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  • brendabenjamin

    Love your roundtable discussions. It sure makes exercising more enjoyable when I have something so fun to listen to. I really enjoyed the conversation about Us vs. Them. I often feel that our competitive natures pit scrapbookers against one another when there really isn't a need for it. I personally believe that one of the things that perpetuates that feeling among scrapbookers are the prevelent fashions that come and go in the industry. When it seems that every page that gets published and every “professional” scrapbooker that you hear from are making the same style of pages, I begin to feel disconnected from them if my pages are vastly different. I also think the Us vs. Them feeling sometimes comes from seeing published pages where every product used is either brand new or not even released yet. It's natural that this would make some gals jealous or discouraged that they can't find or can't afford all new product for every page. By “regular” scrapbookers I think of gals like me who need to find ways to use their vast collection of old products, or scrapbook more quickly, or things like that. I would love to hear from more scrapbookers with ideas along those lines.

  • kimkt

    great discussion! I loved the different comments on “what inspires you?” for me it's photos usually, but sometimes the story or the product I want to use, it really just depends on my mood.

  • In my mind, you have once and for all put to rest the request to have an average scrapbooker on the panel. Because there is no such being. No one scrapbooker is representative of all scrapbookers. We each have our own thing – and on any scrapbooking trait that you could choose – we span the entire spectrum. Some journal a lot, some journal a little. Some love product, some are minimalists. Some want to be published, some aren't interested in that. The fact is that we are vary in where we are in our scrapbooking journeys and our hobby preferences reflects our own personalities. So I for one am glad to be exposed to the work of all kinds of scrapbookers, even though I can relate to some better than others. We scrap because we love – so that unites us more than any differences should divide us. Thanks for the inclusive attitude you foster on Paperclipping Roundtable. Continue to invite interesting guests to the program and don't worry about them being representative. No doubt most listeners will connect with some part of the discussion – at least that's been my experience thus far. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you, Susanne! That's such an awesome point you've made. Since we
    started the show I've had a number of different people tell me what they
    believe would qualify or disqualify someone as an “average everyday
    scrapbooker” and so far none of them seem to have the same criteria.
    Everyone has had a totally different idea and maybe that's because, as you
    said, we're all individuals and we can't be accurately lumped into


  • Kelly

    I've been thinking for weeks (literally) of protesting all these comments during the Mail segment about “regular scrapbookers.”

    I get that you guys are scrapbookers who happen to work in the industry (as you say to begin every show). I appreciate that you work in the industry. Why wouldn't people want to hear from those who have dedicated a greater part of their lives to improving or delving into scrapbooking? Why does that make your views and those of your panelists somehow less worthy? It makes it all more interesting, and that's why I listen and I'm guessing why most of your other listeners do too.

    Please, please, please ignore future complaints about this. It's gotten tedious. Your show is great. If they want to hear from people they deem “regular scrapbookers,” let them talk to their friends, go to their scrapbook stores or find online forums where they can get whatever perspective they're seeking.

  • tortagialla

    I also wish there weren't these stereotypes of groups against each other…I think truly all of us are a bit of everything, because it depends on what we feel like doing at that period in our life, what project we are working on…what is possible given our resources… I think it's all okay and we should let people do what they want to do without judgement…what's the point in negativity?

    On a happy note, I loved Heather's input in this show…very cool! I also like to digital scrapbook, perhaps because it seems easier given all my photos are digital and already on the computer. However, I like hybrid as well – I do feel it's sort of the best of both worlds. Personally, I think we are always evolving a bit, discovering new things and as our lives change our scrapbooking habits might change. For example, I haven't really done a minibook yet and planning to go along with Ali Edwards Week in the Life – to give it a try…I love the idea of how much more presentable and touchable a minibook is – more sharing it seems. It would be great if there's a roundtable about minibook topics, sizes, etc…thanks!

  • Angela

    Great Roundtable, as always. I have a question for Nancy. So what happen at photo shop world last week. Will you be writing about it at Scrapbook Update?

