PRT 022 – Burnt Cookies

How do you deal with unfinished projects? Do you have a lot of them? How do you avoid taking on more than you can finish?

This is the subject of this week’s Paperclipping Roundtable!

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  • Barb

    Great show, as always. I was listening on my iphone while my son was taking a Tae Kwon Do class. I laughed out loud at Nancy's breaking news of finishing the infamous Cinderella page. Then Izzy starts giving Noel a hard time over the Izzy Video name and I had to go outside to wait for my son. I was drawing looks from the other parents because I was having too much fun. Thanks for a great break in a hectic week!

  • Loved the show!! This was my first time tuning in and it was well worth the time! Of course, I was finishing a project while listening…and I totally agreed with all of the reasons ya'll said for NOT finishing a project! I also think that when we have artistic personalities, we do need some sort of deadline to get past some of the “hard” parts of crafting. So personally, I started a Friday feature on my Blog called Finish-it-Friday, so that I would hold myself accountable. I did find projects that, as is, I would not finish because of evolving style preferences. So I just changed the projects to something I adored!! (added flowers instead of bunnies! LOL!!) Thanks for the inspiration tonight!

  • Emily

    Please would you consider future shows to be 60 minutes or less?

  • Thanks so much for this podcast, it is my other companion while I walk my dogs. Today we took a nice long walk while I listened and I thought I'd share my random thoughts…

    I've taken “Picture Spring” at BPS since starting to listen to the show, I'm following Cathy Z (love her streamlined design) and signed up as a Paperclipping member.

    If I'm any indication of your audience, I think your marketing is working well.

    BTW, I loved Picture Spring! Tracey Clark really “re”inspired my love for photography. I plan to take Picture Summer in July.

    I'm so excited that you are starting a digi podcast… I'm a Creative Memories Consultant (have been for 10 years) and I love hearing a totally different point of view. At some point, I'd love to hear CM's Storybook Creator Software included in a digi discussion.

  • I've been listening to the Roundtable since you started it, but this is my first time commenting. I was reading the first four comments on this post and just had to put my two cents in. PLEASE, don't try to make the show shorter than 60 minutes! I know you already kind of aim for that and often go way over, but I LOVE it! Usually I go back and listen to the show again because I'm not ready for it to be over! Keep it up!!

  • Don't worry Nicole. We've pretty much given up on the goal of keeping the show under 60 minutes. We're just too darn chatty! :-)

    Thanks for the kind words, and of course we're glad you enjoy the Roundtable…

  • bunnyfreak

    I had to pause the episode to say how excited I am that you are going to have a digi show. I am mainly a digi girl but love the roundtable. If the digi show is even half as good I will be one hapy listener. Now back to listening to the rest of the show.

  • Loved this show! Just made my “projects to do list” — helps me complete them if I list them rather than having them just float in my head. A friend of mine has a white board in her scraproom where she lists the unfinished that she wishes to finish — making them visable helps!

    Show length is fine — -do not cut the conversation to fit into a timeframe! :)

  • May

    On 'shorter' podcast: When I'm short on time but want to listen I will fast forward the intro/mail and then skip the picks/news. I don't like doing that, I avoid it, but when I do I cut it down to under and hour and can hear the week's discussion while still seeing news at sbupdate + picks right here on this site.
    Just a suggestion if you're one of those wanting a shorter version. :)

  • Sharla

    Love the show! I am one who does not care that you are over 60 minutes. Keep chatting & let the discussion take you wherever it may go!
    I loved this week when you were discussing just using the automatic setting on your cameras. I am one who is just trying to learn all that my camera can do, & it is nice to know that it is “ok” to just use the auto setting, & not feel like I am getting inferior photos. I loved hearing that May uses auto mode & has no problem with that. I am always inspired by the discussions over all the technology that is available to a scrapbooker, but thanks for giving the flipside.
    Thanks for the show!

  • molly

    Congratulations on the upcoming launch of Paperclipping Roundtable Digi! You ALL put together a great show with interesting panelists and topics.

    One of my favortie classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking would have to be the Self-Pace Project called “Colorful You” by Stacy Julian. It's fast, fun and of course colorful! I made one in a night for my hubby for Father's Day two years ago and he still has it sitting out on his nightstand!

