PDS038 – Your Husbands Are More Game Than Mine

This whole show is about the apps that help us scrap! Are you ready for the whirlwind? Come listen…

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  • Anonymous

    This is the layout I found in our flickr group using text messages as the journaling. So clever! http://www.flickr.com/photos/familybees/5472028745/in/faves-scrapbooklady/

  • Lynn

    Thank you for the DropBox idea! I never would have thought to transfer my photos to my computer from my phone!! AWESOME!

    An app/site that assists me in my scrapping – Cozi. The calendar, the lists, and the journal all work together so well.

    Keep up the great work. I’ve listened since the first episode, but this is my first show comment. :) Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much Lynn!! :)

  • Anonymous

    I recognized Jenny as soon as I saw her photo! She was on our team for a bit, I miss her! She’s a great scrapper! Love this idea!

  • Bunnyfreak

    I was surprised that the themes for the Roundtable and the Digi Show are so similiar. I thought a while back it was mentioned that the technical shows would be spread out. Not all of us have smartphones or members of Apple is Awesome Team. I prefer it when these things are spread out. I will probably still listen but I am not excited by this weeks theme on the shows.

  • Anonymous

    Noell and I don’t coordinate our topics for shows at all. I thought it was interesting that our topics were a bit similar this week. The comment you are referring to is that I try to space out technical topics for this show. If we have a tech heavy show one week or even two, I try to even it out with a nontechnical episode.

    Peppermint, Katie, and myself are all on PC’s. Peppermint also has an Android phone. I think once you listen to the show, you will find that most of the programs, apps, etc that we discuss are not Apple related.

  • Beth

    I think Steph’s right, that this show actually had more content than I thought it would (admittedly, I fast-forwarded through most of the Roundtable this week … sorry, Roundtable, but my phone can’t even text, let alone download apps!) I’m still not all gung-ho on the apps/programs to help me with scrapping (with the exception of my blog; does that count?) but it was still a very listen-able episode. It’s worth listening to this show if only because it’s hilarious this week. Izzy may have been more crazy than usual this week but it had me busting up laughing, and I love that Steph and Katie can take it all in stride (and that Peppermint was on to dish it back to him! “I’d also like to apologize for Izzy’s behavior — haha!)

  • Lynn in FL (wearefamilyw)

    Yay for Android! I was so glad to hear that someone on the panel uses one too. I wanted an iphone but my husband is all about Verizon (and we got our phones before the iphone came to Verizon) and I’ve always felt a little left out when you guys talked so much about iphone apps. Anyway… I was just glad to hear someone mention they’re on Android too. I guess it’s kind of like PCs and MACs. Some are on one and some are on another. Maybe as the Android’s popularity increases (because let’s face it, it IS one rockin’ phone!) we’ll be able to find more content that contributes to both. :-) Love the show and thanks again Izzy for providing this great digi-scrapbook connect free of charge! All the best to you guys!

  • Iceteeeeee

    Don’t ever change, Izzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Sarah

    I love dropbox and Evernote too, they’re invaluable specially for study & assignments but creative ideas too. I bought momento for my iPod touch after noell recommended it, I really like it, but hope they add a tumblr option too.

    If you use Evernote make sure you get the add on for your browser :) the chrome one has an option so that google can search your notes when you search the web. Also Izzy I do a similar thing with tabs- my brother constantly teases me about how many I have open! You might need TooManyTabs add on as well as leechblock, it’s like a special bookmarks bar for tabs you want to come back to but without having to slow down your computer, or scroll through millions of tabs from your last session.

  • Shannan

    Yep Izzy, I’m one of the two – can’t wait to check out Dark Prophecy!

  • indyscrapper

    Dear fellow paperclippers,
    I have always kept 2 EHDs with my photos and digi stuff on them (same info on both drives). I am also smart enough to burn all my photos to DVDs. My EHDs are 500Gb and are almost full. My error comes in the fact that I did not sync them as often as I should. One of my EHDs failed last week. It was a FreeAgent Go EHD. Customer service has let me know that they would be happy to replace the EHD but that the content on it is the customer’s problem. They have a restore service which costs a minimum of $700! I figure that I’m only missing a large number of digi freebies and about $50 worth of purchased kits, so obviously I’m not going to pay $700. So now I’m looking into a reliable on-line backup. The two that I hear the most about from scrappers are Mozy and Carbonite. From past digi round table episodes I have gathered that Carbonite will not back up EHDs and they will only upload 2gb per day. So that doesn’t seem to be an option. There was a listener who posted a horrible review about retrieving her data from Mozy in “the mail is the topic” episode. It appears that they have updated their retrieval process. Has anyone tried the “new and improved” data retrieval? Also, it appears that Mozy costs $9.99 for only 125gb of data. Do they compress your data? If so, does anyone know how much space I would need for 500gb of data? Does anyone have suggestions for an on-line back-up site that allows for easy retrieval of information, backs up EHDs, and offers affordable rates for a lot of data?
    Thanks in advance

