Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom: A Deep Dive Audio Course

Photo Freedom Deep Dive Audio Course

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Here is what the course contains:

  • 6.5 hours of audio divided into 7 segments, featuring Noell Hyman and Stacy Julian.
  • In-depth discussion of Stacy’s system for dealing with a lifetime of photos.
  • How to set up a library of memory albums that goes beyond chronological event scrapbooks.
  • Ideas for how to set yourself up to make big picture connections and tell the bigger stories of your life and your family.
  • Specific organization ideas for dealing with the flood of photos on your computer, a lifetime of prints, memorabilia, notes you’ve written of your family stories, etc.
  • A unique and inspiring way to consider our stories and how we scrapbook them.
  • PDF’s of several worksheets to help you organize and align yourself with the Photo Freedom methods.
  • A PDF of the course outline to help you go back and find segments you’re looking for.


This is a downloadable product. Once you purchase the audio course, you’ll get a download link that will let you save the audio files to your computer. You can also transfer them to other devices that can play them. For example, you could transfer the MP3 files to your smart phone or tablet.


This course comes with a 7 day money back guarantee. If you listen to the course and decide it wasn’t worth it, you can email us within 7 days of purchase and request a refund. Purchasing the course is risk-free.

Only $39.

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How might I benefit from this course if I have already read Stacy’s book or taken a class from her?
This course gives you a different format in which to digest Stacy Julian’s very large and comprehensive philosophy and system; to give you a slightly different view of the same content in order to help you see the possibilities in a new way.

  • If you took her class in the past or read her book, we hope this course will reignite your fire and help you to update, complete, or recommit to the system. We hope it will remind you of parts you may have forgotten. If aspects of the system have not yet worked for you, we hope you find new solutions to try.
  • If Photo Freedom is new to you, we hope this will be a comprehensive, educational, and inspiring introduction to this philosophy and system. You should be able to adopt the system after listening to the course.

How does this course differ from Stacy Julian’s book and previous internet classes about this same topic?
This course is 100% about Stacy’s Photo Freedom and Library of Memories philosophy and system, so overall it is the same content. Since it has been some years since Stacy wrote the book and last taught the class, there are a few minor changes she’s made, which she shares in the course, but overall, it is mainly the same system.

The only other difference is 1) Noell’s input and some explanation of how she has personalized Stacy’s system; and 2) Because Noell arranged the content and leads the discussion, it’s influenced by her perspective.

Only $39.

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