PDS036 – I Did It for the Scrapbooking

Here’s the question that motivated this week’s discussion? “How do you scrapbook events?” This episode has all kinds of answers! Come listen…

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* Please note that Anna sent Izzy this note after the show was recorded:

For the Scrapbookers Almanac … I misunderstood the email from Elizabeth.
A portion of the proceeds will go to the GirlEffect.org (cool video and site)
Not the entire sale. Might want to make that clear on the when the link goes up.
Sorry about that. It’s still apparently available at Amazon also.
Great book.

Anna Aspnes

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  • Amjohnson

    I am responding the comment about the CM albums – I use Pioneer top loading pages. Found them at http://www.archivalusa.com – they sell packs of 100 for 22.95. Totally worth the price and great quality product. I only have the 12×12 but have heard the 8 1/2 x 11 fit in the 12×12 albums. ~Ann

  • Sandy H.

    I did it! I just signed up for the Art Journaling #2 Class! It’s time I put my actions in line with my aspirations. I listen to your posdcasts all the time, multiple times in fact. I’ve written before–after Kayla’s metadata visit, oh so long ago. Perhaps you’ll remember…I have the Mac Book Pro that used to be so slim and trim from all my purchases. Well…guess what? I started to feel the png and psd files trying to get out because I actually jammed so many in that I needed to do something about it. I now have not one, but 2 Tb drives (so much for the Hubby enjoying sweet oblivion). I decided to take Steph’s advice and get a portable drive that contains all my digital and photo files (backed up and then some) so I can work wherever I am. The other drive is another complete back up, along with my Time Machine. See? I’m listening and I’m learning. The only thing I need to do is get one of them off-site for safe keeping. (Izzy, I hear you…) I love the shows! I’m a member of Papercipping, the Daily Digi subscription, and I’m using your affiliate offers. I will do whatever I can to give back for all the AWESOME information I receive each week. I don’t need a 12 step program yet, I am just a super loyal fan! I am soooo “digi”, huh?

  • Thank you for your membership, Sandy!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! It’s fun to hear that the show is making a difference for you. I can’t believe how much I learn from it every week as well. :)

  • Kris

    I want to tell you that I just love your show and although I am not entirely “digi” yet, I appreciate all the info that I glean from listening to your entertaining (I laugh out loud at just about every podcast) and informative podcasts. The real reason for my comment, however, is to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for talking about the necessity of backing up our data. This was never really on my radar, but after hearing about Mozy as a pick of the week a while back (several months now) I signed up for the basic package. I planned to work on my December Daily project this evening only to discover that the folder which housed ALL of my December 2010 photos was corrupt. After a momentary flash of panic, I remembered that I could restore my pictures from Mozy. It was a relatively painless process, and within 45 minutes I had all of my precious December memories restored. I just cannot thank you enough!

  • akgeezee

    I had a great way to get pics of an event I was not even able to attend. My son was going to a formal dinner and dance with a group of his friends. He is 16 and has been around me and my camera forever. I sent my Rebel with him and gave strict instructions that everyone was supposed to take pics at any time there was a memorable moment to capture. I received the best pictures ever. They were more comfortable with their friends being the ones behind the camera. Not a single picture was inappropriate. I was able to give discs of all 85 pics to each of the kids and their families got the benefit as well. My kids are used to having the camera sitting out and are comfortable with using it. This way I get an almost daily picture of lego creations from my 8yo and more than one or two shots of me at candid moments. Even if I did not seem to attend my last birthday party because I was the only one that picked up the camera that day. Oh, well some days are better than others. ( My response to any concerns about turning my children loose with such a valuable camera is that the moments they capture are worth every penny it might take to replace a damaged camera, besides my renters ins. has a rider for that kind of thing.)

  • I love that idea — both your take on events as well as the everyday!

    You’ve inspired me. I am going to teach my kids to use our Rebel! Thank you
    so much for sharing this!

    I also like your assessment about the value of pictures over STUFF!
    Especially if some of us know our children tend to be more careful with
    equipment. If someone knows their child is very hyperactive or particularly
    clumsy, a parent might want to hold off on this. But I do think that with
    good instruction, kids can usually do much more than we tend to think they
    can do.

  • Anonymous

    I love both the digi show and the roundtable. I have been listening for quite awhile, but with my husband and I being staring college students we have been tight on money. However, I was able to justify the $7.50 and purchased the digi files this month. I was so giddy, my husband wouldn’t quit laughing at me. I don’t feel like a shmuck any more hopefully someday soon I will be able to subscribe to something, but for now I will do what I can to support. I am now so addicted that the weekly shows aren’t enough and I have started re-listening to episodes. Thanks for the awesome break from the sucky parts of life.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been there myself :) I’m so glad you got to treat yourself to a digi files. It’s the best bargain out there in digi so you are smart to use your precious pennies for a big bundle like that. Thanks for listening!

  • Anonymous

    You bet Katie! Only 1 year and about 2 months till I am done with school. Also wanted to thank you for the comment on my tulip photo on flickr. I was a little star struck when I saw it. :)

  • Lisa

    Oh Anna — why do you tease me so?? That Almanac sounded so interesting, but it would cost more in shipping than the book itself cost!

