PDS032 – I’m Learning So Much Today

Recolor anything, anytime! Come learn the power of the recoloring in digital scrapbooking…

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  • mrshobbes

    I didn’t realize there were so many ways to recolor! I usually use the Hue/Sat bar. Never thought to try an adjustment layer, so thank you! :)

    Re Pinterest: beware, please–this is a huge time-suck, lol! But I imagine as a digi designer, this is an amazing resource for inspiration for kits: color palettes, textures, etc :)

  • Anonymous

    Pinterest is a huge time-sucker! :) If anyone wants to find me on there this is the link http://pinterest.com/ktscrapbooklady/pins/ I couldn’t seem to figure that out when we were recording. lol!

  • Steph R

    Thank you so much for the hints. Christine or Lauren talked about organizing there photos to scrap with lightroom using an automatic export to a file. I was wondering if anyone had a resource on how to set that up. I am a new LR user and I get really stuck after I have made the changes getting the file into another program with the changes. Thanks so much

  • You guys were talking about the pressure to take the “perfect” picture for your 365 when reading the mail and I just had to comment. I’m in the middle of a very UNpressured 365 at the moment. I started over the summer and it was solely a photo project (this was before I learned about digital scrapbooking.) To make my life easier I just decided that it was going to be done COMPLETELY on my iPhone 3GS. (I have cheated a few times and used photos from my camera, though… but ignore that.) I take the photos on my phone, do all the processing on my phone and blog them from my phone. I decided I actually wanted them to feel really processed as a way to kind of compensate for the fact that they were taken on my phone. I’ve missed quite a few days and that’s cool; and December was so crazy it was SOOC and I’m ok with that too. Eventually Blurb will be able to slurp up my self-hosted wordpress blog and then I’ll print it out. Until then I’m just happy for it to be what it is…. (I am going to make a new change in February and do a bit more commentary… but just a sentence or two.)

    The (very long and drawn out) point I’m making is, as with all of life, give your self some slack. Do whatever you can do…. because it’s better than nothing. Don’t let your perfectionism get in your way. (Thank you Flylady.)


  • Vicki Ward

    I love listening to the roundtable and digi-show so not sure which of these that Aperture was mentioned on recently. I had wanted this program but didn’t have the money to spend on it. However when hearing it was available on the new App store with nearly £100 off I just couldn’t help myself and downloaded it straight away. Thanks for the tip. I can’t wait to start sorting out all my digital supplies. However when importing pngs it does weird things to them. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way around it?

  • HI, Vicki! That was the Roundtable that we talked about that. I have never
    imported png’s into Aperture. I keep them in folders in my regular computer
    system outside of any organizer.

    Are you sure stay wonky like that? I’m wondering if it’s possible that
    Aperture doesn’t know how to show it accurately in its preview since
    Aperture was made for photos, not digital products. If you actually try to
    use it — say in PSE — does it open all wonky too? Or is it back to normal?

    Wish I could help you in that area!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome idea! And what a great way to represent the current technology of the time also. :)

  • Angela

    I’m still learning my way through Photoshop Elements. I still think Fotofusion is way easier! But I digress I just ordered the kit to help Zoe Pearn’s. $10.00!!!!! They should have charged more. I was a very lucky person in 2003. My house survived the Cedar fire. How is it that all the houses around me burned down to the ground and my little house survived?! God only knows. I went around a couple of weeks ago and took pictures of my “new neighborhood” since I never took pictures of the old one. I have pictures of the fire and the horrible aftermath. I plan to use this kit to finally scrap those pictures. As I am typing this post I am hearing someone mowing their lawn, dogs barking and horse neighing. The name of this kit is perfect. Keep us updated if there is anything we can do for Zoe.

  • Mary-Kay T.

    Wow, that Pintrest looks great! Can someone send me an invite??? I’d love to join….

  • Anonymous

    Great show as per usual but I will definitely need to listen to this one again, pen in hand, to jot down all the great tips! I find that I really need to listen to your podcasts when I am doing something mindless, like playing solitaire on the computer. If I try to listen and scrap at the same time, I miss so much!

    Anyway, this is a “pick” for you that would also apply to paper scrappers so I will post it as a comment over at PRT as well.

    On the weekend I was reading an update from Lain (I think) and she got me checking out some apps for scrappers on iTunes. While I was there, I found another one and it is GREAT! It is called Sketches2Scrapbook and you can find it here: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/sketches-2-scrapbook/id404025304?mt=8 There is a lite and a paid version. The lite version offers 12 sketches and the paid is 104. You can search by number of photos, type of layout (single or double), theme, number of papers, trims & flowers, large embellishments, small embellishments and journal options. Then the results appear and you can flip through them or click on one and then click to see a finished layout and even get the supply list for it (paper supplies). It really is quite neat so check it out!

