PRT 003: Ali Edwards on Story

Paperclipping Roundtable

This is the third edition of the Paperclipping Roundtable. Our special guest this week was Ali Edwards. You can hear for yourself, but she was amazing on the show.

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  • This is such a great show (I can't stop listening!) — LOVE IT! So glad you're back, too — missed you over the holidays! Anyway, awesome perspectives and discussion — thanks so much!

  • Karla

    Just wanted to share what I've been doing to encourage others who feel they don't have time to scrap. I am finding that with a little organization here, a little planning there, and a little stamping there I have reached the critical mass point where I am positioned to complete my many scrapping projects. What am I doing?

    1. I keep a spiral notebook where I jot down layout ideas and journaling (as it strikes me) for projects I want to do. I also keep a little notebook in my purse to capture ideas when I'm on the go.

    2. I keep a regular 3 ring binder with organization ideas, a things I want to buy list, sketches, and magazine articles or internet prints of projects and techniques I'd like to try.

    3. I use a ScrapRack to organize most of my patterned paper, stickers, letters, etc. Most of my photos are roughly organized in CM Power sort boxes. My digital photos are organized by year and month (and sometimes event) on an external hard drive and at Shutterfly. I also keep a binder with index prints of the photo cds I have.

    4. I keep a 3 ring binder (12×12) which holds my projects in progress. Currently I have pages (I use the Croppin Companion folders, some Crop In Style, some regular 8.5 x 11) for a Project M.E., my daughter's birthday album, my son's graduation album, my dad's AF album, my mom's season's of life album, and year in reviews for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. When I come across something (like missing pictures I recently found for my son's graduation) I place it in the pages for that project.

    5. I have started making page kits from my paper stash (some generic and some made with the above projects in mind) to enable me to grab and scrap without taking the time to make color/pattern decisions. I find that sometimes, when I just want a few minutes of me time, playing with pretty papers is very satisfying.

    6. I use my stamps to make journaling spots, and other elements which I cut out and run through my Xyron for future use. I'll stamp them one time, cut them out another time, and when I get a batch done, another time I'll run them through the Xyron.

    I think the most important thing is to just do a little bit of scrapping every day (or every few days-whatever works for you), as Rockester is always telling us (Scrappers Challenge Yahoo group). When I determined to do that I found things slowly coming together. I got a little project here done, another one there done and it's given me momentum. I rarely have hours to sit down and do something, but I can often THINK about things I want to do. I jot down my ideas so when time is available (late night, anyone?), I can be productive.

    Hope this helps someone!