Paperclipping Products

These are currently the products I have available for purchase:

The Paperclipping Membership

This is Noell Hyman’s flagship product. Members receive access to my large library of scrapbooking video tutorials along with two members-only videos every month.
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Scrapbookers, Unite

In this mini video class we will learn to use harmony and contrast to create unity. Noell will walk you through a scrapbook layout that is lacking in harmony and unity, and then we’ll re-create the original concept with two new pages that fix the problem and create a feeling of harmony and that sense of being satisfyingly finished.
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Small Details, Big Picture

In this mini video class, Noell Hyman shares her process for noticing the small details and the big picture, and sharing them both with a healthy balance of Project Life, themed story-album documenting, and traditional scrapbooking, to help you to confidently and decisively choose which format in which to tell you story.
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Kitting for Pocket Pages

This mini video class will guide you to create beautiful and easy-to-use miniature kits for your Project Life and pocket page scrapbooking. Noell Hyman will take you step-by-step through a process for using the supplies you already own to transform them into inspiring, pre-coordinated kits that you can grab and go.
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Bundle: “Kitting for Pocket Pages” + “Small Details, Big Picture”

Get both popular video tutorials: “Kitting for Pocket Pages” AND “Small Details, Big Picture” for one bundled price.
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