PRT 027 – Nothin’ Wrong With Plain Old Green

How do you choose colors? What colors do you like, or not like?

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  • Yikes, it's sad to hear about families that discard scrapbooks. Hmm… I can't even respond without getting angry, but perhaps it's just a personal bias since I barely have anything from my grandparents. My parents arrived in the USA with just the clothes on their back, so my frame of mind is to treasure any scrap of ephemera or trinket that conjures up past memories and stories.

    I was thinking about how scrapbooking with the visual elements and stories written down seem a bit like visual journaling to me. Artists often keep sketchbooks and journals to draw in, practice and record thoughts. But the practice has become more widespread for anyone who wants to express their emotions in some way…whether it's drawing, painting, collage, writing or a combination of media. Journaling is just a record of our thoughts, our lives and ultimately our perspective on the world. I suppose scrapbooking for yourself would be a version of visual journaling and in the end I understand we don't have to be so attached to the results.

    Although we would like our work to last forever and be passed down from generation to generation, all our material possessions will deteriorate over time. I've definitely stopped worrying about archival-safe issues and I feel it gives me lots of freedom to just do whatever I feel like. I suppose now it's the time let go and not worry about what happens to our what happens afterwards as well – whether we give projects away as gifts or keep it on our bookshelves. The thought of not caring is really liberating…

    Now I'm just babbling…anyway, thanks for another great podcast :)

  • KristynG

    Just wanted to say thanks to BPS for sponsoring Paperclipping Roundtable and offering a great discount! I just used the code to sign up for Cathy Z's Me: The Abridged Version class! Thanks again!

  • Siri_F

    Just needed to pause for a second… I don´t have kids (except my furbaby, and something tells me that he´s not that into my albums, even though he has his own…) so I scrapbook for me. I mainly scrap photos from my childhood, and my brothers and sister are so envious of my albums! Little do they know that I´m working on albums for all thre of them as Christmas gifts… I can not wait to give them away!

    I might actually understand why my imagined kids might not want my albums from my girl trip to a sunny beach when I was 18… Maybe I should add that in my imagined will? “I don´t mind you throwing away the party photos, but please look through my scrapbook albums before you use them to heat your house (burn them). There might be a LO or two you would like to keep for your kids to throw out…) ;-D

  • heather p.

    Yay!! New episode for tomorrow's run!!!

    I have a comment scrapbooking magazines (you were discussing CK mag in episode 12 I think). All I can say is “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”. I LOVE the printed page. I do eagerly read tips and news online and even scraplift from online, but I LOVE my magazines. I love the heft…I love curling up with my tea the evening CK or Scrap Etc. comes to my door. Oh, and what about Scrapbook Trends?! That BOOK (I hesitate to call it a magazine) is GORGEOUS….but kind of flat when you see it online. Please industry, don't take my printed material away! I'm not even mad they reduced the number of editions! There are still some of us who read magazines and newspapers for the sheer enjoyment! Please oh please powers that be? :) Keep up the great work!!

  • Amjohnson

    I am currently listening to this episode and I have to laugh at the comment about no kids and a scrapbooker. A “former” consultant told me I should get a dog when I asked her to take a picture of me for my 12 of 12 page, meaning that my life is not interesting and a dog would make it better. I guess that is why I now I call her my “former” consultant. She can't support me and my hobby why should I support her. I love scrapping about my husband and my life. We have a great one~ Ann

  • dreamscrapper

    Color Schemer Studio is great – I have been using it for years. Just to clarify . . . the program is for BOTH Mac and PC. Love how you can easily switch color schemes based on a base color. Also, when I am stuck for a color combo, using the Random button is a great way to find some new colors!

  • Another great show! This was the first one I've listened to where it was kind of frustrating to have audio only. So hard to hear everyone talk about color and not see examples! (Yes, I am a strong visual learner.) One thought: Have you ever considered choosing the same topic one week for both the Roundtable and the Digi Show? Each could cover the topic more in-depth and we have the pleasure of listening to both! Seems win-win to me…

  • NO_Mom

    I miss Stacy Julian, can you bring her back on sometime soon! ;)

  • Steph

    Loved all the sharing of cool tools, resources, etc. BTW Noell, the book you picked is now only $10.88 at, and it's available for the Kindle – yeah! Yup, have to check it out on my iPhone Kindle app.

    I am a total purple girl so I sure hope your predictions are right and that purple is on the color palette list this Fall/Winter!

  • Steph (again!)

