PDS040 – Look for Light

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Your Life: Captured Through the Lens from GetItScrapped.com: Click Here to check out the class. And don’t forget the coupon code MAR2011TDS at checkout.

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  • Erink

    Really liked the show! Loved Katrina! and all the other “repeaters”. I am off to sign up for Katrina’s class and check out Katie’s (even though I am a paper scrapper)!

  • Linda

    Oh good Lord, I am a trend setter with the repeaters, they are even leaving it in comments now. LOL
    Izzy I have to tell you, I didn’t spell producee in my head like that I spelled it producey and when you said it was shorter I was all “what–it is the same length”. Good thing you clarified how to spell it and I always think Steph says it because of Izzy and Producey end the same way. HA
    THEN, the whole Apple store ipad and how you were giggling. I live near the MOA (mall of America) and I was there on a Thursday then on the same Friday and the apple store had all these stands for crowd control (at least 20 of them) and I was all “these weren’t here last night” the window display had changed as well and it dawned on me the ipad2 came out…and I totally thought of you when I walked across the hall to the Microsoft store to look a tablets. Yes, they are right across from each other. HA. (http://www.mallofamerica.com/shopping/directory)
    I personally think until ipad can run and support Photoshop so I can use it to scrap, there is no need to rush to buy one.
    LOVE the pick of the week on the sling shot as well. I upgraded my camera and lens this month and my beloved Mickey Mouse camera body bag doesn’t work anymore. I do have a gift for the BF to buy me though. ;> (wink if this gets read on the air).
    oh oops, had too much caffeine today.

  • pennyshilling

    Got me at smell too! LOL

  • Amy K

    I’ve tried to download in iTunes, but it’s not coming up when I refresh. Any suggestions?

  • …same here… Izzy….did you forget to post the RSS feed? Looking forward to listening.

  • I’m having the same issue. When I searched on iTunes it looks like the show isn’t there yet. :) Looking forward to this one!

  • I’m having the same issue. When I searched on iTunes it looks like the show isn’t there yet. :) Looking forward to this one!

  • Kate

    I’m not getting it in iTunes, either :(. Love the show and can’t wait to get my fix!

  • Izzy for those of us who like to take this show on the go you are killing us:) Let us know when it is in Itunes please.

  • Lara Read

    I’d love to take it on my trip tonight. Hope they post it to iTunes :)

  • I couldn’t see it in iTunes, either, so I’m listening via the site.

    Loved Katrina!! She is wonderful,a nd I didn’t realize she is in Sacramento. I live in the Bay Area and hope she does a photo walk in SF, as I’d love to join. Great show, as always, guys :)

    And I’ll add, my whole name is listed because I signed in to post via facebook, and I have my maiden name on my facebook profile so folks could find me. You guys commented on that on one of the shows (which can I say, it was so weird hearing you guys say my name!!), so I wanted to “explain” :)

  • Sherrie M.

    Nope still not in iTunes. IZZY!! Can you hear us? :)

  • I’m headed there for a photo walk with a friend the beginning of April! Care to join us?!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the link to the “You must have a great camera” post I talked about http://thedailydigi.com/you-must-have-a-great-camera-2/

  • I’m still waiting for it in iTunes too. I listen on my iPhone when on the go or in bed at night. I’ve really missed it this week! Can’t wait to listen when it’s finally in iTunes! Thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    I am not even done listening to this episode, but I had to share my indoor lighting secret. I have an external flash for my DSLR. For my external flash I have Gary Fong LightSphere. I bought it for wedding I was shooting and have not regretted it. I never take an indoor shot without it. I evens everything out so nicely and I never get the “flashed out” look. I absolutely love it and I just had to share.


  • Anonymous

    I need to get something like that – thanks for the suggestion!

  • Amy K

    It’s there now – thanks Izzy! I’m off listen while I walk.

  • Anonymous

    I upgraded from my Nokia 9500 (released in 2005) to iPhone 4. You wont belive the difference! I just got the project 365 app, and combined with the iPhone I think I’ll be able to do it!

  • Anonymous

    I upgraded from my Nokia 9500 (released in 2005) to iPhone 4. You wont belive the difference! I just got the project 365 app, and combined with the iPhone I think I’ll be able to do it!

  • Katie Scott

    I am a paper scrapbooker but have just started using Ancestry.com to supplement my scrapbooking stories about the past. I would love to hear a show about other resources and/or programs or apps for scrapbookers to use online to research their family stories and history and find photos etc.

  • I have one too. I don’t use it often, but really should dig it out of my closet!

  • Anonymous

    I got mine at pictureline in downtown SL. They are my favorite for camera equipment in Utah.

  • Deirdre

    So happy to get a camera store suggestion for SLC:)

  • Deirdre

    Fun to see I wasn’t the only one waiting for the iTunes upload of the show:) My floors had to be scrubbed anyway, so I went back to an old show on the roundtable—#15 in April (Izzi, any way to make it easier to find old shows? A search box, or archives by month? Even when I listen on iTunes, I go searching for the links. Thank you!)
    SO GLAD I listened to the explanation there of “Motion Scrapbooking”, which I’ve heard often on the show but never “got” till now.
    As a (*sigh*) PC-user, most of Izzivideo offerings don’t apply but I would love to see you offer a class on making a motion scrapbook of a vacation that wasn’t software driven, but taught the artistic side. Noell described some that you make that are very different from the typical vacation slideshow. I’d love info on how long to play most slides/photos, etc. Please share! I’d pay just for a walk-through, showing how you make your editing decisions, even if I have to use lowly Movie Maker to try it myself. (I get it, Apple is better, no argument here, but while I could afford a class, I can’t afford a new computer or new software—just to let you know in case you say “get a Mac!”).

