PRT150 – Crackers in Their Soup

This week we’re sharing ideas about scrapbooking our everyday lives. Come listen!

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  • This was such a great discussion- thanks for asking me to join you today! I wanted to cast my vote for yellow Shoreline Thickers- they are foam glittered and the font is crazy cool. :)

  • Those are the ones! I just bought 2 more packs of them when I ran out of Y’s today on my first pack. Guess I didn’t realize I’d love them so much when I decided to only buy one the first time! :)

  • I ‘m so happy to hear my comments being read! Thanks for the suggestions! I think I will try to schedule time out for my coming holidays to complete some of the past classes I wish I could complete :) Just some :p

    Anyway, i would like to throw a quick comment here about the picks of the week. I love Gretchen Rubin’s book on the happiness project :) The pick by Laine is her second project , focusing on home. She has another book called “The Happiness Project – Or, Why i spent a year trying to sing in the morning, Clean my closets, fight right , read Aristotle, and Generally Have more fun” (oh man, I just love her title, haha!)

    I was thinking maybe we can have a PRT discussion on this book :) Like the previous one on Imagine How creativity works :) Just a suggestion !

    Thanks for another awesome discussion, I love scrapbooking everyday life, but sometimes it just get chuck away knowing that i have big holidays and events to scrap. Now that I do project life, I do snap a little of everything around me. This is my final semester in my collage, I try to do what Stacy Julian do for her son in the 180days project of snapping a photo of something or someone everyday in school :)

    And Happy 3 year anniversary? I thought there might be something special every 50th episode. hehe. Anyway, you guys are great! I look forward to another hundreds of episode of PRT :)

  • Gwen

    Hey Noell and Lizzy, Loved this episode and wow so many tips for scrapping all that “normal” stuff – I’m not too keen to take up project life just yet and find it hard to justify a 12 x 12 on “shoes by the door”, but your show gave me a new appreciation and perspective on this. I loved your idea of scrapping the schedule and will definitely do that…. oh, and the idea of popping the layouts into a box, I have been wanting to do that for forever as my layouts too are very dimensional, and have yet to find a 12 x 12 box here in Australia. I have searched everywhere, so if anyone knows of somewhere I’d be super happy for the info. Thanks for the awesome job you guys do, my week wouldn’t be complete without some paper clipping! Gwen

  • Ahh — thank you! I was waiting for the 200th episode before we celebrate again! :)
    I’ll put your idea down on the list of possible discussion topics. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Guest

    Michelle, prepare for your first stalker. I live in Brooklyn and I am also a solo scrapper. I do have a few crops and groups I hang with a few times a year in the Bronx and Yonkers, but as a New Yorker you know that BK to the BX is like a road trip. LOL. But if you are open to the occasional social scrapping I’d love to meet up. I won’t really stalk you. I can take a hint! ;) But I am getting a scrap room hopefully by this summer…fingers crossed. Would love to network. Great show

  • rosann

    Michelle, prepare for your first stalker. I live in Brooklyn and I am also a solo scrapper. I do have a few crops and groups I hang with a few times a year in the Bronx and Yonkers, but as a New Yorker you know that BK to the BX is like a road trip. LOL. But if you are open to the occasional social scrapping I’d love to meet up. I won’t really stalk you. I can take a hint! ;) But I am getting a scrap room hopefully by this summer…fingers crossed. Would love to network. Great show

    Rosann (
    PS I am having issues signing in as a non guest. sorry.

  • Lisa Ottosson

    Thank you for another great episode! I am doing my second year of Project Life and late last year I posted a long list of (everyday) things that I had included in my PL album. Here is the link if any of you need some more tips on what to scrapbook about in your everyday life!

  • Rosa Rivero

    what a great show and it was amazing to hear new perspectives on everyday life. Noell, I have an idea about scrapping pictures of boys in front of the computer: I like to add images of the games they play, or websites they visit AND to add stats: for example, if they play cars, miles, or speed, if they play “call of duty”, # of kills, if they tweet, number of followers, if they blog, # of posts, anything that’s sort of any infographic makes a fun layout. I also like to add the avatars for wii or games…or the characters they always choose.
    hope it helps :)

  • Those are all great ideas!! Thank you for sharing them!

  • Wanda Rohlfing

    Noell, you mentioned collecting wine bottles in one of your episodes – can’t remember which one – I bounce back and forth from the recent ones to somewhere in the list (I think 37 or 38). Anyway, a friend shared a link and I wanted to share it with you:

    Enjoy! Love the show! Thanks for all you do!

