PDS023 – I’m Okay with Christmas

What ideas do you have for Christmas gifts? Let’s get those digital juices flowing!

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  • I’m wondering what other folks think about upgrading software. I know that sometimes there are great new features, but often I find it’s something I don’t even use personally…especially since I’m so used to doing things a certain way, it’s hard to upgrade your process to match with the changes of the software. I’m still just getting used to CS4 and starting to think that if there’s nothing missing for me personally, I really shouldn’t upgrade because it’s a huge expense. I could buy a whole lot of other supplies instead :)

  • About facebook, “liking” a page is like being a fan, I don’t know why they changed the name. When you do that the posts will show up amongst your feed of activity…just like when you friend someone and you see their posts. I did find out that you can rename the link of your page to something more readable and not all the numbers and stuff by default, that makes it a lot easier to promote too!

  • I just bought an Intuos and chose that because it has a higher number of pressure sensitivity points for when I draw. It also has more shortcut keys, but I know a lot of people who love their Bamboo and it’s less of an investment.

    However, I think it comes down to practice – you have to get used to using it like any new tool. In your preferences you can set what the keys do, how your tablet should relate to your monitor…lots of settings to adjust and test to find the right setup for you personally. When you use Illustrator or Photoshop brush tool to freehand draw, you have to adjust the settings so the tolerance and smoothing is to your liking… there are probably more settings that will affect the output. It’s not exactly like transferring what you can draw on paper to your screen so easily. However, there is the advantage that the smoothing and such helps to make lines look neater – Izzy mentioned his drawings looking nicer!

    Overall, I love it so far, but know that it’ll take a while for me to get used to using it and perfecting the process.

  • Yeah, that’s a good point, Linda — just because it’s an upgrade, doesn’t
    mean it’s an upgrade for you personally. Since I began using Aperture,
    they’ve upgraded twice and both times the upgrades were worth it to me. I
    also love the improvements I’ve used with PS CS4. But I think you’re right
    — it makes sense to see what the upgraded features are and how they work
    before jumping on the decision to upgrade.

  • http://www.penscrappers.com is site by Wacom for digital scrapbookers using tablets. A penscrappers team comprising of high profile digital scrapbookers such as Renee Pearson and Jessica Sprague create free kits each month for the site and there are also a number of tutorials/videos to be found there which can help anyone get comfortable with their tablet. A new refresh of the site is scheduled for later this month.

  • I have the Intuos and I love it. I’ve never used the Bamboo, so I don’t
    know how they compare. In terms of pressure and sensitivity, I found that I
    was very comfortable with drawing with it immediately.

  • I have a Bamboo Fun and I enjoy it a lot. I don’t have an Intuos, but I’ve heard that one really big difference is the size. Some scrappers really like the bigger size, and some find that it’s clunky and huge compared to the Bamboo Craft/Bamboo Fun tablets. I guess it’s about size, what you plan to use it for, and perhaps portablility. I can easily take my pen tablet with me if I choose to, and it fits easily in my laptop case.

  • DonnaC

    Izzy is so right about iTunes – I get the Digi Show and Paperclipping this way and it is so convenient -I wouldn’t listen any other way.

  • Yea! Thanks for starting the Facebook page, and I “like” you there now…:D I agree with what Debbie and Katie said…if I click “like” your fan page, then I see your wall posts in my news feed when I visit Facebook. I see updates and wall posts from lots of the different fan pages there, and if I see they have a chat going on, have posted a new video, podcast, or whatever, I’m much more likely to go to their site and check it out.

    Also, thanks Izzy for saying my name right (which was the first pronunciation you said…Lorell that rhymes with the dishes called “Corelle.”). It’s hard one that hardly anyone knows how to say…:D

    Thanks to the panel for all the fun Christmas ideas, too…8-)

  • Anonymous

    It is a GREAT site!! That was one of my picks in a very early episode.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t always upgrade. I am still using PSCS3. I have been wanting to upgrade to 5, but think I will go through Lynda and watch the videos on the changes in PSCS4 and then 5 and see if it will be good for me. It can be really frustrating when the changes on the interface are so big that it’s like relearning a program! :)

