PRT 009 – Does Size Matter?

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The Panel

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  • scrapycandy

    Rectangles mess with me! Ha! What a great comment! Loved this show…it made me smile the entire time I was listening. I have heard all your shows but for some reason I really liked this one the best. Izzy is a great maleman.

  • fancyscrapper

    Y'know what? I just love you guys! I look forward to listening to these conversations every week. It may take me a few days to carve out the time, but I always enjoy it. You guys ROCK!

  • First it was the music, then came the size and Ana prefers no protection! (how dare you Ana?lol) Izzy is propably wondering what he was thinking agreeing to get involved in all this… Just joking of course! I couldn't stop laughing during the entire show! I think it was the best so far!(meaning it was totally friends around the table chatting) And the most pleasant surprise is that I got a double dose of Cathy today! I'm in her class (design your life) and it was our class day today. And I'm feeling pretty lucky attending this class because she won't repeat it again. And this brings us to size. Thanks to Cathy I made 81/2 x 11 layouts for the first time since I started scrapbooking (around 2006). My prefered size is 12×12 and 8×8 and some mini books with various sizes in them. But no 81/2 x 11. During the class, this made me wonder why this happenens. For starters, it must be that we don't actually see that much of this size in designer galleries (you know, the ones the companies have). And basic products come to the 12×12 format. So our eyes are used to this. And even if you go digital/hybrid…there you have trouble. Europe has A4 dimensions, USA has 81/2×11 (is that called “letter”?). That's just my point of view of course! Thanks to Cathy I got to know better this size now. I'll still be mainly a 12×12 scrapper. But when I want a “cleaner”, more tidy and quick layout I'll surely go 81/2×11 and keep my artsy, freestyle layouts 12×12… that is until I'll feel comfortable with this brand new adventure and eventually mix it up! As for the minis… even though I'm not a great fun, I prefer them with no page protectors too. And I'm ok if you see that they are used (eg sticky little fingerprints, curled/torned pages etc) because this means they are loved. OMG! this must have been the longest comment I ever made! Got to stop now!
    You ladies/guy do terrific work! Keep up this way!
    PS love the product picks and the news section. maybe do a don't-buy-this section from time to time?

  • one more thing! rectangles mess with me too! hopefully they used to!

  • Ladydoc

    KikiK – love your comments. Glad I was not the only one amused by these comments.
    Then again, I'm a gynecologist, LOL!
    I loved the Switzerland analogy, too. I'm one of those scrapbookers. My favorite is 12 x 12 but somehow those other sizes just burst out at times. Mini books must be my second favorite.
    While I love, love, love the show I really like reading the comments, too. I'm always curious to see what other scrappers are thinking and doing.

  • Ladydoc

    Just had another thought. You folks mentioned Ivy Cottage on the show and I found it funny “peculiar, not Ha,ha” – that Ana did not mention that Ivy Cottage was the origin of Scrapbook Trends magazine. Or, perhaps, she was unaware of that?
    (The funny comment will be familiar to all those who in their childhood loved Enid Blton adventure novels as much as I did.)

  • Belle

    Hi — I would love to subscribe but I'm having trouble…………every time I try I get this message on my ITunes screen:
    The server at Members Only requires a username and password.
    I do put in my Paperclipping member username and password but it doesn't accept it :(
    I know it's something I'm doing, right? :(

  • Hi Belle!

    It sounds like you're having some technical difficulties. Will you please email me at and let me know what you're trying to do? I'd love to help…



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  • lynnettec

    Finally got a chance to listen today — loved it as always! I'm in Cathy's DYL class right now so I always love listening to her! I got a kick out of the 'rectangles mess with me' comment and wondered if Nancy ever did any 2 12×12 page spreads because that of course, is a whopper of a rectangle! I would characterize myself as the 'switzerland' type of scrapper but I have a friend who is so ridiculously strict about how her pages 'flow' together, we tease her regularly about it and make it a point to suggest pages that will stress her out just to see her react to it! She can't handle it when the L/R pages in her albums don't 'blend' — primarily with colors! Anyhoo…. really enjoy the show and think it gets better all the time =)

  • Tinkersdamn

    Favourite show so far. Rectangles mess with me, scrapbooks with no protection- awesome stuff. Thumbs up all round for this panel!

  • tortagialla

    I really liked this episode about the sizes and protection or no protection – about scrapbooking, of course! I think in the end it's whatever works for you specifically…which is nice!

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  • toni2

    Size doesn't matter ( I can't answer that without giggling) as I scrap in all sizes, d-ring. But y'all were seriously making me laugh. I loved Izzy's page protector suggestion. HA! Thanks for a fun time. It's the first chance I've had to listen.