create your own patterned paper.

  • Jknapp00

    Hey, guys! This is the first time I have commented because I tend to listen to these podcasts rather late and feel like maybe it is too late to comment, but I had to let your fans know that there is a cheaper way to transfer an audio tape to computer. You do need a cassette player of some kind and a simple patch cord (I picked up one pretty cheaply at Radio Shack) and a free program called Audacity. It has been a while since I have done this so I don't remember all of the particulars, but you plug the patch cord into the cassette player headphone jack and the other end into the computer microphone jack. Then, with Audacity running on the computer, you click on record on the program and play on the cassette player. There are online instructions for using Audacity but it really wasn't difficult to figure out. It worked really great for the recordings I had of my children talking and singing – not so good for prerecorded music tapes (but some of them were 35 years old!)

    Anyway, just thought it might help those who don't have $200 laying around to spend on the little machine that does this. Love the show(s) and keep up the great work…


  • Thanks for the tip, Jan.

    If some decides to do this, you'll probably have to test setting the levels

    from the headphones and mic jacks separately. The mic jack isn't really

    designed to take an audio signal from a headphone jack, but you can

    certainly make it work if you test different levels.

    Also, if you want to digitize old video tapes such as VHS, the Canopus

    ADVC110 might still come in handy.

    Great tip though! :-)

  • Thanks for adding another idea!

  • Heidy Sutherland

    Hi Male and Ladies,

    First up I want to say I love the show but also wnated to offer an idea. In today shows someone was asking how to convert an old tape to keep and Izzie you suggested a cord however in the past I have held my Iphone infront of the player with the Voice Memos app going and have been able to tape/convert I then have the recording on my computer and can save it in any way I like, hope this is helpful.

  • Laura

    I love the response shows! I think it's really fun to hear about a bunch of different topics–keep doing them. More often would be fine with me.

  • Brooke

    I love Paperclipping Roundtable and listen regularly from Saudi Arabia. I had to write after you read the letter in this podcast and laughed at the idea of “making a pilgrimage for SB supplies.” I started scrapbooking right before I moved to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 10 years ago. There are no scrapbook stores here and you would really laugh if I showed you where we bother to try to find basic supplies. So most of my scrapbooking friends (about a dozen here in Dhahran) stock up when we return “home” each summer – though “home” is New Zealand or Canada for some. We also count on online stores like, who finally made it possible for us to order and ship to Saudi on their website. (Previously we had to email them our order.) Close to My Heart and Stampin' Up reps make a good living from our orders, too. On an earlier podcast you read a letter from an overseas scrapbooker and Izzy commented “wow, her English is really good.” I just thought I'd let you know that there are a LOT of overseas scrapbookers, many of us are American, and many of us just have really good English. Just ask those at Big Picture Scrapbooking how many overseas scrappers sign up for their classes. Keep up the great work. I love to hear my favorite scrapbookers, such as Stacy J and Ali Edwards just chat about scrapbooking. Any chance you'll get Cathy Zielske on (or did I miss her)? Keep up the great work. Brooke

  • Hi, Brooke! We love hearing from scrapbookers from outside the country. It's

    especially interesting to me to hear from so many lately who are in the

    middle east or eastern europe.

    Now, I was thinking that Izzy wasn't laughing at the idea of stocking up

    when you're in the U.S. or another country with decent scrapbooking

    supplies. I think he was laughing at the idea of making a pilgrimage out

    here for the purpose of getting supplies, not necessarily to visit family. I

    think the letter sort of read that way and it struck him funny to think of

    it like that. Of course, we are not living in one of those areas and if we

    did, I might find myself scheduling treks just for that sole reason!

    Cathy Zielske has been on the show a couple of times, I think, and has had

    to take a break to take care of other stuff. But I think she just told Izzy

    that she was ready to join us again, so it will just be a matter of getting

    her on the schedule for a topic that works for her.


  • Tori Bissell

    I totally had the same question.