PRT 026 – Organize Your Photos

How do you organize your photos for scrapbooking? This week we have an organization expert on the show to give some tips.

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  • KarynS

    New windows pretty please !!!!!!

  • KatieB

    New windows or tabs please.

    Okay- my photo library is very up to date (because my husband does it), but I'm struggling on how to keep pictures of cards that I've made and sent and my crafting projects that I give away. What do you guys do with photos of your scrapbook pages or crafts that you've made and given away?

  • I have a project in my photo manager that I call, “Scrapbook Layouts and
    Projects.” I just keep the photos of all my projects there altogether,
    whether I've given them away or not. I would probably tag them if I wanted
    to differentiate whether it's a card, a layout, minibook, a gift, etc.

    Hmmm — maybe it's a good idea to start tagging now b/c there are only more
    and more layouts and things coming!

  • digiscrap101

    Just do months – Jan-Mar 20??, Apr-Jun 20?? – it all works. :)

  • digiscrap101

    lol – after listening to this episode and the digi show I have decided I need to wipe those four words from my vocabulary. :)

  • mshanhun

    Yes, it's in Version 6 too. It can also detect duplicates if you've imported from the card but not deleted them.

  • Thank you so much for making the links open in a new window, finally! With the old way, I would be listening to your show, which I love, let my mind drift and click on a link and lose your show!!!! Now that doesn't happen.

    I, too, am a website owner/creator, and have learned that when I make links that go outside of my site, to open in a new window so people won't lose the page they were on later.

    Thanks for your show. I have learned so much about scrapbooking, using my camera, and other things. Keep up the good work!

  • 1. You can set your browser to open in a new tab instead of a new window.

  • Heather P.

    New windows please! :)

    I left the following on the Paperclipping Forum but I should have commented here instead! :)

    Title: Listening to the Roundtable while running is NOT a good idea!

    I discovered the roundtable about 3 weeks ago with absolute delight!! This show satisfies my insane love of all things scrapbooking and you and Nancy and Izzy and crew thoroughly discuss every topic! With so many episodes “in the can” it will be quite a while before I run out of material. ;)

    Here's the problem: I load all episodes to my Shuffle and listen to them when I'm out for a run. Great, right? I can't tell you how many times I've either shouted out with laughter or verbally added my opinion to whatever you're discussing. Don't even get me started with all of the info I would reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllly love to write down. Uhm…no pencil in my running shorts. :) And it kills me when I'm listening to an old episode and find out about a great Big Picture class that's no longer available…or challenge that has already past. I trully believe people who see me regularly in the neighborhood think I'm insane as I talk and laugh to myself. How many people do YOU see running and sweating with a big grin on their face?!

    I do have one question: How does one 'break into' the business? There are soooo many blogs and forums and ezines and magazines and….you get the idea. Who to post to and how often? I'm sure if you folks opt to pick up this topic you'll look at all of the ins and outs, ups and downs….I so look forward to it.

    Keep up the great work!! I don't miss the porn music and I do kind of like it when hosts/guests occasionally say “this is Stacey”. ;)

    happy crafting,


  • Thanks! I just got a new camera & decided I need to start doing this. I didn't even realize I could until I heard it mentioned on the Podcast. I'm about to import the first photos from my new camera into my Photo manager & am going to give it a try. I'm so excited to have a camera that can take better pictures than my phone cam (my previous camera had become outdated.)

    I use ACDDSee Photo Manager software to manage my photos. I took a class from Molly Newman at called Get it Together Keep it Together to learn how to set up & work an organization system for photos & digi supplies that will work with my own work style. Renee has said the class will be repeated again (in the Fall I think) I highly recommend it!

  • Tammy

    Absolutely love Izzy's pick. I felt like Steve Jobs was talking directly to me as I have been feeling stagnant in my office job and the creative side that has been bottled up for most of my life is fighting to get out.
    It got me thinking when he said if today was your last day would this be how you want to spend it and the answer is heck no, but there are bills to pay and a family that depends on me so quitting my job is not in the cards right now but can start planning for the moment when I can do what I love full time.
    This will also give me the opportunity to learn, explore and be more prepared then if I quit my job tomorrow.

  • Cindy d

    My first choice would be a new tab. If that's not possible, then definitely new windows! Thanks for a great show- I absolutely love PRT.

  • new window (or tab!) please!

    also, i was wondering if you were going to have a contest to see who could guess the name of izzy's new business? after listening to the steve jobs commencement (& loving it) i have a few ideas :)

  • June

    I organize in Picasa and group my photos into virtual albums. My photos are divided into quarters. Q1 is from Jan to Mar, Q2 is from Apr to Jun, etc. It truly helps me find the photos really fast.

