Playing Inside the Pockets – Paperclipping 239

paperclipping 239

Do you play with pockets, or do you just slip things in them?

When it comes to Project Life and its pocketed pages, I mostly prefer to slip things in — to keep it simple.

But there are times I want to play more in those pockets, and there are times when the memorabilia, the colors, or the design demand more. Some items and spreads have extra special needs in order for the pages to be balanced and unified.

But I’m still going for simple when it comes to Project Life.

You, too?

So how can you have a little more excitement in those pockets, without making it as demanding as a traditional scrapbook page?

Here are some tips…

  • Focus your extra play mostly in one pocket, creating a “hierarchy” of pockets. Good design lets some parts of the design be more dominant and interesting than others.
  • Use scraps from your technique experimentation. Crop them down to 3×4 and stick them with your regular cards.
  • Use embossing make cards with dimensional texture. This will add a lot of visual interest without requiring much effort.
  • Add layers and extra pieces for the purpose of unifying the design (rather than for the sake of adding extra stuff). Do it to achieve balance or to move the eye across the page. When you do it for these purposes, you’ll do just enough to make the page complete, without doing more than necessary.

Want to see these in action?

I made a video that demonstrates all of these on a few different pages. Hopefully it’ll help you add a few additional extra touches while keeping it simple. Or if you tend to spend hours on your Project Life pages and wish you were faster, this might help you turn it down while maintaining a little bit of play.

The video is now in the Member’s Area and on iTunes. You must be a member to view it.

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  • First!

  • Ah ha ha! :)

  • Jennifer G.

    First who doesn’t live in the same house!

  • Good one! :)

    To his credit, he’s off at Starbucks, so he didn’t get any help, LOL!

  • Jennifer G.

    I am just proud of myself when I am first since I tend to do things at the last minute normally. Love the idea of doing techniques or a piece of a technique on one pocket. I just started using pocket pages with my 12×12 and will have to remember that if I ever need a filler. Thank you for another great episode.

  • Glenys

    Second!!! haha – I haven’t watched this episode yet – wanted to get in with the second first! lol – I know it’s going to be good! Thanks Noell

  • You guys are awesome! :)