PRT 030 – CHA Summer 2010

What’s going on at CHA Summer 2010? What products are new and exciting?

All this and more on this installment of the Paperclipping Roundtable!

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The Panel


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  • I had to pause the show after the first piece of mail and tell you that the last show was not too much “tech talk” for everyone! I loved it and it convinced me to download Evernote, which I also love! I think you've had a nice variety of techy and non-techy show subjects, and people obviously have their own opinions and preferences. Keep up the good work! Couldn't WAIT for this week's show! Okay, back to it…

  • ari macias

    hahahahaha…izzy. OK. so instead of puking, i will be taking a swig of tequila instead whenever i hear you say metadata. so happy to bring a bit of comedic relief to the tech talk:)
    in my defense i have a leg cast for the summer…so i am bot loopy as it is.
    i really do love the show and am relieved that i was not the only one with the tech talk hangover.
    ps. i downloaded evernote and am using it too:)

  • Phew!
    Thank you! So glad you love evernote! I'm using it today to plan a San Diego

  • tequila sounds like a much better option to puking! Then you might even want
    us to say it!

    another evernote convert!!!

  • ari macias

    it's all in good fun:) the kids thought it was funny:)…and so did I:))))

  • Rebekah

    I have also downloaded Evernote. The last episode was not too much on the tech talk! But who won the BPS class giveaway??

  • Glenys

    Guys Guys I'm just listening to your latest Paperclipping Round Table – and I have to tell you – You guys are the best ! Don't change a thing! Sometimes theres going to be a topic I (for example) don't relate to – That's life – Other people are going to love that topic!
    What you do is wonderful – Love you both and all the wonderfully informative guests you have on.
    Don't change a thing

  • Great episode – loved hearing about paper, ink, ribbon, stamping and colors. I didn't even mind hearing about the die-cutting machines even though I don't own one or want one. And on that train of thought, I think a tech-heavy episode every now and then is fine. Of course, I'm sure the listeners to the digital scrapping podcast would have a higher tolerance than the general scrapbooking audience, so you might take that into consideration. Overall you really do a great job of keeping variety in the podcasts; and especially in bringing in new guests. Was delighted to hear Christine's take on CHA – have her back soon, won't you.

  • Dpiercey7

    Hi guys, I just had to say this topic was very interesting. While I like to take a look at the products that come to CHA, knowing that much of it may take awhile to hit the market if at all helps with the disappointment that comes with trying to find favorites that I have seen but can't find. A reply to the replies from the last Paperclipping, (the tech show), I agree it wasn't my favorite. My first thought is that it should be on the Paperclipping Digi Show. But having said that, not every show is going to be a favorite or you may not be able to connect with the topic. You pick and choose in each episode what you can take away from it. As long as all the episodes don't turn into “tech talk”, it's all good.

  • I think there must be some kind of misconception about CHA… because I totally understand that it is for manufacturers and retailers. I suppose the issue is that there is no consumer show that the general public audience can get excited about? Even though there is a consumer portion of CHA, I don't think they should combine it. As mentioned…other industries have obviously been thriving with consumer shows – promoting and cultivating their community and the general public doesn't need to hear about the trade show part. I think it's important to separate the events, because they are meant for completely different audiences. Now that I think about it, I'm actually surprised there isn't a huge scrapbooking hobby kind of consumer show once a year.

  • Scrappybarb

    On Wednesday, I was in my LSS and the owner was telling me about the video sneak peeks for owners that didn't go to summer CHA. I asked her about her impressions of this CHA (she attends the winter CHAs) and she said that she could not get over how many new die cut machines, both computer and manual are being released. Nancy and Christine also had the same impression. Finger on the pulse at PCR!

    I also am discovering Evernote after your PCR 29. Thanks! But I do like a variety of topics but realize that the mail and viewer comments drive the topics. That hard place where you can't make everyone happy all the time. Thanks for PCR. I enjoy it!

  • Love hearing the take on CHA from your guests. I think “home decor” was a good theme for the show. Even the Bazzill booth had decorative items. Things in picture frames to hang on the wall, little houses, decorative frames, boxes, banners. I interviewed a number of non-retailers who attended the show; there are a few, just like me. I was surprised that they liked the magnetic scrapbook you could hang on your wall or fridge and display your pages. The page protectors have magnets, too. You can turn the pages for a different set to show daily. The portable scanner was terrific. I've already placed an order (they're shipping in October). Battery operated (rechargable advised). Scans 150 photos on battery life. Exceptionally light weight. Has software that stitches images together and does color correction. Price point $149. Now Craftwell had “Suede” from project runway so Nancy ought not to have dismissed them so readily. Would love to see the product in the stores. Not needing a mat is a great feature, really. Love the colors that machine comes in!
    It is a lot to sift through. I've only published a bit on my blog, so far.
    It does take a long time for product to get shipped. I did see my LSS is reopening and I think they bought a lot of the floor stock available to them at the show so we will be very happy shoppers in my neighborhood.
    The CHA Supershow is for consumers. Some folk who came to that were very disappointed that new product was not being sold, I was surprised that some of the lines released before CHA were not available. I think they would have gone like hotcakes. Lots of sewing and rubber stamping and crafrs there at the Supershow.
    The other thing is that folk did not seem to know much about the “crop”. Scrapbook Royalty host that event which raises money for a charity that CHA chooses. The manufacturers that sponsor the crop are more than generous! They do give a lot of their new lines as donations. If folks had come to the crop they could have got their hands on new products even before their local stores carry the items and the money they paid to be the first kid on the block would have gone to charity!

