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Promo code for the Big Picture Scrapbooking class, Colorful You: roundtable

  • Sarah Hofseth

    I've listened to every episode and I finally had to chime in…I have nothing but positive things to say about the roundtable! I absolutely LOVE all of the people you rotate in the panel…Izzy brings a fresh perspective to the subject, Stacy is hilarious and it's so cool to hear her unique view on topics, Nancy is always great-I look foreward to hearing from her every week, and I believe when Noell says she is a normal scrapbooker…she's so honest and very creative. You guys are doing a great job! The only thing that would make me smile more would be if you had a little music/song clip before each segment (Mail, Product Picks, etc.)that says what's up next. Since Izzy is so technically talented, surely this is possible. If I'm not explaining it well, just think of a radio show and the little song things that come before their usual segments. I think this would help all of us who are still mourning the loss of the “70's porno music”-sorry, had to fit that in! Thanks for an entertaining and thought-provoking show!

  • Laura M.

    Thank goodness episode 14 finally posted! I felt like a smoker needing a fix! I kept checking my email and saying to myself, “Come on Izzy! Where is it? It's Thursday already, I'm having Paperclipping Roundtable withdrawls!”
    But seriously, I love your show. It's fun, it's informative, and it's inspiring. I'm scrapping more than ever now, I've asked for a Wacom Tablet for Mother's Day, and I am entertained on my commute to work as I listen to your show on the MP3 player on my phone. I'm actually sad at the end of an episode since I'll have to wait until the next one is posted to have anything good to listen to.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Laura M.

    Oops- I meant to say episode 15 in my post.

  • tortagialla

    Wow, I would love it if we did a big minibook inspiration sharing blog hop…thing! I just prepared my minibook for my week in the life project…although I fear now it won't be enough to get all the detail. However, I wanted to start small to make sure I do the whole week – you can see mine on … this episode was great to listen to…i keep feeling like they are not long enough – is it just me?!

  • I'm glad you all feel like you'd like them to go longer because we're
    struggling to keep it from becoming a 2 hour show, lol!

    Thanks for sharing your mini. I hope others will too! Going to see yours

  • Totally snickering at that last request…


  • There was a bit of serendipity in your show for me today. I learned something, just before I needed to know it. When I needed to adjust some picture sizes in a collage so that I could do my blog post for Stacy Julian's What's in Your Purse? challenge, I remembered the podcast discussing aspect ratios (albeit briefly). That brief explanation took enough of the mystery out of those words, that I was brave enough to click on that menu item in Picasa and accomplish what I needed. You can take credit for making this scrapbooker clueless on one less thing.

    And on a related note, I'm so impressed that Izzy gave us great information on “motion” scrapbooking. Kudos to the invaluable male panel member.

  • sunghee

    Hello! I was introduced to Paperclipping by Steph from My computer used to be in a playroom, but I moved it to my crafting room just to listen to the podcast while I create.
    I LOVE mini albums and I'm glad to hear you guys talk about it. Here's mine:

  • Really enjoyed today's show. I LOVE mini books — love the instant gratification and the fact that it is finished project — unlike my big books that I just keep adding to — minis have a beginning AND an end! Simple Scrapbooks came out with a special issue a few years back — Mini Books in an Evening — it is an awesome guide and inspiration for making these little gems.

    Also — thank you for answering my question about Week In the Life (Ali's project). I am really looking forward to it and am gearing up for next week. I know that the finished project will be a mini book.

    A little sad I have to wait a whole week for another roundtable — really am enjoying these podcasts!

  • Doreen Page

    I love the show. I've heard every podcast and can't wait until the next one is out.

    I got turned onto mini books about 3 years ago. My latest one was for a 4th of July get together at my house last year. I just did a giant tag book that I cut on my cricut. Two of my sisters liked it so much they did one for themselves of the same event. All three books are different perspectives of the same week. We had so much fun sharing them.

    Keep the show coming!