  • Fabfeltonfam

    I know this is a little late…I want a new tab too!=)

  • Sherrie M.

    Definitely new tab/window to open up!! :)

  • Miss Niki

    Hi! I have been listening to the PRT for awhile now…still not caught up but almost! I wanted to be caught up before I started adding input via the comments in the blog so I skipped ahead to listen to a few of the current podcasts. I listened to this episode thinking all this tagging and keywording was just too time consuming….the amount of time I'd spend tagging could just be spent looking for the photo. Anyway, I organize chronologically without all the frill and fluff although I do have PSE. I typically scrapbook pages or mini albums in the here and now and tell my stories accordingly. I have not done much with the idea of mixing and matching photos from other events to relate events, feelings, or categorically, etc. (athough I am thinking about this concept). Recently, I was inspired by one of Stacy Julian's mini albums and went looking for photos which would span approx. 6 years to drop into a folder and then send them to be printed….however, there are two photos I simply can not find! (They may be 35 mm and in negative form…but not sure; these are all very well labeled and just need to take the time to actually look!) Perhaps, if they were tagged I would be able to find them. Thanks for the opportunity to “think” about organizing another way! Niki in NE

  • Miss Niki

    And I forgot to add that I loved Izzy's pick of the week. I did not know Steve Job's story! Amazing and inspiring….thanks for sharing. Niki in NE

  • I have a question about adding copyrights to photos. I'd never thought about doing that before and so tried it on the latest batch of photos I imported. I didn't know what to put and just put my name. Should I also add the year? The real question is can I easily add a copyright to the rest of my photos already in my organizer? I am using PSE 8 Organizer. The thought of adding one to each photo individually is just too frightening to even consider. I don't know how to do that anyway.

    Loving the PRT and the digi show! Thanks!

  • Thanks, Niki. Over my scrapbooking years I have drastically changed a number
    of different methods that I originally swore I would keep for life. Now I
    realize that you never really know how you'll want to change things in the
    future, so it makes sense to set up a scenario that will help with future
    method changes. Our photos may seem manageable to us now — easy to fish
    through to find what we want — but seriously, in five years, ten years
    fifteen years — imagine how huge our digital photo libraries will be? I
    guarantee we are all going to have plenty of times when we will need find
    old photos among our thousands and thousands, even non-scrapbookers. Might
    as well set ourselves up for ease now, while it only takes a small chunks of
    time, rather than force ourselves to spend days on the hunt later — where,
    as you said, we may never even be able to find the photos we're looking for
    at that point.

  • I've looked for info on what to type in for copyright and haven't found it
    — maybe someone who knows will eventually tell us. But for now I'm putting:
    “Noell Hyman copyright 2010” — or whatever year I take the photo. Right now
    I'm also only adding it to my newest photos I import, not going back. Maybe
    when I'm working with the metadata of my past photos I'll add the copyright
    in, but we can't demand perfection of ourselves — there are other better
    things to do, so I'm not going to be too exacting with it.

  • Maxijam

    New windows please! I have absolutely no sense of direction physically or computer-ally!? Ok I know that's not a word, but I thought if Izzy can make up new words then its allowed :) As others have said, if I have a new window, I can keep listening to other things and also like Nancy said, if you've clicked several links you have to go back and back and back and then sometimes you find that 'webpage has expired'. So I'm a definitely a new window girl.

    ps – it was great to hear you talking about European architecture and Nancy cracked me up saying she wasn't inspired by Florida's architecture. Having lived there for a year during a 2 year US stint I can totally sympathise with that. However, a weekend away in New Orleans when we were there was wonderful. Who thought you could miss brick buildings so much?! It's very easy to take beautiful surroundings for granted. Although I haven't done it yet, I have downloaded a course from BPS called A Walking Tour Of Your Neighbourhood which I think is going to be a great way of taking note of things that you normally don't take any notice of. When I finally get time to do the course I'll let you know!

    Thanks for the great shows. I love them all and I always have a good giggle at it – but I learn too! I am currently doing the ironing so you are keeping me sane! thanks!!

    Maxine in England

  • Thanks, Noell. I agree that there are better things to do with my time. If anyone knows of a way to add the info quickly and easily to old photos, then I'm all for it; otherwise, it isn't happening.

