PRT 019 – How Vintage Are You?

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Vintage is extremely popular right now. How can a scrapbooker who has a very different, more modern style, incorporate vintage products and vintage techniques while still maintaining his or her core style?

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Here’s the vintage image that Ali talked about.

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  • mcleslie

    Great show again today. I think this show is louder and it is wonderful. I learn something every week!

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  • daisy10727

    I LOVE listening to the show every week, the only problem I have is when I try to listen on my ipod I get a strange echo that I don't hear on my computer. It only happens on the Paperclipping podcasts, any suggestions on how to eliminate it? Thanks

  • Hmm… sorry about that. When you say “strange echo”, can you be more specific? I really would like to identify the problem…

  • KikiK

    Great show once again! I think the guests where the most appropriate for the subject.
    Listening to the show brought up some memories that I'm going to scrap. Eg MME new flocked line reminded me the damask velvety couch we used to have at my parents house and a whole story around it! And of course the flocked wallpaper at a friends house in a room that no kids where allowed to play!
    As for the ephemera, I'm proud to say is a Greek word (take a look here ) and my week in the life project is full of them! I'm now constructing the album and I'm following the example of the photo you have here (the one Ali mentioned) and divided pp.
    One last thing…or two. The new book from Tim is full with techniques to spark your creativity! Have it, love it and totally recommend it. And I heard that Ali will repeat Yesterday & Today at BPS. It was a great class. Even though I wasn't properly prepared to follow along, now I've almost completed the album and I say it's a class you don't want to miss if memory keeping is your thing!
    ps I think the sound level is ok.

  • tortagialla

    Thanks for another lovely podcast…for some reason this one seemed even shorter – or it went by too fast :)

  • Thanks for the link…I've heard ephemera used in so many ways…but I suppose the definition is so broad, now it all makes sense :)

  • Oh, wow, the example Tim brought up is perfect for you. That is so cool.

  • Ann

    Another great episode – I just wanted to comment on the sound. I hear you and Noell fine but sometimes your quests are harder to hear. Today's episode was Nancy – she seems like she is very far away and you really need to listen to hear her.

  • Noelle, I loved your product pick! I happen to have a coffee sleeve stapled in my picture of the day book because I LOVED all the new graphics advertising the new frappuccino. Thank you for mentioning it…I thought that was hilarious. I guess true scrapbookers find things to scrapbook everywhere. Great show as usual. :)

  • rosann

    I LOVED this show. When I saw the title I answered loud and clear VERY.. I am very vintage. It's where I have really found my niche so far. My son's albums are cool and cute. But there's something about doing vintage pages and working with old family photos that really make me feel artisitc…and believe me that is never an adjective I would have used before 2 years ago to describe myself.

    Now on to Etsy. I have heard a lot about Etsy and never really looked at the site. I was inspired by the vintage conversation to check it out and I have a few things in my shopping cart. What I don't like is that each item I liked costs so much to ship. Everything I chose was from a different store and the shipping costs are just as much if not more expensive than the item I want to buy. So I have to think through my purchases even more carefully. But the site is a great resource and I found some great items, including a Shirley Temple paper doll set. I have curly hair and was always trying to imitate my hair styles. LOL.

    But great show. Vintage is definitely my thing and I was happy to hear such an in depth discussion about it.


  • mshanhun

    I also get an echo on all the sounds on my ipod. I've noticed it a couple of times, mainly when I crank up the volume and only when I listen through headphones. I don't notice when listening on my pc or via speakers.

  • mshanhun

    Maybe you could just do the occasional techy themed show…

    “Look ma no hands” backups – Tips for automating online and offline backups (not just for Macs! I use windows backup automatically with my EHD on my windows machine)
    Printing Q& A
    Image sharing how to ideas for watermarking your images etc
    Listener techy Q & A- for all those tech q's you mentioned

  • Such a fun show!!! =)

  • Are you kidding me! When Izzy said another male, I was hoping it would be tim, but wow~~~!!!! WOW!!! You guys rock!

