PRT 032 – God Bless Ikea

How do you approach scrapbooking family stories that are long, and that might require input from other people?

All this and more on this installment of the Paperclipping Roundtable!

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The Panel


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  • Ginny

    Great episode! I too took Ali's Yesterday and Today class last year. What a great class! The content alone is worth signing up for–digital templates/elements, handouts, and narrated weekly slideshows, but the layouts I was inspired to create over the course of the class are priceless to me! Since the class, I have continued to scan older photos and add more pages to the album started in Y&T. For me, it was intimidating and overwhelming to start the process of telling older stories, and this class was the push I needed to begin and continue the process. Definitely a cathartic process, but don't let that scare you away from giving it try. Thanks to each of you for sharing another terrific Roundtable!

  • Miss Niki

    Wow! who knew that someone could be so critical (commenter down below)… Might I suggest to her that she fast forward through the parts that are not of interest to her, press the stop button or quit listening all together….geez! anyway, I love the show! Keep up the good and entertaining and FREE work….I enjoy it more than I can describe. This podcast keeps my challenging myself and aware of new techniques and products….so really it's not FREE because I am spending more money on products – ha! My husband thanks you! (wink). The second thing that this podcast does for me, is to help me complete the mundane tasks that are a part of my everyday life like folding laundry, tearing up and replanting a flower bed, exercising, washing dishes, driving to work, etc. THANK YOU! all of you!!

  • Mcscraps4

    I was just going through all the episode comments while listening to the new episode and found this little controversy. LOL, really I did laugh out loud. I don't want to say my true feeling about the original comment and drag this out, so I'll just say that I love this show. I've said that before, repeatedly, but it's true every time I say it. I'm sure you don't get tired of me repeating my profession of love.

    Every segment of the show is important and integral to giving the show a well-roundedness. I can't imagine going an hour or more just on the main topic. That might get a bit long-winded. So it's nice to have chunks of a little of the different items. I find the mailbag interesting to hear other people's questions. I enjoy the picks and often go to the recommended sites, etc. I like getting scrapbook updates about the industry.

    And I love that Izzy asks questions and explanations for things that those of us who have been scrapbooking for a long period of time might take for granted. At one point in time I didn't know what a genealogist was either. We have to learn somewhere! His personality and sense of humor are wonderful and I wouldn't change a single thing!!

    I appreciate all the time and energy spent on the shows. I like the introductions and website info on your sponsors and guests. I have come to know new people this way and have taken new classes because they were mentioned. Everything you include in the shows has true value!!

    Stay true to your vision. I'm not new to scrapbooking and yet there isn't a single episode or minute in a show that I haven't truly enjoyed and gotten information from that has helped me.


  • Thank you, Claudia! :)

  • Val_taylor

    This was a great subject and a good reminder to add those longer stories to our books. I'd like to have this re-visited sometime in the future. I enjoy the show and the different perspective each person brings to the show. While I'm not a 'tech savvy' scrapbooker, I enjoy hearing how technology can be added to the scrapbooking process. Keep doing what you are doing — it's great.

  • Hey, Val — I love hearing that you want this topic revisited. I feel the

    same way about a handful of topics because with different guests, we will be

    able to get new insights! If you have any specific questions or subjects

    that relate to this topic, please let me know. It would help me to be able

    to formulate another discussion on it in the future. Thanks!