PRT 016 – Implanted Under Your Skin

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  • AnnJohnson

    I love, love, love Paperclipping Roundtable. I listen at work and also figured out how to put you on my iPod which raking leaves last Sunday was much more enjoyable. I wanted to comment on Nancy's pick this week. I love Photopass Service, what a great service. We went to Hawaii in 2007 and went on a 4 wheeler guided tour. During this tour, they had a photographer along with us and she took pictures of our entire trip, they were put on a CD and you buy it for $25. Of course I did buy it and loved it. Even though there were pictures from everyone and people I did not know, I was able to enjoy the trip more and not see it behind the camera. And after listening to Stephaine a couple weeks ago, I am learning to live more in the moment and not behind the lens. Even though I still love to take photos of everyday life and events/trips it is not as important to me anymore than just enjoying the moment. Keep up the great work with all you do here. Love it each week, even without the 70's porn music :).

  • Just wondering, about how long does it take for the show to appear on itunes?

  • It should be there now. We started downloaded it from iTunes this
    morning. Did you hot the refresh button in iTunes?

  • Hey y'all! Just listened to the episode and I LOVED it! Awesome job. Have to add my thoughts on the social media/memory keeping. One of my favorite-ist layouts is one that I did of our 4th child's birth. I went back on my status updates/wall posts on the day she was born and did screen shots. I then designed the 2 page spread to look like a facebook page. I love being able to go back and read the comments of friends/family from that day. I also compared/contrasted how things had changed from the birth of our first child to the birth of my fourth. Cool stuff.
    Thanks for all you do! I enjoy the camaraderie of the roundtable!

  • tortagialla

    Thanks for another great podcast! I really do love listening in every week. Let me say again that I wouldn't mind hearing longer podcasts in terms of the discussion part. :)

    I know there was mention of creating “real drop shadows” – if it was 3D in our paper layouts and it suddenly made me think of Harry Potter and those moving pictures on the newspaper. Isn't it a weird combo of old world, real life items, but mixed in with a little magic/technology? I find it funny how everything goes full circle…how digital layouts try to mimic real-world textures. Maybe it's easier just to use the real paper, right? Seriously though, I like both digital stuff and real stuff, use whatever you like and fits the job, I say! No need to justify one or the other…

  • Okay, that was easy! I just subscribed on iTunes. Sometimes it really does pay to read the fine print! :)

  • papersquirrel

    Heather –
    If you don't mind sharing could you post a link so we could see how your pages? I think that's really cool. Something i need to do more of. :-)

  • ScrappinRxMom

    Great episode (again!). I LOVE the show. As an aside, I feel compelled to mention that I really don't care one way or the other about the bumper music :) I just want to thank Izzy sooo much (though my husband and pocketbook won't)…I heard an interview several weeks ago with a photographer who raved about the 50mm lens but never explained why and I have asked everyone I know who knows anything about photography what is so special about this lens and noone knew. So, thanks Izzy for answering my question, but now I'm going to have to have one!! And thanks to all of you for a great fun, informative, casual, never boring show!

  • How weird that is that no one has been able to tell you why they use a 50

    We first got mine because a several years back when I asked a scrapbooker on
    one of the TwoPeas message forums how she got great indoor photos and she
    told me it's the 50 mm lens that lets in all the great light. We got one
    immediately. It's another example of a tool I would invest in long before I
    would ever invest in any other scrapooking tool that costs over $25.

  • Found it — weird — I expected it to be listed last but was listed before episode 15.

  • Enjoyed this week's show! I agree with Ali — to me Facebook, etc is more for entertainment then scrapping, but I remember a few months back, Elizabeth Dillow (Write Click Scrapbook) created a page from I think a month's worth of her status updates. Thought that was king-of neat.