  • CarolineDavis

    Nicole, I think your style is very romantic, and to me that seems to fall into the vintage end of the spectrum. And I'm totally not vintage, but if I were I'd think that spending 80 minutes talking to TIm Holtz and Ali Edwards would be the coolest thing EVER. And I loved Tim's definition of vintage – because at first glance I wouldn't say Ali's style is vintage, but after he defined it I was totally thinking that while she's not shabby chic, she definitely has that clean, concise style – almost reminiscent of Leave it to Beaver's livingroom. I hope that doesn't sound like a bad thing, because I don't mean it that way. Anyway, it was such an inclusive way of thinking of vintage. Very thought provoking.

    But yeah…I'm still a point 5 on the 1 to 10 scale of vintage.

    Oh, and I meant to comment on the Becky Higgins episode. I just loved how everywoman she is! She just came across as being so empathic to the fact that we're all busy, and some really struggle with time, and intimidation, and yet still want to be memory keepers. Very enlightening.

    BTW, I work full time selling cameras and I love Izzy's tech-leanings and product picks. But that's not my point. I have 4 kids, a dog, and I'm heading back to school this summer (to get certified to teach HS math – YAY!). So I'm busy and about to get busier. But the 80 minutes I spend listening to PRT (usually while crafting) is one of the all-about-me activities I enjoy best in my week. Thank you for that!

  • Ladydoc

    Again, an interesting paperclipping roundtable episode!
    It is fascinating how the paper crafting community has adopted the word vintage. Of course, by definition , we are all “vintage” 19xx. (I’m assuming not many 10 or under are PRT followers! LOL!). Since it is used, in the industry, not to mean the year (traditional definition); but, to describe timeless or antique or “old stuff” it is no wonder folk are a bit confused about what vintage means.
    Nonetheless, common usage is where definitions come from. So, eventually, the dictionary may have a listing that includes whatever becomes the most common accepted usage in the paper crafting industry! Still, I personally love language and prefer more accurate terms than so called “vintage”. I like the words old, antique, Victorian, Edwardian, twentieth-century, mid-century, romantic, timeless, etc. and do not feel we should abandon them for “vintage”.
    Nonetheless, a good discussion and great guests. Love that you had Tim on the show. I think his description of how he creates what he needs first and leaves it to others to see if it is marketable was a wonderful insight! Of course, he is wonderfully inventive and artistic but his passion clearly fires his success!
    Looking forward to the next episode of PRT, as always!

  • Great topic and awesome roundtable members this week. (Well, every week is awesome, but who would have thought that we'd have 2 men on at the same time!) I loved hearing from Tim Holtz and I will definitely be checking out his web site regularly.
    I am just starting to dabble in vintage, but not exactly products that scream 1950s, 1800s, etc. In Japan, we don't find much of that here, but I have been trying out some techniques with inking, stamping, distressing, curling, etc. That helps to make a lay out look more vintage, right? Or is that grunge? I am confused about the exact difference between the two.
    Product picks were interesting as usual. I think I have the same cutter that Ali was talking about. I am so interested in getting my own domain name now. Thanks for the great explanation, Izzy. Actually, I bought my own domain name and subscribed to a web hosting site for an online mag that I wanted to start a couple of years ago. Once I chose a wordpress template that I liked and tried to upload/download/whatever to my server, I got totally confused and gave up. I suppose that starting over with just my blog would be a good start and give me some practice in case I ever want to get that online mag up and running. My question is whether you recommend to have my domain name in my own name (which would be Amanda Yoshida) or in my blog's name (which would be workingmominjapan). The second is quite long.

  • CarolineDavis

    Are you kidding me??! “Nicole”???? I've been listening to PRT since last September, I totally know your name is Noell! I have no idea where that came from! I'm soooooo sorry!

    Good grief.

  • Haha! No worries. Even my relatives always accidentally call me Nicole.
    Friends and teachers and everyone I've ever known my whole life have
    accidentally called me that. Must be easier to say and think of for some

    It's a pretty name so I just accept it if that's what comes out. ;)

  • ibisarrastia

    I was so thrilled to see that Tim Holtz was your guest this week. Thanks Noell for always getting the very best people from our industry to take part in the show. And special thanks to Tim Holtz for taking time out of his busy schedule to be part of the show. I loved it! This show gave me a new perspective on what vintage is all about and challenged me to find things that are more personal and spark a memory of long time past. It was a great episode! Thanks again!