  • bpoole

    Good times, good times

  • Bookworm9798

    I'd like to jump in and agree with others who disagree with the “us vs. them” characterization. To paraphrase Walt Whitman, we are large — we contain multitudes. I'm just getting into scrapbooking (and adore making cards) and while I can't afford all the beautiful new product that comes out constantly, I love seeing what other people do with it in magazines and online. I think the folks who “just want to get the pictures on the page” might enjoy getting inspiration from the wonderful eye candy that you can see online and those of us who might spend too much time browsing (ahem) could emulate their focus once in a while and just get the page made! :-)

  • Works for me, kelly. :)

  • Putting that topic request on the list right now. Thanks!

  • MajicInOz

    I've enjoyed all the episodes of Roundtable so far, but this week's was particularly interesting. It was great to hear Heather's point of view as another Roundtable listener. What struck me was that in essence she is no different from all the other panelists inasmuch as she is a scrapbooker, as are we all. A listener would not have been thinking “Heather's obviously not in the scrapbook industry and the others are”. “Us” and “Them” just doesn't come into it for me. Like some other commenters, I'm fed up with this idea that people who work in the industry aren't the same as those of us who don't.

    Scrapbooking is a hobby. It is meant to be fun. Some scrapbookers use lots of product on their page, some use very little. Some use the latest and greatest, some have a limited budget and use older product. Who cares? I accept that when I read a magazine or a manufacturer's blog, I'm going to see layouts that use lots of the latest products; they are essentially adverts for the manufacturer after all! Nevertheless I can appreciate them and draw inspiration from them or not as the case may be. I also have a choice about reading those magazines and blogs.

    Changing subject, like Heather I've also done Lain Ehmann's Layout A Day challenge (3 times – and finished them all!!!) and I can't recommend it highly enough for pushing you to just get on and finish pages. I've found it really helps force me to record the memories without worrying too much about perfection, then move on to the next one. The LOAD community is enormously supportive and positive.

  • I love the potential benefits of Lain's LOAD challenge: Learning to just
    take a risk and go for it b/c you don't have time to think too hard.
    Learning to let go of perfection and just call it done.

    I also love your thoughts on the difference between us all: we're all the
    same in some ways and we're all different in many other ways.

    One thing I'd like to say about old product: I have a decent-sized
    scrapbooking budget, since it's my job and it's tax-deductible for me. But I
    still use a LOT of very old product. In fact, I love using old products and
    mixing it with new. I also know many other scrapbookers who are very
    well-known in the industry who do also. It would be good to point them out a
    lot more often than we do.

    One thing I struggle with in terms of Paperclipping is that I want to show
    how techniques for using old products, but if those older products are no
    longer available, that tutorial is only applicable to the few who still have
    those particular products. So it makes it harder to do that.

  • One thing that I have found with techniques is that even if a product for the technique you are demonstrating is no longer available, there is usually another product that has similar properties that can be substituted. As a former forum hostess for a weekly technique challenge, you have to provide techniques using a variety of product that can be used as substitute if the players don't have a certain product. You would be amazed at how industrious crafters are at finding substitutes for any given technique.

    I'd be interested to know what technique you are referring to in your comment Noell…you have me curious now! =)

    I too have a LARGE supply of product, and there is no way in the world I could possibly use it all up during its “lifecycle” so old product is everywhere in my craft space and it's always fun to pull it out and I feel really good about using it – rather than it just lying there collecting dust. Combining old with new product is a real creative treat, and I love seeing it done in an artful manner.

    Love your Rountables, and it is quality time that I look forward to each week. Keep up the good work.

  • Yes, I have done a lot of episodes where that was the case: the old product
    I was using is easy to substitute. But there have been times when I couldn't
    find a substitute.

    The newest one I want to do is with acrylic shapes that have a slightly
    raised edge around the back side of the shape (Heidi Swapp's ghost shapes,
    specifically). Those may still be available, I don't know. I think they got
    discontinued, though, when she stopped working for Advantus, so I need to
    find out if that is the case or if there is another product that is similar
    so the technique will work. Just having to do the research itself prevent me
    from having the time to make that a priority tutorial.

  • teri

    The majority of my “real life” scrapbooking is done in the 10-15 minutes before I leave for work while the kids are washed, fed, packed, and waiting to deploy. I've learned to break my process into little pieces and now during my work week I get more done than I used to complete in months of looking/wishing for scrap time. I've become expert at finding bits of time that I can zip over to my desk and fiddle with the next step, even if it's just pulling supplies. I want to document life. I'm not worried about anything else, and there is a lot of content on the tutorials and on roundtable that applies to me.

