PDS024 – The Sweet Little Machine

What’s your digital photo workflow? Do you use Lightroom? How do your process everything? These are some of the questions we ask on today’s show!

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The Panel


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  • What a terrific, informative episode! After years and years (and years and years) wed to Windows machines, we’ve had a parting of ways and I’ve purchased my first ever iMac! I’m so in love my DH is tired of hearing about it. So far the transition has been unbelievably smooth and relatively painless – except for the lack of an ACDSee equivalent. I’ve been testing all sorts of alternatives, so hearing Kayla mention LR as a possibility has filled me with hope. She’s taken down her tuts as she reworks her process, but I can’t wait to see what she’s come up with. In the meantime I’ll make do using Bridge and Spotlight.

    I’ve subscribed to the Digi Show podcasts through iTunes and am working my way back to the first episode. Your panelists have so much information to share it’s hard to keep up! Each episode sends me off on all sorts of research projects and I’ve bookmarked so many sites to look into that I’m now lobbying for a portable, high resolution, multi-tasking, wireless device. Izzy wouldn’t happen to have any suggestions, would he?

  • Kellie

    I would love it if you would include links to all the products/sites mentioned on the show. I never listen while I’m sitting at my computer, and it would be handy if I could come here once I’m at my computer to look up all the things you guys discussed. I do appreciate having the links to the Picks of the Week, but if it’s a lot of trouble to link up to the other things talked about, I’ll just keep being happy with what I have, since, after all, it doesn’t cost me anything to listen to this very informative and interesting show. :)

  • Wendy

    I’ve been a long-time listener of the show and just love it! Your discussion on LR has mad eme come out of the lurking closet :) I’m so glad someone in the digiscrap world is finaly talking about LR!! I first started using purely for photography purposes, but now I’m using it to help me organize pics to scrapbook, pics for projects, etc. through the collections feature. I bought the One Willow presets and just love them. I rarely do any editing in PS now and don’t really miss my actions. So thank you for this topic!!


  • Sue

    Hi Steph, Katie, & Izzy, too.  Love you all!
    I have been listening to PDS since inception and am totally caught up (LOVE IT!) – but since my questions relate mostly to Lightroom and digital supplies – I thought this would be the best place to post my question.  

    First – How do you organize your digi kits from The Daily Digi – under a Daily Digi folder, by designer, or by release (i.e. #27)?

    Second – In Lightroom, if you want to scrap a photo that you made edits to – you need to save it as a new file (a Tiff or PSD) to get it to open in Photoshop (Elements in my case).  Do you keep that edited file in your catalog or do you delete it after it is opened in PS?

    Thanks and Congratulations on show #50!