    I was so sad to hear about scrapbooks being tossed or sold at garage sales. Sure, maybe those people don't want them now, but they are family heirlooms and future generations might be thrilled to have them. My husband has a diary from a great uncle. It's all handwritten and encompasses daily life in rural America. He describes, in detail, the cold winters, the animals they're raising, the long wagon rides to neighboring towns to play games and music with friends and family. Priceless! It's one of my husband's family treasure and we are so glad to have it. I so wish I had more from my own family, most of whom I know very little about beyond dates of birth and death, marriage info and kids names. What I wouldn't give to have scrapbooks from them that detail what their lives were like, or what it was like to live during their eras.

  • Oh, they're going to love their Christmas gifts!

  • For sure! She's coming up real soon. We're working around everybody's summer
    vacations right now. :)

  • I think that would be a great idea to do once in a while. Trying to schedule
    the appropriate guests for particular topics would make it impossible to do
    all the time. But we did sort of did that last week (digital photo
    organization for PRT and digital scrapbook product organization for the Digi
    show). I think we can put our heads and work it out once in a while!

  • That is so cool.

  • HeatherC

    I could not agree more!!! I miss my magazines — used to get Simple Scrapbooks, and have not found a good replacement.

  • Terri Torrez

    A BPS recommendation — Registration opened today for Me: The Abridged Version by Cathy Zielske. I have taken a dozen amazing BPS classes from some incredibly inspiring individuals and each of them has touched me in some way. But there is no doubt in my mind that MeTAV was the most personally meaningful, rewarding and cathartic project that I have ever done.

    The concept for MeTAV is based on The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. You write a few short entries about something in your life (past and present) for each letter of the alphabet. The need to paint a complete picture in this project pushed me to cover areas of my personal timeline that I had previously ignored. And yet the brevity of the entries allowed me to tell the hard stories without delving into more emotional detail than I was ready for.

    And the best part is that now that i've touched on some of the stories that i've ignored for so long, I find that I am ready to tell them in greater depth. I'm ready to talk about the details, both the good and the bad. And at the same time i'm finding stories that I no longer need to tell, stories that I no longer feel a nagging guilt about keeping a secret. I've touched on them; i've gotten them out there for the world to see; the detail i've put into MeTAV is sufficient and now I can move on.

    Cathy Zielske is, of course, an amazing teacher and her classes are always loads of fun. But this class is really special and I would recommend it to all of your listeners. It was so worthwhile I’m thinking about taking it again to make a MeTAV album for my husband.

  • Wow, what a testimonial! Thank you — I'm using it next week. :)

  • Terri Torrez

    If your listeners want to see an example of the album, I shared some of my pages on

  • Amy

    Yay for Izzy – the links open in a new window! Thanks!
    I really had to pick my jaw up off the floor when you read the mail this week. I guess I am really naive to what happens to our treasured memories when we give them away! Izzy's right – heartless.
    I paused the podcast, and turned to my oldest daughter and said that if our family's scrapbooks end up in a garage sale, I will come back and haunt you! Then we laughed, even though it's NO laughing matter in my opinion. Also, I loved listening to all the different perspectives on color.
    Noell, I have to tell you, I have been looking everywhere (online & brick/mortar), to no avail, for the We R Memory Keepers Brad Setter & Piercer since you chose it for your pick of the week…then, low and behold I popped into Hobby Lobby the other day….and there it was!! AWESOME tool!! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Glad you found it! For anyone who is looking, I bought mine at

  • Amy

    Unfortunately has been sold out of it.

  • Smbradford

    I just have to say that your show was not only my inspiration for my photo of the day today, but also my sanity saver. :) I'm taking Picture Summer and loving it! I hear they will be offering Picture Fall, and I'm soooo going to take that one too! Today we were asked to find a moment of solitude and photograph it. That was difficult in my house (two overtired children ages 5 and 3 and one grumpy Mama). I decided the only way to find solitude was to turn up my iPod, put in the headphones and tune out my whiny children. I actually ended up loving the shots I got too. :) You can even see the Roundtable logo in one shot. You can check out my photos on my blog at….

    Just had to pop over and say thanks!

  • Oooh! Very cool photos! Love the composition and the contrast. Thanks for
    sharing! :)

  • Mande

    I signed up for the BPS class using the discount link. Thanks! I am so looking forward to this class as it is time to just do some pages about myself. Thanks to Terri Torrez for bringing it and letting us know that registration is already open!
    I also was shocked to find out about what some people do with scrapbooks that were made by others. Some people just don't value these things. In fact, I was attending my monthly Craft 'n' Chat event a couple weeks ago and I was working on a few pages there. People can come and work on any type of craft that want, but I never expected to be criticized for my scrapbooking. Two of the older ladies there, who had never scrapbooked a page in their entire lives, started in on me by saying things like:
    1. Your kids will rip those pages apart.
    2. Your kids will remove photos whenever they need for school projects and then never put them back.
    3. Those pages will fall apart after a few years. All that stuff will just fall off.
    4. You probably had to bring a huge bag of stuff with you today just to do that one page.
    5. I just don't get it. What are you doing anyway?
    6. It looks more like a wall-hanging than something you would put in a scrapbook.