  • Sue

    Noell, I go by my middle name, too. My parents gave me a perfectly good first name and then never used it. This can make life confusing at times and sometimes people don't think I know my own name.

    I love that you post in Twitter with links to Paperclipping. This is absolutely my favorite way to stay connected with my cyber-scrapbooking world. I subscribed to Paperclipping last week, but haven't received any of the emails you said you sent out. Just checked my profile and my email address is correct. Sorry to post this here, I just didn't know where else to contact you.

    I love the Paperclipping Roundtable. I feel like I've made a whole new group of scrapbook friends. I think it's awesome that you and Izzy can work together with such obvious enjoyment in what you do. Thanks for everything you provide.

  • Hi! Almost felt guilty that I did not comment on last week's episode after you mentioned fewer comments last time, LOL! I'll probably get around to commenting later. You are correct that changing the location meant I did not get to it right away. I enjoyed the conversation about cameras today and I must confess, that while I love the XSi that I own, I bought it with the thought in mind that the glass I purchased will be useable in a Mark5D like Izzy owns and that I lust after. I m a true BPS junkie! After all, I was the student of the month in April at BPS. Counting the small project classes I've taken over 100! May, is one of my favorite teachers. Very accessible. In fact, it was through the first class I took with her that she and I became friends.I'd encourage anyone to take any of her classes. Not sure if one can still sign up for the Baker's Dozen class, it just started. That was one of my favorites and great for a beginner, too; though, I think it can be good for someone with a lot of experience. It's freeing and makes you feel productive.
    Now, Nancy, Noell could probably have fixed your pages. Paint and gesso and stickles can work wonders on backgrounds and a good journalling pen can dress up those cut up photos or you could have covered a really bad one with a reprint resized of the picture. But, I'd only bother with that trouble if the basic story and design were something I liked. As you may be able to tell, I enjoyed the discussion about unfinished projects. I have some projects I've had forever and some that I have recently created that hit the trash when I say nope not worth the maintainence. I need to clear stuff out but I keep things far too long (I think because I grew up very poor – it's hard to discard things I might need some day. Also, things for which I have some emotional attachment like clothing I wore on a meaningful occasion). I'm gradually getting better. I'm in the process of clearing out a closet and sorting through magazines right now. My scrapbook room is another story. DH says “When's the neon sign going up?” I have a project partially completed – a mosaic I started at “Inspired”. I plan to grout it this week – then throw it out. I want to practice this technique but I do not like some things about the project so I do not plan to keep it. That is a BIG step for me. In the past, I'd have kept it; just because of all the time I've put in it.
    Pick of the week is one of my favorite features of PRT and this week did not disappoint. Thanks! The Zoom may need to wait but it sounds cool. The other picks are eminently affordable. All are great!
    Nancy makes the news so entertaining! Provocraft has a lt of good products but they are overpriced so it does lead to a love-hate thing. So, folk will like to get the product; but, the items being only from Provocraft means that you cannot get things discounted at stores. Sigh! I, too, am inclined to have a negative outlook even without other information. I may join it. After all, the products are generally good. Still, upsetting to think of the likely expense! So right that it's like Microsoft products or Apple's i-phone.
    Congratulations on your 14th anniversary, Izzy and Noell!
    Looking forward to the digi show. Not that I do digi; but, I like some hybrid and I'm just curious, too!!
    The festival sounds fun, too!

  • Karen Poirier-Brode

    Those were funny moments! If i listen with headphones I get some wondering looks, too.

  • Emily

    Another great show! PTR is the highlight of my week. I thank you for having an extra long show this week as I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours last night and the show is the only thing that kept me sane.

    Izzy Video! Thanks for letting us know about moving stuff around on the website. I am someone who goes to google and types paperclipping roundtable into search. When you do that, it must bring you to the old page because you cannot see the comment links. I thought I was going crazy. But then I followed your advice and went up the nav bar and clicked roundtable the comment link appeared. Here is what you get when you search:
    Here is what you get when you go to the site nav:
    People may have the old bookmark as well.

