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  • HeatherC

    Was so surprised this morning when I updated my ipod that there was a new episode of Paperclipping! What day are episodes typically posted?

    Appreciate the product picks and news but also enjoy hearing the voices of your guests — may of whom I read their blogs. Like the format — as I have listened I tsounds as if your format has “tightened up” — more of a free flowing with less gaps. Would love to hear more about the photo and techie side of scrapbooking — what cameras are the best? What are the best for affordable prices? Scanners? I use CM computer organizing products (Memory Manager and Storybook Creator 3.0) — find them eaiser than Photoshop and works well for me — I think there is a us and them view of Creative Memories — I am NOT a consultant, but do like these products.

    Also for guests — love it when you have Ali Edwards on and Stacy Julian. Have you thought about having a show about scrap spaces and organization?

    Looking forward to the next show!

  • tortagialla

    Thanks for listing some of the links to websites mentioned in the show, if you can as much as possible I really like exploring the mentioned designers! Also, thank you for mentioning my post about scrapbooking any way you want – “tortagialla” is actually two words stuck together, torta = cake and gialla = yellow in Italian. My husband gave me that nickname and I am American, originally from Los Angeles and moved here to get married, all that mushy stuff :P

    Back to scrapbooking, I think it's definitely intimidating when you just don't have the tools to do something that looks cool and if it's out of your price range, it's like you are automatically demoted to a different club – however you want to put it. I suppose life is just like that sometimes, but it's not the way I want to think about scrapbooking. I want it to be a fun and non-judgemental experience. For me sharing work in galleries is for support, for inspiration and for community. I guess you just have to find your tribe?

  • mjgreer

    LOVE LOVE hearing more listeners question and responses I hope you do it again.

    In response to to being too intimidated by designer and seasoned scrapbooker:
    I'm mostly a scraplifter of sketches and designer layouts, it saves me time and like to see the end results before I commit my expensive products. For this reason alone I been saving about a years worth of back issues of the scrapbook magazines simple because the first time I go through them I usually see layouts or techniques that I don't love right then or think I'm not ready to try yet because I need to develop more skills to make it look good. Often I will look through a back issue and suddenly see a layout in a whole new light and I want to scraplift it or use part of it in a current layout I'm thinking of. So I don't feel intimidated but rather I use them to inspire me.

    BTW I have found that subscribers of Scrapbook Etc. can get a digital versions of the magazine for FREE (including back issue, they go back to 2006.) as well as many many of other magazine that you may already subscribe to, at For me it has saved me so much space. I'm considering giving up my paper subscription and getting a digital version from cloverleaf. I'm not affiliated in any way just a happy customer. This is where I heard about it… She has instructions to on how to save the pdf file to your pc for viewing offline, it was a bit tricky without the instructions.

  • Tinkersdamn

    I've just started listening to this episode, but I have to jump in and say that Two Peas' overseas shipping is prohibitively expensive- I'm living in the UK, and a fairly small package from Two Peas costs me as much in shipping as I paid for the actual product. I've found to be much the same. Your listener in Germany might be better off finding some UK-based sites. The variety isn't as great, and sometimes it's a little bit behind the most current trends, but certainly the shipping would be less.

  • daney

    Fleet Post Office


    former Navy brat, here.

  • Anneke

    I just had to comment about magazine subscription. I am not from the US, but lived in Yew York City for a year. I was absolutely amazed that magazine subscription is basically given away. I think I paid $20 for two years worth of Memory Keepers, while it cost $4 per issue on the newsstand. Elsewhere in the world you basically pay newsstand prices for subscription. You get 10-20% off if you subscribe. And our magazines have as many ads as the US magazines. Just to say, I think American consumers have come to expect cheap magazines, which are maybe not realistic.

  • Anneke

    I knew I wanted to add another thing. I would love the subscribe in itunes, but am told it is not available in my store. There is a US, UK, German, etc store. If you would like more international subscribers, you need to put it in more stores. I can only access it by downloading it from your site.

  • gemmanerys

    When companies ship to APO addresses in Europe, the order is shipped to New York, after which the Department of Defense picks up the tab to get the package to an APO address. So, as long as the listener is using the APO address, they should get a cost that reflects the cost to ship to the New York address.

