PDS035 – Bored by Plain Old Paper

In this episode of the Paperclipping Digi Show, there’s some cross-pollination going on. Come listen to hear what news there is for digital scrapbookers at CHA.

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  • Linda

    Hi-I want to go on the record and say. When you quoted my email about not having repeats on the show. I thought Katie was the co-host. So, she isn’t considered a repeat. lol

    In addition. About scanning photos. Heritage Makers has a program for their consultants to have a professional photo scanner by Kodak to help build their business. Your listeners may want to see if there is a local person to help them get those photos scanned.


  • Linda, I love you! We are such jokers and teasers and we sometimes worry
    that our audience members might take our teasing the wrong way. Thank you
    for not playing along!!!


  • Love Love Love both the Digi show and the Roundtable. I listen to them at work, over and over again. (Izzy before you ask I work at a factory where i sew baseball hats(New Era Cap) and we all listen to our radios and ipods mine just happens to be set to podcasts alot!!) I just dabble in digital so the extracting a banana show was a lot to digest, however every new show is another learning experience and a way to broaden my digi knowledge. I do however have a question. I know how to use templates and can clip paper and pictures to them, however i dont understand what im supposed to do with the embellishments that are in the template? Do you clip something to them or are they just place holders? If they are just place holders like i suspect how exactly do you use them to place an embellishment of your choice. Steph if you can figure out what im trying to ask maybe you can post a reply as i am confused not only by the templates but by my question. Please continue to inspire, educate and entertain me weekly. I havent had this much fun at work in years.

  • Angela

    MimiDenise it sucks to be you. Just kidding. I agree that you just have to get started. I am paper scrapping aaalllll of my parents pictures. I decided not to do digital because it would be more overwhelming for me (I am still learning PhotoShop Elements) My father had only a few of his family pictures (brothers, sisters, etc). He passed away 5 years ago so I can not ask him who some of these strange people were. I met my fathers family once and they live in Mexico, so I have no one to ask. I started 5 years too late. So get started. It a long process. I want to get it done while my mother and her memory is still around.
    It is too bad that there is still an “us vs them” with paper and digital. I think there is room for all of us. I am glad that Steph went to CHA. It is good to see what the trends are in paper. I had mention on the comments for We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy video that I liked the technique but I cannot see myself doing all that work on a page. I just so happen to check the sale at Designer Digitals and found flossy stiches for $2.79 by Katie Pertiet. It was on the most popular section.
    Lastly, Izzy, Izzy, Izzy. Really?! You make fun of Provo Craft putting out expensive stuff. If I were Provo, I would take issue with your pick. $3,500.00!!!!!!!! Didn’t you also pick the Canon Camara that was a bazillion dollars too. Not to mention the IPad. Sigh. :)

  • I read your last paragraph to Izzy and was teasing him about it — and then
    it occurred to me: His pick is for professional film and video, the stuff
    you see in movies. Provo Craft stuff is for scrapbooking — a hobby. You can
    only expect his item to be expensive, but I’m not sure about the expense of
    some craft stuff. :)

    Of course, why Izzy is sharing professional film equipment for movie-making
    on a scrapbooking show is beyond me…


  • Linda

    Hi Teri-Let me see if I can help and Steph can add as needed. The templates are showing you suggested placement for your embellishments. You can use those as a clipping mask but keep in mind that the shape is what you will end up with. Here are some basic steps to help with that. In PSE locate and open an embellishment image you would like to add to your page, say a brad. The brad should now be in your photo bin below. Click on the layout where you want this brad on the layers palette. To make this our active file,a blue bounding box in the photo bin will show you the active file. Click and drag the brad to pull, into the workspace, on your layout Bring the brad into your layout. Place the layer for the brad above the template suggestive placement area.layer you want to use. Then in the layers palette you will se an eye to the left, click on that to remove that as an active layer. You can see that the image is gone and now your brad is its place.
    Next (optional) you can click and drage that placement layer to the trash can on the bottom right of the screen or you can simply leave it there unchecked. When you flatten the file ready for print that layer won’t show since, the eye is not present. Does that make sense?
    If you are using PS, I am sure Steph can give you a play by play as well as you won’t have a photobin on the bottom of your screen.

  • VickiR

    Thanks so much for addressing my question about Art Journals – and what a wonderful coincidence that Getting Scrapped is offering a discount on their class! Following up on my comment about having submitted a pirate drawing, it appears you are all too young [chuckling] to remember that back in the day magazines carried advertisements from “Art Instruction Schools” soliciting submissions of art work for evaluation. The ads always had either a turtle or a pirate cartoon character for would-be artists to copy and submit. I did, and I was basically told “thank you very much, please don’t quit your day job”. It was in that context that I was asking my question (meaning I, apparently, have no innate artistic ability) and I think the panel did a fine job of answering. Here’s a very short article that shows a picture from one of those “draw me” ads from back in the day: http://www.creativepro.com/article/creativeprose-tippy-the-turtle-and-pirates-too-

  • Great show! I have only been listening to the Digi Show for a few weeks now (and are about half-way through the older episodes). Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am glad you did this particular episode. After last week’s episode, I became very curious as to how much a digital scrapper might get out of CHA. I mean, I knew there would be some stuff, but would there really be enough to justify a trip to CHA. It sounds like there was. Thanks for providing a digital scrapbooker’s perspective on the new product debuting at CHA.