  • Anonymous

    I’d be happy to send you one! Not sure how to get your email from this comment but feel free to email me at ktscrapbooklady@gmail.com

  • Vicki, GreenEyedLadyDesigns

    Thank you so much, Izzy, for giving us “Exit Through the Gift Store” as your pick. I streamed it to my iPad (!!!) tonight and found it to be one of the most creative documentaries I’ve ever seen. I alternately chuckled and shook my head watching this story unfold. When it was over, I had to use The Google to research “Mr. Brainwash” in order to convince myself that the movie itself was not a hoax! What a riot!

    Just prior to listening to the PRT and the Digi Show, I received an invitation to Pinterest. I was able to find Angie, Izzy and Noelle, but not Katie or the other panel members. If they have signed up, could someone publish their user names, so we can follow them? The only downside I can find to Pinterest, other than it being yet another method for avoiding the things I REALLY need to get done, is that I can’t seem to “pin” when I’m on my iPad. Perhaps someone will develop an App??

    Thanks for all the good info in this week’s show. As always, I came away with lots of ideas and things to research! Good thing I’ve got my trusty iPhone, iPad and iMac to make the research so much fun!

  • Wendy

    When I lose texture, I use a different method. First, I’ll make a selection of the image layer. Then, add a new layer under the element layer. Fill that with the color you want. Now, set the image layer to the best blending mode for your image. Usually Linear Light works well, but sometimes other methods work better. You can also desaturate the original image to give a more true color. Next, if you want to add some color back in, duplicate the color layer, move it on top of the element layer. Then, adjust the blending mode and opacity with of that. Finally, you can add layer masks to change only portions of the image, or even paint with a soft brush with a variety of colors to add more than one color to the image.

    Now, I just finished typing this and I think someone just suggested it. LOL I almost never use hue/saturation. I almost always use either this method, or a color overlay method.

  • Anonymous

    I said my username wrong during the show – lol! My user name on pinterest is ktscrapbooklady and you can find me at http://pinterest.com/ktscrapbooklady/
    I’ve been able to pin from my iPad but it’s reeeeaaaalllly slow and you have to scroll up to the top of the screen after you hit pin. I did see on their blog that there is talk of developing an app. I sure hope so!

  • Bobbi

    Here’s a question – maybe it’s a dumb one but I would like to hear what you and your guests have to say. When you process your photos, either in Lightroom, PS or whatever, – do you save the processed photo as a separate copy and maintain the original image as it came SOOC? Everyone talks about using layer masks in scrapping to preserve the original, but I worry a lot more about changing my actual photo. I’d be curious to know what the rest of you are doing, especially since I’m a rank amateur at all of this. lol.

  • Anonymous

    For processing my photos, my originals are ALWAYS backed up! and any changes I make to images are done on a separate copy except that in Lightroom, your photos are not changed because it has non-destructive processing. Only when you export your images do you commit the changes to the processed print, but you can always return to Lightroom and process the images differently!

    You should always maintain your digital originals . . . these are the NEW AGE negatives!

  • Beth

    I don’t think this technique was mentioned; here is how I recolor a lot of my stuff (as taught to me from a ScrapMatters tutorial!):


  • Kbrown0

    great idea for know what files you have scrapped.

    just rename the file XXXXXXscrapped or xxxxxprinted. the xxxxx stands for the date or whatever the original file name was called. I save my by image number so it would be 01.27.10.scrapped.

    Also, with selective or recoloring an object, use a layer mask instead of the eraser so in case you goof, you con’t have to use the undo button. you can simply cover over it with the opposite color. I love layer masks and will never go back to the eraser. They are easy and applied with a simple click of the button.

  • kathy28

    Thank you Thank you Thank you… I have been struggling with recoloring elements since i started digi scrapping. Just adjusting Hue and Sat didn’t quite get me there but using the adjustment layer has helped out a LOT. It also allows me to keep a sample of the color I’m trying to match on the screen at the same time -so much easier. Thanks again for the great ideas.

  • Lightroom and Aperture save your original RAW photos for you. You don’t have
    to do anything to save them. It’s a dream come true.

  • Nala_verstrickt

    It works!!!
    Yesterday I worked on Jessica Spragues inspiration everwhere class, as part of it we got a digipage which we could print out. We got also the psd version of it for the ones, who what to costumize it. I’m not a digi scrapper, so I plannened to print the page as it is. But then I started playing with the psd and realize this isn’t hard! I can do this. I looked through the digipapers and elements which I got on my computer. (Love those, but normally I just print them out and glue it down). Then I remembered the hue/sat recoloring from this episode and give it a try. This is so awsome :) now there are so many possibilities. On one Element I wanted to recolor a part of it (a yarnball with needles in it and I wanted to change the yarncolor). With the magic wand tool I selected the ball and just make it blue instead of orange! I’m so happy, that was such a fun.

    Thank you so much for this great episode! Can’t wait to hear the next.
    Normally I just enjoy it because I love scrapping and to train my english ;)

    But now I will listen more carefully and will see what I can try.