    I got bogged down this week and did not complete the Week In the Life :( Going to try next week when we have a normal week and not planning a birthday party! Anyway, something Ali said about wishing she had pictures of her mom doing everyday things got me thinking…I am a child of the 70's which means my life up until about the age of 6 or 7 is all on slides. I know there are digital slide converters out there, but are they any good? Do you know of a good way to get my life off those slides and onto my computer that will look good and not cost an arm and a leg?

  • Hmmm, that is weird!

  • My parents had this done for us as a Christmas gift a couple Christmases
    ago. I'll see if I can find out what they did and how much it cost.

  • Great discussion this week, as always. I do have issues with some of these newer social media sites, but I do have a blog and I sometimes use my content to create a page. Particularly, conversation snippets with my daughter, a week's worth of quotes from family members (taken out of context of course which just adds a new level of humor), etc. But, I find what I mainly use my blog for is to put up the lay outs I have already created to show them off to family members and friends – as a way of keeping them updated. I would much rather show them lay outs than actually write paragraphs about what we are doing. I guess this is my way of showing them my albums without actually bringing them out – I mean, you know most people won't take the time to look through a 12×12 album, anyway.
    As for Twitter, I have not tried that yet and have made a point to stay away from it. I just don't want to get caught up in yet a another social web site. That said, I do think that a month's worth of status updates would make an awesome theme for a page. I loved Cathy's idea about making a mini album based on that.

  • As always, I loved this episode. As I'm doing the Week in the Life project, I'm using some screenshots to document my days–this would be a way to capture a lot of our online life. For example, I took a screenshot of a Facebook conversation two of my kids and a third person had, a screenshot of my whole screen while I was working on a photo editing project, and screenshots from my iPhone of Bejeweled 2, my Twitter feed, etc. (To take an iPhone screenshot, hold down the home button and press the top on-off switch once–you'll see the flash, and your screenshot will be in your Photos app.) Screenshots are not super hi-res, but I printed a few of the iPhone screenshots earlier in the week and they enlarge to fit a baseball card protector size just fine.

    About Facebook statuses, in December I tried a FB app called My Year in Status, which gave me a sampling of my statuses; on their FB page they also refer to “Status Statistics,” but I couldn't get it to work, alas.

    Keep up the good work–you're a highlight of my listening week.

  • Just finished listening to this week's episode and I had a couple of comments:

    -I used Photo Pass for my first trip to Disneyland. I agree with everything Nancy said, it is a great service!! The staff were very helpful and willing to take pictures with my personal camera. I was able to get many shots with me in them, instead of me behind the camera. Lastly as a P&S camera owner it was wonderful to be able to get my hands on a few really nice, professional pics. I paid and downloaded a handful, then made multiple copies for frames, family, and my scrapbook. It was more than I ususally pay to print my own pictures, but I felt I got my money's worth.

    – I wanted to thank Ali for inspiring me to tdo a Week In THe Life project. I am single, no kids yet, so sometimes I don't think my life will be all that interesting to future generations. Perhaps I am wrong? I have neices and nephews, I will probably have kids some day, and they might enjoy seeing my life as it is right now.It also helps me look atthe everyday stuff and really appreciate it. I am truly a very lucky girl, and I need to remind myself of that sometimes.

    – Lastly, on topic of your news story about the IPhone. I have an IPod Touch and I really really wish it had a camera!! Why would the phone have one, but the Touch doesn't? Oh well, I'll keep deaming, I guess.

    Anyway, thanks for another geat show!!

  • Terri Torrez

    I just wanted to share the experience of someone who does use email and Twitter as my *primary* story capture tools.

    I started using email as a capture tool when my son was born in 2002. At first I was sending regular email updates to his various grandmothers with baby milestones. Eventually I started to use email any time I wanted to capture something cute that he did or said. Unlike the paper notebooks that I tried to keep, email was always handy as a capture and storage tool. I also found that composing the stories in email was a great way of editing them. Unlike my notes jotted on paper, the email stories were “scrapbook ready”. After a while I realized it didn’t even really matter who I sent the emails to because I was really capturing the stories for myself. Recently I have started storing these story emails (along with all my other digital reference content) in Evernote. This gives me a single place to organize my journaling and it’s fully searchable.