  • molly_f

    Ditto what everyone is saying about the 'regular' scrapbooker. I find it interesting to listen to those of you who are in the business talking about what's going on. I can rely on you to bring up interesting points of view, fun product, new voices/blogs, industry trends and more in a lively, engaging format. I look forward to each week's podcast – love the idea mentioned in the other comments about a week in the life/mini book topics/how to.

    Looking foward to next week!

  • I wanted to say something similar about finding time to scrapbook. I realized about a year ago that I was waiting to find a big long block of time to scrapbook and doing two pages a month max as a result. I would plan to go to an all day crop and spend the first hour packing up my supplies and the second hour driving there. And then it would take me forever to get in the groove once I got there (because I had to unpack what I was going to work on) and my big long block of time was realistically only an hour or two. So I rearranged my scrap space ( a corner of our guest room that gets packed up when we have guests) so that I could have things out and more accessible. I take a similar 15 minute approach (usually before I go to bed or before I leave for work in the morning). I do one or two of the following things in those 15 minutes – pull out the pictures I want to use, pick out some potential papers, cut paper, decide on embellishments, stick things down, write the journaling, etc. Something is always in the works on my table. And I am getting more pages done because cumulatively, those 15 minutes add up to a big block of scrapbooking time. (I would say now I get one layout done a week – I've doubled my productivity!)

  • rosann

    Do you read minds b/c I was thinking the same thing regarding minibooks and other paper crafting ;)

  • rosann

    I second that. Variety is the spice of life.

  • rosann

    i've signed up for May LOAD and am glad to hear the feedback b/c I was hesitatnt when i explored it on my own. But when I heard Lain talk about it 2 shows ago and then the feedback here, I decided to go for it. Can't wait.

  • mele146

    A scrapbooker by any other name is still a scrapbooker.

    Love the podcast. You keep me company as I cook dinner. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration.
    Currently working on a mini book about 2009. The year was a walk through a very dry and difficult desert…I needed to document this and make copies for my adult children when they step into their dry, parched land.

  • mikithompson

    So excited!!! I finally was able to become a member today. I have sat and watched about 20 videos and now want to go back to take some notes. I have learned so much about design fundamentals. I was so caught up in the elements that I did not think about the architecture of the page. Simple things like the direction people face in a picture – wow. I have been scrapbooking for years and I feel like I really just got it. What a light bulb. The difference this is going to make in my pages is going to be awesome. I am so excited to get started (at least once I can get my son to go to sleep that is :))

    I do have a question for you. I love all of your layouts and want to really look closer then the videos let me. Do you have a gallery or do I need to scroll through the blog? Also, have you thought about putting a book together?

  • tortagialla

    haha…i hope there will be talks about those types of projects…I need guidance!

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  • Thank you for your new membership! I'm so glad you're getting so much out of
    it already. Here are a couple different ways to see my layouts:

    1) I post pictures of almost all of the layouts and projects (the exception
    is when once in a while if we get a really closeup few of a project in the
    video, like the spring accordian book) in the blog postings that correlate
    with the episodes). Don't scroll through the blog, though. That'll be too
    hard. On the left-hand column of my blog is a list of all the episodes back
    to the beginning. The list is called Paperclipping Episode Archives. You can
    find the number and/or title of the episode you're looking for in that
    column and then click on it and that will lead you to the blog posting where
    I post the layouts.

    This won't work so well for the oldest episodes, though. In the beginning we
    were doing this as a hobby and were still learning, so I often posted my
    pictures of the layout a day or too later. If you really want to hunt those
    down you'll want to look at the date of that video post and then look in the
    general archives (below the Episode Archives), which are arranged monthly.

