PRT 002: Donna Downey, the Artist

Paperclipping Roundtable

We’re thrilled to release the second episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable. In the future, we’re going to try to release new episodes every Wednesday.

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The Roundtable Panel

A big thanks to Donna Downey for joining us for the discussion. She was an amazing guest!

This Week’s Picks

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  • wearetheworld

    What a fun show. I really like the casual format. Great job.

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  • This is what I do; I open Itunes! then I turn up the volume, then I move the speakers so I can still hear while I'm cleaning the house!
    Love the concept, love the format. is so casual and friendly and informative, plus fun…got to love “your camera man” comments. :)

  • madptd

    Hey everyone. I just found your podcast on ITunes and am soooo excited!! I only see that u have 2 shows on the ITouch but on the website it looks like u have hundreds! Dont know why only 2 showed up? anyway, Hopefully I can find out how to download some of the others so I can have them on the ITouch. I have late stage Lyme Disease and am in bed most of the time so my ITouch is the only thing that I can really enjoy. I loved that u all had a new product to share with everyone! I baught the MS glitter a while back and havnt used it cuz of the mess but I was sooo happy to hear that it was as fine as you said AND that it had kindof a few colors or mabe iradecent color? My craft rooms in the basement so I cant really get to it very well, plus of course its a disaster anyway. too much product!! But of course I will use everybit of it!! I actually have a huge room to work in and organize but dont have the strength right now to do much about it. Anyway… love the podcast and its length was fine for me and I was just lying in bed listening. i know not all people have the amount of time that I (unfortunatly) have but I liked it. I did feel like the ??? you asked Donna were mabe too broad, therefor she had a hard time answering the ?? Im still not sure what u ment about “art” scrapbooking but anyway I will be awaiting the next show!

  • Stephi D.

    I listened to the first new podcast after I downloaded it from Itunes. The only problem is those of us living rural with DSL connections have to wait over 60 minutes for it to download. I'm so sorry, but I'm going to have to listen straight from the browser for now. Just wanted you to know that you have rural listening support. Keep up the great job.

  • FelisG

    Love, Love, Love the new format. It is a great show. I just listened to this on my way hoe from work today, It made for a very entertaining ride home. I just wanted to let you know that Club Scrap had a digi kit club. I have been a member now for the past year and it is a great price for all that you get. It is $7.95/ month for some great products. You even get a break if you sign up for muliple months up front. Check it out Keep up the great work. As I said earlier, Love the show!!

  • Hi, Felix. Thanks for letting me know. I'll try to include your information
    in an upcoming episode.


  • mshanhun

    Scrapgirls have had digi-scrap clubs for years – love the show :)