    Last year I took Cathy’s BPS class, Everyone Can Write a Little. This was my first use of Twitter and I wasn’t sure that I would like it or keep it up. But I ended up doing the album for the whole of 2009 and now Twitter is my go-to capture tool for everyday moments. I think that the character restriction while limiting is also freeing. It allows me to capture the everyday stories without a lot of time or emotional investment. And it forces me to capture only the truly important part of the story. It certainly won’t replace email for my longer, more meaningful stories but it definitely serves a role in scrapbooking our lives.

    Fantastic topic. Love the Roundtable. Keep up the great work!

  • Another great episode- I love the show! :)

  • I'm so glad you shared this! Thanks for the tips! I totally get what you're
    saying about editing and the stories being “scrapbook ready.” That's what I
    found with my blog.

  • Ladydoc

    As always my mind just buzzes after hearing a roundtable! Wonderful topics. Some fun stuff too. Loved your very correctly accented pronounciation of “Minnesota”, Noell. I'm one of those rare folk who like bumpers (though maybe not 70's porn music?)
    Izzy's “doesn't know anything” bit is a very good contribution to the show. He really gets the panelists to explain some things that those of us who've been around scrapbooking for a few years do know but that newbies and nonscrapbookers would be puzzled about.
    I love the humor on the show and do not see anything mean. In fact, when something does come up that perhaps someone might perceive as mean you folks are always good about reassurring folk there's no personal hurt intended.
    Love the timely discussion of brain implanted memory chips. My newspaper, the Sacramento Bee just had an article on the ethics involved in these not so very futuristic technologies like chips in the brain. Gives you pause to think of these being remved at a person's death and re-implanted into another. Gives new meaning to “living memories” doesn't it?
    Found the discussion on social media very interesting, too. Interesting about the LOC keeping tweets. I revewed mine and while a lot are replies or about scrapbooking find too many about my health and food. Of course, my health has been a problem recently and are we surprised that I or most Americans might be obsessed with food? Wonder if someone will report how often that subject comes up?
    I, obviously, do not filter much in my social media posts. I, too, thought like Cathy Z that my blog posts would feed my scrapbooking and it has turned out just opposite. My blog is a handy place to post my LO's. Perhaps Facebook would be easier for my family but I like that little button on the bottom of Picasa that says Blog. It's such a quick way to start a blog post. Wonder if Picasa will include a FB or twitter button in a future update?
    Loved this episodes picks. I have a great zoom lens that I love but after this discussion I'm going to get a 50mm lens. The picks of this episode really reflected everyone's passions. Imagine that Ali and words, Cathy and a digital template, Izzy a lens, Noell a design product, Nancy something to make scrapbooking better and easier not to mention Disney related. Now, who woulda thunk? LOL!
    Something else (I always have a lot to say, don't I?) I noted recently that relates to a past episode of Paperclipping Roundtable was an ad in National Geographic. It noted that magazine readership in general was up about 11% (as I recall, cannot locate that item right now to check) since the advent of the internet. It discussed how TV did not mean the end of movies, etc. It did note that some media and services did change and evolve with the advent of new technology. Now NG has definitely evolved with the times but the magazine still has a lot to offer. I think Stacy was so right about some limited vision of scrapbooking magazines when her on-line classes idea was rejected. CK seems to be trying to catch up. Makes you wonder if they'll fund photo shoots like NG does by offering exotic vacations with CK photographers. Family vacation to Central Park, Yosemite, 6 Flags, a Caribbean cruise, Hawaii etc. with CK photographers to experience a fun family vacation and learn to take some awesome footage for scrapbookers and video scrapbookers alike!
    Oh well, must do something around the house today so I'll anxiously await this thursday's episode and it's great food for thought.

  • Hmmm, seems like CK could benefit from listening to this show. There have
    been a lot of ideas thrown their way!