  • mikithompson

    Ok so i don't have a mini book to share but I wanted to still share what I have done. I have been looking at the past videos since joining and took some of the ideas and tried really hard to work them into this page. It started from a sketch off the Prima blog but other than picture placement, it really went off on its own. I really thought about patterned papers, colors, design, and grounding lines. I tried to use triangles and even added the “doodle” stamp to bring the black from the title in. I have been scrapping for a long time but feel that by having the design elements now, I can really make my pages awesome. Thanks so much for all the great inspiration.

  • Wow, I'm so glad to hear that the tutorials are giving you so much
    confidence and skill! Your page looks great. So elegant. Thank you for

  • Loved the discussion this week! Well I have loved all the talks so far… you guys are doing so a great job!

    Here's the last mini I did –

    This talk has pushed me to go do more! Love Stacey's enthusiasm and passion on this subject!


  • KikiK

    I LOVED this episode!!!! congratulations once again! I never was a great mini book fan but this seems to change… I love Stacy's approach to scrapbooking (1st I met it by her book and by by her LOM class)
    So if you want to see my minis there are in my blog under label mini books, right here
    keep the great work people!!!!

  • Amy

    I LOVE your podcasts, and can't wait for it to be posted each week! I have to thank you especially for this past week's episode. I have not been one to scrap mini albums, only 12x12s and photo calendars; however, I am now very intrigued to start creating some of these. Although from all of your comments, especially Stacy's enthusiasm for these, I can see myself getting addicted to them….not that that's a bad thing! :)
    Also, I really enjoy your picks of the week – enablers!!
    Thanks for all the work you (all of you) put into providing this awesome resource to us in the scrapbooking/crafting community!

  • I have re-grouped my mini books on my blog. You can find them by clicking the sidebar “mini-books”. Have really enjoyed looking at everyone's creations!

  • Sharon

    I love making mini-books in addition to my regular sized scrapbooks. My Dad's hobby is Antique Tractor Pulling. Last summer, I went to many of his pulls and took pictures. With my camera, I can stand back and zoom in, so most of the time they don't even know I am around. I turned these pictures into a mini-book for my dad, with a lot of black ink all over the pages, giving it a greasy tractor look. He carries it around with him in the truck and shows it to his friends! Imagine that, my dad carrying around a picture album…he never would have done that if it wasn't a mini book that looks “guy” like. I was so happy when I found out he was showing all his friends. What a great bonding experience for both of us.

  • That is super cool!

  • I used Nancy's color pick on a card today :) Love it!

  • Ladydoc

    Another fun show! Glad you had Stacy back to talk on this subject for she is the “Queen” of mini-books. I did mention her wonderful Finish Line Scrapbooking minibook podcast from her blog in last week's episode comments. I was amazed at how it turned out. And so fast!! It really looks good. I had no idea that it would be so fabulous and actually took the class with some photos of a trip I was not sure I wanted to document. one of my fave minis! i love the mini album you showed us in this weeks tutorial, Noell. Simple and so meaningful. Scrapbooking does not need to be hard! Ana's uncomplicated approach to shapes by letting the photos hang off the page is good. looks great from her blog photo.
    Eveyone's sense of humor is delightful though Izzy makes me laugh the most!
    The picks are good, as usual.
    I do have some of my minis in posts on my blog but am thinking of putting collages of them in in photos all together in a post. Not tonite though – too tired.
    Eagerly awaiting this week's episode!

  • molly4mccarthy

    What a terrific episode! The only thing missing was the visual and you fixed that by posting photos/links of your mini-books!! Izzy, you've created a new niche “motion scrapbooking” – love it!!

  • As always I enjoying listening to the roundtable. I do it while either scrapbooking through iTunes or in my car or laying in bed when I can't sleep at night on my iPod.

