Project Life 2012: My Intro Page

Project Life- Intro Page

Looks like I’m taking the plunge…

I’ll be taking a family photo soon and adding it in. I also think I’ll pull out that top right piece and replace it with something that doesn’t fight for attention.

I’m still formulating in my mind how Project Life will fit into my scrapbooking system between the two main parts that I’m so passionate about:

One thing that’s missing from above is the day-to-day ephemera and thoughts that don’t seem significant enough to bother saving for a scrapbook page. In 2010 I started a scrap journal — like a smash book — where I could write a few thoughts and stick in my stuff. That journal morphed into a place to brainstorm and doodle and generate ideas.

So I’m thinking I’ll start adding the stuff and the small everyday thoughts into Project Life, instead. I’m just not sure how many of my photos I’ll include, and how I’ll determine which ones.

I want to have a defined purpose so I don’t end up duplicating memory-keeping, since I’m so happy with the day-to-day chronology of my digital pictures. And because I have other things I want to spend time on, too. I figure the slant I decide to take for Project Life will manifest in the first couple of weeks.

What I do know is that I’m not adding a photo for each day.

Project Life- Intro closeup

Here are some closeup’s of embellishments I added to my front page.

#5 Banner piece is from Calico Studio’s Die Cut Tags (on clearance!).

Project Life- Intro closeup

These flower brads are years old, and I think these particular Thickers numbers are discontinued too.

Project Life- Intro closeup

I used 2-inch Scalloped Punch to punch out one of the gridded cards from PL, and this heart punch with one of the patterned cards. The wood chip house is made by Studio Calico (also on clearance, and a definite product fave of mine!).

While I was pulling out the embellishments, I found a few others that match the Clementine Project Life kit (minus the green pieces). I’ll be keeping them with my Project Life kit this year.

Project Life + additional pieces

Studio Calico Chipboard Butterflies
Echo Park letters and banners
Studio Calico Tags
The party pins were from Girls Loft and are no longer available.

So if all goes well, I’ll post my weekly spreads.

Are you doing Project Life this year? What are your plans for it?

  • Happy New Year Noell!  I’m doing the Clementine version of Project Life too (I kind of feel sorry for  the other version since it seems like everyone loves Clementine so much).  I am also signed up for One Little Word, Twelve, More Move Eat Well, and RoundUP.  I used the PRT coupon codes so thank you!

  • I’m in with you for OLW and Twelve! I also have another big series of projects I’ll be spending the year on that I’ll share this week! Can’t wait!!

  • Great classes ladies! I’ve signed up for The Curious Scrapbooker’s Field Guide, 12 Weeks of Techniques and Creative Play, just love May Flaum!!

    I may pick a word and work with it since I was in OLW last year…

  • Noellhyman

    I’m sure May Flaum’s class is going to be a blast!

  • Linda Wijtvliet

    Thanks for inspiring me Noell!! I bought a project life kit last year and haven’t even touched it so far…I know…I feel guilty already since months.
    The new Clementine products are gorgeous, they really have happy colours! Maybe I’ll buy the core kit and mix it with the other kit I have from my old album. 
    Would be fun if maybe in the future you will make some member movies with new technique tips while you are working on your album?
    There are a lot of great classes online atm indeed, jeej..I’m excited for the new (scrap) year :D

  • I’m in too.  I will do the Clementine version also, but I’m shooting for just a couple of pages each month in order to foster my taking more pictures.  Baby steps for me, since I don’t have a good track record for year-long projects.

  • Great intro page!  I am going “old school” for my first attempt at Project Life with the Turqoise edition.  I really liked those colors, especially since I have a little boy.  (In the future, I may get another edition to work on some of my childhood photos.)  I am mainly sticking to the core kit while I move and using Ali Edward’s weekly approach.  It was fun to work on it last night. 

  • I misspelled “turquoise.”  Time to go get some coffee!

  • Adriana P.

    I’m doing Project Life Clementine edition, and I’m also taking May’s class, The Curious Scrapbooker’s Field guide. I would love to see your weekly spreads. Thanks!

  • Samantha

    I’m excited to start! this will be my first year, and I’m hoping I’ll complete the year as life gets so busy (though, that’s what this is about, right?)
    Love seeing how you added to the kit! gave me some great ideas I hadn’t thought about-thanks Noel!