    Thanks for all your thoughts, Ladydoc. I always find them interesting!

  • Ladydoc

    Oops! Didn't proff this. I'm a terrible typist. Did correct most of the errors on my own blog post.

  • Deekaye

    'Just finished listening to the latest episode of PRT. Great as usual! Even though I am not a blogger or a Twitter-er (?!?), I enjoyed the discussion about using these snippets in scrapbooking. Last Fall our oldest daughter moved away <sniff!> to attend college. We share quick texts at least a few times a day and while listening to the podcast, it dawned on me that even the mundane ones like “Cafeteria stir-fry is gross” or the exciting ones “Aced my Nutrition final!!” would be really fun to add to a mini-book (along with a few of the silly, goofy, college-freshmen-in-the-dorm pics she's sent me!). Thanks for being a continuous source of good ideas!

  • Angela Nodland

    You all just rock! I'm a homeschooling mom, who's husband works in the city, so weeknights are a bit 'lonely/boring' but that is no more. I love your podcasts and having a teenager in the house, I have learned how to download them to my iPod.
    I just have to say that you all are so very genuine! I used to own a scrapbook store, back in the day… But I'm an everyday scrapbooker as well.
    When I hear comments on how anyone on your panel cannot 'know' how an average scrapbooker feels, etc.. is just plain wrong. Scrapbooking is scrapbooking! Just because you are a designer or show host doesn't make you any different than the lady next to you at a crop. It is as if making your own dress makes you less of a shopper? Just my take on it. I am friends with a couple design team members on other sites, simply because they are homeschooling scrappers as well, and believe me, they suffer the same mental blocks or quagmires when looking at 4 pictures on your table and just can't figure out what to do with them! Isn't that frustrating!?!
    Well, this is rambling and only because I have not had my quota of coffee yet.
    Keep up the good work and I love you all!
    Oh, btw, it is really cool to have Stacy Julian and Ali Edwards and Cathy Z and all the other rotating panelists on. We see their faces on blogs, etc.. but to link a voice to the face is fab!

  • You might find lifestream interesting, for gathering all your varied social media inputs into one spot. Here's the blog where I encountered the concept:

  • Abbie125

    Hi there, I just listened to this Roundtable (I know, it's been a while) and I have to say, GREAT EPISODE! I just love listening to your show… I like that the conversation is so organic, while it's “supposed” to be about a certain topic then something else comes from it. For example, social media. Funny that I happened to hear you talk about this when I just posted a layout for LOAD that you will find interesting. I typed all my Facebook status updates for the entire year of 2008. It sounds crazy – and it was. You were curious about how to do it? Izzy was right, you have to filter out comments and leave just your updates. Then you have to keep clicking on “older” until it goes back far enough. Then, when you are copying and pasting, you must pray that you don't accidentally click on any of the links. If you do (and you probably will) you will be sitting there for a while before you get back to your spot. I found this out the hard way and ended up just typing it all. For me it was worth it, it wasn't too out of control (some people MAY NOT want to attempt this!) and also, it was the last time we moved so it made for good reminiscing. You can see what I did on my blog Thanks Noell for a fun show!

  • Wow, you did that for LOAD? I don't know how you were able to do all those
    updates in one day! Wow! I bet it was really fun. I know that it was a blast
    for me to go back and see all the things I had written in my Notes section
    of facebook. You totally forget and it really takes you back to the random
    things you happen to be thinking about on a normal regular day.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  • krisalis903

    Ok so first of all, LOVE your show. To be quite honest, I've lacked the motivation and inspiration to scrap the last few months, but then last week I started listening to your podcast and–suddenly my desire to scrap has come back (I even got like 3 pages done last week!). Anyway, in this episode you guys were talking about going back and just getting your status updates from Facebook and Twitter. Have you guys heard of the iPhone app called Momento? It's a really neat little journaling app that allows you to capture quick “moments” on your iPhone, whether it be a thought, or a photo. On top of that, you can link to your other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Flickr. It has a handy calendar interface that allows you to go back (I think just a year or so) to look at your notes, photos, and status updates. I've had it for a while now and it's neat to go back in time to read my own status updates and, well, laugh about them. It DOES allow you to export your “moments” but I don't think it'll export status updates. At least I don't think so (I haven't tried yet). But still–it's a handy app for when you want to just record a thought and reference it later. Just thought i'd share! :) Thanks for such a great show. Keep up the great work!


