Project Life: Wk 13 – Half Spreads for Small Weeks (and other helpful tips)

Project Life: Wk 12

It’s been a while since I shared a Project Life spread!

In the week before this one I only took three pictures. Everything fit into the left side and the front of a 6×12 page protector. Since it concerns me to have so many massive scrapbook albums, I like to shoot for a single page instead of a double when I can. It saves space and resources.

What do you then do with the following and the other half of the spread?

If I’d had a lot of content, I would have added in some sort of smaller page, but this week I had only four photos + ephemera so It worked perfectly to start Wk 13 on the back of my 6×12 page and extend the week into the right side of that original spread.

Project Life: Wk 13

I needed just a little more space so I attached a Flip Pocket to the 6×12. It holds my weekly title on the front and a bit of info and ephemera on the back.

Project Life: Wk 13

I’m a catalog clothing shopper and this is my second purchase of the year. Both times I’ve made a collage with cutouts of what I bought, and both collages resulted in my favorite two pages/weeks in my PL album. I’ll continue to make these pages when I shop again later in the year.

See my other PL clothing collage page here.

Project Life: Wk 13

Here’s the other side of week 13.

Project Life: Wk 13

One difficulty I’ve had with this project is finding room for all my journaling. I always have a lot I like to say and it’s a challenge every week to figure out where I’ll put it.

For this week I was originally going to journal into that empty space next to the star but It looked so pretty like that. I decided to add a journal card with a tab behind the ephemera on the top left for the dance event. Then I denied my nature and squished the most minimal of journaling into the small space on the bottom right.

I numbered the photos with the dates and those dates correspond with my journaling notes.

  • 26 – Trin assembled Aiden’s roller coaster {alone}.
  • 29 – Blake’s last smile before starting braces.
  • 30 – Decluttered scraproom. I pulled out all the photos from Nancy and Jerry’s old album to put them in a safer place.
  • 31 – Izzy’s short films – Cordones and Awesome Guy – played at the Phoenix Film Festival.

Having tried minimalistic journaling this time, I don’t like it. I might add more details behind a photo.

It’s fun to make additions and subtractions in order to fit the content into the original pages. Here’s what the entire spread looks like with the previous week peeking out to the left of that 6×12 that starts this week’s spread…

Project Life: Wk 13

One last note —

The sequined arrow and star? LOVE! The photo doesn’t do the star justice, but these are a new favorite! I was so tempted to also add a pink sequined heart on my shopping page but decided that would be overkill. There is such a thing as too much repetition. Instead I used a die cut plaid heart for variety.

Definitely check out these Heidi Swapp sequined embellishments. I bought multiple packs of all three types: hearts, arrows, and stars. Now that I’ve used them I realize I’m going to have to stock up on more before they’re no longer available.

Do you add embellishments to your PL pages? I’ve found them to be essential on most pages to lead the eye around these busier types of layouts. Without them, items in all these pockets end up doing one of these two things:

  • Compete for attention and make the page overwhelming
  • Look monotonous and boring because of so much repetition with little variation.

To see my method for adding embellishments, Paperclipping Members can view my video tutorial – 187 Scrapbooking Outside the Page Protector.

For tutorials regarding the design principles that will help you with the look of these pocketed layouts, such as contrast, repetition, variation, focal point, and leading the eye, try these:

  • 182 – How to Make Misfit Photos Work
  • 166 – How to Use Repetition in Your Scrapbooking
  • 156 – Contrast and Embellishments in Scrapboking
  • 155 – The Dominance Principles and Photo Groupings

YES! Design principles apply to any form of layout, including pocketed pages!

You must have a Paperclipping membership to view the videos.

To find out more click here!

note: some links above are affiliate links.

  • SO many people are doing Project Life, even those without kids like myself. I think it’s time I jumped on the bandwagon! If not alot is happening I could do half pages. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Really like your half-spread idea. I have several weeks that have been light on photos/events and it’s so hard to try and fill up a whole double-page spread for those times. I will definitely be trying your suggestions ~ thanks for the great tip!!

  • jenw

    Love your ideas!! I am a writer too and I purchased the 12X6 sheets and I write more there and just plug it in – one side is typically writing the other side is some of my kids art or more photos. I also find that when I have a “light week” I put in the facts – cars we are driving, ages of us all, information about our pets, what our shoes look like…everyday stuff. When I look at my 2010 Project Life I love those pieces about our life the most – it make my kids laugh to see baby shoes that they were wearing at the time.

  • That is a great idea for emptier weeks! Gives us even more opportunities to say even more!! ;)

  • Genius!

  • Lynn Wigren

    Noell, I’m intrigued regarding your comment about many massive albums. Have u discussed this before? I’ve cut way back on my PL photos this year. I have 4 large albums for 2010 & 2011. I’m aiming for 1 album this year. Storage for so many albums & projects becomes an issue at some point.

  • Yeah, it’s come up for sure a never of times. One of the audience members suggested a topic where we would discuss some solutions to this but we haven’t gotten it together yet.