  • Diane365

    Loved the discussion about how a lot of consumers are overwhelmed by scrapbooking. I think you were right on when you said that as people get more into the hobby, we like to try new things and our hobby becomes more complex- which could be intimidating to a newcomer. I know so many people who are overwhelmed and frustrated by scrapbooking- it has become a chore for them and not a joy. I think they have to readjust their attitude. Life is stressful, scrapbooking should be fun!

  • valencianc

    Good show today team! I like the free form style of the show. I'm also looking forward to your upcoming guests! Regarding mentioned links — I'm fine with you not including them. If while I'm listening I hear something interesting, I just Google it and can usually find what was being discussed– not a big deal to me.

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  • Anya L

    Love your roundtable episodes! Great mix of inspiration, information, education and a good laugh! I like that you have different guests on the show, always nice to hear a point from a different perspective. Thank you so much for putting your time and effort in this. Finally feels like I found a group of people who I can have a fun coversation with about my favorite subject. A week seems like a long wait, that's why I have started second round listening to these. One more time – Love it! (this time was for the one who loves to hear that so much)!
    P.S. I'm pretty sure Izzy had very basic grey dreams tonight, if his lovely wife has introdused him to that product line. :)

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  • Ladydoc

    I know I'll likely have more to say about this episode (frequent followers and my friends are not surprised); but, I wanted to post here the link to the page I mentioned in my comment. I decided to practise what I preach. LOL!
    Thanks for incorporating my suggestion. I am grateful for the links.
    Here's my link for the page in Canadian Scrapbooker from their blog.
    I really appreciate the link to c.d. muckosky's site. I'm a little embarrassed about messing up on her last name. It appears I will meet her in a few weeks at Donna Downey's Inspired workshop in NC where she is a teacher. (BTW, I'm so excited about attending this, and intimidated, too! I am only slowly embracing the self identity of artist.
    c.d. lives in an area of the world where I grew up so I'm very interested in meeting her as well as learning from her!)

  • Jodi

    I just wanted to thank you for the Paperclipping Roundtable! I listen to a number of podcasts (mostly relating to crafts) every week and the Roundtable is by far my favorite! (I've subscribed in iTunes.) All of the hosts and guests give such great insight and ideas. I love that it's loose and like a conversation…the tangents are always entertaining!

    I love the product picks! I just purchased a wacom tablet and can't wait to get it… I'm not a digital scrapper, but after listening to Renee (and then Izzy), I've watched a bunch of tutorials and I'm ready to give hybrid a try!

    Please keep up the great work! Don't change a thing!!

    – Jodi

  • That's a great insight to have discovered about yourself and a nice system for warming up to new techniques. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm also glad to hear that Scrapbook Etc. has a digital version. Scrapbook Trends started that last year. All magazines need to be doing this now.

  • Great to know! Thank you!

  • Thinking we've gotten used to a LOT of things coming to us cheaply. We've come to expect it and demand it, in fact. Kind of bothers me, as I'm not a stuff-collector and don't think it's good for the psyche nor the environment.

  • Loved reading your post! Thank you for linking to it

  • Renee Davey

    Love the Roundtable, keep up the great work!

    I have a comment in relation to the “double issue” from Creating Keepsakes. I am very disappointed, I received mine and it's not any larger (if not smaller) than the normal issues. Another thing I found interesting is now they are plugging a new “Club CK” which includes a subscription to “Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks”. Seems like if they have to decrease the amount of issues of Creating Keepsakes they wouldn't be starting up a new club…feeling like we are getting cheated out of issues that we paid for and then they pull this…seems like (as with other products these days) we are just getting less for more. Sorry don't mean to rant…just dissapointed.

  • sonicflame

    Thanks so much for mentioning my site! I'm glad that the SBE download tip helped you. :)

    And thank you to the Paperclipping crew for such a wonderful podcast. I've subbed to your videos for a while now and enjoyed Paperclipping Newsbreak when it was on. I was sad to see it go, but Roundtable is even better! Don't change a thing about it- it's perfect!

  • mshanhun

    Wow – In Australia we pay newsstand price as well. I borrow CK from the Library or wait till they bundle 3 issues for $10 at the newsagency for my magazines.

  • amandasusan

    I wanted to comment about the industry telling us how to preserve our memories. I have to disagree with what the panalist said. I have a group of friends that I crop with frequently. They have no desire to get 'better', they just want to get their pictures onto pages. They have years worth of pictures and they don't have time to spend hours on one layout. I think the industry sometimes forgets that the majority of scrapbookers don't want on design teams and don't know about two peas and other websites. They just want to get their pictures scrapped. Usually without journaling.