  • Rosa Rivero

    just wanted to add my two cents about events scrapbooking- I think Katie hinted at this but my recommendation is to sometimes wait for a few years…if you have 4 birthdays or 4 Halloween days and you can see the time passing, it can be so much more inspiring to talk about what things have changed and what things are the same. On that same note, EllaPublishing has an e-book (that was maybe someone’s pick) about scrapbooking a whole year in 24 layouts…and there are ideas such as having a family birthday page. check it out here
    Also, Cathy Zielske has a template for her holidays that is super simple, you can see it here

  • Anonymous

    It’s a gorgeous photo! :)

  • Anonymous

    great ideas and resources Rosa! I love that approach :)

  • Rosa Rivero

    just remembered that someone had trouble getting their teenage daughter to document her life…Stacy Julian is doing an amazing project I think is called 180…it’s about her son’s senior year in high school. I think she is taking a picture everyday, but the most interesting part is that he text him questions (while he is in school although he technically shouldnt answer his phone haha) and he texts backs the answer…which if she would ask him in person he probably wouldnt…just a tip that only Stacy could have thought of

  • Leslie

    LumaPix fotofusion……I’d heard about this program on either paperclipping or this digi show a long time ago….today’s show sent me to the site again. I bought the essentials version and upgraded to the extreme version (to get psd file saving capabilities) today after playing around with the essentials version for a week. I used the links. Thanks for the recommendations!.

  • Steph

    I loved this comment! Loved it so much, we read it in the last show! You are DIGI! :) ;) THANKS!

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU so much for sharing!! Glad it all worked out!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this idea!! I also love the perspective you have on the value of the memories your kids capture…thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    You rock!! Thanks so much for this comment and for purchasing The Digi Files!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for sharing these ideas with us! :)

  • Anonymous

    I remember this idea and love it so much! Unfortunately, my daughter hates technology, texting included :( Sometimes I wonder if she really is related to me! ;)

  • Anonymous

    It’s a really great program!!! I love using it! :) Glad you are enjoying it too!

  • I’m also seeing this is my children get older. It’s just a valuable, maybe even more so to compare 4 years of Halloween photos in one layout than it is to document the same thing each year. What’s that saying? Patience is a virtue. There is a lot to be said for not being *caught up* in our stories.

  • Mine are a little young for this but storing this little gem away for the future.

  • OH I’m sorry Lisa… Where are you located?

  • England. We moved here about 8 years ago.

  • Barbara

    Hi everyone! I’m finally getting around to responding about “The Scrapbook Company that Shall Not be Named!” You all had it right about which company I was talking about. I can’t speak to their reputation now, as I’ve not been associated with them for several years now, but they USED to have a reputation of being rather litigious. Wonderful products, though!
    Anywhoo, I did find those page protectors by Pioneer that fit, and they work wonderfully! I ordered all my P365 layouts for 2010 and put them in a CM album as soon as they came. My Male helped, and then he sat down and read every single page. He’s never done that with any other scrapbook that I’ve made. It was awesome. I was so happy that I made a video! A wonky video, but thereyouhaveit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu5qj8S9Ln8

  • Melinda Kirk

    First of all a big THANK YOU for a fabulous and informative show. I love the relaxed format that is always fun but still leaves me feeling like I just took a really good class! I am a hybrid scrapper and do a bit of digital and a bit of paper scrapping on most of my pages (I have an A3 printer) so the digi show AND the Roundtable are both great for me. I also love that it keeps me up to date with the good scrapping stuff the US has going on while I am all the way over here in Australia. I have made peace with my event scrapping now by always using the same layout. Yup, every Christmas and Birthday for both of my boys uses the exact same layout. I change the colours and papers but that is it. I use the same journalling prompts each year – ‘this Christmas we…’; ‘Father Christmas brought…’; ‘this Christmas was magic because…’ etc. It makes it SO easy and leaves me brain space to really focus on the pictures and the story and worry less about keeping up. It does feel like a dirty secret though, in several years of scrapbooks not a single person, scrapper or not, has noticed! I even did a whole travel album that way and no one said a word!

  • Okay — that is AWESOME! Makes me feel tempted to use them!

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for that video!

  • Barbara

    It was fun to do! Thanks for watching! And, yes, use them; the only problem I did have was that they are really, really difficult to open up. I’m guessing that they are cut by some laser-type thingy, so even though the top opening isn’t heat-sealed, it still takes a bit of work to get them open. Picture a grocery store product bag, but WAY “stickier.”

  • I just finished listening to this episode, but I wanted to share a blog post I wrote a few week’s ago about scrapbooking traditions: http://www.scrapworthylives.com/2011/02/08/scrapbook-traditions/
    Overall, I think people should scrapbook some of their traditions at least some of the time. But if it stresses you out or you just don’t want to, then don’t do it. People need to do what works for them and just need to remember why they are scrapbooking in the first place. Use that to shape what you actually scrapbook, not a calendar (unless, that is your reason for scrapbooking).