  • hi guys! i’m listening to the show right now and wanted to say that I use Oh Life, too (like Peppermint), and you CAN include pictures in your reply. here’s what their site says:

    “When you reply to your OhLife email, just attach a photo to the email and it’ll get saved with your entry. You can add 1 photo per entry, so make sure you choose your favorite one! We support jpeg, gif, and png photos.”

    this would be a great way to keep track of your 365 project or any image that might relate to your entry.

    love listening to the show! you guys are awesome, funny AND informative :)

  • CathyR

    Great show! Signed up for OhLife today after listening. I don’t have a smartphone either, but I enjoy learning what is out there and how people are using it. You never know what the future brings!!

  • Claudia

    Loved the show!! As always, there were lots of good app recommendations for all of my various devices. I especially wanted to say that I AM TOTALLY INTERESTED IN CHECKING OUT DARK PROPHECY!! That sounded so interesting to see all the different ways to bring the story “alive”. I’ll let you know how I liked it later.

  • Great show

  • Fabulous show, I am all about the apps (Mac! iPhone! iPad!) too. I loved Peppermint’s suggestion for Leechblock, but I use Chrome, not Firefox. I did a little research and Chrome Nanny works a lot like Leechblock and I set it up this morning and damn, I had a productive day! It doesn’t help me scrap, but it helps me work, which pays for kits and laptops and software ;)

    Also Dark Prophecy totally sounds cool (so that is 3 of us at my count), but I am not into mystery/murder/anything creepy. But I love the idea and hope more books come out like that.

  • Arimacias

    totally getting dark prophecy, izzy. your three minutes were not wasted:)

  • Melissa in SC

    Another one to going to check out Dark Prophecy. I’m always interested in innovative e-books as I am a librarian and trying (desperately) to keep up with new developments in media. Thanks for the heads up as well as all of the other useful and fun tips from this show. The links are a treasure trove of digi resources. Awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Mozy recently took away their unlimited plan, so I switched to Crashplan. So far, I prefer the software and the best part is that you can keep your backups for as long as you want, not just 30 days like the other services limit you to. And, because of that, backing up EHDs is so much easier than it was on Mozy. Most services don’t allow you to backup EHDs at all. (Disclaimer: I get nothing for recommending them. I’m just a happy customer.)

  • Michelle

    Hi, I just thought I’d comment about the Instagram app discussion. I use Instagram and have Location Services turned OFF for the app—so Steph does not have to worry when using this app, you don’t not HAVE to let it record your location. Also, you do not have to send your image directly to a feed either—you choose at the bottom which feeds are ON/OFF when you post, and it works great. If you didn’t post to any feeds, you can always come back and do that later to a photo. What I don’t like about Instagram is that unlike other photo apps, like Hipstamatic, Instagram has only low-res 600×600 px photos. They are great for posting online but not great for scrapbooking with….however….

    ….I do have a fun Instagram project going for myself. I titled it “They Didn’t Have That When I Was a Kid” and at random times I shoot photos of my kids toys (that weren’t around when I was a kid) and title them and post them. I automatically send them to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. One day I will make a page of all of these (and it’s okay that the quality is small because I will use lots of small pics on a page)–I just started doing this project, but it’s really fun. I love that I can go to Flickr and all my photos are right there.

    I am also doing my Project 365 with all iPhone pictures. I am using the Project 365 app (have you ever mentioned this one? I love it!) to pop each photo into a calendar on my iPhone and add journaling. I send those to flickr each night and my journaling for each day is taken care of. This has made Project 365 so FUN and EASY for me! And as a result of doing this project, I am experimenting with lots of fun photo apps that I otherwise probably would not have investigated. Anyway, just had to share. Thanks for the great show!

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t “Oozes Out Cupcakes and Butterflies” be a great alternative title?? ;)

    I’m checking out Dark Prophecy though as well!