  • jenn05042005

    I’m also in with Project Life this year, too; it’s my first time doing something like this. I’m using the Amber edition core kit plus bits and pieces from my stash. If I can keep up with it (I’m starting with a weekly two-page spread approach) I think it will be a really interesting “slice of life” view of things, and will still leave me plenty of creative inspiration for scrapping some of the more involved stories.

  • I hear ya! I bought the very first one when it was still Project 365 and owned by CK. I did five weeks I think. I sprinkle the pieces into other projects and since the style a page protectors are sold out right now, I’m using my original protectors until they come out!

    I’ll definitely consider sharing techniques in an episode if I find that I can play a bit in the album!

  • LOL – I didn’t even notice. I’m going with Ali’s week-at-a-glance approach too. :)

  • Thank you, and good luck!

  • Yeah — lately I’ve been thinking about how our every day feels forever, but a handful of years go by and suddenly the every day of a few year ago is now like a glimmer — like a dream you only barely remember.

  • April Peebles

    I am taking on Project Life for the second time in 2012! Last year was turquoise, this year I went with Conalt! I’m thinking of grabbing Amber for my high school and college years photos though. I did the week at a glance and loved it. I’m aiming for more “in the moment” quotes and family snippets along with memorabilia. I remembered this more when I was current (I could just go walk around the house and grab what was there) rather than when I was working on missed weeks and things around the house weren’t there 6 weeks ago. I’m planning on having it sit on a table in our hallway near our kitchen so it won’t get buried in my scrap space!!

    Glad to see you’re going to give it a go this year Noelle!!

  • April Peebles

    And that’s cobalt and Noell (I think I need more coffee) :-)

  • Vicki Feirer

    I’ve been thinking about this “project” for a while too.  I have the cards on my wish list… maybe break down and just do it.  I’m taking the classes… Twelve, One little word also Katie… I’m “believing” (Believe is my word) that this year is going to take me to new levels, new chapter, new beginnings in my life.  OK, convinced me… I’m going to buy this, LOL.

  • Patricia

    Is there anyone else out there that just does not love the 12×12 format everything seems to be in? My preferred format is 11×8.5. 
    I like the week at a glance, or even month at a glance rather than day by day approach. I feel like recording something every day is going to bury my family in books pretty soon. 

  • That makes a lot of sense, April. I wish I had a convenient place to lay my album out.

  • Patricia, that has been one of my reasons for not wanting to do Project Life — I feel like we already have so many massive albums and I worry about the space! But since it’s something I want to DO, I guess I won’t let that stop me. Ugggh….

    As for the 12×12 — I’m not really a fan of the look of that many photos pockets across a 2-page spread — another reason I haven’t jumped on board until now. To me it’s chaotic, there’s not good flow from a focal point to an end point, etc. I’m just sucking it up, though. I totally get what you’re saying.

  • I’m starting a blog series for this year that will go right along with your Believe word. The purpose is to help us bring ourselves to new levels, like you were talking about. Maybe you’ll get something out of it too!

  • Debbie Piercey

    I was absolutely thrilled when I received your email this morning. I have been throwing around ideas in my head for the last few months about if and how I would do a Project Life. I did a complete year when Becky was with CK and it was called Project 365. I really enjoyed doing it, but by the end of the year, I was a bit burned out. It can be a huge commitment. I had purchased a Project Life Kit, (I think her first one & it’s no longer available), that I never used. So that is the binder and supplies I will be using. I’m thinking about doing a month in review type layouts. I have so many stories from the past to keep me busy with regular layouts, but I know there will still be stories from the present I will tell in more detail. I’m excited you are partaking in this project. I will be watching closely to see what you come up with! Happy New Year!

  • I think you just made a really good point – the perspective we have when we do stories from the past is SO different from our perspective on current stuff. It’s good to have a mix of both.

  • Alissa W

    I am taking the plunge into Project Life for 2012. I am using the Turquoise kit, so maybe I don’t fit in here. My reason for doing Project Life is because I am expecting my second child at the end of February. So I want to capture our life now, and then have a super easy way to capture her first year. (since I also have a 2 year old). My focus for 2012 is to work on Project Life and 12. 
    Also, even though I’m a shmo, I love the PRT and think Project Life would be a cool topic. Especially with all the new approaches and Becky Higgins having pulled together a creative team. 

