PRT 028 – Poopy Stuff in Our Backgrounds

What scrapbooking tips do we have for families with adopted children? Stacy and CD both have great ideas. Let’s hear what they say…

All this and more on episode 28 of the Paperclipping Roundtable!

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  • teri

    Hi. Just a quick note about photo programs. I would love to use some newer programs and even eventually go digital but one thing is stopping me…time. If I have time to do anything with my photos, at this stage of my life, it's getting them printed and on some pages. I do not have the time to embrace any new learning curves. I simply cannot invest time in learning new ways of doing things even if they might save me time in the future. I'm lucky to get any playing time at all. Maybe some day….when the kids are off to college. Oh who am I kidding, I'll be too broke to buy any new technololgy.

  • Jennifer

    More photo organization comments. . .sorry!

    Yes, you can add tags directly to files in Windows 7. When you select a picture file in Windows Explorer, each file's metadata and information appears in the data bar at the bottom of the window. You can add a title, tags, people tags, rating, and author by typing directly on the data bar. Once you add any of the information, you just click “Save” and your data is complete.

    Yes, I get it, Lightroom is above all in awesomeness, but I want to throw out another option that I rarely hear mentioned: Windows Live Photo Gallery. It is free, user-friendly, fast, Free, feature-rich, FREE! It will sort pictures by date, by tags, or by folder structure (if you are already super-organized). There are basic editing features: crop, red-eye, straighten, color, noise-reducing, etc. There are a lot of publishing options: flickr, facebook, youtube, blogs, email, etc. Any information I add in Windows Live Photo Gallery is written automatically to the file metadata and can be viewed and changed back in Windows Explorer if need be. So if I ever upgrade to a different organization program my tags and metadata should transfer. If it doesn't, I won't upgrade.

    So that is two cents from someone who doesn't think Microsoft/Windows is completely incompetent.

  • teri

    Hi, me again. Both of my kids are adopted and came after years of infertility. Our beginning is a little different, but the stories since their births are just regular old stories. Every family has joy, pain, and everything in between. As far as the part about how much you tell, you tell what is age appropriate. That doesn't mean you have to put it on a page. Parenting/family is a long journey and how you start is a blip on the screen. My family is not defined by adoption, but I am so thankful for it. By the way, my thirteen year old son just read this over my shoulder and he says, “Yep.”

  • jenniferrogers

    Well done on the “double duty” title, guys– You had me thinking it would be a photo editing topic! Still loving the show and feeling the “Influence” all the way in Jhb, South Africa. Almost made it to Shimelle's class in May in the UK, missed it by days… absolutely love that “plugged in to the world of scrapping feeling” so thanks for the part you play in making it so. Look forward to all of Nancy's CHA reports.

  • Great show, as always. I particularly perked up at Stacy's pick, since I just recently put together a scrapbooking challenge based on The Book of Awesome on Audrey Neal's blog:

    Maybe some awesome Paperclipping readers will take up the challenge!

  • Jersey girl Anne

    Thank you so much for doing an episode on Adoption. It meant a great deal to me since I am adopted and so is my fourth child. I love to hear about my adoption story and so does my 21 year old son. Now I need to get it down on scrapbook pages for him and hear my story again while my mom is still able to tell me!! Just like Stacy and CD, there are parts of my story that I wasn't told until my mom felt I was able to handle it. My son is learning more as he gets older and asks. So girls, thank you again for remembering adoption as an important subject to scrapbook!!!

  • Terri Torrez

    Noell, thank you for reading my MeTAV letter on the show but I just had to mention that you misattributed it to another listener. No worries though. I'm just happy to get the word out about this great class.

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  • Terri Torrez

    I keep hearing the panelists rave about Lightroom and Aperture. But it seems to me that most of the value of these tools is in processing RAW files. Is there value to these tools if you're not shooting RAW? And really, what are the advantages to shooting in RAW. I know you can do more adjustments to the lighting but is that really worth all the extra work?

    For the record — I'm still shooting JPGs. I'm organizing in PSE Organizer (PC) and I adjust or edit photos only as I need them in PSE 8.

    Great show, as always.

  • hiya! Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the BPS discount code!! I just zipped over and signed up for “Book of Stories” by Karen Greunig which starts Sept 9. I love to write but like many scrappers struggle when I stare at that page trying to compose something engaging yet informative. I took Stories in Hand (journaling based online class) when Jessica Sprague offered it (for free!) and have all the downloads, etc. and haven't done a thing with it but use up printer ink! It is a fantastic resource though and her new book is based on this, so I know how lucky I am to have gotten so much free content. Anyway, climbing out of my rabbit hole to say THANK you for my discount! Big hugs to you all….my only complaint is PRT isn't more often and longer!!! (I actually hoard my episodes….so weird, I know!)