    2) My Flickr page is a mix of mostly my layouts + plus photos:

  • Ladydoc

    As usual, love the show.
    Inspiration is an interesting topic. I looked through my pages recently and see that I use a lot of scraplift ideas to get mine going. I also discovered that some of the simple pages are ones I like most. Stacy Julian's sister, Darci, has a class at BigPicture Scrapbooking where she has folk gather photos and supplies and then give you direction on putting these items together into simple pages. I am amazed at how these unexpected pages (one does not know which gathered supplies will be used with which LO's) tell very meaningful stories. Perhaps, because of the simplicity, the story shines.
    Speaking of BPS, I think that Heather should take Stacy's Library of Memories class. It will help her get those photo associations for the stories she wants to tell. It's perfect for that.
    Stacy has a free LO class on her blog under “Living with your library” that illustrates how useful this is.
    The other class under this tab is a great way to just get a mini album of an event done. (An approach to help with the multitude of Disney photos mentioned in the podcast.) I love, love, love how this turns out.
    Of course, I am a person who can spend weeks on other projects to get them just right. That's the fun of the hobby. Sometimes it's just get it done, other times it's all the technique and art, sometimes it's telling the story!
    Still chuckling over the sacrificial LO. Agree totally with Izzy about how experiencing life can be all the inspiration and motivation one needs.
    I find I do a lot of pages without photos or stories. Just a design with mats for the photos. I often look through those and a stack of my photos and get an idea for what the finished page should be. Undo is a great product! I'd feature that as one of my product picks. It helps me stick in that photo corner or tuck an embellishment on these pages after the fact. I also do not fret too much about attaching product as I invent a page. Not just because of Undo. I learned early on that craft maxim that there are no mistakes, only design opportunities!
    I am so looking forward to a show about minibooks. I'd also like to hear from designers who scrapbook off the page with wall art, banners and other items.
    I'd enjoy hearing from the designers of product about their inspiration and how they like to use their product. I'm pretty sure a lot of designers actually papercraft, too. Also, would like to know if anyone's uses of their designs surprised them – either with awe or laughter?

  • YAY my favorite episode yet! I love when the conversation turns to scrapbooking philosophy! When the topics are broad and along the lines of what inspires people what their process is and how they approach scrapping really transcends all the branches of the scrapbooker family tree, ie the traditional the professionals, the regulars, and us digital gals too.

    I also greatly appreciate when you have more digital representation as that is who I am and I relate to the most.

    I often hear you all talk about how you don't scrap chronological, or you scrap event based or story based or whatever your jumping point. Questions: I'd love to know how it is you got to that point/understanding? Why is chronological scrapbooking not your method?
    Like I want to do my son's 1st year album, is that chronological scrapping?? How do you organize albums and collections of pages?? do they just all sit in one album?

  • Nikki

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for releasing me from all the guilt I've heaped onto myself by trying to live up to the “regular scrapbooker” standard, lol. PRT is truly the “Liberation Station”. You've liberated me from the guilt of only being an “obligatory two photo” person. I often get caught up in living the moment, that my camera only captures 2 maybe 3 shots before the event ends. Creative journaling is my friend, haha. Also, I'm so glad I no longer feel guilt for not capturing every sniffle and smile in my family's lives. The story from your panelist of the girl who had 95 scrapbooks in her closet yet neither had the time nor room to view them, was perfect. I am free to be the scrapbooker that I want to be! Thank you, thank you. :o)

  • tltorrez

    I do think it's important for everyone to have “me” time. But I think it's important to stress that it's ok to take a break from scrapping too. It's ok not to scrap at all for days, weeks, even months. If you're feeling so uninspired that scrapbooking has become a chore, then it no longer counts as doing something for yourself.

    I had an Aha moment last December. I had taken three BPS classes in a row plus I did LOAD in October. Two of the classes were journaling-intensive and emotionally charged. I was still working on Ali Edward's awesome class when I realized that I just couldn't do any more. Yes, I was busy and the holidays were approaching. But it wasn't lack of time that was keeping me from finishing. I was simply emotionally drained. I had no creative energy left to continue. I knew that I needed a break. So I set aside my scrapbooking completely through the holidays. Then for Christmas I got a new computer role-playing game. I used to love playing CRPGs but I gave them up when my son was born and limited my hobbies to
    reading and scrapbooking. In January I realized that I was still creatively drained. I wasn't motivated to scrap and the new game was calling to me. So I made the decision to commit my spare time for the next few months to playing the game. I didn't scrap a single thing during that time, deliberately and without any guilt.

