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We’re talking about tips and strategies for handling projects. Come listen!

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  • I wanted to raise my hands for the Wacom tablet as well! It was freaky to try and use at first, but by the end of only my first or second session of practicing I was in love. My workflow is faster when I use my Wacom and I use it when I’m sitting down for longer sessions of photo editing or digi work.

    The only thing that keeps me from using it more often is the fact that it’s another separate piece to carry around with my laptop, so sometimes I get it out or bring it with me because I don’t feel like I have room for it. If it weren’t for that I would use it all the time.

  • Thought I’d share my methods, too!

    1) Stories —
    When I have a story I really want to tell, like from my childhood, and I’m going to have to do some hunting for photos, I use an app for my laptop called Scrivener. It’s a writing app, and I have a specific project in Scrivener for these stories. Sometimes I’ll write the story out as I think of it. Most often I just make a new title from a reminder phrase, like, “Evolving relationship with sister, Erin.”

    It’s better for me to do it this way than to just make a list. I’m not really motivated by lists, but I’m motivated by having an actual project started, where I can add thoughts to it when I’m inspired, and then come back when I’m ready to flesh it out.

     2) Digital layouts and albums —
    I don’t keep lists of layout ideas, but if I start cropping photos for a layout or album and I don’t finish it in that first sitting, I make a folder on my computer in my Pictures folder. Within that folder I have a sub-folder called Photos in Progress. So after I’ve been working on something in Photoshop and I need to put it away, I save everything to a folder with my title (or a temporary title) as sub-folder under Photos in Progress.

    3) Layout ideas —
    I’m like Jennifer on this one. I don’t keep track of my layout ideas (except for what I mentioned above). There are always tons of ideas coming and going and it doesn’t inspire me when I sit down to scrap to go looking for things that inspired me last week or last month or last year.

    All the inspiration finds a place in my subconscious and when I sit down to scrap, ideas come out in their own new way. That way I can let my dominant source of inspiration be the actual story and the way it makes me feel + the design principles and colors that visually communicates the way my story feels to me.

    I wanted to mention one last thing because of the mail for this episode. I’ve accidentally gotten people to refer to metadata as journaling, as if they’re on and the same, because I’ve been sharing that you can journal into the metadata. Metadata is ALL of the information attached to the photo file. You can add your journaling into the metadata, but the journaling is only a part of the metadata. Metadata involves more than just your journaling. People can refer to it as “adding journaling into the metadata.”

    And by the way, that’s also how I keep track of the stories that go with my photos. I add my journaling into the metadata. If I scrapbook those photos, then I have some journaling I can use if I want, already for me right there with my photo.

  • Steph, Izzy and Katy ~

    I’ve been wanting to comment for a while now, but had so many thoughts to share I didn’t know where to start. First of all, I LOVE the show! I fell in love with podcasts back in January when I got my iPhone and was so excited when I discovered the Digi Show. I received an email from Big Picture Classes about Katy’s Power Scrapping class and followed the link to the Digi Show. Ever since that fateful day my head has been about to explode with all the new things I’ve learned ~ I started digi scrappin’ back in ’06 and fell in love with the fact that I could scrap without my little ones getting into all my stuff. :) Although I loved it so much, I was torn because all my friends are paper scrappers and the hobby has always been a very social thing for me. Sadly, I let the hobby I loved fade away, that is until about a month ago. I am so inspired to blog and scrap and learn…in fact obsessed is more the word. I just signed up for the Digi Game and read the Play Book; I just have one word: Awesome! 

    Now that I’ve listened to all the Digi Shows I’ve started listening to the Roundtable ~ I love it too. My heroes in the industry have always been Stacy Julian and Ali Edwards and I love listening to them.

    Keep up the great work ~ and congratulations on your 50th show!!

    Tina in Texas (user name: countyroadscrapper)

  • This is awesome! Welcome back to scrapbooking! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is so sweet!!  Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!  I’m so happy you found us and your love for memory keeping again! :)

  • Anonymous

    You are awesome, Noell!  Thanks so much for sharing your process and ideas with us!  I wish my subconscious was as powerful as yours ;)

  • Clover

    OK, this is a WAY late comment, but I am listening to Episode 15 (yeah… I said it was late, ha!) and I’m thinking about why digital scrappers may not always scrap chronologically and paper scrappers may do that more often than not.  I realized that when I was paper scrapping, I would take an envelope of the most recently printed photos with me to a crop, and that’s what I would have to work with.  Now, on my laptop, ALL my photos are available to me all the time.  So I can scrap with whatever strikes my fancy!  

    Thank you for your awesome show!

  • Lissa Mitchell

    I just listened to Episode 47 today – I’m a new subscriber and catching up on all these amazing episodes. I just love them. I had to comment to say that Peppermint’s comments on the therapeutic effects of journaling and its connection to/as therapy was amazing. She put into words the thoughts that have been mulling around in my head. I recently finished up an album documenting my 7-year old twin boys first month of life. They were born 7 weeks early and spent their first month in the NICU. While they didn’t have any major health complications (other than that they were just tiny and needed to grow) and they are completely healthy, happy boys today – those were days filled with a mixture of joy and pain. I loved my babies so much and yet I felt I had failed them somehow in that they were born early. I was finally “brave” enough to put that scrapbook together and write out the whole story and get it down on paper. And it was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I was finally able to say everything that had been in my head about those days and most of all to tell them how much I loved them. Peppermint’s comments about giving these stories a home – and therefore getting them out of your head – was the perfect way to describe how I’d been feeling. I look forward to doing more freeing journaling on my pages to get the words down. Thank you!