PRT 111 – In Ten Easy Steps

Today we’re talking about more systems to help us stay organized. Come listen!

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  • KatieK.

    Gotta jump in the middle of listening at 34 minutes. Great discussion about the amount of stuff we have and the dilemma we have as crafters, as scrapbookers to ditch stuff that no longer works for our pursuit or our creativity process or how it looks or whatever the reason. Yet many of us who are  women have no problem going and getting the new seasonal clothing and NOT wearing the stuff from 5 or 10 years ago. Hmmm…. Why do we do this? Why do we have such alligience and/or guilt  about the stuff we bought and don’t want to use or don’t like? Is it ‘cuz we view our scrapbooking endeavors as indulgences, as guilty pleasures, as an expensive hobby only – so those products have to be squeezed like juice till they give up no more? Whereas clothing is a necessity for all of us. I feel like I have experienced an aha moment so maybe I will be freer now to throw into my give-away box. 

  • Jenrogers

    Hullo, Wilna en almal daar by PRT. Wilna is reg– ‘n paar van ons is hier! Ek is ‘n Engels-sprekende Suid Afrikaner wat gereeld na die opneming luister. Groete ook vir Stacey, wie se Johannesburg klas ek bygewoon het in September 2008. Ek gaan nie eers probeer om die woord “schmo” te vertaal nie… 

    (Translation: Hello, Wilna and all at PRT. Wilna is correct- there are a few of us here! I am an English-speaking South African who often listens to the recording. Greetings to Stacey, too, whose class I attended in Johannesburg, September 2008. I am not even going to ATTEMPT to translate the word schmo…”)

  • Caroline D

    I’d really love to hear The Male Reads The Mail that one!  

  • You might be onto something there!

  • Hello! How fun to see you pop up! :)

  • lol!

  •  Ek het geweet daar sal mense luister wat afrikaans kan verstaan! Thanks for listening! and saying hello! xoxo

  • NancyNally

    Haha don’t tempt me! I could just make him! 

  • MajicInOz

    I enjoyed this week’s show as usual. I found it particularly interesting to hear how people such as Stacy and Noell are changing their organisation systems over the years as their scrapbooking style evolves. I think that a lot of the time we forget that organising is not something we do once and we’re finished with it for good! For me, organising and purging my scrapbook supplies regularly is a fun part of my hobby and I often re-discover forgotten treasures in the process.

    An idea for using up old patterned papers that you don’t love is to cut them down and bind them with something like a Bind-it-All and make Smash books. You can mix all sorts of papers which don’t seem to match, or which you don’t necessarily like much and make something useful from it. I’ve made a couple now and given one away as a gift, and it’s good to know you’re not “wasting” all that old product! This isn’t my original idea, by the way. There are lots of tutorials online about making your own Smash books. Let’s face it, basically all these new journals and Smash books are really just lots of different patterned papers mixed together in an eclectic fashion :) It’s funny how we scrapbookers agonise about having too much patterned paper, but then happily go out and spend more money on a book made up of a random collection of patterned paper!

    I also wanted to agree with comments about how easy the Silhouette is to use. I’ve had my Silhouette SD (it’s actually branded as a “Craft Robo” but it’s the same machine) for 3 years now, and although the software even then was pretty easy to use, the developers have improved it and made it even more user-friendly. If you’re not tech-savvy and want to just cut shapes but not design them, there are enough shapes in the store to keep you going for years :) . And Silhouette America has fabulous customer service. I wanted to use my SD with my netbook, but the screen resolution in the software meant I couldn’t actually access the “Cut” options on the screen (minor problem, lol!) I emailed them about the problem and with the next release (they update the software frequently) it was fixed. I LOVE my Silhouette!