  • violets80

    Is there a link to past “Picks of the Week?” I don't always have a pen handy to write down the tips I want to check out and to be honest my memory isn't the best so it would great to be able revisit your lists. You probably already have a way to go back and I just don't know how to find it. Thanks for any help.
    PS: Your show has gotten better and better and I'm glad I found you!

  • Thanks for reading my email AND comment on an episode with Ali Edwards AND Tim Holtz – I feel like a total rock star!!!

    By the way, Gustafson is pronounced Gus (rhymes with “bus”) – tough – sin. No worries – non-Minnesotans always get it wrong. :)

  • always a fun listen — did not relate to this one as much as I am not very vintage! Maybe I can try to branch out sometime!

  • daisy10727

    The echo is similar to what you hear when someone has a bad connection but it's the whole show every show & only on the ipod, I don't get it when I listen on my computer through itunes.

  • Legomom

    I loved this show! Thanks for bringing Tim Holtz to the panel! He's a rock star in my book!
    As for the vintage aspect. I think it is what generation you are from… 50's and 60's (or older) is vintage to me but it certainly is not of a 'grungy' nature as some vintage stuff is. So 'vintage' can mean so many things. What is really pathetic is when you are at a crop and you hear “'vintage 80's and 90s” (as in 1980s and 1990s) from young 20-something scrappers… that makes me feel ancient!

  • Great picks this week! They all peaked my interest.

  • I totally enjoyed this episode, and it really made me re-think my attitude toward vintage-style scrapping. for some reason I always pictured vintage as very dark with lots of brown ink and crackled paint. Not that there's anything wrong with that (I've seen some lovely projects using those elements), it's just totally not my style.

    When Tim said that vintage was anything that brought about a nostalgic feeling (totally a paraphrase) and Noell started talking about the old items in her mother's bathroom, it totally clicked with me and I realized that my recent love of all things retro was just as vintage as any other nostalgic style. It even inspired a couple of scrapbook pages and a blog post-….

    Thank you so much for continuing to produce this show. I feel like every week I listen I learn more about myself as a scrapbooker.

  • What a great blog post. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kim T

    I finally just listened to this show today in the car. It instantly became one of my favorites!! Right up there with #12 and #3. So much to think about!
    I also wanted to let you know that I've been listening to the Roundtable since the beginning, but just last week I finally subscribed to Paperclipping and am so glad I did! You and Izzy do a terrific job with your tutorials and I so enjoy this podcast. Keep up the great work!!

  • LOVED this episode. I'm savoring my way through all the PRT as well as the membership tutorials. i don't want to zoom through. lol I love researching all the subjects you bring up and looking at all the products as you talk about them.

    I wanted to add a little techy tidbit Izzy might not be aware of coming from the video end of things. My hubby is an avid photographer and has been all his life. He's my walking encyclopedia. Most of that stuff is over my head but he listens to PRT w/ me sometimes and he explained to me that…. (my laymans terms…)

    when a printer prints a picture that we make “pretty” on Photoshop etc. it speaks in a different number of colors. For instance our eyes and our Macs have millions of colors.(RGB) Our cameras can take pictures of millions of colors(RGB & Raw). However, the printers print in thousands of colors (RGBs). Thousands sounds great until you compare it to millions so we end up seeing certain colors replaced with the best one available. This is what gives a persons printed photo a different hue than they expected. Ok understanding that…

    1) Most point and shoot cameras are already programmed to shoot in RBGs. It's the more advanced cameras that have to be told what to shoot in. If you want the better quality Master picture then tell the camera to shoot in Raw at the same time. You will have 2 copies of everything but one is ready for a simple printing .jpg
    2) You can convert your pictures in Photoshop from RGB to RGBs before exporting them to print. (Batch process is easiest.)
    3) If you want to get really serious… There are gizmos that go up against your computer screen to “calibrate'. It gives the info to your computer to set up a “profile” for the printer and monitor together. You need to re-calibrate often as simple things like times of day can even effect how things are seen. These gizmos are called spectrophotometers.

    Hubby gave me this link for a deeper explanation.

    Phew! and that's the laymans version. You can imagine how my head was spinning after he talked. lol I hope this helps everyone understand why their pictures print up just a little off in colors and how to improve things.

    hugs! Claudia aka PomMommy