Project Life 2012: My Intro Page

Project Life- Intro Page

Looks like I’m taking the plunge…

I’ll be taking a family photo soon and adding it in. I also think I’ll pull out that top right piece and replace it with something that doesn’t fight for attention.

I’m still formulating in my mind how Project Life will fit into my scrapbooking system between the two main parts that I’m so passionate about:

One thing that’s missing from above is the day-to-day ephemera and thoughts that don’t seem significant enough to bother saving for a scrapbook page. In 2010 I started a scrap journal — like a smash book — where I could write a few thoughts and stick in my stuff. That journal morphed into a place to brainstorm and doodle and generate ideas.

So I’m thinking I’ll start adding the stuff and the small everyday thoughts into Project Life, instead. I’m just not sure how many of my photos I’ll include, and how I’ll determine which ones.

I want to have a defined purpose so I don’t end up duplicating memory-keeping, since I’m so happy with the day-to-day chronology of my digital pictures. And because I have other things I want to spend time on, too. I figure the slant I decide to take for Project Life will manifest in the first couple of weeks.

What I do know is that I’m not adding a photo for each day.

Project Life- Intro closeup

Here are some closeup’s of embellishments I added to my front page.

#5 Banner piece is from Calico Studio’s Die Cut Tags (on clearance!).

Project Life- Intro closeup

These flower brads are years old, and I think these particular Thickers numbers are discontinued too.

Project Life- Intro closeup

I used 2-inch Scalloped Punch to punch out one of the gridded cards from PL, and this heart punch with one of the patterned cards. The wood chip house is made by Studio Calico (also on clearance, and a definite product fave of mine!).

While I was pulling out the embellishments, I found a few others that match the Clementine Project Life kit (minus the green pieces). I’ll be keeping them with my Project Life kit this year.

Project Life + additional pieces

Studio Calico Chipboard Butterflies
Echo Park letters and banners
Studio Calico Tags
The party pins were from Girls Loft and are no longer available.

So if all goes well, I’ll post my weekly spreads.

Are you doing Project Life this year? What are your plans for it?

  • KatieK.

    I chose to do PL last year as way to deal with my wants, my realities, space, and time. I always kept a journal-log of my days, took lots of everyday photos, kept memorabilia and quotes, etc. I like some aspects of chronological memory saving but it butted heads with how life is, how I remember stories, we all know the issues. PL was a way for me to put all my stuff together in basically 1 place and be at peace with my love for journaling my days, my stash of receipts & cards, my need for some chronology, and all the rest. For all that stuff and my likes to be in one place – making it easier for me to create and easier to access –  a scrapbook of my year for me and family to enjoy into the future. How was my life in 2011. 

    I write some notes, add some stuff my stash of memorabilia, slap on post-it notes with dates, print out so-so prints from my home printer as place holders while I wait for my photos. I’m more up-to-date with my journal notes ‘cuz I do those almost everyday. I do worry that it is becoming another it thing for us to do, to measure ourselves, to feel guilty about, to keep up with in terms of our fellow scrapbookers – as I read posts on folks worried they aren’t doing it ‘right’ or wanting to do it like so-and-so’s PL album. I admit to the struggle of keeping it to my style and having PL -envy after visiting the gallery, blogs, or Pinterest.I hope it remains as one of many options for us, to tweak and poke and create as individual as all our lives our. I hope that folks including myself don’t feel obligated to do it or do it a certain way. Sometimes it feels that a list of to-do’s has evolved – a checklist of sorts. And PL seems to be getting on that list.I found it interesting to read about your approach and the thoughts that went in to deciding to keep PL-type book. Of course, right there I’ve given it an expectation and standard! Yikes! Here’s to any type of memory keeping for the reasons that are important to each of us.

  • Thank you for your comment AND your membership!!! :)

  • Those are really great ideas! I did like how Ali’s inserts break up the monotony and figured I’d have inserts a lot. Had never thought of doing what you said. I just might do that — at least for some weeks!

    I want to wish your family the very best with your husband’s possible deployment this year. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and service (you, your husband, and your children).

  • Oh, I totally get what you’re saying about PL-envy!! I want to keep my book simple and focus most of my creative efforts somewhere else. So I stuck pretty close to the basic intro page. But when I see other people’s more customized intro’s I feel the envy! Ha!!

    That’s why I like to clarify my intent. Helps to keep my in line with my own needs and purposes. :)

  • jenn-aye

    I was so surprised when I read your post/e-mail.  I ordered the Turquoise kit in early December.  I haven’t had much time to create lately and really wanted to capture some of our Holiday memories.  I thought this would be a quick way to capture our Holiday traditions and memories (Thanksgiving through Christmas) over the years.  I had not really planned on using it throughout the rest of the year.  I took pictures as things inspired me – I cannot commit myself to daily photos.  So here I sit on Jan 4th with most of the pictures in the pages, some journaling done and some full 12 X 12 pages that I want to insert for title page and/or larger memorabilia.  I’m also still waiting for some photos since I don’t print at home.

    Overall I like it so far and can already see that after I get a few years in the album it will be a great book to pull out each Thanksgiving and go through with the kids as they grow up.  However, I think I need to adjust my printing process since waiting for online orders to be delivered after it already takes me a week or so to process and decide what to print doesn’t seem to work as well for me.  I imagine it would really cause issues with keeping up if I decided to do it throughout the year.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!  Can’t wait to see how your album evolves.

  • That will be an awesome holiday book!

    I agree — printing outside of home makes these projects so difficult. I print mine at my local Costco, so I only have to wait an hour or till the next day at the most, but I have to do at least a week’s worth all at once to make the drive worth it. I can only imagine how much harder it would be to order them and wait for the mail.

  • ooh!  Clementine is purty!  however,  I am being a good little scrapper and using the turquoise kit that I bought last year but did not use.  I am super excited to be doing ProjectLife this year!

  • ana frazee

    I’ll be doing my own version of Project Life. Mostly because I have a different album, but it’s the same idea. I’m in the mist of a move, so I’ll won’t be doing a ‘daily’ view. Just a day here and there that I have ‘stuff’ I gathered and pictures. But I won’t be beating myself up for not doing it daily.