PDS041 – Bombarded by Inspiration

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  • Iceteeeeee

    Thanks for a great show! I really enjoyed the discussion. I have often thought of how I look at things differently being a scrapbooker. I photograph things so differently now and it makes me happy to see things like the cherry trees in full bloom or a weeping willow tree sweeping the ground. My 7 year old niece looked at the pictures on my camera once and asked,”Why do you have so many pictures of trees?” My wish is that one day she will really understand why! Thanks again.

  • Katiescottscrapbooking

    Izzy – you mentioned you were working on an article about motion scrapbooking – I’ve recently become re-interested in family history scrapbooking – I found a youtube video on Genealogy Gems about Tony Burroughs who apparently does instruction on how to make a documentary about your family history – he might be a good connection for you. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB6EEixFxmc

  • Gluegunky

    I wanted to pop in and give a suggestion for the listener who was asking about starting with digi scrapbooking. She mentioned that she already used Picasa for photo editing, and I had a couple of suggestions that might help her:

    Persnickity Print’s blog did a FANTASTIC 3 part post about using digi elements in Picasa. I learned a ton of great tips. It was well written and very thorough (sp?):


    Thru the Digi Show message board I learned some tips on opening and manipulating digi elements in MS Word. I am by no means an expert, but I shared what i know on a blog post here:


    These two free programs only allow you to open PNG files, digi papers and elements. But, it is a fun, easy way to build upon the knowledge you already have! I love adding titles to my photos and printing out all the fun digi elements I find online. I hope that helps her!

    Thanks for another great show!

    ‘htwheelsgluguns’ on Twitter

  • I second the Persnickety links – they do a great job of teaching in Picasa

    Here’s a link to the Daily Digi tutorials Katie mentioned http://thedailydigi.com/new/

    Not sure if I should promote my own stuff here, but I also run Free live Photoshop Elements workshops for those looking to learn. You can get your questions answered live and I can show you what to do on the screen as well. http://mshanhun.com/photoshop-elements-workshop/

  • Izzy, so excited to hear about your plans for motion scrapbooking! YAY!

  • Thanks for another great show, I look forward to the podcasts each week :D
    Just wanted to mention that Kristina Werner does a few videoes where she makes a layout from start to finish, here is the link to the most recent one: http://www.kwernerdesign.com/blog/?p=5165

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Melissa! I totally forgot to post that link :)

  • Sandy H.

    Katie-would you please send me a invite for Pintrest? I am really interested in organizing some inspiration! Thanks. And as always, thanks for a great show!

  • Anonymous

    send me an email at ktscrapbooklady@gmail.com so I can get your email :)

  • izzy- i have been thinking and brainstorming about motion scrapbooking since you first brought up the subject in a joking manner. I’m thinking very harry potter (newspaper) where you have the video where the picture is on the page and you click on them to play. So, a traditional digital page and instead of photographs, you have videos. Also, I have thought about the way barnes and noble’s nook color does their books (children’s is what i seen) where you can animate different objects. So the ferris wheel goes round and round. That is more animation to me. Is there a way to embed a video on a digital page through cs4? I know you can work with video in it.

    Creativity by Chrystal (her own blog buy can find her threw jessica sprague) has a beginning to end video where she scraps in elements using one of her templates. I have sent all of my friends there because she explains it much better than I do and they can follow along. http://creativitybycrystal.blogspot.com/2011/02/digital-template-tutorial.html

  • Anonymous

    I forgot to add this link where I answer questions about my upcoming Power Scrapping – Digi Style workshop http://scrapbooklady.typepad.com/katie_the_scrapbook_lady/2011/03/registration-open-for-power-scrappingdigi-style.html

  • LeslieMcLaughlin

    Hi Katie -thanks for the link! I am doing my family history and keep thinking about Izzy’s world of motion scrapbooking.

  • Beth

    Loved the show as usual! I remember requesting this topic awhile back and am glad you decided to do a show on it; thanks!

  • Hey, Katie — that’s really thoughtful. Izzy is actually being interviewed
    by a magazine for an article they’re writing. He’s not actually writing it.