    My comment relates to the external hard drive. I just recently bought a WD My Book Essential 2TB external hard drive from Costco. I did this because I LOVE to take photos and have over 12,000 in my iPhoto library. This and the digital elements I've been purchasing and scrapbooking projects have gobbled up all the HD space on my MacBook Pro. I have very little space left (like 3gb) and need a way to keep all my stuff but free up room on my laptop for future pictures and projects. Plus I am super duper paranoid about losing these priceless photos and want to back them up. I already am going through and burning them onto CD's but that is taking forever and using up ALOT of CD's. I am totally freaked about having a fire in the house or something else go wrong so I have numerous copies of these discs. That might make me crazy but these photos are my life, my history, my children's history. I want them to be around 10, 20, 100 years from now. Anyway. My question.

    Izzy, is this a good product? I've never heard of them but it was a great price for 2TB of space.
    Noel, Stacey, other professionals and non-professional scrapbookers, how do you go about backing up, preserving, and maintaining all your photos/digital elements? Do you delete/pare down? Do you store some stuff separate from others?

    Maybe I should learn to delete a few photos but I keep them all. Blurred, cropped off heads, funny looks on people's faces. crying. It could be the slight hoarder in me that EVERYTHING has sentimental value or that I feel even the bad photos are “real” and should be seen and documenting just as much as the good ones.

    What are your thoughts? Just curious. I've never run across a space issue before, EVER. And totally feeling lost.


  • You poor thing! We'll definitely read and answer this, hopefully next week!

  • valencianc

    Great show as usual team! I get great ideas and new perspectives on scrapbooking — thank you! Can I just say how much I LOVE when you have Ana on the panel. I'm a single mom too –my kids are older, but my life is just as busy and my free time is precious. When Ana talks about staying up late scrapbooking ('I believe in Red Bull') or that her laundry is never done or even ('I don't want to get rid of any of my supplies') it just makes me laugh. My laundry is never done and the house is not perfect, but I'm creating and that's important right then. I'll get to the other stuff and it's okay.

  • Isn't she awesome? I love how very real our team of regulars are! I'm so
    glad you have one with whom you can identify so well! :)

  • KimDP

    I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying the 'table. I've been listening since the first episode, and I think they are getting better and better. Izzy definitely adds to the show, both from an outsider perspective and as a photo/video insider, so please keep him part of the mix. I enjoy the news Nancy provides, and I think that is also an important part of the show. Don't ever stop doing product picks – I love learning about new products and websites. I especially love episodes which include Stacy Julian – her enthusiasm gets me excited about scrapping. Episode 15 was my most favorite yet. I didn't consider myself a mini-book person, but I think I will now. There was a lot of good information and perspective provided in this episode. And it would make me happy to have the episodes be longer. I hate to see them end, and I'm always anxious for a new episode to be posted. I'm a regular scrapper, but I love the insight, interaction and fun the 'table brings. You all are doing a wonderful job, so keep up the good work!

  • Anneke

    Hi There
    Thank you for a really great epidsode. I have never done a mini book. I thought it was an absolutely stupid idea and where would you put it? Who wants a lot of small little things lying around your house. I only got to download the episode on Friday at work and listened to it on my way home. Friday nights my husband and kids are at the church youth group meetings and I have the home for about 2 hours to myself. This is serious scrapping time. Perfect end of the week and no one around. Listening to the episode I decided to try a minibook idea I had brewing about my head. On write click scrapbook Aly Dosdall posted about creating a minibook of all your favourite things alphabetically.… (It will make sense when you read the post)
    I thought it was a great idea at the time and even decided what favourite thing I would choose for each letter of the alphabet. But nothing more happened. I was inspired enough by the roundtable to start on this when I got home on Friday, listening to the end of the episode while I scrapped. I had so much fun putting this book together. I am not finished, mostly because I did not have photos for all the favourite things linked to the different letters. Some photos still need to be taken !
    So your show inspired me to do something I would never have done. And I liked it.

  • Yay! They're just so dang fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • mshanhun

    I loved this episode, and just wanted to share some more mini-album inspiration here: love the teeny tiny ones!