    I actually don't want to comment on my pile of “burnt cookies”. I wanted to follow up on Nancy's discussion about ProvoCraft. I have only been scrapping for a little over a year and before I made the leap into purchasing a die cut machine, I spent hours researching products and reading hundreds of customer reviews. In my opinion, the Cricut is far better than other products out there because of the advanced technology and variety of content available. However, this comes at a cost. The initial investment into their products is significant and as such, customers believe that they deserve a much higher level of service. Machines run $160-$200, cartridges average $40 if you are a smart shopper (most folks have 10 — a lot of people have 50+). Then throw in Design Studio & the Gypsy. ProvoCraft =$$$$ for scrappers

    ProvoCraft falls short in the Customer Service/Communications category that people expect and it is kind of sad. I admit, I spend probably 15-20 hours a week on their message boards. It is an amazing source of information and inspiration. And to Nancy's point, there are a lot of disgruntled folks who dislike PC, but absolutely love the products and what they do for them and the industry. It is not easy to walk away. I think what is frustrating for me is knowing that PC has such a depth and breathe of market research at their finger tips and they seem to ignore it! Companies spend ridiculous amounts of money on research and PC has this community where people are telling them everyday what they need, what PC can do to be a better Service oriented company and those replies seem to go unanswered. They have made some positive changes — which people appreciate, but their biggest frustration is that they keep coming out with new products before the fix the bugs with the old ones.

    At the end of the day, if Cricut Circle is a paid membership club, I for one understand why this angers people who have already invested thousands of dollars this company. The community boards already promote exclusivity so to then charge people for that, and charge people for exclusive carts — while in theory seems like a good idea, I do not believe it will be successful among the customers that they have. And if they read the message boards (and Scrapbook Update!), they would understand that and go another route. Oh, and they would just release the cat cart and men's themed cart already :)

    I don't like or dislike PC. I would like them to succeed given how much money I have invested. I love my Cricut products and do believe it has made me a better scrapper. I am a Marketing professional and someone who helps build brands for living, so I am puzzled why PC has not yet taken advantage of the easy “low hanging fruit” they have in front of them. I could talk about this case for hours – but I will stop now!

  • Sharon Fultz

    In response to your “In the News”, about Provo Craft and their upcoming club memebership. I myself was one of the crafters who participated in the survey and although the survey was vague I thought it indicated that if you joined these “special cartridges” would be part of the membership price. Throughout the survey it keep asking, how much would you be willing to pay if it included “everything”. Of course my response was describe “everything”. I agree with Izzie I think this club could be a good thing for those of us who love Provo Craft. And again as stated, if it is not for you, don't join. I myself look forward to seeing what they have come up with. LOVE THE SHOW! Izzie, you're my favorite!

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  • deanna_munger

    Thanks for another great show!

    I was thinking about Nancy's comments regarding when she knows she's ready, on a gut level, to get rid of an unfinished project. It's like the section of the closet I was keeping so that when I lost the baby-weight I could wear the clothes again… but then when I did loose the baby-weight and could wear them, I didn't even like them. They were too short-tailed and out of style. The same thing applies to crafting stuff – what if I did finish that project? Would I like it and value it and be glad to be keeping it? Or would I only be keeping it because I troubled myself to finish it? If it's just a guilt circle, it seems much easier to let it go before putting the extra time into completing it.

  • Love it! It always makes me happy to see people having a great time in
    public all by themselves! :)

  • Brilliant idea! So glad you shared it.

  • Hi, Emily! People started telling us they wanted them longer. And since
    we're so chatty and we were having a hard time keeping them to 60 min. (our
    original goal) we went ahead and left them longer, figuring those who wanted
    them shorter could just stop them or pause and come back later.

    I DO appreciate your feedback. I'm curious to know what the majority of the
    audience prefers since we do our best to please the masses. Either way,
    Izzy, Nancy, and I will discuss it! :)

  • Cyndi

    I love the podcasts no matter how long they are. If I'm unable to listen to the entire episode in one sitting I can always pick it up the next day. Always entertaining! PS ~ Picked up a new Canon S90 but would have preferred the Nikon D90. I'm sure there is a real mix of cameras out there in scrapbooking land. PSS ~ Unfinished projects…..are now being referred to as “Works In Progress”. They will always be a part of who I am too.

  • Terri Torrez

    I was quite surprised to listen to this week's show and hear my name. Thanks for responding to my topic request so quickly. It was heartening to know that my pile of unfinished projects isn't any worse than anyone else's. (My oldest project is only 7 years old. :-) It was a great discussion and gave me a new perspective on a whole bunch of issues that are contributing to the pile. I plan to listen again today so I can write down all the good ideas and make a plan for dealing with some of these projects.