  • Ari macias

    dear izzy, oh master of the all mighty IPAD:
    i just got flipboard for my ipad and i really like it. now i need something to read my blogs. any ideas?
    love all the shows. wish you would do them more than once a week. also got the scott kelby phtography books that nancy talked about and goodreader:)
    slowly but surely setting up EVERYTHING on my pad:)

  • Anonymous

    Ari – I also love flipboard! I love to read blogs on my ipad using http://appshopper.com/news/mobilerss it’s only for the iphone right now though so I have to 2x it and it doesn’t look as nice. I hope Izzy will tel us a good way to read blogs on the ipad. :)

  • Barbara

    I LOVED this show! And, Katie: seriously! You are one organized woman!!! I’m a little in awe…
    But, I digress. I’ve been using Artscow to get ahead on my Christmas gifts this year, mostly stocking stuffers. I’ve made personalized decks of cards, cosmetics bags, a purse, and watches. I am about to order little coin purses and dog tags (to use as luggage tags). I’ve been really happy so far with the quality (considering what I’ve paid!). I figure that I have all these photos on my computer, I might as well make good use of them.
    Thanks again for a GREAT show!

  • Gemma

    Izzy – please don’t take the direct link to listen to the show off of the site. I know you’re a Mac LOVER, but we are an iNothing family. Haha! (Hubby would HATE if I had iTunes installed on his precious PC.) I actually like the player. I hit pause if I have to, or can easily find my spot if I had to reload the page or something. I also save the files and put them on my little MP3 player. So it would be much appreciated to leave the listening options as is. Some of us PC lovers will thank you for it!!!

  • StudioWendy

    I love the onsite listen too. I just pop open a window and listen while I work. I can pause if needed and I just don’t quit the program until I’m done.

  • Mande

    I’m so glad you did this topic so early. I also am already thinking about this year’s Xmas letter / card, and in Japan, we have to send New Years Cards as well. Since I learned how to use Photoshop Elements in 2009, I did our annual Xmas letter on PSE for the first time and it turned out amazing. I got so many compliments on it, and was able to easily add some digital elements and of course photos all while squeezing everything on to one page. I’ll definitely be doing that again this year.

    It had never occurred to me to make digital gifts or order custom-made gifts for family or friends. I think this is something my husband would like, but my family is strictly a “stick to the list!” type so they sort of frown on any surprise gifts. It does open up some options for the grandparents and husband though – always hardest to buy for them!

    I love Katie’s idea for giving copies of certain pages to the grandparents, and I hadn’t thought of this in terms of Xmas gifts. However, I have a suggestion. On ScrapbookPictures.com, you can upload a 12×12 and print it as a 12×12 for yourself, but then you can order 8×8 or 6×6, etc. of the same images for others. It’s cheaper for you and less cumbersome for the gift receivers. I actually have done this for a few of my lay outs to put on my desk at work, and they are still legible and look great.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand people wanting to have both the iTunes and the onsite link, especially if you listen to the podcast while at work. However, I don’t understand why people would not use iTunes otherwise. You can pause the podcast there as well and having it iTunes also makes it portable. I am a PC user (I’d never switch to Mac) and I love using iTunes!

  • Katie, I am in awe of you! You are so organized and so creative! I have a question for you about your gift scrapbook albums that you create. I’m paraphrasing here, but you mentioned that you like facing pages to complement each other, even though there may have been time passed since you scrapped the left page and then got around to doing the right page. I inferred from that that the pages aren’t part of a two-page spread on the same topic. Do you use the same kit to achieve that look or just a similar colour scheme or design style?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Barbara! I’m organized on some things, and not so much on others :)

  • Anonymous

    Great idea! I think Steph has printed the same layout in several sizes before and made a mini-book as a gift for her daughter.

  • Anonymous

    It just depends. I try to make them look as cohesive as possible, but they are usually pages about an entirely different topic from a different year. I honestly don’t worry too much about using the same kit, I just try to make sure they don’t clash. Hope that makes sense? :)

  • You guys are hilarious. The title of this episode could’ve easily been “Does size matter?” Izzy, I’m g my experience with CS5 helped alleviate your upgrade fever. I love that the episodes are in iTunes. I know some people hate or will never use iTunes but it works great for me! I’m in bed with my iPod plugged into my iHome alarm clock playing the episode right now while I lay here resting from moving furniture all day. Maybe Debbie Hodge’s voice will lull me to sleep. Finally, I want to say that Izzy totally made me want an iPad. You really need commission on these things or an affiliate program with Apple or something. As I type this I have our PS3 that does nothing but collect dust up for sale to go towards the cost of an iPad. Do you have any thoughts on what size memory to get? I don’t see keeping a lot of movies or music on it. I used to have a huge iPod but found that I just never listened to most of it. I only need a playlist on there for the day and it can always change. I’m thinking I’d be fine with the 16GB but I wanted to know with other’s experience if that’s practical or you find yourself wishing you had more room. Thanks! Oh and I am wanting to keep a copy of all my digital layouts on it to share with people. They often ask what it is I do and I’d love to be able to share them this way.

