Photo Stories: An Easier Way to Journal

Staying Home for School closeup

Would you like the journaling step of your scrapbooking to be easier?

Say hello to Photo Stories 2012 — a Paperclipping blog series.

We work best when we get into the zone of focusing on one thing and doing that one thing. I find journaling to be a very different kind of task than the rest of the design part of scrapbooking — which might why so many scrapbookers never complete their layouts — they’ll add the journaling to the page some other day.

It’s more fun to play with the papers than to write.

It’s always a relief to me when I sit down to scrapbook and realize I already have my thoughts written and they’re right there attached to my photo in my photo manager. That is just AWESOME!

I know what my story is before I start and I can get right to the fun part!

That’s how it went down with this scrapbook page.

Staying Home for School

The homeschooling curriculum packages began rolling in today! The older two had been able to start their schooling online the week before, but Aiden couldn’t start until everything came in.

So when it did finally come (it came in over 18 different packages!), he was the first to investigate!

It felt like Christmas.

I just copied + pasted then printed and it was back to the fun part: the paper and design!

And here’s the cool thing: I find that when I’m going through my photos to choose the best one and edit them, that I’m also usually in the mode for writing about them. I’m always so excited when I look at my newest photos, choosing the best ones, and I find that’s the perfect time to take an extra minute or less and say a few things about them.

So it’s definitely a system that flows well. You might even find you actually like journaling if you find yourself getting into the flow of batch-journaling this way.

Layout Details:
This layout appeared as an example of how I’ve used my 3-Part Triangle Flexible Template in Paperclipping 181. It’s one of 185 videos you currently get when you sign up for a Paperclipping Membership!

Available Supplies: Paper from Jillibean Soup Sweet & Sour 6×6 Pad * Crate Paper Cardstock Stickers.

Photo Stories Participant Check-In: We’re entering the last week of January. Have you been able to journal into the metadata of all of your most important photos for this month? Or do you have a bit of catching up to do?

So far I’ve taken 130 photos in January and I’ve selected 41 as my most important. I’ve journaled in all 41, so last night I went back to catch up in December. I always fall behind in December. ;)

Leave a comment to let us know how you’re doing with it!

* * *

Photo Stories 2012 is a series to help you easily capture all of your photo stories and have them permanently paired with their corresponding photos. How is that done? Start with this article — The Most Important Word for You to Learn This Year. And how is it done easily? Read How You Really Can Tell All Of Your Stories for my simple method. Next you can view all of the Photo Stories 2012 posts in one place.

  • Noell, you are very persuasive with regard to journaling in the metadata of our photos!  I think I might like to give it a try.  I use iPhoto and have no plans to change to different photo-organization software.  Do you have any idea where/how in iPhoto I could go about doing this?  Or could you point me in the right direction to get guidance?  (I will now read your other Photo Stories posts to see if you covered this already; sorry if I am asking about something you’ve already discussed!)


  • “they’ll add the journaling to the page some other day” Have you met me!?? ;-) I’ve started to tag my photos, the new ones (babysteps…). Just a few describing words so far, but I guess I’ll get longwinded when I get more into it. 

  • Debbie Piercey

    I up to date for January, although I’ve only taken 25 photos. It’s like you said, once you get into the habit of doing it, it doesn’t seem like much work at all. : )

  • Christy Strickler

    I have some catching up to do on the metadata journaling. I homeschool my son too and it’s been taking up a lot of my time. His on-line class starts Thursday…so maybe I can get caught up during that hour. maybe I will make that THE hour to journal in the metadata every week.

  • Anonymous

    I have iPhoto too and I found that if I click on the picture I want to add information to, there is  little “i” on the bottom right hand corner of the photo, click on it and you will see a place to type a description.  That is where I have been jotting down my story or journal.

  • Thank you!  I will give it a try.

  • Yay!! Congrats!!

  • Sometimes all it takes is a plan. Unless you’re going back to the past, it win’t even take you the hour!