    I did want to add that these days your new sponsor is probably the biggest contributor to my unfinished projects pile. I tell myself i'm not going to start something new and then Stacy or Cathy or Ali start a new class on BPS and i'm hooked. I just can't say no. BPS is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to scrapbooking. Thanks for the coupon though as i'm planning to sign up for Kidding Around. I figure that one doesn't count since it's my son's project not mine, right? :-)

    On the issue of show length — I listen on my commute so the shows can never be long enough for me. Since Lain stopped podcasting I haven't had any audio podcasts that I liked. Now I have two. Keep 'em coming.

  • Rosa

    I just finished listening to this episode on the treadmill so I couldn't pause like the “mailbag lady” said but I felt compelled to…if I could have, I would have had at least 3 pauses

    Pause # 1: I use a notebook to jot down my future projects and the best part of that is that the projects can evolve and mature…I like what the “mailbag lady” said that she had time to percolate..I obviously dont do this with every vacation page etc….but I do it with layouts about my childhood or about my husband. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that: since I have a single notebook, I have to scan through shopping lists, to do lists, phone numbers and then scrapbooking projects..then I saw this idea at Write.Click.Scrapbook. the cool thing is that the three little notebooks can feel like one,

    Pause #2: you guys made me wait sooo long to hear for that episode title “burn cookies”. I spent the whole hour waiting…until you finally said it hahaha just like when people randomly say the title of the movie

    Pause #3: I have a question for Izzy. My parents have an old audio tape (cassete) of me talking when I was 3 years old, but I dont know how to transfer that audio, maybe into my computer, to be able to keep that memory. Is there any way?

    Well, I guess I've commented enough. Love the show as usual and reading the other comments I definitely enjoy the show as long as it is, love the rabbit holes and all! keep up the good work :)

  • Karen C.

    I agree…..please don't cut it short, the length makes my cleaning job go much quicker! There is a fast forward button on the iPod for those that need it! :O)

  • Diane365

    A couple of shows back Izzy recommended Plastic Bullet iphone app. I love playing with Apps on my iphone so I got it to try and I have to say I love it. I have had a blast manipulating images with this fun little app. Posted a few on my blog in case you are interested. Thanks for the great show, and I always look forward to your product pics.

  • Cyndi

    Very cool Rosa! Thanks for the link :)

  • Had to add a P.S. about cameras. One thing about moving into digital SLR's is their weight. I've got a neck problem affecting my arms and because of my disabilty I always look at how much things weigh. It was one of the factors in picking the camera I have now. I'm mentioning that because I know that folk often forget about weight until they pick up the camera! Although I love my digital SLR I realized it will not work for me in all situations. So, I recently purchased an Olympus SP-800uz which is an extremely wonderful point and shoot with a lot of options and incredibly convenient and lightweight for those who hate their i-phone pics! Is it called a PPS if I tell Ana I missed her? Not to say that May didn't do a fantastic job!

  • In the last few episodes, die cutting machines have have come up–specifically the ProvoCraft Cricut. I think the reason the Cricut has such a large following is because they were really the first company on the scene offering computer-free electronic die-cutting. It seems to be the go-to die-cutter for new scrapbookers and cardmakers.

    That being said, it is not always the best choice for every type of scrapbooker or cardmaker. Many crafters are becoming more and more computer savvy (downloading podcasts, anyone? ;) and so more and more are looking to cut images from their computers. Sure Cuts a Lot software or Makes the Cut software, both which allows Cricut owners to cut SVG files with their machine, seem to work for many computer users who wish to do so. However, if you want to break from the cartridges and are looking for a purely computer-based electronic cutter, there are better options.

    Basically, there are two types of die-cutting crafters: Those who want computer-free die-cutting, and those who want to cut designs and fonts from their personal computer.

    I started out with a Quickutz Silhouette and was happy very happy with it. Six months later, I was lured away by the large 12-inch capacity of the Cricut Expression. Another 6 months passed, and I returned to my Silhouette and only use my Silhouette. Why, you ask? The Silhouette caters to my kind of crafting. You could almost call it “Open Crafting.” I don't want to be boxed in by cartridges. I want to create my own images and have them cut the way I want them to cut.

