PDS033 – Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat

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  • KarynS

    Regarding adding keywords for episodes – I add keywords/notes in iTunes – i just click on the name of the episode and add a keyword at the end.

  • Lynn Mercurio

    Hey all – love the show (otherwise I wouldn’t listen each week) and while I’m not a digi scrapper, I’m hoping to gain knowledge about digi scrapping from osmosis.

    In listening to your show today regarding the discussion about using keywords about each show, I have a simple suggestion. Perhaps if you titled the episode more relevant to the topic, that would help listeners find the topics they are wanting to revisit.

    While I totally LOVE the fun titles that Izzy creates, they do little to describe the show content. I am not suggesting that Izzy STOP creating the witty titles, I would suggest that a show topic title ALSO be included.

    Thanks so much for providing such great shows for us to listen to and learn from.

  • Bobbi

    I think the Wiki idea is great. I really appreciate the links to the guests and their picks, but so often you mention things in the discussion that I want to follow up on – having a place for everyone to contribute additional information, links, or even just the name (I want to see the McCluskey paint stroke alpha that you were describing today but missed the name of the shop and I’m not finding it on Google . . . did I hear the name wrong or what? – an example of how the Wiki would be helpful.)

    Enjoy the show always and learn so much! Thanks.

  • Sarahlbarton

    I haven’t gotten to listen to this episode yet, but I had to share my new exciting news. If you are a student or teacher you can get Adobe Lightroom for $89.00!! I just went to their website and saw that section. I work at a college, so I qualify. If you aren’t aren’t a student or faculty, you might consider telling students you know about this great deal;-)

    Also, I just read a blog and thought it might make an excellent topic for a show. Adding finishing touches to your projects to give them the handmade not homemade look. Maybe one all about how to make those hybrid projects look finished and beautiful. I know I am always jealous when I see some of the beautiful hybrid projects out there. I discovered hybrid after discovering digital, and I just don’t have the skills or know how yet to give those projects the special wow factor. I’d love to hear some of the panelists secrets:-)

  • StudioWendy

    I too had trouble finding an old episode, so I’d love a few basic tags to somehow be included. Maybe you can get a volunteer to listen each week and give you the tags to include somewhere on your page.

    As for viewing brushes, I’ve heard great things about TumaSoft’s Preset Viewer. For the longest time, it was PC-only, but I now see that it’s available for Mac! Can I get a woohoo? There’s a 7-day trial too. It lets you view and organize all your presets, not just brushes. And, it looks like they lowered the price. Just $25.

  • Regarding brushes: Those who are happily on a Mac can get a fabulous program called Brush Pilot at http://www.brushpilotapp.com/ which automatically finds all abr files on your hard drive so you can visually see every brush you have. You can even load them into PSE from there, but you need to pick the brush before you open up PSE (or restart PSE). If you like to use brushes, it’s well worth the price.

  • I have several questions about printing digital pages to put in an album. I know you all have answered some of these questions before, but unfortunately I need to ask them again! I have had several albums printed in book format, but have never printed individual pages to put into page protectors and an album. What type of album should I buy, and what type of page protectors? Also, what format do I have the pages printed in…I have them uploaded to persnickety prints, but haven’t ordered them yet. I would love to have something to display my son’s first two years at his birthday party. I haven’t scrapped as much as I would like, but I feel like I don’t really know what I have…and getting them printed individually would help me with that issue.

    Thanks so much, I really enjoy the show!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a link to a few of the posts about brushes on The Daily Digi http://thedailydigi.com/brush-basics/

  • Chelle

    It’s C.D. Muckosky. Her usual home is Little Dreamer Designs, and while I haven’t listened to the show yet, I’m betting the alpha is free spirit alpha: http://www.littledreamerdesigns.com/newshoppe/product.php?productid=1111&cat=0&page=2

  • Chelle

    Am I the only one who gets a bit excited on Thursday afternoons because when I get home from work there will be a new episode of the digi show available? LOL! Can’t wait to listen!

  • Lilsamples

    I also look forward to the digi show each week!

  • Bobbi

    Thank you!

  • MimiDenise

    HELP! I am just starting out. I hwve thousands of photos and I want to scan hundreds more into my computer and organize and scrapbook them. I am feeling a little overwhelmed but I am sure it can be done! Where should I start? The recent email was very helpful about pulling just the photos that “tell the story” and working/editing/journaling them. Which articles or roundtables or whatever should I check first to get me started? Thanks! ~MimiDenise

  • Liz M.

    Another great and fun episode! I generally use brushes in my design work and when I’m scrapping they are generally limited to just alphas. I actually once took one of my favorite painted alphas and made it a brush set so I could use it all the time! I am going to think about other ways to use brushes on my page. And by the way, I adore the Lego a Day website, I died laughing! Keep up the good work.

  • Liz M.

