Post CHA Chat and Q&A

Wow, what a fun chance it was to chat with so many of you!

There were LOTS of questions, so this is a long video, but if you don’t want to see and hear the whole thing, there’s a way you can skip to the questions you’re interested in!

How to Skip to Your Favorite Questions

Do you see the overlay at the bottom of the video on the left side? (you might have to click play first)

That is a hyper-link and it will take you to a cool Google place where you can watch the video, but get this…

Over there you will see all the questions in the order that I answered them to the side of the video. Look for a question you’re interested in and then click on that question. The video player will skip ahead (or back) to where I answered that question!!

So it’s okay that we went on and on for more than 1.5 hours! :)


Shine On,

  • Michelle t

    Just finished watching this video. Thank you so much! This was awesome. I did watch most of your CHA videos. To answer your question, yes, I appreciated the demos you showed very much. For example, Amy Tan, she demo’ed the little sewing thing (I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the product). I really liked seeing that. I don’t know how to sew but I like that detail on my page so that was important to me. Again thanks both for your product videos and this recap. Michelle t

  • Julianna

    Just finished listening and wanted to say thank you! I know you worried about the length of the video but honestly it was great – since this wasn’t a video where there was actually product or demos to actively look at, I could play it in the background while I worked on a scrappy project. so nothing to worry about whatsoever! Thanks so much for taking the time to share more of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the show as a whole, the industry, and your & Izzy’s roles trying to cover as much of it as possible. It was cool to hear how you choose what you’ll videotape and gave me an even-greater appreciation for your already-awesome videos!

  • AllisonLP

    I just busted out laughing! I JUST finished a layout using the DEER HEAD. Check out my layout if you have time:
    Thanks for the great coverage!

  • Wendy Elmhorst

    Loved the video….it was NOT too long!!! So interesting! I was sad that I missed the live chat….I thought it was tonight! LOL It was so great that you had the video replay up immediately! I always look forward to your CHA videos and was really impressed at how quickly you got them up this year!

  • So glad to hear you liked the demo! I’ll push for that from now! :)

  • Thank you!

  • Ha! :)

    NICE layout. You had deer in your backyard!! Like, a whole family!!

  • Kristi G

    I’m interested in the Michael’s topic. I’m sure you don’t want to call anyone out, but was just wondering (in general, not looking for specifics) if you’re saying that a name brand product we buy at Michael’s could be lower quality than the same product purchased at another store? Also, curious if you could recommend some online retailers that are more like “mom & pop” shops (which I don’t have access to in my city) instead of big box stores. I want to support the industry and small businesses, but need to know where I should be shopping. Thanks for your help, and for looking out for the industry!

  • Briel

    Thank you for this great video. I feel like your coverage, the PRT episode about CHA and this video were incredible ways to bring those of us at home into the CHA experience. I really want to thank you and say how much I appreciate the work that you do. I feel strongly (as has been said by some along the way) that if we like what we see we have to SUPPORT IT, and by that I mean spend money. I decided to become a Paperclipping member more to support the work you do outside of the videos (I like the videos, but I think that you do more than that). This last week is complete validation of that decision. You and Izzy rock! I am trying to spend money on a regular basis (it doesn’t have to be tons of $, just regular spending) so that this industry continues. I am choosing the companies and designers that I like and intentionally spending my $ with those companies. Maybe this is sounding like a rant, but really I just want to applaud your work, your even-keeled approach and your passion for this business. I think that scrapbooking keeps me sane (from the stress of work and such) and I really want to have a community to share it with. Well done!

  • Tracey

    Thanks for this great “chat” and for addressing my question! I’ll agree with the rest of the comments that the length was just fine! I also love how much more of your point of view we got to hear in this format, since you often take on more of a moderator/interviewer role on the Roundtable. I would definitely tune in for more of these if they aren’t too much trouble on top of all the things you already do!