  • Thanks so much for sharing this! I just bought it and can't wait to give it
    a try! Looks awesome.

  • Smbradford

    I stumbled onto your show a little late, and being a tad OCD :) I have to listen to them in order. So I'm a bit behind time wise and only listened to this episode recently. I have a question for Izzy. I have a Nikon D40 and am interested in a 50mm lens like you suggested on this episode. From what I can see I can't use autofocus in the Nikon lens. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions on what an alternate might be for me.



  • Hey, I'm sitting here talking to Izzy. He says he's totally unfamiliar with
    Nikons so he doesn't know. But it seems like there has to be one with
    auto-focus capabilities!

    BTW, there are benefits to being slightly OCD in terms of listening to
    these episodes in order…our inside jokes that we carry on through multiple
    episodes will make much more sense by listening in order! :)

  • Smbradford

    Yeah, I can see that. :) Like the famous Cinderella page. I'm very close to being caught up. I'm now down to only 3 left. Love the show. I'm even taking Picture Summer over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Of course it wasn't until after I signed up that I listened to the episode where I heard I could have gotten 10% off. Oh well. :) I did credit you all when I enrolled as being one of the places where I learned about Big Picture Scrapbooking. You can check out some of my photos at my blog if you want.

    Thanks for all you guys do! It's awesome!


  • Smbradford

    I actually did a year in review page using my facebook status updates. In Dec there was an app on facebook that allowed you to create a page using many of your updates. You could use the ones they randomly generated or you could choose your own. When choosing your own they listed every update by month. I just copied and pasted that list into word and then printed them out for my journaling (after LOTS of font and size adaptions). You can see the page here

  • Tunesgirl

    I have been skipping around “the table” listeneing to podcats here and there.  So I know this comment comes long after this episode aired.  But I wanted to comment on Disney’s Photopass service.  I bought the CD as a special before we went (we have been home from our Disney trip less than a week).  I have 84 pictures in my “cache.”  AND in this is included some bonus images….mostly of the characters (Donald and Daisy Duck, Mickey and Minnie).  I knew ahead of time that each 5×7 was $14.95 and I would CERTAINLY buy at least ten… this was a great value to me.  Once I chose the photos I want (I can edit and crop what is there), they will be loaded on to a CD by the service and mailed to me along with a printing release (so I can print for my own use at Walgreen’s, etc).  I agree with Nancy that this is great for us mom’s who take the pictures but don’t end up in them.  They also try and do some cute photoshop type stuff…..I have a picture of my 7yo holding a baby (cartoon) Simba that is adorable.  Love this service.

  • Tunesgirl

    I have been skipping around “the table” listeneing to podcats here and there.  So I know this comment comes long after this episode aired.  But I wanted to comment on Disney’s Photopass service.  I bought the CD as a special before we went (we have been home from our Disney trip less than a week).  I have 84 pictures in my “cache.”  AND in this is included some bonus images….mostly of the characters (Donald and Daisy Duck, Mickey and Minnie).  I knew ahead of time that each 5×7 was $14.95 and I would CERTAINLY buy at least ten… this was a great value to me.  Once I chose the photos I want (I can edit and crop what is there), they will be loaded on to a CD by the service and mailed to me along with a printing release (so I can print for my own use at Walgreen’s, etc).  I agree with Nancy that this is great for us mom’s who take the pictures but don’t end up in them.  They also try and do some cute photoshop type stuff…..I have a picture of my 7yo holding a baby (cartoon) Simba that is adorable.  Love this service.