  • Jennifer Kinkade

    this is my first year and I plan on doing a “month in review” i knew that everyday or every week would be too much. so cool to see what you are doing! :)

  • Jana _NJ

    Noell got really surprised that you wanted to do PL, me too I got the old 365 still have a bunch of stuff because I did just 4 weeks of it. But now I decided to try again this year in this more relaxed approach, also my life has been so busy with my son that I thought would be a chance to document and not miss stories because of the lack of time to sit down and do full layouts. So I plan to do fewer layouts with more specifics stories. I thought it would be also a great way to document our change as my son is going to start pre school this year. I wanted also more time to go back to my old projects that I miss like minis, art journal so maybe project life will free me more. I will do a monthly approach and use also the digital version with the paper version. 

  • Jscrapfreak- Jennifer Serrano

    This will be my 3rd year doing project life. I also did the CK one- project 365. At the end of 2010 I did feel a bit burned out and decided not to do it for 2011.(I did that album a picture a day.) But by mid January I missed it so much, all these picture ideas were flowing, so I bought a kit, caught up and plugged along. In 2011 I decided to do a week at a glance, and the freedom of that made it so much more fun for me. I set everything up at the end of my dinning room table, have a gallon plastic bag that I put ephemera (sp?) in for the week. And had my tools all nearby in one of those portable scrapbook bags. Plopped a cute basket with the cards, etc in and it was so convenient, if a little messy. I typically did one week but sometimes 2 at a time. Again this year I was debating but gave in and bought Clementine version also. And I am super excited for it to come in the mail. I have felt very inspired by MaryAnn Perry, who is on Becky’s creative team. She includes a lot of inserts, 5by7 extra pictures, etc. I am planning on mine being even less structed this year, anything will go!!! Since I am a chronologic scrapper ( cannot break the habit) I make a 12 by 12 layout if I have a bigger story to tell, or a lot of good pictures of an event or one thing,etc. I also used to worry about my house being taken over by scrapbook albums, but I have decided to just let that go. People clutter their houses with way less important stuff….. and everyone in my immediate and extended family enjoys looking through them. It is such a creative outlet for me, makes me a better wife and mama! I am so excited to see what you do with your project life, Noell!

  • What a great project to have during Baby’s first year!!

    (and hopefully you were joking when you said you may not fit in here with the turquoise kit. you were joking, weren’t you? Of course you fit in!!).

  • Kary

    You might want to check out Cathy Zielske’s Monthly series. She has templates for it at Designer Digitals, but if I remember correctly she did it the first year hybrid. It is 8.5×11 and a great design for this concept. Just put “Monthly” into the search engine on her blog ( and you’ll get lots of hits. 

    I’m doing my 4th year of Project Life–I love how it is a repository for all those little orphan photos I take. And it keeps me paying attention to what is going on around me. I do a modified photo-a-day approach, very similar to Ali Edwards. I think of it as visual journaling.

  • adrianne

    Like Dedra Long encouraged us, I have been taking 1 weekend/2 shots since early summer. So I am going to do a modified version of Project Life using those shots. Like many others, I wanted to get more of our everyday life into our albums. I am not going to use a seperate album for these, rather they will just be mixed into my chronological way of scrapbooking. Adrianne

  • That’s awesome!

  • Christy Strickler

    I ended up choosing to do the “log your memory” project that was recommended on the round table a short while back. I may do some of the pages in the style of PL since I have a lot of those divided page protectors. Whether it’s 12×12 or other sized pages, I am just hoping to add a little more to the stories in my albums.

  • Me 2!!! I also decided to do OLW…..signed up last year and failed miserably, but I thought if I tied the 2 together, I might find more success. Now to decide on the word!
    Noell…which page protectors are you using? The first one looks different than the one for the kit.
    Oh, and….when will we see your Aperture class???? soon, i hope! can’t wait! 
    Happy new year to my Paperclipping family!!

  • Anonymous

    The size/amount of space of the album has been what been putting me off as well.  Ali said that she used 3 (!) albums in 2010 for it. It’s also the weight of the album – try tossing that in grandma’s lap :-).   I think it’s a great concept though; I do have a couple of kits – however I am using them for my kids albums (2, 2-page spreads per school year).  

  • Awesome! Thank you, Christy!

  • My page protectors are the original style when it was called Project 365 and Becky was making it through CK magazine. The regular style a that you get is SO much better than what I have. I’m waiting for them to get back in stock.

  • Wow, didn’t realize she used 3!! Yikes!!

