PRT 001: The Zen Master Of Scrapbooking

Paperclipping Roundtable

Here it is! The premier episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable!

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The Roundtable Panel

A huge thank you to Stacy for bringing her zen and some very cool insights to this week’s episode!

This Week’s Picks

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  • Love Stacy Julian!!! -She truly is the Zen Master LOL! Great show! I'm looking forward to the future ones!!

  • allisonLP

    it was my b-day on Friday so i took the day off work and scrapbooked while i listened. It was awsome, can't wait for more!

  • christineherrington

    Thanks for the new ideas! It was great hearing from Stacy Jilian. I am excited to find something I can listen to while scrapping or driving. I would love to see the interviews however. Thanks Noell. LOVE our videos and information! I am really enjoying your website!

  • ibisarrastia

    Loved the show! Just when I thought that it couldn't get any better, another segment of the show started and was even more exciting. Love it!

  • Carrol Mills

    Congratulations on getting the Roundtable off the ground !! I listened to episode 001 today. I thought this sounded like a great idea of additional ways to pick up tips/tricks. However, for myself, I found it hard to maintain concentration. Maybe I am just a visual person, but I would do much better having video as well as audio. Especially when it comes to discussions around new products, colors, etc. I feel scrapping is something that requires “seeing”, where talk radio shows do not.
    Keep up the GREAT work and I wish you the best of luck.

  • Great show ladies! I love the links to the Creatopia, eCraft and Flower book…thanks for sharing!

    And vector graphic cutting!? (A vector graphic is scalable; .eps, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) Totally keeping an eye out on that. So you could create your own graphics, cut logos, etc. Love that.

  • DeborahD

    I absolutely loved this podcast. How exciting to hear the predictions for 2010 and information from the industry experts. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be ordering the Creatopia after hearing the comments here. I saw it but thought with everything else I have why would I need this and now I know. Thanks again and I look forward to listening to the next one and all future episodes.

  • robbieandmelissa

    I just re-listened to this first show today while I was scrapping and thought it interesting that Stacy predicted more focus on online communities as an upcoming trend. I think it was a great prediction as it does seem there’s more focus on the communities online in scrapbooking. I had just discovered all the fun online classes and blogs and information in early 2010, so I know for me the online community support has definitely been a boost for my creativity – not to mention how much I’ve learned! I enjoy listening to the show each week! MelissaTX (