  • Jennifer Stewart

    I loved watching the Double Rainbow video. Thanks for picking that one! I LOVED reading the You Tube comments as well. (“That dude was on a LOT of Skittles!”)

    Did you see the parody video referring to the Double Down sandwich at KFC? ha

    On another note, I had to drive 4 hours to a weekend retreat on Friday and I saved up some episodes of Roundtable to listen to on my drive. I was driving alone, but felt like I had friends in the car with me as I listened to all of you talk about one of my favorite subjects, scrapbooking. Thank you for all you do!

    Oh…and Stacy J, I had Japanese Masking Tape in my vendor booth at the retreat, the same weekend this episode was released and you chose the tape as your pick of the week. The tape sold out VERY quickly! :)

  • Jennifer Stewart

    ….and I seriously thought “Poopy Stuff in our Backgrounds” was going to be about fixing mistakes in the backgrounds of our layouts. Ha!

  • I just heard my name on the podcast, but I wanted to note that I didn't actually write that BPS recommendation (Although I do recommend their classes! I have taken multiple classes and enjoy all of them!) I just wanted to clear up the mixup because I believe the comment and rave about BPS was written by Terri Torrez –

  • I have to say shooting RAW certainly takes more time in terms of post-processing!

  • Terri! I just posted a comment, because I heard my name but didn't write that – HAHA! Glad to get it cleared up! I love BPS classes too…currently taking Claudine's and waiting for the photography one to start!

  • Oh, no! I'm so sorry! I guess I'm copying and pasting so much, I mixed it up
    somehow! Thanks for letting me know, Terri. :)

  • Thanks, Linda. And now you know I am not perfect…just close. ;)

  • Marissa

    I have that paper cutter also. I'm not really a scrapbooker or cardmaker, I do more jewelry oriented and multi-medium things, so the wire line with that paper cutter is SO AMAZING for me! I love listening to your show even though it's not completely in line with what I do. Your recommendations are always great (I was in the middle of reading that Twyla Tharp book when you recommended it) and I appreciate all the links. Thanks!

  • Cindy deRosier

    I expected “Poopy Stuff in our Backgrounds” to be about photo editing or scrapping to hide weird background elements in photos! While that would have been very interesting (and helpful), I really enjoyed the actual topic of the episode. I'm a huge PRT fan – thanks for providing such a wonderful program. Oh, and I'd love to hear a program in the future about dealing with poopy stuff (OK, not literally) in the backgrounds of photos.

  • Rosann

    First off, Love the title…hysterical. Second, I wanted to thank the panelists who so generously gave of themselves to tell their own personal adoptions stories. I NEVER ever expected this show to get so personal and I thought Stacy and CD's sharing was very admirable. My husband and I are trying to have a 2nd child but adoption is very much on the table and I am in the early stages of researching and thinking about. So thanks.

  • Glynis

    First, I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your podcasts. I heard of them thru a friend in Eugene, OR (Emily) and I love listening on my way to and from work.

    I have heard a few of your shows, inciding the digi show and I keep hearing about Metadata. Have you covered this on one of your shows? ( I have about 20 to go, so I will get there). If not, could you talk about what it is, what the benefits are, how to do..

    thanks. glynis from Graham, WA

  • Angela

    Just wanted to submit a quick note for Izzy that his dissenting opinions in this episode were appreciated. In particular, one or more panelists seemed to be disparaging a listener's method of photo organization because it wasn't efficient/easy enough and she was therefore wasting time by using it. Izzy pointed out a good reason why perhaps it's the best option for that listener: cost. Not everyone can afford the “great” scrapbooking tools and applications out there, and must make do with what they can afford. On a related note, free trial periods for things like Lightroom aren't all that great if you know you can't afford the application after the trial ends. That is, what's the point of trying it out in the first place and spending all your time learning how awesome it is when you won't be able to use it once the trial is over? Talk about setting yourself up for disappointment. At any rate, thank you, Izzy, for bringing a practical, real-world perspective to that discussion.

  • Peggy

    Okay I can't help it, I have to comment on the you tube video. I totally think he was tripping. lol

  • DailyDigiSteph

    I had to jump in here as we talked about the time factor in episode 7 of the digi show. I think you need to do what makes you happy! Those of us that are doing digi are doing it because we love it and it makes us happy. We love learning new programs and new techniques. I don't find the same fulfillment in paper scrapping and haven't for many years (because I did at one time).