  • Anonymous

    If you look at Ali’s blog – she is using (most times) 2, 2-page spread for each week, plus sometimes extra page protectors inserts for kid’s over-sized artwork, or a 3-up photo sleeve for an event. In Becky’s original concept, she used only 1, 2-page spread per week, hence the original kit came with enough pages(56 -now 60) for 1 year

  • Anonymous

    Hi Noel! 
    I completed Project Life 2011. I used everything in the kit..did not add anything extra. I took daily pictures and printed them at home. I journaled in my own handwriting to save time. I kept everything as simple as possible. I’m pretty sure I only missed one day out of the entire year. I LOVE looking at the album, it feels like a journal/diary.I am so proud of myself for not quitting…That being said..:) I am so glad that it is over! I am totally burned out! I am so sick of thinking about the pictures and sick of taking the pictures :) and sick of printing the pictures too…LOLI’m sure I’ll give it another shot in a year…or two :) but, for now the camera and I need a break…”It’s not her, it’s me” :)Good luck to all of you… :) 

  • Lol that’s awesome!

  • This will be my 4th year doing Project Life. When I first began I forced myself to take a photo each day, even though sometimes I wasn’t very enthused about the subject matter of my photo. But I thought that that was how it was supposed to be and so I carried on.
    For my second year (and third and now this year), I relaxed and just took photos when I felt inspired. As a result, my two page spreads don’t always capture a week; sometimes they reflect a longer period of time or sometimes they feature an event. I also include little details and snippets of our life that I know I would not capture otherwise.
    Project Life has become the memory-keeping medium for our everyday life; it has replaced the chronological albums that I made when I first began scrapbooking. I also separately scrapbook other pages that tend to reveal more of my inner thoughts and feelings about specific events, places and people. While in most cases my Project Life pages just skim the surface, these other scrapbook pages fulfill my desire to tell more stories. I feel that, for me, this is the perfect combination to record our lives.
    I’m also taking OLW (my word is “faith”) and Stacy’s Twelve class.
    (Just renewed my Paperclipping membership a couple of weeks ago ~ I love all that you do and share with us. And I’m addicted to the Roundtable as well!!)

  • Alissa Williams

    Yes, I was kidding about not fitting in! :) I’m really excited about PL and doing it primarily as the baby’s album. The journaling cards will make it so easy to capture her milestones.

  • Noell, I love what you’re doing already. I adore those Clementine materials… I may start a PL album midyear if my husband deploys again, as a way to keep track of all the little stuff he misses.  Don’t want to start it now, though, with so many other big projects underway for 2012 (including Twelve and Move More Eat Well with Cathy Z.)

    I totally understand not loving the way all the divided pockets look marching across a 2-page spread, with not having a place for the eye to rest. I’ve been thinking… what if you added in a full 12×12 (it would be the right-hand side of the spread on one spread, the left-hand side on the next spread).  You could print a favorite photo at that size, to keep it super simple.

    Or… you could cut a larger item so that it takes up more than one pocket… the eye won’t necessarily see that it is divided.

  • I strive for a photo a day so that I will end up with enough material for a review of the week because I often forget or am not inspired to take a photo every single day. If I don’t have this as my goal, then I tend to go too long without taking photos and I am not satisfied with the results. It is the system that works for me. I also plan to finish a layout a week & post on my blog to keep me up to date on my album. Last year I only posted the weekly photos and got behind on the album. It’s all a learning process even from year to year – as much about yourself as the product/system. I can’t wait to see what you do, Noell. Happy New Year!

  • Keeping my album out and accessible at all times has been a HUGE help for me too for all the reasons April mentioned. I’ve worked hard over the past several weeks to find a place where it is accessible, won’t be in the way and won’t get damaged.

  • It is big. I was thinking you could try 8.5×11 page protectors and maybe baseball card protectors (with 9 pockets) to make your own version in 8.5×11. I’m not sure if the baseball card protectors will fit the PL journaling cards or not but you could make your home – much like A Week in the Life.

  • I meant “own” not “home”.

  • Iceteeeeee

    I have done Project 365 and 2 years of Project Life. Last year I used Simple Stories’ Life Documented to do a monthly review every month all year long and I will take the same approach with their Yearography set this year. It all counts!

  • PattiP

    I’m not doing project life, although I’ve thoug of it as a sort of ephemera keeper as well. I just don’t think I’m ready for another long-term project, since I do Cathy Z’s The Monthly, which Is a digital project (for me ) that I really love, pulse One Little Word, plus Twelve, and My Life Story with Faith Sisters. Whew! I’ve traditionally not been much of an ephemera keeper, but I have thoug that a Project Life album might be a good place to keep the bits and pieces of life that are not scrapped. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes for you.