Problem with This Week’s PRT Recording

The recording of the Paperclipping Roundtable was scheduled for today but for the first time our internet is down in our local area and we were not able to record. This week’s show will now be next week’s show.

We apologize to all of you who have been hitting the refresh button for a while now, patiently waiting! We love that our loyal audience has a healthy addiction to the show and our fabulous guests! It is only our desire to satiate said addiction.

While you wait, here’s something fun to enjoy…

Izzy is in full Project Life mode!
Project Life for Izzy
Project Life for Izzy
Project Life for Izzy

As a side note: Yes, it is Jan 31st and we still have our Christmas tree up. That’s how busy we get after CHA. Haven’t even had time to think about putting Christmas away. That’s okay, we love having a tree up. We’re dorky that way. :)


  • Sharon W.

    I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve been one of those hitting refresh on my iPod and was beginning to get worried about you guys. Glad to hear is was only a technical issue.

  • Thanks for letting us know, Noell, hope your internet is back soon, I miss mine so much when we have troubles with it (though i think I get a lot more done, since there is no irresistable distraction).

  • diane rubatino

    It will be difficult but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Will just have to relisten to a couple of episodes to satisfy the addiction.

  • rosann

    ditto Sharon!

  • karen keiper


  • Barb S

    When our kids were young and at home and I was working full time, my goal was always to have the tree down by my birthday which is in the middle of February. And I also thought, why take away all the beautiful lights during the darkest days of the year? Living in the cold midwest, it always added a little sparkle to our January!

    I am still catching up on the very early episodes of PRT. It is so interesting to listen to the beginnings of the show. It’s fun to hear the predictions about the future and to see how right on you all were most of the time. One time I had to LOL…Angie Lucas was recommending a Martha Stewart punch for her pick of the week and I was using the exact same punch right when she was talking about it. And yes, it is very cool…still!

  • Oh yes — I remember when I said we’re going to start seeing mustaches on scrapbooking products and I practically got boo’d off the show by the entire panel. But sure enough, the mustaches came and we’re still seeing them on the newest products released for CHA! :)

  • Caroline

    What a shame you couldn’t record, although I was initially concerned that you’d made the show and there was a problem with the recording part, so I’m at least relieved that we didn’t miss anything! I’ve finally caught up on all the earlier shows but I’m happy to return to some of them again while I wait… I always seem to hear something new each time! :-)

  • Gela

    Funny. You HAVE to Scrap Izzy’s pictures. I hope Becky Higgins sees this. She will have a good laugh and be jealous. As for the Christmas tree, just leave it up. Christmas is only 11 months away.

  • Kimberly Wirfs

    I was getting so worried about the show. Glad to know if wasn’t me.

  • Cropelf

    Resistance is futile…..You will be assimilated! ;-)

  • Cropelf

    Referring to Izzy and PL. Thanks for the post re: Roundtable this week. Sorry you had trouble. Looking forward to next week.

  • LOL! :)

  • Fatima M.

    Love the pictures of Izzy. Think I’ll show my husband… “see how excited a man can be about scrapbooking?” Then I’ll have to tell him it’s Project Life and Izzy probably won’t be stamping, coloring, glittering (or will he?! ;0). Thanks for the show update too… glad I won’t have to throw my iphone across the room cause it’s malfunctioning. And finally, I have to admit I’ve been a cheap schmo… now I have no excuse. Signing up after writing this comment. Hooray… now I’ll be a cheap non-schmo! Look forward to listening next week and seeing Izzy’s Project Life.
    Leave the tree up…. you’ll be putting it back up in 10 months anyway. :0)

  • Amy Kenyon

    OMG I still have my tree up too! A co-worker was making fun off me! See I am not the only one. DH said can’t we just leave it up? I like it so much. lol

  • Do we get a hint about the show topic? :)

  • Mel LaFavers

    Dude, seriously…Project Life really is the Borg, isn’t it? Just kidding, of course. ;) And don’t feel badly about the tree still being up. I didn’t go to CHA, and I just got my tree down on January 30th.

  • keely

    Great photos!! Becky will be so proud, as are we!!

  • Have you noticed that we don’t ever tell what’s coming up next? It’s exactly because of potential incidents like what happened this week — who knows what might come up that will require us to find a replacement guest, and as a result, a replacement topic?
    Sorry — we’ll have to leave you in suspense! :)

  • moncoff

    I hope that we get to see Izzy’s PL pages. I would love to see his perspective not to mention it’s a great selling point to the man in my life to get with it! :)

  • Maxi

    Thanks for the update :) Hilarious pics of Izzy hugging his new scrappy stuff! rofl!