Project Life: Week 4 (the simplest spread ever)

Project Life Week 4

Just trying to catch up on posting my Project Life spreads!

I decided to only take this week to Friday and include Saturday in the next week, since that’s the day we left for CHA. I want to see the whole CHA trip in one spread.

Project Life Week 4 left side

I’ve been going for simple all along, but this week I had to make sure it was extra simple and fast. Coming back from CHA with over 50 videos to post here (still a few more left!) in addition to the usual stuff we do already, I didn’t have much time.

It’s amazing to have such an easy system for recording so much detail of our lives!

Project Life Week 4 closeup

Thought I’d crop real close up so you can hopefully see the stories that go along with the photos.

Project Life Week 4 closeup

Project Life Week 4 closeup

Project Life Week 4 right side

Notice I’m not a stickler for putting something in for every day, nor even for marking the days of everything. For example, I’m really not concerned that we know which day it was that Aiden was holding Gatsby around the waist while they kissed (we don’t like Aiden to do that, but I can’t help snapping pics when he does!).

The date is recorded in the metadata of the photo and it’s all good.

Project Life Week 4 closeup

Other things do warrant a label that tells the day to give an idea of what our schedule and life is like. Those are stickers that say,”Fri” next to the butterfly. Notice, I also don’t worry about putting things in chronological order. My Friday evening picture shows up before my Friday morning pictures.

I just go with whatever looks better and is faster and I don’t freak out about it.

Project Life Week 4 closeup

With all these photos, I decided the fastest way to get the journaling in would be to just type it up, cut it out, and lay it on top of, or next to, the photos. In my rush my measurements got a bit off on these, but I’m cool with it.

Project Life is so forgiving when it comes to imperfection.

Notice: It’s beyond time to change the blade on my cutter. I think there’s a blade in the closet. Just haven’t taken the time to bother yet so my cuts are not clean lately.

Another one of those, “just going with it,” things.


  • I love it! I love seeing all the different project life spreads! :-) Simple def works for this

  • Judy @ cute and useful

    Wow!  There’s a lot to that!  So many photos to organize!

    If you want to add some cute Valentine’s Day conversation hearts paper to a layout, I made some that I put up.  It’s free.  I think you might like it!  …worth a click, anyhow. ;)

    Here’s the link.  Conversation Hearts Printable Paper

  • I have a good system of working with photos that I really flow in (and great software that is super fast to work in) so the photos didn’t take much time at all.

    Thanks for sharing conversation hearts! I’ll take a look and I bet others will enjoy that too!

  • Love these spreads, Noell! Love the everyday feel and the details from so many different parts of your life; family, roundtable recording, crafting, stuff around you, that note about the wine bar. Definetly feeling like I have to get on this train next year…  /Jennie

  • HeatherC

    Ok — but here is the thing that is so great about PL — even the simplest layout ever tells your story and still looks great — that is why I love this product — I don’t have to go all out every week to have something that I love.

  • Yes!! I agree! I never had so much freedom to be so easy on myself and still be so so happy with a layout!!

  • Thanks! You’ll love it. If you really start itching, you can start any time!

  • Iris Fox

    very clever how you divided the photo of your shoes into two pockets.  I never think of things like that.  but then again that’s why I turn to your videos & posts for insipiration. :)

  • Thanks, Iris! Just trying to figure out how to fit a single vertical photo into a page without shrinking it down or switching page types. ;)

  • Hi Noell, long time PRT listener, love what you guys do!  Just listened to an episode where you were asking about the Project Life 3×4 slots and how best to cut things to fit in there.  I just shared some of my favorite tips and tricks from my second year of doing Project Life and thought you might find my Template idea (near the bottom of the post) helpful. up the great work, you inspire me and many others every week!