    I usually don’t print in bound books, just individual layouts. I treat them just like a paper pages. First you need to decide what size you want. The most popular I see are 8″x8″ and 12″ x 12″. You can use whatever page protectors and albums that paper scrappers use. I purchased Pioneer 8″ x8″ post bound albums and then top loading page protectors, but that was because I need a variety of colors for all the topics I was using albums for. Persnickety is great at not cutting off much around the edges.

  • scrappychar

    Well you asked so I am commenting :) I love the idea of a wiki! My son (who is 9) follows (with our guidance of course) several wiki’s on the net for his hobbies (pokemon, magic cards etc) as does my husband. Of course I also love the idea of a general digi wiki (hmm now you have my wheels turning). When I was first starting out and even now, being into digi for a year, I found it hard to find the information on “how” or “what” to do. I never knew where to turn. I have since found many sites (including two of my faves the daily digi and paperclipping! (though paper clipping is not digi, but more inspiration!). Collecting these links as “external links” for a wiki may be fun to. I think the whole collective digi scrapper world has so many tips, tricks and hints to share and collecting the information in one space.

    I also wanted to add that I love, love, love the show, well both show actually. A comment on a show (don’t remember if it was digi show or roundtable) a while back talked about supporting PRT and Digi Show by subscribing and I thought why hadn’t I thought of that! I have been a daily digi support for a while now and now am a Paperclipping member. Looking forward to continuing learning and hanging out with you guys on a weekly basis!

  • VickiR

    I’m hoping that you and your wonderful panel could spend time explaining art journals – what they are for and how they are made (or do I mean how they are kept?) I realize this is a very basic question. But I’m really lost when this topic comes up. Exactly how do you use an art journal – are we taking mind musings and scribbles or…or ??? How would I get started keeping an art journal? If, when I submitted my pirate drawing to that magazine and they told me “thanks but don’t quit your day job” – am I totally out of luck????

  • VickiR

    I have been waiting for this program to go. Mac!!! It is the ONLY program I have found that not only let’s you see your brushes, but your “styles” AND your custom shapes AND your patterns AND gradients AND swatches – and now it looks as if they have now added font viewing as well! Oh – and you can ORGANIZE them! If you are a digi designer like me, or a scrapper with tons of brushes, styles, shapes and fonts you are going to truly love this program. I guess I sound like I work for TumaSoft – but I don’t. However, I did use the earlier version of this product on Windows and I promise you there is NOTHING else out there even remotely close. It was the one piece of software I truly missed when I moved to my beloved Mac!! Someone needs to make this one of their Picks – I promise your audience will love it!

  • Dear Steph,

    I love the show – and the Roundtable too I’ve been getting more dishes done now that I have cool things to listen to after the kids and I are done with homeschool.

    Most of what I hear I have to translate, because I use the GIMP, but it is so interesting to hear about what is possible. I especially like hearing about various guest’s design processes, and organizational methods, although I have a small stash, so it’s not hard to find things right now. I also knit, sew and paper scrap and hybrid scrap, I’m only just beginning to do totally digital pages – so I haven’t jumped into digital totally, so many hobbies, so little time!

    I’m wondering about two things:
    My Mom gave me a Spellbinder’s Grand Calilbur machine for my birthday this year- are any digital designers making compatible designs for hybrid scrapbookers that coordinate with the spellbinder’s dies, like the stamping companies are?

    And could you do a show on the different digital stores and their styles? A sort of web tour? It was cool to hear about Deviant scrap – what other sorts of styles are there out there? Is Dover press going to release old motifs on-line in kits ever? I love their cds.

    Christine in Massachusetts

  • Thanks so much for another great show! I’ve been listening since the show started and I’m finally coming out of the woodwork to post my first comment because of Lego of all things. Katie, I’m an adult Lego lover too and I also ask for sets for birthdays and Christmas! Loved your pick this week!

  • According to their web site, the lateste version ot the Preset Viewer by Tumasoft now works on MACs!
    You can view brushes (abr), patterns (pat), custom shapes (csh), styles (asl), gradients (grd), contours (shc), documents (psd), swatches (aco,ase,act,acb,ado), and more.

    Betsy Tuma was the former owner of Plain Digital Wrapper and now designs at 2Peas. She and her husband developed the Preset Viewer together.

  • Lara

    Katie, I love it when you are a “repeat” on the show! You have a great knowledge of the digi world. Personally I think you should be Steph’s constant sidekick like Ed McMahon was to Johnny or Nancy is to Noell.

    I just got PSE and Lightroom for Christmas but unfortunately with work and family I don’t have a lot of time to figure it out. So I have been gleaning the Daily Digi tutorials and listening to the digi show when ever I get a chance and picking up on a few tips here and there. Thank you so much for bringing it all together! Some things I think would be so simple in PSE are not. I thought it would be similar to FunTime a graphic software I use with my electronic cutter but it’s not. When I’m trying to figure something out I wish I could have Katie sitting next to me to answer all my questions :) Some day I’ll get it figured out it is just going to take time and more digi show listening!