    To a certain extent, the Cricut with the Sure Cuts a Lot software was enough for me. That is, until I discovered it's limitations. While trying to cut a rather small piece of word art that I had designed myself in Adobe Illustrator, the Cricut was not cutting as precisely as I'd hoped. After wasting sheets and sheets of cardstock, I decided to dust off my Silhouette and give it a go.

    Hallelujah! It cut like a dream. Perfect cuts and it looked exactly how I designed it. I have visual examples of my Cricut vs. Silhouette struggle on my blog here:

    I have since given my Cricut to my sister, who is a non-computer scrapbooker, and I reclaimed the freedom of creating my own die-cut images on my computer.

  • Thanks for sharing, Kristina. I think it was someone above who said they had
    the opposite issues — they couldn't get a clean cut with their Pazzle and
    switched to Cricut, figuring it's because Cricut's cartridges have been
    tested for cuts, while those designed from a computer have not been. Maybe
    it was actually her Pazzle that was the issue since you've been happy with
    your self-designed Silhouette cuts.

  • Laura Piccioli

    Just sat down to my “table” and couldn't wait to hear what was going on with all of my friends at your “table”. Congrats on getting Big Picture as a sponsor… my luck though, as I am already a follower there I had already signed up for May's Camp Scrap, oh well another tab has been just opened to see what else I have been wanting to take…HEE HEE HEE. Izzy you are right to be totally amazed at their platform, I have taken a couple classes from there, and I loved them both. Like most of us with time being our smallest budgetable purse, I try and choose when I have time to devote, as well as the other$ budget. Thanks May for the preview on your Camp to come, can't wait!! Hoping to see Nancy at CHA to say hello! How cool would it be if stores, what few of us there are, could give the information bank to a participant. Unfinished projects, you have got to kidding! I can see about four, let alone all the ones that are stored like you Noell. One thing to keep in mind…creativity is a process, and life always calls, and we can always come back to that idea, because once you come back to it you remember it, or something new jumps out at you!!! How many scrapbooks are started and not finished because…this is why I continue in the hobby, I can do it when I want to…and it will be there, unless heaven forbid catastrophe strikes. Keep on, keepin' on. Looking forward to next week, which is actually this week. Kudos to you!! Keep reaffirming the rest of us!

  • Ann Johnson

    First of all, love the show – please don't make it shorter because it makes the work day a whole lot better.

    Loved this episode, I could have talked a lot in this show. I have become a BPS junkie and Izzy I probably pay they paychecks each month for as many classes as I have taken. Anyways, the never ending question is “How do you organize your BPS handouts” Do you print them, 3-ring binder them, download on the computer – someday I will wrap my brain around this and have the perfect tool to keep track of all my classes, what I like and what I want to do. I usually don't have the time to keep up with the class and then they become unfinished. Any thoughts would be great –

  • First of all I love your show! My husband couldn't believe it when I told him there was a scrapbooking podcast….his reply was, “what will they come up with next?!” Anyway, I listened to the first half of the show this morning on my way to work and am planning on listening to the second half on my way home tonight. BUT……I want to know…….where can I see Nancy's infamous CINDERELLA PAGE?? :) You all have talked too much about it and I need to see it! :)

    Thanks again for the awesome show.

  • CarolineDavis

    I can't even tell you how cool it was to be listening and hear my name…and then how much cooler it got to hear Izzy reading my letter, and you all laughing at all the right spots. I spent more than a couple of minutes trying to figure out how I could get Izzy's comment into a ringtone format. :) Noell, it's “line” (not lyn), but I've gotten used to answering to anything close – including Colleen, Kelly, Diane (?? I don't get that either) and most recently Sally. (That last one still makes me giggle)

    Very off topic, last Wednesday at 5:30a.m. the “we're about to start Papclipping Live!” email came through. That stumped me a little, since I'm EST and can't imagine that 4am makes for a good live show timeslot, but hey…maybe you're huge in Australia?? Anyway, I didn't know about the Live! show! And now I do! I went back and watched a bunch of the archived shows – what fun! Today I'm starting my very first night back to school (I'm getting certified to teach high school math – hopefully, anyway!) and my online class ends at 9:00. Guess where I'll be at 9:01? Thank you for being today's reward! Actually, thanks for all you do, Paperclipping has been a fun place to be, and I plan on becoming a full-on member in August…can't wait!

    thanks again!

