PRT 004 – The Chaotic Show from CHA

The Roundtable Crew
Noell, Ana, Nancy, Stacy, Angie

This is the fourth edition of the Paperclipping Roundtable. We recorded it in front of a live audience at CHA.

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This Week’s Panelists

Product Picks

Once we post all the videos, we’ll link here to the picks.

Roundtable At CHA
The audience begins trickling in…

The Mixer
This is the mixer we have to use when we’re not together in person. It takes a big mixer to bring in all the voices from around the world.

  • How FUN! Love seeing everyone and all of the equipment (I know, I'm a geek, LOL)!

  • Brenda(sunnie05)

    Loving the roundatble !! thanks!

  • jenniferrogers

    Hello again from Johannesburg, South Africa. Love the show, love the vibe, love to pretend I am part of the CHA madness although it is impossible! Special hello to Stacey — still rember your lovely class for its breakthrough wisdom Jhb September 2008. Looking forward to No. 5. Keep Safe All!

  • Debbie

    loved this round table! Thank you for all the CHA vidios. Especially loved Izzy's pick!!!

  • hungryheffy

    Izzys pick is even more amazing now that you think about the iPad possibilities. Cant wait to see this product in person.

  • I LOVE this roundtable!!!!!!!!!

  • SEA

    I'm a devoted listener and so glad that Izzy is around to add that unique perspective. But shame on whoever it was that said she was glad that fewer “outsiders” were at CHA this year. If your goal is really to make the scrapbooking industry accessible to everyone, then you wouldn't want anyone to feel like an outsider. Besides who knows which scrapbooking fanatic will become the next valuable insider. Come on, ladies, there's room enough for more on the CHA show floor!

  • I'm a little late in commenting, but was interested in checking out the links for the picks of the week. Could you pretty please update the post? And, Izzy, you'll be sad to know (in case you don't already), disqus commenting doesn't work on my iPad. :(