    I just have to tell you my dream is to one day be standing in line at a Costco here in Utah and hear either you or Steph talking and then I would be able to tell you in person what a fan I am of your show! I work from home and spend a lot of time on the phone with my team in CA and so I have learned to recognize voices pretty well so maybe I’ll recognize you one of these days ;) Stay warm and keep smiling! Lara (ScrappinWhenICan)

  • KimG

    Loved the show, I love all the the discussion on brushes even though I don’t use them that often. It did remind me of my alpha brushes I haven’t used in a while.

    Oh and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Legos here too. My boys do not know how good they have it. We have soooo many Star Wars Legos and some Indiana Jones and some Lego City. We have the watches for the boys, we have the Lego Advent Calendar from the last two years and we just brought home from my in-laws’ house my DH old Castle Legos and now have added a set or two. Yeah…we are a little obsessed and love the Lego-A-Day blog as well. My son wants to make his own now and we’ve taken several photos so far!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Glad to know I’m not the only one. :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the nice comment! Chances are pretty good that you will run into me at a Costco someday since I go there a lot. LOL!

  • Anna_aspnes

    Wow! That is cool and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anna Aspnes

    Super idea! Art Journals are cool but a little mysterious when you don’t know what they are. Pattie Knox does some great Art Journal classes.

  • Anna Aspnes

    Start small so as not to get too overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time is the best advice I can give. Can you be more specific on your questions about “Where to start”?

  • LauraB

    Add to your podcast Info in iTunes: If you right click on an episode and select “Get Info” and select the Lyrics tab–you can type any info you want about an episode. When it plays on my iPhone, I’ll see that information on the screen. I always add the discussion topic and paste the panel names and picks.

  • laurab

    You can also change the titles yourself. I find that I listen to these wonderful podcast over and over and it helps me to search for the one I want with a more descriptive subject title.

  • Deirdre

    Great show. I second making Katie a regular, even if only for her stellar “picks”—my sons are so enjoying the lego version of 365, though I’ve lost way too much time to pinterest!

    I’d love a link to the pages Anna was describing that use her brush work but are ready-made. I couldn’t quite catch what she was calling them.

    I never quite understood the difference between brushes and the png form I always use, so thanks again for the great show.

  • Deirdre

    Just visited Anna’s website—what a treasure house of inspiration and generosity! Anyone else interested in the 365 free template she mentioned, here is the direct link:

    Also, so appreciated the post about how you organize your albums/binders. Amazing work!

  • Anna_aspnes

    Anytime Deirdre!

  • I’m just now getting to listen to the show because we have been super busy this year traveling all over the country for doctoral program interviews. However, I wanted to chime in and say that when I remember, I use the free mac utility ABRView (http://www.easyelements.com/abrview.html) to preview my brushes. It’s a pretty simple interface, but the price is right. :)

    I like to use brushes like I would stamps. I’m a fan of the fact that I don’t have to worry about my ink pad drying out, or if I have the right color/size/shape/etc… Pretty much the same thing I love about all digital products!! My problem is that I haven’t used brushes a TON, so I sometimes forget that they’re an option.

  • Lara

    Thanks Steph for including my comment in episode 35. Good thing I work from home because I screamed out loud when you read this :). Sorry I thought you lived in Utah, seems like one episode you were talking about tags and I thought it was you that mentioned Saratoga Springs which is a city on the other side of the valley from where I live. It must have been another guest that said that or a different Saratoga Springs. In the Paperclipping Roundtable, I love how when Noell introduces a guest she says where they are calling in from. Not sure why, just interesting to hear where everyone one is from all over the world and they are still able to bring the ideas together in one show.

  • I’m listening now to the comments on visually organizing brush files. I put all my brushes in a file called brushes, keeping each set in an individual folder. Then I pull the pngs into iPhoto. You can see them that way, and I can tag them as “brushes” and build a smart album of all the brushes so I can look at all the brushes I own at once and choose the ones I want to use. Then I can easily see the brushes I want to load in PSE (I usually only load in the ones I want to use as I use them)

    I actually use iPhoto to organize all my digiscrap supplies. I tend to be a kit scrapper, so each “event” in iPhoto is a kit. I arrange my kits alphabetically by designer in iPhoto. Inside the kit, I tag each paper, accent, ribbon, alpha, template, etc. (sometimes I even tag colors if i see something especially striking) I have made smart albums for “templates” for instance – so when I need to pick out a template to scrap with, iPhoto pulls all the templates from my entire iphoto library into one place, and I can visually see them.

    The search tool in iPhoto is really wonderful, and I can easily find my favorite “staple” (for instance) by just typing it in. I did a quick tutorial on my blog a while ago that explains the process. I’m not a big organizing girl b/c I don’t have time to tag all day, but about once a month I tag everything I downloaded that month one evening while watching reruns on tv, and it’s done.

    Thanks for an awesome show!