  • Lara

    I'd love to see the amazing Cinderella page!

  • crazymathchic

    I have to agree with you about PC, Emily. I personally don't own a Cricut, but I know lots of people who do. My thinking is that people have already invested a lot of money in this group of products, and expect to be treated like valued members already. When you have already invested several hundred dollars (or more!) in a particular tool like the Cricut, you expect to be able to then purchase whatever dies you want. If I were then told I'd have to join a special “club” to be eligible to buy certain dies, I'd be angry too!

  • crazymathchic

    Me too! I could listen to PRT every day between driving kids around and dishes and laundry and yardwork and picking up the house. . .

    (boy, does my life sound boring!) At least there's scrapbooking to add a little bit of creativity!

  • Tanya

    Please, please don't reduce the length of your pod casts. Like many others who have commented on here, I listen to you all on the way to and from work (does mean I have no clue what is currently happening in the world – which considering I live in South Africa, and we're moderately popular world wide right now pays testament to how much I enjoy your shows. I am of course referring to the Fifa 2010 World Cup – for all those fellow scrappers who listen to roundtable chats rather than the news :-))

    I'm in a bit of a quandry and would love to hear how others deal with my problem. The other day I was putting one of my completed layouts into its album and started looking at the other pages in there and remembering the good times etc. It started me thinking – shouldn't I be displaying these somewhere for others to see – and not just stored on a shelf in my hobby room or brought out when one of my kids asks to look at the albums? The problem is how to display them because the albums as such are rather bulky – I guess what I'm trying to find out in my rather long winded way – how do you all go about displaying your albums?

  • Another great roundtable, thank you to everyone who makes it possible! :)

    About cameras – I also have a Nikon D60! I think its a great starter camera to transition from point-n-shoot to learning some more advanced skills. As Izzy mentioned, you have the option to use all the modes. You can go manual or use the auto feature when you need it. I personally use the programmed aperture mode a lot. You can use it however you need for the particular situation.

    Oh, just wanted to shout out to BPS for sponsoring and also for offering all the classes online. I signed up for the Claudine class and cannot wait for it to start. It's a 12 week course, all summer long and I am so grateful to be able to have access, because I live in a remote area. I think online education really opens up the possibilities for so many people…yay for the internet!

    So I actually watched the recording of paperclipping live today before listening to this show and both mentioned the unfinished projects topic. Although everyone has their own style of working, I think unfinished projects is a natural element. I personally like to have many projects going on at the same time on purpose, so that I always have something to work on. But it doesn't mean I will go back to them…they are just seeds of ideas. I don't think unfinished projects has to be a negative thing. In a way, it actually allows you to work on the thing that inspires you the most at the time, then move on to something else. Going with your excitement for a project really helps you to enjoy the process and I think the process is hugely important part. You don't want to be grudgingly completing projects…just because. Abandoning ideas that no longer seem interesting is like having started a prototype and realizing it's not the thing you wanted in the first place. No big deal, move on! Toss those burnt cookies, here here! :) That's how I feel anyway… no guilt!

  • Karen

    Hey Guys this is Karen listening from Istanbul. Great show as always! I liked the idea that we will sometimes have 'burnt cookies' . Today I have a question for Nancy Nally. Liv?ng in Istanbul means that we do not have access to most scrapbook products so when I buy a product from the States I want it to have longevity. I have a Cuttlebug machine and really love it. I especially love the fact that it can be used without a computer and without electricity (not that I don't have both, don't get me wrong!) Back in April I was in North Carolina and I wanted to pick up some more alphabet dies and other cutting dies . I wanted the Cuttlebug brand because it cuts chipboard so well. There was a very limited selection in both the Michaels and AC Moore stores in the Ashville area. I started to wonder if Cuttlebug was going out of business with all of these other new dye cut machines. Will Cuttlebug be adding to their line of dyes or is it being fazed out? If so I will start scarfing up all I can before that happens!
    Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and help from afar!

  • Katie Burns

    I've just started listening to your podcasts. I have to say that I had mixed feelings about “Burnt Cookies”. I enjoyed the discussion as usual, but found it a bit depressing. I'm a craft collector- one of those people who buys the stuff to do a craft and then never actually does it. Almost all my projects are always unfinished. In fact, I've been holding off from scrapbooking for a long time, knowing it was just going to be another collected craft. I wouldn't even say that I'm a scrapbooker- I'm more of a card maker because it's a small project with deadlines that I know I can do, except I'm finding that I don't really feel much accomplishment since I always give my cards away. I've only been at it for a couple of months, but do enjoy paper crafts in general. I always feel that if my crafting space was set up better, it would be easier to do on an on-going basis.