  • Just wanted to comment yes the two shows had similar topics but I learned different things from the different shows. I think with the different people and different types of scrapper you have different uses of technology in our scrapbooking. Now as I digital scrapper I wasn’t interested in the apps for printing in the daily digi that much but did think about investigating what I could do with my printer and phone for quick pictures for work – so I benefits. Great show as usual.

  • Bunnyfreak

    You were right there was more than just App apps thankfully.

  • Bunnyfreak

    I want to respond to the mail discussion about not using your real name in your posts. Now obviously my parents didn’t name me Bunnyfreak, but I think of it as me. Just the scrapping forums me. I am guessing others do this as well go with a name they use in forums and blog posts etc.

  • Thank you Izzy for your occasional “un-scrapbookbook” pick. I decided to purchase Dark Prophecy. It’s been a train wreck ever since. What an awesome use of digital storytelling. I happen to love CSI and there were a few episodes that introduced that serial killer character. So when I started reading, I was totally hooked. Talk about t hook drug! it is going to be really great to see where this takes storytelling and books, be it a suspense thriller or even a children’s book. Maybe that’s where we’ll get the cupcakes and butterflies. It may not be directly linked to scrapbooking but hey it IS storytelling. And one of the things the podcasts always highlight is that it doesn’t matter how the story is told as long as it gets told the way you want it to get told. Perhaps digital scrapbooks will be animating their digital layouts on their blogs in much the same way that Dark Prophecy has blended traditional words with animation and links to individual bios or sub-stories. Thanks again for pick. LOVE IT!

  • Kirstie MacGowan


    I have just finished listening to this episode and wanted to write and say thank you for all of the great ideas.

    I had to stop halfway through the episode and download Dropbox on to my Android phone, my laptop and also my work computer. This is such a handy app and I am glad that I no longer have to drag out the cable to connect my phone + laptop now.

    Also downloaded Unzip Them All after years of suffering through WinRAR and this is great too.

    And I have requested an invite to Pinterest – OMG, love this website and have already wasted many an hour getting inspired by all the pretty things out there. Can’t wait for my invite to come through (although I find it super bizarre that I have to get an invite to a public website).

    Thanks for the great shows as always. :-)

  • Peg in CO

    Katie, I was wondering if you had figured out something on Pinterest and can clue me in. I often find things posted on a blog that I want to pin and sometimes when I pin the item, the blog header shows on the board instead of the first image in the post like I would’ve expected. Is there anything I can do and if not, is there somewhere you’ve discovered to report these sorts of things to the developers. I love, love, love the idea of Pinterest and have definitely sunk plenty of minutes on there but am finding the land of beta software to be a little frustrating. Thanks!

  • Candy

    Katie– you have mentioned photo fusion a couple of times. I know there are different price points formit. Does the basic version do the collages you refer to or do I need to bite the bullet and spend a lot more? love the show–I am a paper scrapper but I learn something from you all each week!

  • Hey Izzy I found the ipad book you said about interesting – not that I’d read it but I like to hear where technology’s heading!

  • Anonymous

    Have you tried using the bookmarklet tool that you can add to your browser bar? When I use that I can select the image I want to pin. You can find it under the “add a pin” drop down menu. I agree that pinterest is still a little rough around the edges :)
    Hope that helps!

  • Anonymous

    Steph does a great job of explaining the different features from each version here http://thedailydigi.com/my-secret-scrapping-weapon/ so I did purchase the enhanced version. I’m a PSE user and I really don’t like to spend a ton on programs, but I have to say that foto fusion has been worth it. I love it!
    You can also see some more examples in this post http://thedailydigi.com/quick-and-easy-collages/

  • Anonymous

    I am now the proud owner of an iPad 2! My husband and daughter surprised me with it at a surprise party for my 50th Birthday! I don’t know how I ever got along without it! One thing that I just discovered (after much frustration without it!) is that you CAN use both Evernote and Kaboodle on both your iPad and iPhone.

    Using Evernote and Kaboodle with your iPad/iPhone.

    I actually just figured out how to add stuff to Evernote from either my iPad or iPhone – this is a HUGE help to me! Be sure that you have installed the Safari browser on your computer. Add the Evernote bookmarklet to the Bookmarks bar. Sync your iPad/iPhone with iTunes making sure that you have enabled Safari to sync bookmarks with your device. Now you will be able to clip stuff to Evernote with either your iPad or iPhone!

    Add the Add to Kaboodle bookmarklet to Safari in the same way as well as any other type of bookmarklet that you can add to Safari.