  • makes perfect sense! Thanks so much. I had seen a few templates i like but did not like the flowers i knew i could turn them off but i dint know how other people used them. I kinda of thought it was this way.

  • I knew exactly what you meant when this comment was read. Made me chuckle.

  • Amy

    I just listened to the episode on my commute but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the backup service that Steph said she was moving to … I’m going be cancel Mozy but need a new service!

  • talktoheather

    Hey Noell, you are not alone in your photography workflow. I also am an Aperture user. So woooooo! to your Aperture user shout out. :D
    Great show as ever guys!

  • PattiP

    I just loaded Aperture 2 on my MacBook Pro. Just learning the ropes but very happy with it so far. Love the Digi Show & the Roundatable. I’m using PSE9 for my digi scrapping, and have over the past year moved more & more to digital. I still buy some paper products that I love for mini-books (thanks, Noelle for the batch process videos!) and for photo album scrapbooks (ala Stacy Julian).

    Just had to shout out for Aperture :)

  • Hurray for another one!

    So happy to see scrapbookers finally adopting this amazing piece of

  • HII just had to jump in and link up to my art journal :)


  • Teri @ Piccolina Designs

    Again, another great show. Steph, I actually plan on purchasing one of the Franklin pens within the next few weeks to use on some new albums I just printed (and am anxiously waiting to get in the mail). I feel the same as you do. Although it may not be a forever, archival type way of keeping those stories, I think it is something that my little almost 3 year old will really enjoy as she looks at the albums. She already loves just looking at them. Also, from what I have read and researched on the product, the stickers are re positionable. I will let you know how it goes. I have really excited that the new generations will be USB capable.
    Also, Nancy, you were not the “devil’s advocate” you were just speaking the truth. When I first started into digital several years ago, I made the mistake of asking my local scrapping store if they had any product or helpful hints to get started (mind you, this is a store that I went to for traditional items as well). The owner literally glared at me and said “We don’t do anything with that kind of stuff” as if I were asking her for drugs or something. Because of her attitude towards me, I never went back to the store. I would think that they would want to embrace it some, because even though I do all of my actually scrapping digitally now, I still use plenty of scrapping papers and supplies for other projects, cards, home decor, etc.

  • It it a shame that some scrapbook stores are worried about digi detracting from their business. I would think that anything that keeps people scrapping is beneficial. (Some crafts die out, like hook rugs. :) I find myself trying some digi pages, and still making hybrid and traditional cards. I plan to always have some tangible products. One attraction to digital scrapbooking is already having my pictures on my computer. Printing them feels like an extra step. With a toddler in the house, I also need to keep the mess to a minimum.

    I was intimidated my Photoshop Elements a few years ago, and only used it for a couple of months. I decided to try Stampin’ Up’s My Digital Studio software and have been happy with it. This is an interesting example of a company adding digital to their traditional supplies, but they are not wholesale. I would think that the direct sales/demonstrator model is quite different than the wholesale model.

    Now that I listen to this show, I am more confident about going back to Photoshop Elements once I outgrow My Digital Studio. I appreciate hearing that it took others a long time to learn PSE and Photoshop. I also like the idea of starting with templates and learning a little bit at a time. Thank you for another great episode!

  • Teri @ Piccolina Designs

    It took me 3 years to really start using PSE. I got it as a gift for Christmas in 2004 and did a little photo editing with it. My mom and sister were talking about how awesome it was to scrapbook with it. I just kept getting frustrated with it (especially layers). One day I decided I was going to do a layout no matter what. I found Shabby Princess’ first layout tutorial, followed it and actually made a layout. I was hooked. I have learned so much and still have so much to learn about PSE. I still use PSE mainly for scrapping and have mooved into CS for designing. I always tell people that I still do not know half the capabilities of PSE. The wonderful thing is that there are so many fabulous tutorials available for it.

  • Chelle

    I like BackBlaze.

  • Chelle

    Thanks Steph for the honest opinions about what a digi-designer can (or cannot) get from CHA. I’d been wondering if I should be making more effort to get there.

    As to paper companies offering their products digitally…While we may LOVE their designs, I think the offerings I’ve see so far are missing something. It wasn’t until this episode that I realized what is missing. When a “paper” designers digital design is printed on paper or made out of felt or chipboard, etc, the process adds texture to the final product. Lots of texture on rough products…not so much on smoother papers. When paper companies offer their products “as-is” or what it looks like BEFORE it’s printed, the texture is missing. Since most digi scrappers print their LO on smooth papers, the end result is no texture. Digital designers add texture to their designs to compensate for this. IMO paper companies that want to be sucessful in the digi market need to address the issue of texture in their digi products.

  • Rosa Rivero

    I am a paper scrapper and I was also curious about art journaling. Sometime last year, I found Donna Downey’s videos (Inspiration Wednesday) and they are super inspiring and informative. She is so funny and she explains techniques, and supplies…I agree it can be anything you want but I found the videos very helpful. you can check them out here: http://donnadowney.typepad.com/simply_me/inspiration-wednesdays/

  • Totally agree, Rosa! I watch Donna’s videos sometimes and really enjoy them
    — her personality makes them so fun to watch!!!

  • Adriana

    I think it was CrashPlan. A review is here that talks all about it: