PRT 029 – Oh, the Trunk!

What technology can you use to help with your scrapbooking? What are you using, and how?

All this and more on this installment of the Paperclipping Roundtable!

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  • Amanda

    I sensed a bit of, what's the word…animosity towards Martha Stewart in the last episode. Maybe I am miss-hearing that, but it's the 2nd time I have sensed that scrapbooking “industry” people don't like her or her products or something. Am I wrong? I just want to say I love a lot of her craft products. They are fabulous! High-quality! After trying almost every adhesive out there, her Adhesive Tape Roller (permanent) is the best. Hands down!!! I never see anyone reccomend it, but it's amazing.I love her stickers and also paper puncher. I know a lot of people seem “put off” by her, but she loves crafting, has great ideas, her Crafts Dept. blog is great, etc. Probably most of these things are designed by others (not Martha herself) and the whole company is branded beautifully. And, I feel that her involvement only means bigger and better things for this hobby.

  • Congrats on being at CHA! I bet you're having a blast!

    I'm wondering if you're accidentally mixing up the different
    recommendations, Karen. The wheel that was related to the online thesaurus
    is free. It's just a function of google.

    Israel recommended a mind-mapping app (and the week before I recommended a
    mind-mapping book) that may or may not have been free, but it wasn't for
    finding words like a thesaurus. It was for planning and brainstorming ideas
    for large projects.

  • I have noticed a lot of animosity toward Martha Stewart by scrapbookers
    around the internet, but I love her. And I didn't sense any animosity from
    Nancy. I think Nancy sees using celebrity power in general as a sign of
    neediness, whereas I saw it as a positive sign for Provo Craft. But I don't
    think Nancy was dogging MS at all. In fact, I know Nancy and I have both
    talked up her amazing glitters in the past.

    I have often been surprised how often an some in the audience thinks we're
    being negative about a subject where it just wasn't the case. I think it
    must be that they have heard negative things related to the subject and
    assume we're feeling the same way. For example, you — like me — may have
    heard scrapbookers knock on Martha Stewart, so it sounded to you like we
    were doing that as well.

    The reason I have not personally recommended other products of hers is
    simply that they're more expensive than what I typically pay for similar
    products, they haven't tempted me quite enough yet, and because I rarely
    shop at Michael's, which is where her stuff is stocked.

  • NO_Mom

    One thing that I have noticed about Izzy and Noell, they both are very optimistic/positive people. I don't ever hear them say anything bad/negative about a company. I think that is an awesome quality. We need more people in the world like them. :O)

  • Amanda M.

    Question – does Nancy have a blog where she shares her scrapbooking? Pages, etc.?

  • Thank you! :)

  • Nancy has decided not to share her scrapbooking publicly. I think she wanted
    to be able to scrapbook without the pressure of worrying about other people
    judging? She said something like that on an earlier episode. I know she has
    shared a couple things here and there. You can go to her scrapbook news blog
    and leave a comment or shoot her an email to ask:

  • Scrappybarb

    I am late to comment but now that I listened to PCR 29 three times, I have to put my two cents in. I have a Macbook Pro and an Iphone. I loved the last show and learned so much! I took notes the last time I listened so that I could check out some of them many apps discussed. However, I can see the point of those that are not into high tech with regards to scrapping. I do some hybrid scrapping but the low tech variety feeds my soul. I get more out of paper and pictures and embellishments and getting it all together than I do sitting at my computer. I am not dissing digital scrapping, it is just not my thing. Now that you have the digi show, it would be nice to get back to the lower tech side of scrapping on PCR.

    I do love PCR 29! It was such a fun episode. I am a huge fan of Ana as she is clever. I find myself laughing a lot when she is on the show. I imagine that Ana would be a blast at a crop! Izzy's reactions to Ana's wit is fun to listen to.

    Thank you for doing PCL! I listen when scrapping, doing laundry, dishes, cleaning and waiting for children at their various activities. My husband is currently deployed overseas with the military and some days, PCR is my only contact with scrapbooking. PCL on Tuesday nights is my gift to myself and I drop everything and watch while prepping items for my pages. Thanks Noell and Izzy for hosting such a bright spot on the web!

  • Colleen


    I have been a listener of PRT since Day 1, and I LOVE it. I subscribe to many podcasts – for business, pleasure, and “personal development” – but yours is the only one I listen to as soon as it is pushed. I must confess to hitting that iTunes “Refresh” button on the Podcasts page multiple times a day come Thursday. I love your team, I love “hearing” how the show has developed since January, I LOVE that I get the occasional PRT inside joke (“Will Nicole remember to introduce Izzy today? Let's listen and see …”), and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE that the Roundtable has inspired me to scrap more than I have in quite a while. And not just to buy more “Picks of the Week” (which I am) but you all have inspired me to actually start – and FINISH – more pages in the last six months than I have in the last six years combined. And isn't that what it's all about? Being inspired to record stories and enjoy the scrapping process? Becoming re-inspired to do this hobby I love is a wonderful gift, and I thank you all for it.

    And now I have a little gift for you – a show idea! We (and I say we because I really do feel a part of the Roundtable) … We talk a lot about how our lives inspire us to scrap. How about flipping that around and talk about how we can use scrapping to inspire a particular project or goal in our lives? You could invite Cathy Z – who is using pages to inspire her renewed passion for weight loss and running – and Lisa Cohen (new guest!!) who taught a great class on the past at BPS on a Journey Wellness. And of course, there is Karen Grunburg BPS class on Reclaiming Your Time, and maybe even Aby Garvey, who I dare say would have lots to talk about in using scraping to inspire organization projects and vice-versa.

    Hope you like my idea – keep up the great work, and I'll keep on scrappin'

    Colleen from Austin

  • Amanda M.

    Thanks, Noell! You are amazing at replying to comments here. :)

  • Thanks for the topic ideas, Colleen! I'll add these to the list! :)

  • Jayne

    I have loved the PRT and the Digi show. I have learned SOOO much. I would call myself a digital scrapper but really I only have done a few layouts even though I have “followed” digi scrapping since the beginning of Scrapbook Bytes. You have already addressed a lot of the problems I have – guilt, being overwhelmed, etc. It has been very enlightening for me and through all the episodes I'm getting it all figured out.

    I had never thought of blogging as a way to “scrapbook” but after listening to the episodes I can see it is also a useful tool. I was wondering why you choose WordPress or Typepad over iWeb? I'm a Mac user and I dabbled in iWeb and find it nice to work with but I am not familiar with any other apps. I would love your opinion.

    Second you mentioned a couple of iPad apps for journaling. A few years back I used an app on my pc that was specific for journaling. Since that time they have quit making the app and my journal is lost. Luckily I have a paper copy but that is all. I worry that some of this digital stuff that we are doing will be lost in the future. Is that something that you think about and what do you feel is the best way to avoid this problem. My son uses Chronicle for the iPad and he loves it but I shared my concern with him and he didn't really have an answer either. I'm a bit concerned about this with a blog also but now I know that blogs can be printed but so far I haven't found one that uses iWeb but I have only started looking.

    Lastly, why did you choose Aperture over Lightroom? I have looked into both and even downloaded the free trials and I still don't know which one to choose. What helped you make the decision?

    Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us. I look forward each week to a new episode and what information you have to share with us. Even though sometimes it may seem a bit “irrelevant” to me I have ALWAYS learned something new.

  • Kpoirier-brode

    Not mixed up, just a badly written post. Should have done a better job of explaining myself not just tumbling in everything together.

  • HannahK

    I love the show and was looking forward to the topic this week. I do use my PC a lot for scrapping and orgnaising. But aside from the Windows7/WindowsLivePhotoGallery reader letter and Evernote discussion, I had a hard time getting trying to figure out what was useful on non MAC/iPhone/iPad hardware. I'm not on MAC and feel a bit left out :(

    Perhaps a topic for another show… great apps for Windows PCs….

    In fact I have a great recommendation for everyone… my favourite app for keeping notes, ideas and links together and managing scrap projects (and in fact all my projects) is Action Method ( Better still it's also perfect for more visual paper based creatives too as there is an offline version. In fact it's for everyone as, yes, you can use it on the iPhone!

    Like 'Get Things Done', it is a process to break down your projects into actionable steps but it also I love the show and includes ways to record extra ideas, and reference material. I started some years ago using the Action Pad paper notebook, creating quick plans with doodles for album projects. Now I've moved to the PC so I can keep track of links, online resources and my journals too. But I still use the paper version too.

    Despite the MAC focus, thanks for another great show ~ I had a lot of fun laughing along with y'all. Looking forward to many more to come.

  • Awesome! Glad to see a recommendation that PC users can use! Thanks!

  • Melissa Shanhun

    I loved it! I have a Windows PC and neither an iphone nor an ipad – but I like to hear about different tools that you can use to help with your scrapbooking.

    I'm surprise to hear ppl didn't like the organisation show either. I love the fact that when my photos are organised I have more time to scrap rather than spending hours finding the photos I want

  • So glad to hear that you enjoyed it, Melissa, even with much of it not being
    applicable to what you use! Thank you!

  • dreamscrapper

    I just got an iPhone 4 so would love any tips that you can share with regard to using the photos/snaps from the HD video. I also love to hear about all the tools for iPhone, iPad (though I don't have one!) or any other types of software, etc. that can help us do what we do!

  • ErinK88

    I just wanted to say that your show rocks. You all where my first ever podcast. I just got an ipod a few weeks ago and decided to listen to you as I sat in traffic. I am now going back and listening to all of the other podcasts! Love you guys!

    I went back and listened again so that I could grab the name of some of the app's and check them out.
    One that wasn't mentioned was COZI…it has journal, todo list, shopping list and you can have multiple peoples calenders on it…just learning how it works..but LOVE it!

  • I loved the show. I am a low tech scrapper, but I like to learn.I don't understand why there was such a negative reaction to this show. I thought it was great. I don't think that every thing you all do in this show has to be stuff that I will do. I like seeing what others do. I went on line and looked at those apps. Didn't get them, but it was fun to see what was out there.

    I listen to the show in itunes and don't leave comments on your blog very often. I bet there are plenty of people like me who love the show just the way it is, but we don't have time to comment on it. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • sckrapk

    Along the lines that Colleen mentioned, Tiare Smith ( of ScrapnFit has created a place for scrappers to combine scrapbooking with their weight loss/fitness journey. Tiare lost a phenomenal amount of weight (120 pounds!) and chronicled her journey through what she calls fitbooking. I think it would be great to have her on the show.

    Love PRT, the digi show and the live show. Thanks for all you do!

    P.S. My two cents on the Tech Talk controversy—I learned a lot and it's giving me much to think about, even though I am pretty much a low tech hybrid (I print journaling and some titles) scrapper. I find that as I grow and develop as a scrapper, product/techniques that initially don't interest me become interesting when I get to that level. As we continue to relisten to your podcasts, I am sure different things will be absorbed, depending on our level of readiness.

    Keep up the good work. Don't change a thing!

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks, Diane!

  • Kari in MN

    I loved the tech talk! Every week there will be someone that will get a lot out of it and someone that won't – that's life. As a digi scrapper, I listen to both the Roundtable and the Digi show and find that 99.99% of the time, something is discussed that is helpful and makes it worth listening to the entire show.

    I kind of feel like some people are forgetting that this is a FREE show! It doesn't cost us listeners anything so we really shouldn't be complaining so much or making you feel bad in any way. Please know that no matter what direction the show takes, it's all good! Thank you Izzy, Noell and panelists for all that you do to brighten our lives!

  • Thank you, Kari. People in general feel more motivation to speak up that
    they don't like something than when they do. So it always helps to hear from
    those who do like a topic as well as those who don't.

    I don't feel bad, though, when our regular listeners let us know if they
    don't like something — you know, as long as they're not rude and
    inconsiderate. We do want to know what people like and don't like.
    Ultimately, as you said, Kari, since the show is free, we always make sure
    that we do the topics WE enjoy (meaning those of us on the panel). :)

  • Michelle C

    I want to start by saying I love PRT and almost always find something to take away from the show. However, I wouldn't have minded the techie talk so much if it had not been so Apple heavy. I understand that depending on who is on the panel will determine what programs or apps may be used by them.

    But between this episode and the organization one that was so focused on programs most people don't have it was a bit exclusive.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Thanks for PRT!

  • Yes, I agree it was too Apple-heavy. I began to realize the same thing
    during the show!

    In case any PC users missed it, Evernote works for PC's and there is a Droid

  • Miss Niki

    I love learning about the technology that is available but it makes me very jealous! I know this will come as a MAJOR shock to you but we do not have AT&T service here in our area so we do not have iphones so I can not have any of these get organizing and fun apps that you speak of! Bummer! So here is what I do to organize my scrapbook stuff….a good ole fashioned calendar and ink pen! I write down what I found, stories I want to tell, project ideas, title ideas, photos I took, what I thought about and accomplished on that given day. It works for me because it's all in one spot then I transfer it to my photo box to pair with photos. The online source that I use for organizing the “eye candy” I find is at Tumblr. Thanks for another thought provoking show!

  • OK, first off, I am *not* this far behind in listening to PRT, but my comment pertains to Evernote which was first talked about in this episode, I believe. I think PDS talked about it too, but I am a paper gal who loves digital tools. :)

    Anyway, I *finally* get Evernote, and what helped me out here was a way to get more stuff from my iPad into it. It frustrated me that I could watch and surf content like crazy on my iPad, but I couldn’t figure out how to get scrapbook ideas into it from these sources until I discovered my magic tool – the screenshot.

    I use Zinio to subscribe to a few magazines about scrapping/card making, and I love to watch videos on my iPad. I just figured out that I can take a screen shot of any of these things on my iPad, and then add the saved photos as image clips to notes in Evernote. Genius! Now, I have a tagged database of inspirational images, techniques I want to try, and crafty things I want to remember.

    Thanks for a great podcast. I absolutely love listening every week, and I listen so much, I joined the non-schmoe league a while ago. :)

  • Thank you for your non-schmoe-ness! ;)

    This is a great tip! Thanks for sharing — I’m sure many will benefit!!