  • Hey Izzy, 
    Thanks for reading my mail, my surname is pronounced “bonza” (in an aussie accent anyway ;)So where is the promised formula!? :-)CheersRuth

  • Jenrogers

    Hello again, Wilna! won’t attempt more Afrikaans just in case I was grammatically weak (school Afrikaans was a loooong time ago…) I was not yet scrapping when you were here, sadly, but we still claim you as one of the first of “ours” who made a big impact in the overseas scrapworld. We have our Mid-year International Convention event in 2 weeks’ time: (believe you were the 1st winner of the Talent Competition, just before you emigrated to Canada?) perhaps Glenda will book you to teach us one of these years?

  • Jenrogers

    Hi, Nancy! That would be too funny. Poor Izzy. However, Izzy attempting Afrikaans would be about on par with a non-techie like me attempting to keep up with Izzy. So there.

  • Jenrogers

    Forgive the multiple comments, Noell, have been silent for ages… Enjoy Ranger U and please give Mr BTS / Mario a hug from me. We will be (enviously) following your adventures on his Twitter feed!

  • Wendy

     I think it is time for me to dust off the old Silhouette and give it another try. It was  my first diecut machine and I purchased it specifically because I could use any of the fonts on my computer. I got bogged down with life and never really learned how it worked…gave up…and bought a cricut.  While I still love and use my Cricut…I miss all the different fonts I had access to on my computer.  Last weeks show…and others in the comments…have made me think I need to give it another go!

  • Leslie Williams

    I just wanted to add my take on the organization issue. I am the biggest slob in the world when it comes to scrapbooking (well, when it comes to life, actually!), and I’ve realized that I truly think and create better in a cluttered environment. My scrapbook organization pretty much consists of throwing all my supplies in a big pile. I have all sorts of boxes and baskets, but they don’t get used much. After tying to get organized and experiencing a large amount of discomfort and stress when I did so, I’ve just decided I’m okay digging for my ATG (as big as it is) for 10 minutes because that’s much more enjoyable for me than cleaning up. I feel like clutter is part of my process, and I think many people get too stressed over organization when scrapbooking is supposed to be fun. If you create better organized, tht’s awesome, but if you work better surrounded in chaos, that’s cool, too. You know, some od the world’s best artists and thinkers were huge slobs. I heard it took Da Vinci like an hour to find his cropodile, and Aristotle one sipped and fell while trying to step over a stack of the latest October Afternoon.

  • Noelle Walter

    Hi Nancy, Noell, & panel. This is the OTHER Noelle…with an extra E. I so needed to hear this episode. This is motivation for more than just scrapbooking spaces. We moved a month ago. I pushed hard to get the “public” rooms of the house unpacked and set up. Our toddler’s bedroom was finished as well. But I lost my energy when it came to the home office, basement, and my brand new scrapbooking room. I’m motivated now to continue putting things away. I had started organizing my scrapbook room so my unused die cutting machines were out and ready for use. Now I can unpack and purge some more supplies.

    Oh and just to share, I listen to PRT on my daily drive home. I can’t tell you how many times Izzy has said “Noell” and iI jump. I keep thinking my car radio is talking to me! Love the show!

  • That’s hilarious that you jump whenever Izzy calls our name! :). Congrats on your new home!

  • Brooke

    I really enjoyed this episode about  how your store your stuff so it fuels your scrapbooking. I consider myself a really organized person in the rest of my life, but have not found a good comfort zone for my scrapping space. I worked with Aby Garvey a few years ago when I first set up my scraproom in our renovated garage (and to tell you how awesome Aby is, she did this via phone calls, emails and photos long distance between her home in Kansas and my home in Saudi Arabia.) Organizing by color, a la Stacy Julian, works for some of my supplies, like cardstock and small embellishments, but not at all for my patterned paper. I have subscribed to various kit clubs over the years because here in Saudi, with no scrapbooking or craft store nearby, that is about the only way I know to get my hands on what is new and exciting. I currently get Studio Calico’s kit every month. Could you please ask any  of your panelists who get SB kits how they deal with integrating and storing them in their space?