  • Zoe

    Hey there,
    I wanted to let you know that I am a textile artist who finds your discussions have inspire me, I learn about elements of papercraft which I am not aware, the tech talk is interesting and the show it is opening a whole NEW area of art to explore and play with.

    I would LOVE LOVE to go to CHA. I did want to raise the issue that the time for the items to ship takes even LONGER if your not in the States. I know a few stores who will ship to the UK.

    Keep up the great work ..
    Zoe in London, UK

  • bunnyfreak

    I just had to say how funny I thought it was that Izzy was shocked by the MSRP for the Ciricut Imagine when the MSRP for Photoshop is very similar. This is why I won't own Photoshop the high cost.

  • LOL I totally get that but there is a difference: Photoshop is not designed
    for consumers, it's for professionals. Photoshop Elements is for and it's
    only $60, I think. Izzy and I think most scrapbookers who don't plan on
    becoming designers will do great with Elements.

    That's why I asked who their target market is for the Cricut Imagine. I'm
    still confused about that. $600 is an outrageous price if they're hoping
    regular scrapbookers will buy it.

  • I picked the winner today. We'll announce it in tomorrow's show! :)

  • Okay. I'm a geek — but, I'm okay with that (heh-heh). Upon hearing about the Scrubby, I couldn't help it, my brain went right here:

    Enjoy (I've been calling my sig other a Scrubby for a long time)…

    =) Liz

  • Emily

    During the CHA hype I get so excited about all the new products etc. But then I completely forget about them by the time they come out. I'm ok with this though because it is great for the pocketbook and it totally limits my impulse spending. This way I have more time to research new stuff and figure out what I truly need. I will say kudos to though for their amazing marketing and being on top of whats new. Not sure how many of you got their email, but anything with the subject “line new items arriving from CHA, and a $5 coupon” is going to be opened! I was thrilled to see they did have some of the new releases in. I didn't act fast enough though and the one thing I really wanted sold out – so now I wait.

    $600 for a die cut machine/printer is ridiculous!! When the Gypsy first came out the enthusiasts bought it at full price. Everyone else waited 6 months and now you can get them for more than 50% off msrp. I am thinking PC is going to see a similar phenomenon and drop prices. We are still in a recession!

    Another great show! And Nicole, I would be interested in a show about using fabric with scrapbooking. This is something I have not yet tried and would not know where to start.

    I have a random question too: I am wondering has anyone ever actually used an entire stack of paper up? I have not. Where I completely blow my budget is on paper stacks and I need to stop ..let me go count..28 partially and never used stacks. Yikes!! Any advice on how to get over a stack addiction?

  • Kiki K

    great show as always! so happy Christine joined. I'm fan of her!
    I totally understand the CHA concept (it targets to retailers and not consumers etc etc) but what I don't understand is why the majority of the companies have their online catalogues available only to retailers. I'm talking about catalogues you can download and save to your pc (eg pdf format). How we (consumers) are supposed to know what we like and preorder on our lss? this doesn't make sense to me… I prefer companies that I can flip their catalogue offline at my own pace. Since I don't have a lss nearby (only one online store dedicated to scrapbookingin my country!) preorder is a one way road and those pdf catalogues are helpful. in these catalogues (I think) there are only ready-to-ship or shipping-in-a-month-or-two products,no? So why only for retailers? I hope companies rethink over this matter.

  • Beth Sutton

    I wanted to put in a YES vote for the tech heavy show… I didn't think to say how much I liked it until I heard the negatives! I had downloaded Evernote the first time Noell mentioned it, but hadn't started using it… I'm sold! I think it is really going to help me when I'm doing online research, saving recipes and planning albums! Thanks always for such an engaging show.

    Also, Izzy and Noell, one more thing, I love the way the two of you laugh together on the show so much! Especially when one of you has made a mistake! Great relationship modeling! It is very inspiring!

  • Debd94

    I disagree that past shows have included too much “tech talk”. I love scrapbooking AND technology, and I welcome information on how to combine them. Thanks for making the show informative and entertaining every week.

  • Nice to hear what is coming up and the upcoming trends :)

  • Sabrina

    I just would like to point out that those who are complaining about the “technology talk” are using technology to listen to you guys~ itunes, podcasts, computers…HELLO?! Technology is a part of everyone's lives nowadays and it's just part of what we use to work and interact…anyways, I think you are doing a great job. :)

  • Laura P

    I had the whole house to myself for the evening, so I am sitting in front of my laptop in my scrapbooking room, listening to your discussion, and questions regarding products to retail stores…I have been very frustrated as a shop owner, as I am still waiting for certain products that were featured at CHA winter! First time I caught wind of your discussion I had to pause it, and do some homework…I did some emailing and graciously people got back to me quickly! My initial reaction was, ” Yeah, 'cuz the store owners want to get it out there for their consumers!” A day later I got an email of a release from my distributor, and my understanding too is that prototypes have had difficulty getting manufactured this year. Also very disappointed I didn't make it out there, as Christine pointed out that it was definitely a scrapbookers trade show! I so wanted to be out there! Made the best of it though, and have been busy doing some networking here on this sign of the country, and found a neighboring shop owner that wants to get to one herself! Awesome show Hymans, thanks for what you do! L