PDS039 – Years of Mediocre Layouts

Do you sometimes feel more like a collector instead of a digital scrapbooker? Need motivation to create layouts instead of feeling overwhelmed? That’s the subject of this week’s show. Come listen!

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  • Anonymous

    I’m sure you will love it!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree about the ninjas!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Awesome internet connections are ok to be jealous of ;)

  • Anonymous

    No worries :) It’s good to hear a variety of opinions and if you are like me, the description of the show might have been misleading because of the use of the word “apps”. I learned something too – because I thought apps meant iphone and ipad apps. I really do learn something new (or lots of new somethings) every show!

    Thanks for listening!

  • I just want to step in and say I love you all- even more so now that Peppermint has linked ninjas and unicorns to scrapbooking. :)

    I’m not a digital scrapper…yet (though there was that one time in college). ;) I plan on becoming biscraptual very soon- you’ve convinced me that I really should be playing for both teams. ;)

    I totally love listening to the Digi Show, and please, please, please just tune out those who gripe about what you discuss on this FREE show (Izzy, I was in violent agreement with you on that one!!!) that you provide as a service to the scrapping community. I’m a Paperclipping Member and I regularly purchase the Digi Files, plus I’ve taken several classes at your sponsors’ sites and try to use your affiliate links whenever possible- whatever I can do to support this awesome podcast (along with the Roundtable).

    Oh, and one more thing, Izzy? I’d definitely pay for these podcasts. :)

  • Izzy, Noell, Steph & Katie… I love your shows! Thanks for providing such wonderful content free to the listeners. I do appreciate all the work that both podcast require. You inspire me & give me a lot of good information. I LOVE all the technical episodes & picks as well as the non-technical content!

  • Lynnette E

    Don’t change a thing- I’m not a Techie, I always listen not matter what the topic. Even when you plan a techie topic there is always information interjected that is useful to everyone – even if its just someone personal phylosophy on scrapping. Love the shows don’t change either one. Lynnette E

  • Indyscrapper

    Thank you so much for answering my questions about backup. (You made me feel famous, haha). Apparently, I fall into the “hoarders” group that saves too much stuff. I was quite surprised that some designers don’t even keep some of the stuff they designed. I will do some additional research on Crashplan and Backblaze and will share that information when I have completed a review. In the mean time I’m going to purchase a new drive and keep one copy at work (similar to what Izzy does). Hey if it is good enough for Izzy it’s good enough for me. ;-) Keep up the great work paperclipping friends!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Shannon — once you’ve used a link from Paperclipping over to any page in the Get It Scrapped store there is a cookie put on your computer that tells our store (no matter what you buy in the store) exactly who sent you. So use the link to Get It Scrapped here today and even if you don’t purchase for a couple of days, the credit will go here (unless you clear your cookies — so if you love Paperclipping don’t clear your cookies before a purchase!)

  • Alison

    Hi – it looks like it will be another great show. I’ve just listened to the mail portion and have a question. Thank you for all of the back-up information. I currently have an EHD with just about everything backed up on it. I just have to remember to do it regularly. It is stored in a fireproof/waterproof safe in our house. I also have some things on flash drives in the same safe. I also have photos on CD’s and soon an additional hard drive stored with my sister in the US (we trade every Christmas with the additional changes). Here is my question. I have a PRO flickr account which I started because of Lain Ehman’s LOAD challenge. It is open to the particpants of that group. I haven’t yet uploaded all of my photos (or at least favourites) because of the identity of friends, kids I do daycare for etc and not always wanting to fuzz them out (what would be the point for back-up then?).

    Are you able to keep some uploads private and some public for the group setting only? How exactly does that work? I don’t want to upload them all and then see that everyone can in fact see them. I belong now to several groups and am okay with each groups content being visible to that particular group however not necessarily the public. I then also saw that if I upload directly to my blog from flickr, the photo becomes public to more than just the group. My blog doesn’t have high traffic but I realize that could change if it is linked through flickr. Does that open up access to the other photos on my photstream which were private?

    Katie – i know you are a huge fan of flickr and I have seen your photostream and like how it is set up (collections and sets). I see that you have some photos on there – is that all of your back-up or do you have some that are “private” as well?

    I hope this all makes sense. I have just been thinking that since I am already paying for flickr I might as well make use of it but this whole public/ private thing is confusing. (my mother is hugely concerned about the info availbale on the internet these days but that is another story…)

    Again, thanks for the great information. I’m still trying to process it all and will get back to the show!

  • Thanks, Susan! Welcome to Paperclipping! :)

  • Thank you!!

  • Thank you for your membership!!

  • Sorry that a bunch of us misunderstood and thought you were saying you were
    no longer going to listen to the show at all! We misunderstand so easily!

  • Kim G

    I have been listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable forever, and this is the first digi show I have listened to.  I LOVE IT!  Even though I am 95% of a paper scrapper, this podcast is fresh, informative, and FREE {thanks Izzy}.