  • Tinkersdamn

    Wow, I didn't know that. That's a nice -and seemingly one of only a few- perk.

  • Sara G

    Thank you for the great shows and for including more links.

    I thought of something that may be a draw for potential advertisers. I no longer buy scrapbooking magazines. I used to subscribe to Simple Scrapbooks (yes, may she rest in peace) and looked for a magazine to buy this weekend at Barnes & Noble. After flipping through a few, I left empty handed. We can get so much inspiration online that advertisers may want to explore additional options like a podcast.

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  • Thank you for reading and responding to my e-mail. I checked out and I figured out how to get product shipped to my APO. I've really enjoyed the show, keep up the great work!!!

  • Whew! I am all caught up now! I just found out about the Roundtable last week in May Flaum’s BPS class and I am totally into it. It is so much fun to listen to people gab about scrapbooking. I live in Japan and don’t get enough interaction with people who are passionate (read obsessed!) about this hobby. I am especially interested to hear about the industry side of things … it’s like hot gossip to my ears, but more than that, it is so interesting to hear about all the changes that have occurred throughout the years.
    I have been scrapbooking officially since 1998 when I was introduced to Creative Memories. For several years, I thought that was all there was to it. I had no idea that an alternate world of scrapbookers (non-CM people) existed until I picked up an old copy of Simple Scrapbooks one day and discovered what I had suspected all along – that scrapbook pages could actually look better without cropping photos into various shapes and using gingham patterned paper! Stacy Julian, Cathy Zielske, Angie Lucas, Ali Edwards, etc. have became “mentors” for me as I broke away from CM and began experimenting with lay out design principles (wow, there are actually principles?) and learning about theme albums & embellishing in a tasteful, yet simple way. I was sad when the reign of SS ended (and I even blogged about it), but I was also really excited to see what the former staff members of SS would come out with next as they began to branch out on their own. How exciting to sit at a virtual roundtable with the likes of former SS staff, among so many other icons in the industry and hear them give their real opinions about scrapbooking topics. I love it!
    Last year, I began to learn about digital scrapbooking, mainly through Jessica Sprague and her awesome web site. How about inviting her on the show? Or some of her staff, such as Liv Esteban. Both of these women are really amazing (drop shadows and all!!), and will have a lot to contribute. I would love to hear their views on design and online learning in general.
    Keep up the great podcasts! I’ll take Roundtable over All My Children any day! Love having the male, outsider perspective too. Noell, you are so lucky to have such a witty, talented husband.
    Mande in Japan

  • This might be sort of against “the rules of international mailing”, but I have been living in Japan since 2002, and I find the best way to get most of my internet orders is to first ship them to my mom in the USA. She then repackages them and includes them in my care packages. I have to pay for the shipping and care packages' contents because she has access to my American bank account, but still, the shipping turns out to be significantly less.

  • Barbara Garrett

    Hi everybody!
    This quick note is for Izzy, ie The Male. My husband has been known as The Male here in our household for a few years now. He was out working in the yard and I was having a ladies' Bible study one morning, when the mail came. It's noisy, as we have a slot in the door, so there's the sound of the flap banging and the items landing on the hard wood floor.
    One of the gals looked up, saying, “What's that?”
    “It's the mail.”
    Thinking I was referring to my husband as he was working right outside the nearest window, she looked shocked and asked, “That's what you call Doug? The Male?”
    And, that's what he's been ever since. He likes it. Reinforces the whole manhood thing. :-)
    So, take the nickname and wear it with pride.
    Love the podcast,

  • Hilarious story, Barbara! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  • WOW yes exactly!!! I loved the part where you all spoke of setting a mood with the products you use. Having spent some time on a “creative team” and having access to a pool of products and not really venturing outside of that selection. I've found that I've been setting a mood for myself and my scrapping that IS NOT ME!! When you're chained to a designer or to company's product lines you're really taking on their mood / tone with their products.

    I have been bookmarking and saving inspiring products layouts etc that really set my “heart on fire” but didn't act on them or use them because I was tethered. I am letting go of this responsibility soon and am excited to again be setting my OWN mood / tone in my scrapbook pages.

  • Congratulations, Elizabeth! Freedom is exhilarating, isn't it? :)

  • Tori

    I just listened to this podcast and the section on military men and women pouring over layouts literally made me cry!