  • lynne moore

    I ran out of room to store albums, so many of my layouts are in protectors and then in baskets. I love that. It is actually easier to sift thru and holds more! I have them separated by subject in a loose manner.

  • Sorken

    Not so easy to get down on paper, but don’t forget sounds. Everyday sounds or past sounds you remember. If someone asked me when I was little what sound a phone made I would answer “ring, ring”. Ask the same question to a little kid today and watch them think… :-)

  • Kelly

    Great episode! I’m thinking about something related to this. I used to organize my albums by when i did the page (basically pretty random, as I’ve always scrapped whatever I’m inspired to at the time). Now they’re Library of Memories-style, and while I’m a huge Stacy Julian fan, it’s never felt quite right for my albums. Last year, when I did Stacy’s Twelve class, I kept those layouts together, which felt a little more natural to me. I’ve also gone in and out of doing Project Life and love it when I do it, but staying with it isn’t working right now.

    So, I’m thinking of having one album per year and mixing any Project Life spreads I do with layouts — being a little more intentional about how I “cover” something, layout or Project Life-style. I’ve never scrapped chronologically and still really wouldn’t, I’d just file them that way, (or roughly that way). Hoping to hear from anyone who has really mixed layouts and PL in the album and how it’s working.

  • Kimbrscrp

    Loved the episode! This is my very first comment, EVER! Been listening for a few months and just became a member yesterday! Woo-hoo! I loved, loved, loved this topic! I loved hearing what others scrap about for the everyday and gave me some more ideas! I’ve almost completed my PL for 2011 (it’s more of a 2011 photo album than a PL scrapbook) and I’m not quite sure if I will continue. I love doing everyday moment layouts anyway and it feels like I’m doing double the work, eh-um, scrapbooking! I like the idea of keeping separate albums for everyday life layouts, which correlates nicely with the Finding Photo Freedom class I’m taking at BPC. However, I’ve always organized my LOs chronologically. I’m still pondering this question: Do I still scrap some of those pictures I had in 2011 that are in PL or consider it “scrapped”? I just don’t feel like the stories have been told in enough detail. I hope this makes sense…

    Also, I already purchased “Happier at Home”, so thanks for that pick, Lain. I also want to buy the “Handwriting Workshop” pick from Tracy. Thank you for all the picks and ideas!! I feel as though I’m still staying current on the scrapbooking trends just by listening and as a “lone” scrapper, I feel connected like I used to. So thank you for that! It means so much! Keep up the good work!

  • Teddi Honeybee

    i listened to this discussion twice, because i wanted to make sure i didn’t miss anything. i liked it both times on different days. i evaluated what everyday things i wasn’t considering. thanks so much! :)

  • Shannon Mc

    Hello All!
    I’m actually in the midst of listening to episode 150 while cleaning my daughter’s room. (No, Izzy, I’m not for hire!) As I was listening to Lain talk about all of her son’s baseball pictures I had a realization, my girls love glittered shoes! Not related? I know right?! But really it is. As I cleared out the section that houses my oldest’s shoes and got rid of all the ones that don’t fit I assessed what was left. With the exception of one pair of converse all-stars and one pair of school uniform shoes everything was glitter! I ran to my younger daughter’s room and found the exact same thing! So I lined them all up and snapped a picture! I knew that this was a faze they were going to out grow soon and I needed to document it. As I took the picture my girls can barreling into the room wanting to know what I was doing and stopped in their tracks when they saw the shoes. My 6 year old exclaimed, “We have the most beautiful shoes in the world!” My 9 year old quickly followed with, “Take their picture, anything that gorgeous deserves its own page!” (I’m raising my own little scrapbook glitter army! Anna C would be so proud!) but it came down to this. Our life is boring, same schedule every day, same food every day, same ol same ol every day. So our life is boring but our shoes are not! Find the sparkle in your every day, and then share it!

  • 150!

  • This is SUCH a great story. Thank you, Shannon. I could picture all of it and it makes me smile!

  • Kristin

    hello Noell and Izzy! Love your show, it gets my creative juices going and I get all fired up to scrapbook after listening. Recently life has gotten a bit busy (all good things, thankfully), so I have a few shows to still catch up on.

    Here is my question: how can I make a chipboard album baby book gift using inkjet-printed photos, which would be safe for a little one to play with – and potentially chew on? I’m guessing the photos would need to be covered with mod podge or something safe so that the baby couldn’t ingest the inks?