  • Absolutely, Kristi — there are definitely brand products that are lower in quality at Michael’s. I’ve observed it many times (having owned things I bought from a Mom & Pop and then seeing it at Michael’s). I’ve seen other people talk about that. It was the owner of the manufacturing company that explained the reason to me at CHA. Until then I was never really sure.
    The online mom & pops that I use and trust for scrapbooking products are and Tim Holtz and Jen McGuire use and recommend one or two others that are also reliable stores but I can’t think of what they are at the moment. You could probably find out on their blogs somewhere. Both these and the ones they recommend are small family businesses that the industry and the community relies on.

  • Teresa S

    As far as the scrapbooking industry shrinking, I think it is just a leveling out from the massive amount of products when everyone was jumping on the scrapbooking band wagon. For me, the ones who are left is like the cream rising to the top. Thank you for the coverage. I think you provided a good mix of product and demos.

  • Lisainre

    I agree Briel. I have been a member for a long time after winning my first 6 month subscription through LOAD. I have continued to renew since then as I love the videos, but the Paperclipping Roundtable is my favourite way of keeping on top of what is going on in the industry and I am so grateful that Noell and Izzy keep on doing that for FREE! I like to think that my subscription helps keep that going because I’d be really sad if you couldn’t do it anymore. The CHA videos were another example of just how generous you both are at providing us with news and insights into the industry that most of us are just watching from the outside.
    I know there was a discussion in the past about the expectation online these days that everything should be free. And I’m the first to look around for freebies, but if we want manufacturers, designers or class & service providers to stay in business, we need to put dollars (or in my case, Euros!) to good use. There are so many generous providers out there that I’m grateful for, but I like to think I’m doing my bit by subscribing to not only Paperclipping but also Scrap Happy and Simple Scrapper as well as shopping at my local bricks & mortar store.
    Thanks for all you do and we love you :-)

  • Irit Landgraf

    Great video, I was able to see some of it live, and then caught up later with the rest.
    I would LOVE to see a Wilna line, I’m sure it’ll be so pretty.
    And you have my vote for a retreat in Italy! I’m just one country away:) (Austria)
    Thx for the Q&A session and for the excellent cover of CHA, definitely the best videos of it out there, so great job from you and Izzy of course. Thx again!

  • is another small online retailer I love!

  • That’s the one Jen McGuire recommends. I’d try them, for sure.

  • Yes, thank you for your continued membership!

  • Maria

    Get show, I wasn´t able to hang out with you, but I loved to watch this video!! Great job!! :)

  • teddi

    this was such a fun & informative video to watch/listen to! i was crafting during it also, & the time did indeed fly by. before the chat, i watched quite a lot of the videos & enjoyed the demos. what you & izzy do for the industry is empowering & fantastic! i’m happy to be a paperclipping member .i want my money to go towards things i believe in. i’ve been scrapbooking since 1997, and i want to continue. noell, i hope you decide to give these type of chats in the future because it felt like we were all sort of chatting together. plus it was easy peasy, and who doesn’t like that? :)

  • Jennifer Campbell

    I didn’t mind the length of the video at all either! Listened while I was scrapbooking yesterday afternoon and it was fabulous to hear some more in-depth opinions about CHA, new products and trends, etc!

  • Krystal

    Wow Noell & Izzy, you guys go above and beyond! I Am so proud to support such a wonderful company and pair. Thank you. Loved the chat video. I wasn’t able to attend when it was LIVE, but glad to be able to watch it afterwards.

  • Jennifer Serrano

    Thanks so much for doing this video, I loved seeing the questions people were asking and of course your answers. I didn’t think it was too long at all, just had it playing while I scrapbooked!!

  • This is a random and extremely trivial thought, but has been on my mind for years. When will the scrapbooking world finally be tired of “hello”? Every time I see “hello” on scrapbook products I cringe. It’s as if we scrapbookers don’t have a good command of the English language and can’t think of anything better to say. I get it for card makers, but how many “Hello” products do we need to scrapbook? Who are we saying Hello to? LOL! I know it’s really funny, but I don’t know why it bugs me so much. I’m very curious what other audience and maybe your roundtable guests think about it?

    P.S., I’ve finally decided to ask after seeing some of the CHA 2014 new products.

  • That’s funny. Since you asked, I will say that I like, “Hello.” I think of it addressing whoever is looking through my album — a playful, happy cheery welcome. :)