PRT 005 – Why People Don’t Scrapbook

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  • sunny1016

    This was very interesting to me. I have been scrapping for a little over 3 years, and I still could be sitting down with Izzy for a complete tutorial! LOL
    The overwhelmed by choice is definitely a biggie, but design is my biggest pitfall! I haven't scrapped for over a year now for various reasons, and this show really hit the nail on the head for me!
    Hmmmm, I may have to listen again!

  • GREAT show. Lately, I've been preoccupied by reasons that demotivate creating (working myself up into a post for our blog, I think). Anyhow, I've been thinking about the various reasons we don't do whatever it is we want to do…like, scrapping. And, this notion of perfection strikes a chord with me.

    A few weeks back, I was listening to a Craft-Cast podcast (#9, I think) and the interview mentioned the difference between aspiring to perfection vs. excellence. It seems to me that going for excellent (rather than perfect) is a powerful motivator, while the opposite is true for the goal of perfection. Excellence comes from within, while perfection is about measuring up to something external. But, how to break through? That is the question… I'm still pondering.

    Also, I love my Moleskines (I have a few, LOL)! From my weekly calendar to the one filled with watercolor paper, they are such a favorite!

  • Tinkersdamn

    I've just started listening, but I'm cracking up at the combo of “POUND Roundtable” and “70s porn music”. Um, whoops?

  • Loved it!!

    I listened to it last night, as well as half of #2, and loved it!!

    Izzy does a great job interacting in the show :)

    I can't wait to scrap with the show on again!! THANKS

  • I enjoyed the show. I'm currently participating in Lain's LOAD 2.10. she is just awesome!!!!

  • Carol

    So many women feel guilty taking time for themselves( especially to do fun stuff like scrapbooking) when they have so many responsibilities. So we need to change our thinking, and think of it like hooking up your oxygen mask on a plane, which you need to do BEFORE YOU can help your child hook up his/hers. Don't think of the whole completed projected but break it into bite-size pieces. e.g. Creating smaller albums, smaller page sizes and smaller number of pages, and deciding the colors ahead of any cropping is my key to getting over the overwhelming feeling. This also solves the problem of needing ALL your photos on one topic organized. You can always add a new page later if more photos are found, given to you or are available on facebook (especially distant family events). I can feel closer to relatives now. Don't worry about the future generations. Your style will change and grow, because we change and grow–enjoy the growth, but doing even one page now and then is the important thing. Loved your archived Dec. album. appreciate Izzy's querying, and now I see why the card classes are so popular – no decision worries, getting stuff together, finding space, – just fun in creating with a group of like-minded crafters where you have set aside a time for you!. Your show definitely motivates me. Also did you know that when people are depressed they sometimest even enjoy doing their hobbies and that's where the guilt compounds the problem. Comedian Elaine Boosler explains it this way: While women go shopping or eat, while men just invade another country. Anyways, happy scrapping

  • Carol

    meant to say, some don't even enjoy hobbies because of exhaustion, or depression and partly guilt.

  • Jen

    Loved the topic. We need to adjust our thinking. It isn't about what somebody else thinks (be it the unknown public somebodies or our friends). Decide how to use your time and whether something makes you feel like you have used it well. Ditch it if it doesn't. You can't tell every story and still LIVE your life so choose a few you like and go with it. My grandma made one photo album during her 54 years on earth. I value it PERIOD. I don't judge it. I don't blame her for things that aren't in there or her “style”. When I realized this, a great weight was lifted. I don't always love what I put in my scrapbook…until I look at it again in a few months or years. Then I'm glad it is there. We should all discuss these kinds of subjects every other month until everyone's heard “do what you can” and forgotten the “I'm behind” mantra. Good discussion & ideas!

  • valencianc

    This was a great show. The discussion on why we don't scrapbook was a great one.
    Nancy's comments during the discussion about why we don't scrapbook really struck me. Why am I trying to scrap to this 'Vogue' ideal displayed in magazines. I should be using those as inspiration, not rules. When I read my fashion mags, I don't feel guilty that I don't look like that everyday, so why am I applying that to scrapbooking?? Crazy!

    I am the hoarder that Nancy spoke about too. I have too many options of products I want to use but am paralyzed by the fact that if I purge something, I'll need it when I get to that subject/project I wanted to work on.

    I also wanted to say that when I've been away from cardmaking/scrapbooking for a while, I do a 'kit' or pre-designed project to get the juices flowing again. It takes the pressure off and allows me to ease back in without all the perfectionist guilt I struggle with.

  • christineherrington

    Good discussion and interesting topic. Yes, this music is much better than the wild stuff you had at the beginning. Frankly, it was annoying. Izzy, super job on the announcing. You sound like a professional off TV or radio! Noell, I just love your videos. I keep missing your live show, though, due to the time difference. Thanks for all you both do.