    If you enjoy paper scrapping, I don't think you should feel like you NEED to do other things. If those programs you are using are working for you, then keep doing it. If it's not broke, don't fix it! It's the memories that are most important, not the method!

  • Thanks, Glynis! Yes, I do remember that we've talked about what metadata is,
    at least once if not more than that. Metadata is all of the info related to
    your photo: camera settings, date and time, etc. Most cameras will record
    this info and then you can read it in your photo manager. In most photo
    managers you can also change or add to the metadata. I like to add quick
    journal notes to my favorite photos as metadata because it gets inbedded
    into the photo file.

  • I agree — he makes a great contribution. That's why we encourage the panel
    to go ahead and speak up if they disagree with another panelist, or just see
    it differently.

    At the same time, I didn't see it as Nancy disparaging the commenter's
    method — I saw her as simply stating why she doesn't think it's the best
    method. As a result of everybody stating what they saw as pluses and
    minuses, we saw multiple benefits for each method.

    I hope everybody understand that no one is criticizing or disparaging other
    people's methods or choices. We're stating why we do or don't choose them as
    a way of better understanding the options.


  • Agreed! Cracks me up every time.

  • Karen

    I have to add a comment about the pick of the week. I have a Fiskars paper trimmer but I will never use or buy a paper trimmer again. Every product is as good as its weakest part. My complaint about the cutting systems are the blades. It seems like they dull so fast. For my Fiskars paper trimmer I bought extra blades to have with me overseas but when I opened the package of my new Fiskars blades they were not the right kind. They looked totally similar but were a tad different. I looked at the link for the new Fiskars paper trimmer and the blade looks similar again but how can I be sure they haven't changed the design yet again! So I have become a 'paper scorer' with my Scor-Pal. My Scor-Pal will never run out or get old and I can alwats buy a new set of sissors! However, if Fiskars can come up with a universal blade so that one can be sure one is purchasing the correct kind I might be convinced to try it. Any chance they have seen this problem with their product and corrected it?
    Karen in Istanbul

  • That's so frustrating, karen. I had that same problem when I tried the Tombo
    mono-adhesive. When I went back and bought a refill I bought refills that
    had the exact same title, label, and looked just right. Turned out it was a
    slightly different shape.

    I don't know why they wouldn't just want to make the same blade for all
    their trimmers. Seems very strange to me. As for my trimmer, the main reason
    I got the MM trimmer is because it's a self-sharpening system (a rotary
    blade). It periodically gets dull for one or two cuts but it sharpens itself
    on those dull cuts so it's back to normal again. There are some other things
    I DON'T like about it, so I would love to switch to a different trimmer, but
    the rotary is my highest priority. I don't want to have to switch blades all
    the time.

  • Becky

    Izzy I love the UTube video. I love listening to you and Noell both, but I think that you add a great prospective. I listen from Itunes and my husband just chuckles when I start playing them. Love you guys and wish that I hadn't caught up on all the episodes. Keep them coming.

  • Fancyscrapper

    I actually stopped the Roundtable to watch the YouTube video. Noell, your saying, “You just HAVE to watch it,” pushed me on over to check it out. Sounded like one of those things you couldn't explain but had to see for yourself.

    You were right. Crazy pick of the week, but my word! That guy was trippin' eh?

    I love love LOVE the Roundtable. Anytime I am every with scrappy buddies (I have few), I tell them about it. Mostly, I just enjoy it myself. I settle into my “Happy Place,” (ahem, “studio”) and let it roll! I've even gone back to listen again to faves. You guys are awesome, and I love that you keep crankin' these out every week. Thank you!

  • Thank you! Thank you for sharing us with your friends!!!

    And yeah — I think maybe that guy was trippin'.

  • angie lucas

    I just have to say… I'm astounded that the rainbow video has been viewed more than 7 million times! But I admit I will never look at a double rainbow in quite the same way again. :)

  • I can't even look at a single rainbow without hearing that guy. In fact,
    every person in my family quotes him whenever we see anything cool now. :)

  • Hi Noell and Crew,

    While I often feel the urge to comment on most of the podcasts, this is the first time I've felt like I’ve HAD to chime in. When I saw the title of PRT 23–“The Great Design Team Conspiracy” I got SO excited! You see, I thought that you all would be discussing this topic from the perspective of how hard design teams seem to be to get on or how to those of us who tend to submit our work often for publication oh so rarely get accepted.

    What I mean is that a while back you all discussed the notion that there are many scrapbookers who are not at all concerned about newly released product lines or the latest and greatest tools or what designer's name is on their set of stickers. But you see, I am very much concerned. While I started out on a superficial level, I very quickly got acclimated to the newest trends, learning all about the various manufacturers, and reading all the blogs and magazines. And now, especially during this CHA season, I really would like to be more of an insider. Everything from my perspective seems very exclusive and I sometimes feel like I'm just trying to be one of the gang.