  • Hey, Deirdre — there is a search box on the Paperclipping site in the
    column. I’m assuming you already know to click on Digi Show in the menu bar,
    too, right?

  • Terri

    Hi! I thought this was a GREAT topic and had so much information. I had forgotten about Deke’s great techniques, so I was very glad for the reminder. I love listening to PDS so much. I cannot thank you enough for doing this show….and for free! I shouldn’t tell you this, but I would PAY for the shows because I love them so much. So thank you for all that you do! I am sure it’s a ton of work.

    I look forward to catching up on all the past podcasts as well as listening to PRT. Even though I am mostly digital, I think the information you provide applies so much to paper, hybrid OR digital.

    Thanks Again,


  • Sandy H.

    Izzy, Steph, Katie & crew, I came across what could be an example of motion scrapbooking and thought I would share the link with you…


    Is this kind of what you have in mind?

  • Michelle

    I absolutely have to give Izzy his pick of the week for next week!!! Shhhhh, don’t tell, but this is AWESOME…totally Mac and totally key for digital scrapbooking.

    On a Mac, you can use any size jpg or png file to create an icon on your folder. So instead of looking at the ugly blue folder, you see a pretty image—like the PREVIEW of the digiscrap kit that is inside. The downside is that doing this takes a few steps and is kind of a pain, unless you use a bitty piece of software called img2icns, available for free HERE: http://www.img2icnsapp.com/

    It’s drag and drop simple and works by dragging and dropping from Finder or in Bridge (maybe even from other applications)–make your folders pretty and search your stash at a glance with this! It’s awesome!!!
    (Disclaimer: I do *not* have any affiliation with this little app, I just love it. And I did not find it, my friend Joan did.) =)

    Have fun, you won’t wanna stop making folder icons. ;)

  • iDebbie

    Michelle is right! I, too, have benefitted from Joan’s find, and turning folders into icons couldn’t be simpler. We have pretty folders now that look like our kit previews, which makes searching kits in coverflow view so fun and easy! LOVE it!! :)

  • Kendra

    Yep, I LOVE this little app. Joan is amazing for finding it. It’s simple, it’s free and it’s awesome.

  • Anonymous

    me too!

  • Anonymous

    What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  • I just saw this and had to share–Adobe has demo’d a full version of photoshop for iPad that they’re working on. How fun would it be to load up your kit and bring a little bit of that tactile-ness that so many of us miss back to our digital scrapping? This site has details and a video: http://www.webpronews.com/photoshop-for-ipad-demoed-by-adobe-2011-03 . No release date yet, but fun to think about. :)

    I love the show and can’t wait for every episode to come out. THANK YOU for what you do!

  • They’re working on photoshop for iPad! I just saw it today and am super excited. No release date or price, but I love knowing that it’s in the works! :)

  • Deirdre

    Hi Noell. I love both podcasts & appreciate all your work on this site. I just wish it was easier to navigate. I tried using the search box, the key words “roundtable april” brought up a podcast from November and only one from April??


    I had been listening on my ipod and came back to find links, so I didn’t know the show #. I did find it by clicking on “older entries” till I got to April 2010. If I’m the only one who’s finding it inconvenient to find old shows & their notes, no problem.

    Again, great show!

  • I have to give an awesome source for getting our scrapping software. If you have a child in school (from kindergarten to highschool, maybe even beyond) you can go to academic superstore and get photoshop elements for $68 or photoshop cs5 for $198 or lightroom for under $100. These are full versions. The student/teacher versions are full versions. You have to show a report card OR they have other options to prove that a child is in school, but they usually verify and ship the next day. it isn’t an instant download, they mail the software to you. They have all kinds of software there, but thought I would name the digi stuff!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Deirdre! If you click on digishow at the top (or paperclipping.com/digishow) and the same for roundtable, it will bring up all of the shows in each category in order with the newest episodes at the top. That way you can just look at all of the digi show episodes or all of the round table shows an not everything else that was posted in-between. Hope that helps!

  • Anonymous

    They had to take that video down, but I found it I think:
    Very, very, very cool!!! It makes my hear go pitter-pat!

  • Deirdre

    Thanks Stephanie & Noell. Yes, I’m using the menu on the top —you just still have to scroll down to get to older entries and click through numerous pages to get to older shows. I only bring it up because I love the show and find myself referring back to links/picks. As more people discover the show, I think a lot will want to listen to old shows since they continue to be relevant.

    I imagine Izzi thinking “Great, I’ll add to the to-do list for this FREE show!” but I hope you know it is only because we all enjoy it so much that we feel such ownership of the show and keep suggesting things:)

  • Beth

    Oh my gosh, Michelle; THANK YOU for posting that img2icns app link!!!! I will finally be able to browse my kits through Bridge without opening up each individual folder!! I am beyond excited. I have been wishing for something like this for years!

  • Heidi Preslicka

    Hi Steph, Izzy & All,
    I have a question. I am a bit obsessive compulsive and have taken a monthly photo (with a sign 1 year 1 month, 1 year 2 months, etc.) of all five of my children all of their lives. My daughter is 16 and I’m wondering if you guys have any creative ideas of what I can do with these photos. Of course I’ll have to scan them, because most of them are not digital.

    Also, I’d like to scan my layouts before I started digital. Do any of you have a recommendation for a good 12″ scanner.

    Also, wondering Izzy do you teach mostly to people who want to learn about video taping for their family or as a business? I am kinda interested in both, but not very good.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t understand how this app works. What I do is open my preview, copy it and close it. Then, click on the folder and hit CMD+i, click the folder icon (the smaller one at the top) and I paste (CMD+v). Now, I can use Finder in the CoverFlow mode to view the folders. I’m hoping someone can tell me how this app works differently or makes this process quicker.

  • Gab McCann

    I just have to say how much I loved that video pick by Katie!!!