  • Kate

    The download is not working from iTunes for show #5. I love the show and am anxiously awaiting the next episode. Can you check it for us? thanks.

  • Kate, thank you for listening to the show on iTunes! Izzy and I have both
    successfully downloaded it from there. It must have been a server issue —
    it happens sometimes. I would just give it a little time from when you last
    tried and then give it another go (or do that next time if you've already
    listened to #5 in the browser).

    Thank you!

  • Karla

    Just wanted to share what I've been doing to encourage others who feel they don't have time to scrap. I am finding that with a little organization here, a little planning there, and a little stamping there I have reached the critical mass point where I am positioned to complete my many scrapping projects. What am I doing?

    1. I keep a spiral notebook where I jot down layout ideas and journaling (as it strikes me) for projects I want to do. I also keep a little notebook in my purse to capture ideas when I'm on the go.

    2. I keep a regular 3 ring binder with organization ideas, a things I want to buy list, sketches, and magazine articles or internet prints of projects and techniques I'd like to try.

    3. I use a ScrapRack to organize most of my patterned paper, stickers, letters, etc. Most of my photos are roughly organized in CM Power sort boxes. My digital photos are organized by year and month (and sometimes event) on an external hard drive and at Shutterfly. I also keep a binder with index prints of the photo cds I have.

    4. I keep a 3 ring binder (12×12) which holds my projects in progress. Currently I have pages (I use the Croppin Companion folders, some Crop In Style, some regular 8.5 x 11) for a Project M.E., my daughter's birthday album, my son's graduation album, my dad's AF album, my mom's season's of life album, and year in reviews for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. When I come across something (like missing pictures I recently found for my son's graduation) I place it in the pages for that project.

    5. I have started making page kits from my paper stash (some generic and some made with the above projects in mind) to enable me to grab and scrap without taking the time to make color/pattern decisions. I find that sometimes, when I just want a few minutes of me time, playing with pretty papers is very satisfying.

    6. I use my stamps to make journaling spots, and other elements which I cut out and run through my Xyron for future use. I'll stamp them one time, cut them out another time, and when I get a batch done, another time I'll run them through the Xyron.

    I think the most important thing is to just do a little bit of scrapping every day (or every few days-whatever works for you), as Rockester is always telling us (Scrappers Challenge Yahoo group). When I determined to do that I found things slowly coming together. I got a little project here done, another one there done and it's given me momentum. I rarely have hours to sit down and do something, but I can often THINK about things I want to do. I jot down my ideas so when time is available (late night, anyone?), I can be productive.

    Hope this helps someone!

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  • Amanda M

    Hi, I really enjoy listening to these discussions. My comment is about the CHA roundtable. Someone, and I really apologize for not knowing who, made a comment that really bothered me and I decided to say something about it – the quote was (and I went back and listened again and wrote it down) was: “The opposite of big city turmoil that has caused a lot of this economic downturn that we are in, it's Wall Street…it's New York City…it's big cities…we want to get as far away from city as we can, back to a simpler time.” I live in NYC and am a scrapbooker and this was slightly offensive. Frankly, NYC didn't cause the economic downturn. Did Wall Street play a large part? Yes. But so did Countrywide Lending and a bunch of banks and lenders that are NOT in NYC. And, a big part of the problem was people buying homes they couldn't afford. And the majority of those homes? NOT in NYC! Or big cities! They were in AZ, TX, NV, CA. This comment was factually incorrect and offensive to NYC. And, to be honest….I am really not looking for products that have smiling corn on them. I didn't grow up on or near a farm, my grandparents house was not a country kitchen but a gorgeous NY apartment, the city is my home. I really respect all of you and the work you do here, and that is why I felt compelled to remind you all that not every scrapbooker lives in the midwest or Utah, WA, etc. neas farms and the country. Us city mice like scrapbooking too. Frankly, this is something that the industry needs to be reminded of more – not just you all! Thanks for letting me comment.

  • Creative Memories no longer says that you have to scrapbook every photo. They encourage you to choose the best photos by providing a great digital photo organizing/editing program, Memory Manager 3.0, that speeds your photo selection process. Plus, they have color-coordinated power palette kits that make some of the design choices and provide sample page designs for you to follow. All of these tools reduce the chances of being overwhelmed, help you be organized, and help you better utilize the time that you have. The Creative Memories of today is not the same as it was a few years ago.

  • Michelle

    First, I want to say that I have really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I have been searching for something like this that would inspire me to scrap, and it works, I scrapbooked six pages tonight while listening to your show. I live in Germany and I have been having trouble getting the supplies that I want because does not ship to Army Post Office addresses. Can you recommend other websites that would ship to APO's?

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