    Now that the game is done and i've got the creative itch again i'm easing my way back into scrapping. I did a warm-up project this weekend — a gift album for a bridal shower. I planned a trip to Scrabook Expo in Tampa with my Mom to really get me into the groove. And i'm considering LOAD for May. I am recharged and ready to scrapbook. But I don't regret for a minute the time I took away from this hobby. I scrapbook for me. Yes, i'm glad that i'm doing something constructive with my family's memories. But my #1 motivation has always been to do something creative that I enjoy. And if that's your motivation as well, and you want to take a few months off to slay dragons and romance the prince of Ferelden, then so be it. Your pictures will always be there when you get back.

    P.S. Great job, Heather.

  • Thanks for this topic suggestions (finding ways to use old products + tips for scrapbooking more quickly). I have the perfect panelist in mind for the old products topic.

  • Gail Evans (pookiesmom6602)

    I just saw some of Heidis ghost shapes at my Michaels this past weekend fyi :-)

  • Awesome! Thank you!

  • valencianc

    First: Shout out to fellow NC Lady Heather — Great Job!!
    I agree with others on the 'Us against Them' mentality. I listen to the podcast to get inspired, hear other's perspectives and get excited about happenings/new products in the industry. I think you all a doing a great job — Keep it Up!
    Digital comment: I've always used my computer for scrapbooking, but honestly — I sit at a computer all day for work and the thought of doing that for scrapping doesn't appeal to me. I have some templates and tools and I use digital where I see an advantage, i.e. Christmas Cards. I also struggle with Photo Shop and remembering masks, etc..Finally, I personally have resisted doing more digital because of the sheer amount of paper scrapping products I have. They represent a financial commitment that I just can't turn my back on. So I'm taking the 'use what I have and buy what I only truly love' philosphy toward my stash and slowing learning how to implement digital where it makes sense.

  • Deekaye

    I’m one of the original 100 from PRT #1 (hmmmm, I may need to get a t-shirt made with that….) and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode! I always mean to drop you a note but after reading the thoughtful, insightful and deep comments from all my fellow listeners, I always find that Lady Doc, Tortagialla, or others have said exactly what I was thinking…. and much more eloquently than I could have! Sooooo…… the following, in no particular order are just some of the (less than deep!) things I’ve been thinkin’:
    1. I love, love, LOVE when Stacy Julian is on. She is so fun and I think under her polite “studio voice” there is just a little bit of sarcasm and irreverence and a whole lot of enthusiasm and humor. She would fit in so well with me and my scrapbooking friends! (Oh, and does anyone else think that Lain and Stacy sound alike? Or is it just me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller??)

    2. I love the informal chit-chat with all the guests and I don’t even mind when they occasionally talk over top of each other. It just makes for more interesting conversation when everyone has something to say and gets excited to say it at the same time. Noell and Izzy, you work so well together and the show never, ever drags.

    3. I have a 1.5 hour drive each day so I began with the first episode burning to a CD (using whatever CD burner software that came with my computer… I’m not too techy…). I soon learned that CDs are only 80 minutes and sometimes you ran longer (which I love!). Oh no, what to do? My burner software wouldn’t help…. just told me “nope, can’t be done”. ‘Enter brilliant DD14 who said “Mom, why don’t you just download to I-Tunes and burn from there?”. Sheesh, I’m embarrassed to admit that I thought I-Tunes was only for people who used I-Pods (I told you I’m not very techy!). So, lesson learned: I-Tunes is not just for I-Pods…. and everyone should have a teenager to turn to for technical advice….

    4. (This is just my personal little rant…) If I hear someone say “Oh, I don’t have time for scrapbooking” one more time, I’m gonna thump ‘em on the head with my bone folder. If scrapbooking/paper crafting is your passion, you’ll find time. I’m not a big tv watcher… I scrapbook. I’m not on a bowling team… I scrapbook. My house is clean enough to be healthy but, spotless? Nah, I’d rather scrapbook. My daughters and hubby go to bed early (well, at a reasonable time) and I’m a nightowl… and I scrapbook!

    5. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and fun. PRT is the best!