  • graphics_girl

    Let me begin telling you how much I enjoy your show. I am new to the show and I've been carrying my iPad everywhere to catch up….I am presently listening to the most recent show. Now what do I do? :)

    I'm commenting because after listening to episode 26, I think many of your listeners might have the tool to organize their photos and not even know it! Anyone who's using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements(CS3 or newer), should have Bridge. So many of the things that you mentioned being able to do in Lightroom or Aperture can be done in Bridge. You can view thumbnails (at almost any size) of one folder in your window. Let me say that I'm working on upgrading my Photoshop, so I'm not doing this at home at this moment, but I organize photos this way at work.
    You can create a metadata template with family names, holidays, sports, etc…select all the images that you want to tag, and then CLICK they're tagged! Yeah! You can also add descriptions or tags individually. Bridge allows you to rate and also color label images too! If you don't want to delete images but you think they're bad, REJECT it. Or, if it's great you can give it 3 stars! If you have images you want to print, you can Label them all (plain old) Green.
    I think Bridge is a great tool for scrapbookers that don't have the need for the tools in Lightroom or Aperture. Check into it! And happy tagging!
    Sarah, Cleveland

  • Lori

    Thank you Izzy for the link to Steve Job's speech. I enjoyed it very much. Love Paperclipping. Another vote for new window.


  • Kristin

    Izzy I adore you being on the show, you give us thoughtful picks and you help lighten the show. The Paperclipping Roundtable is my favorite podcast. You and Noell make an awesome pair.!

    Being old enough to have programmed web pages using Unix vi editor,I understand about following netiquette protocol. However, when clicking on a link I prefer it be set to open in a new window. Somehow it just seems more intuitive, and easier to navigate to re-find the paperclipping page, rather than clicking on the back button. (I think you chose to add text on how to do this.)

    Keep up the great work, love the variety of guests you ask to join you around the coffee klatch!

  • Trees

    As you can tell, I'm rather behind with my listening! I adore your show and the subject of this one inspired me to write in. Isn't it always the way, I listened to the reason for tagging photos (which I do as a matter of course on Facebook) and suddenly it struck me: I'd just completed a mini album (only my 3rd so I've some way to go to compete with Noelle!) on a close friend and to dig out suitable photos I'd literally sat with my old photo albums and more recent scrapbook albums to find them. I'd thought about doing this electronically, but have suffered from RSI in the past and the idea of scrolling through hundreds of photos didn't appeal. I really enjoyed reliving old memories whilst looking through my albums (I only usually get to do this when I'm packing to move house!!), but if I'd tagged all my photos with her name on my PC I could have done this in seconds. Joy! I'll definitely be researching software for organising photos now, although I'll be looking for Windows-compatible and preferably freeware.

    I also like the way your frequent reminders about backing up photos (and other important files) on a regular basis, preferably automated, is gradually having an effect! I always backup my photos, but they are currently stored on CDs next to my PC – so two obvious limitations there: as you've mentioned CDs deteriorate and they're not off-site. I've mentioned this to my husband a few times, particularly the idea of setting things up to automate the process so we don't have to think about it, and I noticed today that he'd got a CD of an automated backup application. Looks like you're influencing him too…and he doesn't even listen to the show! We'll no doubt be discussing his research later today and hopefully I'll get an automated backup in place soon – I'll ensure it's stored off-site too.

    As I mentioned, I love your show. I've been a fan of Paperclipping from the early days and am a signed up member. It isn't expensive, when you consider how much we spend on our stash (!), and is well worth it. I also enjoy the Roundtable. It feels like I'm sitting round the table with you…just need that glass of wine to go with the fun discussions of my favourite hobby and I'd be in heaven! I've also been downloading the digi show, although I'm not sure I'll do much digital scrapbooking as I love the physical side of traditional scrapbooking – I work with computers day-in-day-out so it's a godsend to find something to do to relax which doesn't involve them! I haven't listened to these shows yet as the Roundtable comes first, but I suspect I'll catch up when I'm on holiday next month – which reminds me, you've lightened my luggage as I don't need to take so many books with me…just my MP3 player and I'm done!

    Keep up the good work…and good luck to Izzy on his new venture (yet another one!).

    Theresa in England

  • Thank you, Theresa! I recommend you look into Picassa for free photo
    organization that utilizes tagging. I'm pretty sure you can tag on it, and I
    THINK (not positive) it is PC compatible. Lightroom is another great one,
    but it's not anywhere close to free. :)

  • Vfleslie

    I'm catching up on episodes! Love the show-by far my favorite podcast! I vote to have links open in new windows. Leslie

  • Jennifer

    I vote for links opening new windows/tabs in your browser!

  • Just gone back to listen to this podcast again as I just starting to want to organise my photos for real. I’m using lightroom and I chance upon Kayla website which has this amazing series of articles I cant wait to get through all of them. And also this one I read a few and it’s really informative. Furthermore , i’m new to tagging/keywording my photos, so i googled hierarchies in keywording in lightroom and found this article which is very informative. I can see people applying this method of keywording to Stacy Julian Library of memories system too. Looking forward to the next episode and maybe one about photo organisation again :) Sharing specifically what kind of keywords you use and why :) THANKS for another great episode!