    So now, after about 5 years of being an average, everyday scrapbooker, I am deeply interested in taking my skills to the next level. My less-than-a-year-old very humble blog is all about my journey into seeking my best creative space while figuring out my own distinctive style of scrapbooking, that is, clarifying my perspective. There are a lot of people who think what I do is really great; however, I am always striving to perfect my craft–the “Is it Good Enough…Am I Good Enough” syndrome.

    I would love to be on a design team and maybe design products of my own one day. I would love to make the leap from everyday scrapbooker to one of Ella's Most Influential Scrapbookers. Who knows what can happen? While I do hope that someday I will reach my goals, I stay quite happy in my current existence as a mom of one who just happens to like getting her fingers all inky and her memories safe in scrap albums and journals. So am I the only one out there who thinks like I do? I hope not! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! By the way, kudos to you for the award!

    Thanks to all of you for everything!
    Christy AKA “tencraftyfingers”

  • Deb Servantez

    Yes, that guy was definitely not sober. Check out this hilarious Double Rainbow Song

    LOVE your roundtable, by the way. I listen to it when I run in the mornings…it makes my day!!

  • 9isfine

    Hi there,
    I know I'm a few shows behind but I just listened to this episode today (8/3) and I wanted to thank you for discussing this topic. My partner and I have three biological children and 6 children that we adopted through foster care. Like CD said, we all have “poopy stuff in our backgrounds,” and my children are no exception. Like Stacy, my 6 kids that were adopted, all have unpleasant stories in their histories that involve drugs, violence, extreme neglect and poverty. I feel like it is so important to remember that each child's story is exactly that – their story. Even the unpleasant stuff makes us who we are and we should never take those parts of their stories away from them. My kids know that their birth moms loved them but weren't able to care for them. CD mentioned that a lot of the poopy stuff won't probably end up in the scrapbooks, but I disagree. I think that those crappy stories belong in the scrapbooks right along with all the other stuff. The story could be hidden behind a photo or whatever, but writing it down is so important for when I'm not there to tell my kids anymore. Someday they'll know it all, and someday I won't be around to remind them of the details. I'd like them to have it all – the good, the bad and the ugly.
    Thankfully, most of each of their stories is full of the good. They ended up where they belong with a family that loves them and cherishes them for exactly who they are. My kids are a rainbow of colors and close in age. We are asked often when out and about if they are all ours, or if we're a school group, or how we got all these kids. Being the smart ass that I am, I often reply to the last question with something like “I've been know to sleep around.” But the truth is that when I'm asked which ones I gave birth to, I hesitate because I don't feel any differently about the kids who are biological and the ones that are adopted and I forget for a split second. My kids have asked me many times if I always wanted nine kids. My answer is always the same. “I didn't always want nine kids, I just wanted you.” I want my kids to have all sides of their story so I'll include it all. Again, thanks for discussing this topic and for all your hard work. You've got a great show, even if I can't keep up to date with listening to them all! Kari (car-ee)

  • LOL — “I've been known to sleep around.” That kills me! I love the “I
    didn't always want nine kids, I just wanted you,” response. Very sweet and
    personal for the child.

  • I just discovered Paperclipping a few weeks ago so I'm trying to catch up on all the podcasts. When you were talking about feeling left out of birthing conversations (as an adoptive mother) I have to say I
    felt left out for a few minutes because I don't have any children and wasn't really connecting to the conservation. That being said, I still loved the show.

  • Elaine

    Hi Noel,

    I really enjoy your show and have been following it since the beginning. I was a bit behind in the last episodes but I am catching up. Just wanted to thank you for bringing to the table the adoption topic especially how you approach from the scrapbookign point of view. I am a big fan of Stacey since I read her BPS book and was especially moved with the adoption of her child. Myself am an adopted kid, my parents divorced when I was a baby but my mother remarried some years after with whom I always refer to as my father. After your program I felt the need to scrap about my biological father and my father, especially how much I look physically to the first, but how much I look in many other things to my father. Thanks again for bring this as well as many other interesting topics to the show. I would suggest if one of them could be to scrapbook your professional life and achievements. I know there are many like me, mom with kids, husband, but also with a very rewarding job that also love scrapbooking as a creative outlet to relieve stress and remind me how important are the things around us.

    Thanks again …
    Puerto Rico

  • Tori Bissell

    hehehe just listening now and wanted you to know that I think you should have called the episode “just pushed out taff” heheh. Just kidding.