  • bluerose711

    What a great episode (yet again haha). I am not much of a mini book scrapper so I was reluctant to listen to this particular episode, but it was funny, I enjoyed it so much!
    Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that Izzy's mini-book video just cracked me up! Izzy as long as your are capturing life right now you are also scrapbooking!

  • bluerose711

    sorry, I forgot on my last post…I didnt see the link to find where to donate old supplies..,I live in Canada so I am not sure if there is something similar here

  • Here is that link for the Lifebooks donation drive info:

    I would love to hear if there is something similar going on in Canada. If
    you find anything out please share!

  • Rosa

    I couldnt find any national organization but BC Children's Hospital (Vancouver, BC) is just starting a craft project for the kids so they might apreciate my old supplies. here's the link for other Canadians that might listen to the show

  • Awesome! Thanks for looking and sharing. If you end up with time to gather
    your old supplies by today, please weigh it and leave a comment with a total
    on this post..

  • Amy

    Hi everyone! I'm a little late in posting this, but while I was listening to the mini book round table, I got inspired to try one! My only question is which mini books do you use? Do you make and bind your own? I don't have a binding system, but I'm having trouble finding a “pre-fab” album smaller than 6×6. Stacy talked about having (what seemed like) lots of 4×4 albums that she jsut slips photos into the page protectors. Where did those come from?? Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the roundtable and can't wait for each new one to be released. I actually find mself listening to them more than once just to get a “fix” in.. :o) Thanks!!

  • Relatively long-time listener, first time commenter.

    So I’m going back and listening to some of the other shows because I finally went and downloaded them all from iTunes. I had to comment.

    I think I’m making a break through in my attempt at Scrapbooking therapy. See, I describe myself as a scrapbooker, when in reality, I’ve only created 6 full size (12×12) layouts and a full 6×6 album that was part of a “entire album in one night” class from a friend. Well, she had us create the backgrounds and we filled in photos and stuff later. I heard you talking about “all those” who think it has to be chronologically and cohesive, and although I don’t consider myself in with that crowd, I actually think that I am. I have an album that I’ve dedicated to my time teaching english in Japan, and that’s where the first 6 layouts have come from. I was all gung-ho at the start, learning layouts and how to deal with embellishments, but I’ve lost the want to move on with THAT scrapbook.

    Instead, I make cards. (I love making cards.) But I think, okay I’ll make a card today, but the next time I’ll do a layout for the Japan album. This album was started 5 years ago. In the 5 years since the start of that album, I have moved twice (and not just to a different street in the same city), taken multiple vacations (including India, China, Hong Kong, SIngapore and a cruise around the gulf area) bought, fixed up (entire kitchen redo that we did all the work ourselves), and sold a house that I miss terribly, taken steps along the path of infertility, fostered a tiny baby for a while and started playing on a roller derby team. I was totally stuck, thinking of how to catch up!

    I learned today that I want to start approaching things in a different way. I’m going to scrap those things that I really am motivated for regardless of when they happened or when they fit into the time line. I’ll create layouts that talk about us as a family and why the picture means so much. I won’t try to explain the entire situation in one layout. A layout from my trip to India will sit right beside a layout of my dog, which will be by a layout from our wedding day. Then, I can rearrange it if I need or want to. I don’t care. I’m just tired of LOVING the idea of scrapbooking and telling the “feelings” behind the pictures, but never actually doing it because I’m “not on that picture yet.”

    If I want to tell the entire story of a trip, I’m going to create digital books. Hard bound, lots of journaling. Explanations of the random photos of buildings my husband is always taking pictures of. Things that I would NEVER actually spend hours cutting and pasting and placing flowers next to. My husband wants to go back and see those pictures of that building with all the vines on it, but let’s face it, I’m not motivated at all to “scrap” that. I would be motivated to get the picture, type in some quick words about it, and move onto the next page. The whole trip in one neat little quick book so I can move on to the pictures FROM that trip that make me want to get the stickles and patterned paper out.

    This is what I can do. Thanks for opening up my eyes to how I really want to be keeping my memories. I’m going to go create some sort of photo book right now. I’m motivated again!