  • Ladydoc

    Deekaye, I think you are every bit as eloquent as any of us. You sound really fun, too. Love to scrapbook with you anytime! (Though, I hope your bone folder aggressive tendencies are limited to complainers.) Please continue to comment as it is really enjoyable to read other folks opinions. I liked hearing from Heather, too. I'm not a digital scrapbooker though do a little hybrid now and then. Nonetheless, it's interesting to get that perspective. We all like to tell stories in words, photos &/or art; so, all who are interested in scrapbooks likely have something to say. I'm finding this dialogue a lot of fun!

  • Deekaye1

    Thanks Ladydoc! And I'm very picky about who I thump with my bone folder…. 'would never thunk my scrapbookin' buddies! :)

    I'm also enjoying this format and reading everyone's opinions… and you're right about all of us having something to say. I don't know a scrapbooker who doesn't love a good story!

  • Loved this latest episode — due to life doind what life does — gets hectic, I have not scrapped in awhile –ugh! Needed an inspiration boost. I have to admit, that I am quite sad about the scrapbooking magazine industry steadily scaling back and or going under. Just last night I pulled out a stack of my old CK and Simple Scrapbooks magazines and enjoyed flipping through as I sat on the couch and watched TV with my husband. Sitting at my computer (I do not own a laptop) is just not the same. I loved the comment about that was made about it would not be good to drop your ipad in your bubble bath but a magazine, though soggy, could survive such a mishap.

    Anyway, my point is (I do have one) that this latest show came at the perfect time and lit my fire to be inspired to scrap again. Thank you.

    I have a question (and you may get this too late to answer on a podcast, but would love to hear your opinion) — Next week Ali Edwards is hosting a “Week in the Life” challenge/workshop (for lack of better word) on her website. I did this a couple years ago and really enjoyed it and play to do it again. Have you ever done such a project. My feeling is that it is kind-of like creating a time capsule and will be interesting to look back on in 5+ years. Just wondering….

  • tortagialla

    Ooo…I think Noell has done it before, I heard on the paperclipping live show! This is the first year I'm participating, so really looking forward to it. I think of it as a time capsule type of thing too, capture that full week in detail, so you can see the difference year to year.

  • bluerose711

    You guys have no idea how much I love this roundtable and how inspired (or liberated from my own preconceptions) I am at the end I listen to the podcast when I am on the threadmill or when I have to take a long commute. it is so good I dont want to get out of the train because I just need to listen the last bit!
    I have only a small suggestion, when I download the file, the volume is lower than the actual podcast when I listen online… and I need a lot of volume to overcome the techo music at the gym ;) could it be any louder?

  • I'm loving getting caught up on all these RoundTable discussions. I'm listening to two or three a day! lol

    I just wanted to add a thought to something you said about what inspires you to scrap something in this episode, Noell. You mentioned that sometimes you just want to try a new technique. That exact thought is why I make cards. I hate the idea of “playing” with a technique and then doing nothing with my “creation”. I usually do things on a smaller scale and put them on cards! You don't have to complete the card w/ sentiments right then. Simply keep it and when you are ready to give it to someone stamp or write the words to make it personalized for that person. I scratch my itch to experiment and then it helps me visualize the pages to use the technique on better.

  • Great idea! Thanks!

  • Ana

    When I subscribed I wasn’t sure about this ‘podcast’ or video thing. The price was reasonable, even if I didn’t like some of the content, so I went for it. But I’ve been listening to one podcast after the other. I
    LOVE THEM! Love the panelist, the format, the homemade commercials, the portability, just everything about it.

    I don’t want to be published. I work with 12×12, 8×8, & 6×6 in both handmade books & page protector albums. I journal on a page, only when I have a story to tell. Otherwise, I use quotes, poems or lyrics to set the mood on my page.

    I love to hear about new products, techniques, what colors everyone is using, where they’re teaching, what inspires them and just about anything that your panel wants to talk about. It’s like “the view” for
    scrapbookers. I feel so at home that at times I find myself participating. It’s like having my girlfriends over with my husband adding his two cents, although he would know nothing about the subject.

    Just wanted you to know, you’re part of what makes my world HAPPY. Thank you.

  • That is so nice. I can’t tell you how it makes me feel to hear that we’re
    contributing to a happy world for you. Thank you, Ana!