    I was completely stunned, and at that time, felt like I couldn't respond. I thought of plenty to say later though…none of it very nice. But, it was too late. Anyway, I think scrapbookers need to be responsible about their albums, and if they don't feel their family will appreciate the albums after they are gone, they need to be sure to pass them on to someone who will appreciate them or at least save them for future generations. I also think that prolific scrapbookers need to be aware that not all of their stuff will last forever. I'm sure that as time goes on, we will find better and more efficient ways to “save” our stuff. (microchip in your brain, perhaps!)

  • Karen

    theres some red in the kaisercrafts new lines coming up in september Noell

  • Cool, TFS! I like all 4 of the red patterns they showed there. One set looks
    like it's a slightly pinkish cooler red while the other set is warmer —
    almost like it has a tiny bit of orange mixed into it. I hope they're RED
    enough for me! :)

    I'll def. keep my eyes open for them. Thank you!

  • WOW! ?????

  • Kim Calloway

    Hi Noell and Izzy,

    Thank you so much for hosting this incredibly entertaining and inspiring podcast! With the closing of so many of our beloved scrapbook stores, new sources of inspiration such as this are a treasured resource.

    I just started listening to this episode, and haven't even made it to the main portion yet. I had to pause after listening to the “Male reading the Mail” segment.

    It was very sad hearing about the family scrapbooks being sold in the $1 box at yardsales. But then you all were talking about people not having kids, and how that influences what they could have to scrapbook about. This reminded me of a crop I went to a year ago, when I heard some ladies talking about another cropper who didn't have children, saying “What could she possibly have to scrapbook??” As a scrapbooker who also happens to be single, that bothered me a bit. No, I don't have children … but I do have an incredibly full life. I scrapbook my family, parents, sister, nephews, extended family … then there's my many wonderful friends, vacations, Vegas, cruises, wine tasting trips, theatre, and get-togethers with my scrapbook buds. And that's not the end of it. I love my job working for law enforcement, and am very proud to scrapbook that, including but not limited to … my very spirited co-workers, company picnics, weekend trips, charity drives, and retirements. Oh yeah, and the many births, weddings, showers, and family reunions.

    I have sooo many pictures, and will never ever be caught up. But that's ok. My scrapbooking is my art and my meditation. I may not have children to hand my pages down to … but that was never my goal. I do this for me, and for the people in my life. I made a book for my grandparents 80th birthdays, and they kept it on their coffee table, until the day my grandfather died earlier this month. My aunts scanned the 12×12 pages from the book, and they made a beautiful video collage of the images. My aunts were vying to be the new owner of the scrapbook. :) My father shows his friends the books I leave at his house. My friends are always asking me to see my latest work.

    My work is to honor the the very genuine and incredible people in my life and I feel so privileged to be able to do this. Anyone involved in this very giving and creative hobby should feel the same.

    Kim C (from Simi Valley, CA)

  • I'm thinking about join in this class. Thanks for sharing your album, love it!!

  • Maxine

    I look forward to the episode about scrapbooking when you don't have children. Listening to the snippets mentioned in this show and also reading the comments, it's amazing that there are people out there who don't think you qualify to scrapbook if you don't have children! That attitude is hurtful, short sighted, plainly wrong and quite frankly who you scrapbook for is nobody else's business. So long as it makes you happy, then it's fulfilled its purpose. The various tales of scrapbooks ending up in garage sales just goes to show it doesn't always follow that if you have children your efforts will be rewarded and cherished. (the story of the lady finding the mini book she made for her daughter in law in the 50c bin – ouch!!) So, as others have said – just do what makes you happy. Noelle's mini book 'The Two of Us' shown in an episode is no less stunning or important because it is about her and Izzy rather than the whole family. It all counts (as Stacy would say!). My husband and I are still a family and recording our lives together is both important and creatively relaxing to me. If others think I 'don't count' then really, that's their problem. We all count! :)

  • Well said, Maxine! You're awesome!

  • Stampstampstampin

    The website that was given for the iPhone ap ( goes to a porn site. For the iPhone ap you have to go to

  • Oooh, thanks for the heads up. Sorry about that!

    We never meant for the show to go beyond the 70's porn music. ;)