    SO, I have a couple of questions coming from a pretty new scrapbooker:
    1) How did all of you start scrapbooking?
    2) What's you general process- how do you constantly collect the pictures and journaling while still living your life? I'm a stay at home mom with a 4 year old and 18 month old, and rarely take pictures much less write down about what's going on.

    Would love to hear some ideas to help me get started and keep going!

  • Keisha

    Hey guys, I just got done listening to this podcast, and I'm sure your recording a new one soon, or maybe already have.. I haven't listened to episode 23 yet, but here are my thoughts on the Provocraft issue..

    I frequent the circut message boards, and let me tell you, people are split about this club. Some are very mad, and some think it's a great idea. One of the big issues I think is Provocraft was going to sell a cartridge called “European Decor”. Images were either leaked or put out there on the web for this cartridge, and people went crazy for it. It appealed to many people. Shortly after, Provocraft announced it was not going to release this cartridge, and this upset a lot of people. Now for the cricut circle club, they are promoting a “French Manor” cartridge, which is basically image by image of the old “European Decor”. I think it's their hook for the club, which yes, great marketing, but I guess we'll have to see how great it really is. I'm sure Nancy is all over this news, but they have since released more information in the last few hours that the club is $275 annually.

    Another issue was the email some, but not all, customers received that had information about this club. They offered charter membership to the “top 3%” of Cricut fans on Cricut rewards, for the fee of course. This really upset many people who did not receive this email as well.

    I could go on and on, but I will stop now, and continue on to the next episode! Thanks for the great podcasts guys! :)


  • Keisha

    Oh and duhh, I forgot to mention, it was super awesome that you guys used my comments on the show!! Thanks! And thanks for answering my question! :)


  • Cynthia H

    I have a lot of unfinished projects that are cluttering my creativity. So, inspired by Ali's word for the year, I chose my word for 2010 to be 'finished'. At the start of the year, I made a list of the projects that I really wanted to have finished by the end of the year, mostly because they have been sitting around for a long time, taking up space (physically and mentally) and it is time to move on. But I also added new projects that I wanted to complete during the year, like Week in the Life. Then, when I sit down to craft (trying to be better about making dedicated time each week, like was suggested by the Now habit), I pick something from my list and make some progress on it before starting anything new.

    I think another challenge of unfinished projects is defining what actually makes it done. This applies more to albums than to individual pages. I could always think of one more page that would capture the event, or the theme of the album, that much better, making the project seem endless. When I am ready to move on, I decide how many more pages are _necessary_ to making the project complete, write them all down, then cross them off as I do them. When everything is crossed off, I consider the project FINISHED!

  • Debbie

    Well, just got back from my morning run where I finished listening to this episode, and I must comment! :) I, too, am kind of offended by the idea that Provo Craft would charge more money to belong to a community that gets special privileges/content over non-joining Cricut owners. And here's why. When I first decided to move beyond the photo album and try to learn enough to call myself a scrapbooker, I bought a Cricut. It was very attractive to me and seemed versatile. But it's been very hard for me to make good on that investment. The cartridges are PRICEY, and I can't buy them impulsively. I have to wait for a sale. (My local craft store coupons exclude Cricut products. Annoying!) So anyway, I've done that…bought some of the more versatile ones and tried to get into it. And it just hasn't caught fire for me…the stuff in the scrapbook store is new and ready-to-use…just so much easier when I do have time to scrapbook. The couple friends I have that have the cricut are in the same boat. Rarely comes out of the box. So it's frustrating to see my little slice of their market get the message that, hey, this might be a good community for you to get more from your cricut. But, you must invest AGAIN. I feel like I already did that, and it hasn't been a good decision for me.

  • I loved your conversation about cameras. I had a hard time justifying the expense of a DSLR camera since I do not know a lot about photography. I told myself that I had to learn more before I bought a new camera. Your conversation changed my perspective. I can learn as I go and still get better pictures. Even if I keep an DSLR in automatic mode, the quality of pictures I can get will be worth the investment.