    I like to use my kit contents together for awhile. I love that some of the color choices
    and the mixing and matching of different product lines has been done by
    someone with all the choices in front of them and then packed up and
    sent to me. Currently I put all the kit contents in a big 12×12 plastic file folder (a “sticker envelope” by Cropper Hopper) that I store vertically on a bookshelf. I punch out 2 circles from the papers that seem to best represent the kit and glue them to a metal rim tag to label it. I keep any alphabets, and embellishments that came with the kit all together with the paper for awhile. When I go to a crop, which I do once a week, I can grab a few kits and some photos and have  everything I need to make a few layouts.

    I really liked what Stacy said about keeping a few sheets of the most representative paper together, and putting the more generic kinds of papers elsewhere. I think Noell said she has started storing some of her patterned paper with small patterns in front of the stash, larger patterns in back. The discussion about dealing with new product and deciding what should even stay in your space makes a lot of sense. I’m thinking I should do that with my kits. When I first look through the kit, there are papers that make me gasp with excitement, and others I know right away I do not like as well. You guys are so right about asking yourself “do I love this?” Also I was agreeing out loud when you said putting away new and exciting product among stuff that I’ve had a long time causes a negative energy when I go searching for it again. I do have trouble putting new product away. Maybe that is why I also want to keep my new kits together, so they don’t get lost among all the old stuff. And I stopped and replayed the podcast when you all said “you have to scrapbook more” to learn how to best store your stuff. However, that becomes a chicken and the egg problem for me. My scraproom does not work well for me, so I don’t scrap, but you say scrapping will show me the best way to set up my space. What to do?

    Finally, I thought it was so insightful of Wilna, the minimalist, to say that not everyone is a minimalist. I certainly am not, and sparse scraprooms like Renee Pearson’s or probably Wilna’s would make me feel starved. I did not know Wilna before hearing her on your podcast when she talked about my daughter’s First Communion layouts that I was too intimidated to scrap (PRT103). I must go check out her blog because she seems to have much scrapping wisdom to share.

    Keep up the great podcasts. I feel “in the scrapbooking loop” even though I am far away because of the Roundtable. Brooke

  • Mimi

    I just got a new craft room from Backyard rooms and I can’t wait to start using it with some of these great projects. The link is  Get one for yourself and have fun keeping the mess out of the house!

  • Cindy

    Hi, Love listening to this. I usually listen while I am tidying up my scraproom or even when I am scrapping.  I am a South African, now living in the UK and love Wilna when she is on the program!  Wilna, as ek na jou luister verlang ek sommer huistoe en na my ma! x 

  • I loved this week’s episode.  I, too, love to purge my supplies and try to do a small tidy (at least) after each project.  I have a “garage sale” box upstairs that purged items get put into, and if they haven’t been used by the next time I have a sale, they go.

    It seems that no matter what I do, I end up with a very small area on my desk to work in, however!

    One thing that I’m doing lately is electronic organizing of my paper supplies.  I use Evernote to have a notebook of my supplies so that I can virtually browse through my supplies.  I’m finding it’s really useful in finding supplies, and in keeping inspired.  Since I can search through it, too, I can find all of the paper that matches a particular manufacturer, for example.  I wrote this up on my blog in a 4-part series – here is a link to the last part of the series:

    Izzy introduced me to Evernote (Pick of the week!), although it took me a while to figure out how it could be useful!

  • I am really liking your new way of organizing papers, Noell. I am going to gradually try that. I am still working on organizing by color. I think I need to take a couple weeks off from work to get that done!

    Anxiously awaiting this weeks Roundtable episode. Yes, I am a fangirl ;) or more like a FanSenior, haha.

