Project Life vs. Standard Pages – Paperclipping 229

paperclipping 229

You’ve got photos and stories to document.

You do a regular Project Life album. But you also scrapbook standard pages.

How do you decide what goes in each format?

If you haven’t chosen clear parameters, you probably feel overwhelmed and are less likely to commit to as many pages (of either type) because of the lack of sureness.

Clarify Your Intentions

Here’s the key to doing both:

Make a clear distinction between your different types of albums. Choose a specific purpose for Project Life that is different from your standard albums.

You also need to know what your specific purpose is for your standard albums.

I tried doing Project Life for three years alongside standard pages, with a general yet slightly vague idea of why I was doing Project Life and what it’s purpose is for me. As a result, I’ve been on again – off again. I’ve had brief moments of enthusiasm and weeks of inaction and the question of whether to keep it up.

Once I had a clear intention for my Project Life, distinct from my other standard scrapbooking albums — one that I could put into words as a simple phrase — it all fell in place.

Not only do I feel more excited and motivated now, but I’ve also found that it’s easy to know which photos and stories to put in it, and which ones to hold off for my standard albums. In most cases I know in an instant which photos to include, and which not to.

If you’ve been struggling with the same confusion or less than stellar commitment, maybe a clear intention for what you’re trying to say with your Project Life album.

There’s no right or wrong intention. It’s your choice. Decide what would excite you with a Project Life format!

See It In Action: Project Life vs. Standard Scrapbook Pages

Want to know what my own intentions are for Project Life, vs. my standard scrapbook albums?

Maybe it would give you some ideas for how you want to clarify things for yourself.

This week I tackled a month’s worth of photos, ephemera, and stories from October. On video I share what I chose for Project Life, as opposed to leaving it for viewing on my computer or putting in a standard album, and why. I put the month together in my Project Life and you can see it all come together.

While your desires and purposes might be different from mine, it should give you some relevant questions to ask yourself and some ideas to explore.

The video is available now in the Paperclipping Member’s Area and on iTunes. You must be a member to view it.

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  • I’d love to see you dancing…

  • Thank you, Mariangeles! I’m excited to get to open our show this year and maybe we can get video of that that we’re aloud to share?? We’re doing an unconventional Nutcracker where the first act party scene has a roaring 20’s theme and my partner and I are the main couple (of 3 couples) doing a flapper/charston/hip hop hybrid dance number.

  • That sounds so exciting! I hope you can share some videos :)

  • Diane

    Hi Noell, loved this tutorial Question: can you explain how you got the Facebook posts to the project life size. Did you screen shot and print or did you copy someway and reduce on a copier?? Or another way??? Please advise. I would like to include those posts in my Scrapbooking!!
    Thank you!! Diane ????

  • I haven’t found a method that consistently works yet. You can see that one of them worked and one of them I had to separate into two pieces because it was long, but it also printed up skinnier.
    For the one that worked, I don’t remember if I did anything special or if it just happened to fit. I used Aperture, sent it to my selphy, chose the preset (ie. two 3×4 images on a 4×6 canvas) — and most likely I was just lucky on this one to find that all the essentials fit into the 3×4 space.

  • Diane

    Thanks. Did you do a screen shot? I just ordered the news ephyrae. Can’t wait for it to arrive this week. I will have fun playing ????

  • Yes, I did a screen shot where you can select the part of the screen that you want, rather than the entire screen. On a mac you do that by clicking shift + command + 4. A little compass or something shows up on your screen, and you click + drag it to make a box around the area you want.
    What is the ephyrae?

  • Laura Milazzo

    Wow! What an incredible video, Noell, with you channeling your inner Oprah and causing me to have several “aha moments.” I love pocketed pages and use them for most of my layouts now because I find them to be more flexible and a smaller set of canvases than a full 12×12. I still use all styles and sizes of plastic pages, though. For me the different page dimensions help my albums feel they have some variety throughout them, and makes it feel fresh and unique. You helped me clarify, though, what stories to put in which album. I had struggled with this over the past year. Like you, I couldn’t stay inspired (or keep up) with a weekly documented album. In 2013, like your move to monthly documenting, I actually did mine based on the changes in our daily life by the seasons (so it has four “quarters”). I didn’t feel confined by weekly or monthly chronology and love it, but for 2014 want something more like what you described. Love it, love PRT, and love my membership! An awesome trifecta!! Laura

  • Diane

    I was on my iPad and spell check changed my wording and I did not proof read. Oops. It was a new selphy. Too funny. Thank you for writing back. I will try the screen shots. Great idea!

  • Katherine Kelley

    Ohh, neat! Iwas just asking my son last night how cool it would be to see a Nutcracker set in a more modern-day time vs classic versions time periods. We were looking up YT Nutcrackers to watch and found a funky Russian one with unique set, costumes, and such. But one that mixes dance styles and a definite exciting dance era – now that is a must see! Agree with hoping you and/or studio uploads some clips if possible to YT. –Katie K.

  • Bethany Rielage

    As always, I really enjoyed this video and it gave me a lot to think about. Right now, I don’t have a specific plan as to which pictures go in which style pages, but I should probably clarify that a little bit more in my head. I did want to ask you about your 3×4 cards. I noticed that some had rounded corners and some didn’t, so they’re obviously not all from the same place. Do you purchase cards, make your own, use a core kit, subscribe to a kit, or some of each? :-) I’ve been looking into maybe subscribing to the Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit because I’m getting kinda bored with my core kit, and I just wondered what you do to keep it interesting!