  • Melinda Kirk

    Hi all, just wanted to share that if you are looking for ‘The Willpower Instinc’t on Kobo is published in ebook format as ‘Maximum Willpower’. Can’t wait to get into it!  Got another reading recommendation for you; ‘It’s All Too Much’ by Peter Walsh (a fellow Aussie). The biggest take away I got from that was that each thing you want to store gets assigned a certain amount of space – so all my stamps go in this basket – and then if there are too many to fit –  then something has to go! That has worked really well for me in restriciting my paper supplies to one hanging fileroller rack and keeping all the pretty stuff contained in two cupboards. If things start to overflow I know its time for a clean out and it makes me think before buying stuff – that space is valuable, do I love it enough to give it some space? A great read that changed my organsing forever. I have a ‘garage box’ too – we call it the ‘Departure Lounge’. Stuff goes in there if we aren’t too keen on parting with it permenantly just yet. Stuff can be retreived if we miss it and every 6 months or so I drop off what stayed in there for donation. It’s made it much easier for my kids  to part with toys and for me to give away supplies. Great show as usual, and thanks for the reading Izzy, always love your recommendations!

  • Kathy

    Always love listening to PRT but rarely comment.   I wanted you to know that your recent shows have been quite inspirational.  I like your mantra, Noell, that you only keep what you love.  I took the opportunity to purge my studio while listening to episode 111 and saying out loud “I love it” or “I don’t love it” as I cleaned out my stash.   I took it one step further the next day and cleaned out a closet that was begging to be organized and found it so easy to apply the same theory.  It was a very freeing experience and I have PRT to thank for it! 

    Having said that, I do have a differing viewpoint on the discussion the panel had in that same episode when Nancy was alluding to the breaking news on the Scrapbook Update site.   I know there was a time in PRT’s history when the panel would actually talk about what was going on in the industry and then dish about the news.  While I read Scrapbook Update religiously, I have to tell you that I miss hearing you guys actually discuss industry news and have the kind of exchange that I would want to have if I was in the conversation.  There are always nuances that can’t be conveyed in the strictly written word or questions that might be asked and answered.  I know you only have a limited about of air time for each episode, but  I think it would be fun for you guys to go back to that formula and maybe eliminate some of the banter that goes on in the beginning of the show before you actually get into the meat and potatoes of the subject at hand. Certainly not a criticism, just the rambling thoughts of a non-schmo!  Love you guys.

  • Schmo No Mo.   Thank you so much for the fabulous treat of the Paperclipping Special!  I’ve started listening to PRT about 6 mos ago and am slowly working my way through the episodes.  I have learned so much from them, especially this one.  I spent last weekend purging my stash with Noell’s “I don’t love this” mantra going through my head, and put together a file system to start sorting some of my papers by color, just like Stacy.  I find even the older podcasts topics to be very relevant.  I delayed getting a membership simply because I find myself too antsy to sit and watch videos on my computer, but with this special and my desire to support Paperclipping I had to jump on it.  Who knows, I didn’t think I’d like podcasting either.  Thanks a million!

  • “Schmo no mo” — ha haha! Thank you for your membership!

    I do hope you find you love the videos as much as PRT so it’s not ONLY about supporting PRT — though I do appreciate that very much!

  • Thx for your feedback and for your non-schmo-ness! I love hearing from our members on PRT!
    We have an overall better response with the newer format and there are a few big important reasons why we don’t have a news segment anymore, but I do appreciate hearing from you. It is very helpful as we’re always thinking about how to improve what we’re doing.

  • Just thought I’d mention that color does come into play when I’m looking at the mood/tone of patterns! Color definitely affects mood!

  • Jersey Girl Anne

    I too, wish that you could discuss industry news, as it interests me a great deal to understand things like sister companies etc.  I do love your show and your guests of late have been awesome!

  • I have been thinking a lot about this episode since I am currently in the process of redoing my scrap space.  I really took to heart the comment about how if a product doesn’t inspire you, it shouldn’t be in your space.  Which leads to … where can I give it away?  And I had an idea: blog giveaways!  Like Stacy’s giveaway box, as you go through your supplies, you can put in a box things that no longer inspire you and package them up to send to a lucky blog reader.  Even if it’s not inspiring to you, it could be inspiring to someone else!