  • I have a Bamboo Pen & Touch Medium, I use mine full time now and never touch the mouse as I got tendonitis after my first bub was born (too much carrying of the baby!) and using my right hand for the mouse was aggravating it. Being left handed I always have glitches with the setting resetting for me :(

    There’s some resources on the Daily Digi for tablets here

  • 1. Just a plug for people to subscribe in iTunes… it totally rocks. I listen to the show while I walk my dogs and I love having the company… of course my neighbors wonder why I’m giggling to myself!
    2. So glad Izzy had a chance to get in a crack about Katy the “profanity lady”, it was so close to the end I thought he would let the opportunity pass… it’s nice to feel like an insider and get the joke!
    3. Thanks for the show, can’t wait to check out the picks, especially the camera strap which sounds like the perfect thing for my Christmas wish list!

  • I listen while walking my baby. And I’m sure I look nuts when I’m laughing by myself, or worse, talking back to the show on my iPod!

  • LynnetteE

    Izzy – In answer to why some of us (6/7), listen to the show from the Paperclipping site Browser – although I have subscribed to all three shows in iTunes (PRT, PDS & Foolish Adventure), the fire walls in Corporate America don’t allow employees to download programs such as iTunes to their computers – therefore when I am at work I listen by downloading from the Paperclipping and Foolish Adventure sites to my computer the audio file you have put there, so please don’t eliminate those. I do however use iTunes to download and listen to the shows on my ipod and homecomputer. That’s corporate America for you! Love the shows and so glad you left Corporate America to do the work you do!

  • Anonymous

    I also don’t want the direct link taken away. I like to listen at work. While I am allowed to listen at work through the direct link I am not allowed to install itunes on my work pc. If you went to itunes only I wouldn’t be able to listen at work. I don’t want to use an MP3 player or an ipod. Please keep the direct link.

  • carollee

    Loving the show, I subscribe through itunes and the podcast keeps me entertained driving to work. I’ve been digi scrapping since 2007 and whilst I know there’s a truckload of things I have no idea about how to do, I do enjoy and love what I come up with in my pages and I do like to try new things. I must say though, I enjoy Izzy’s perspective on the show. The fact that at times he has no idea what Steph and guests are talking about and he’ll make a comment or ask a question from the point of view as if he is from another planet. It’s good because even though us out here are listening because we digi scrap, there’s times when we’d love to know too and it could be something basic but we have no one to ask (or too afraid to ask!!). Keep up the good work. Loving every episode.

  • Oh, I’m glad someone else replied to this! I was beginning to think I was the only person in the world who didn’t have an iPod! I do however, have a Blackberry, and wanted to suggest an app for your listeners. Mediafly is a free podcast app that actually works through a ton of different devices, but it’s the only one I’ve really had any success with on my blackberry. I just subscribe to the RSS feed in Mediafly, and both the Digi Show and the Roundtable update automatically as new shows are posted. It’s a great option for someone like me, who has a Blackberry for business purposes and still wants to listen to the Paperclipping on the go. You can see the app at mediafly.com.

  • Ronnie Crowley

    Was wondering why all digital designers don’t tag their products prior to selling them. I have noticed that some kits I have purchased already have some tags associated with them when I load them into PSE organiser. It would be great if all the items were tagged at least with the designers name but even better if they could be tagged like cardstock, patterned paper, digital element, word art etc. I know if I would choose a designer over another if the kit said it was pre-tagged. Is there a reason why this isn’t more common?

  • Nan7917

    You wondered if square layouts would distort on a digital frame. They will not. You simply have a black border on each side. I have a 3 1/2′ x 6″ and want to upgrade to at least a 5×7 though. I love to sit and look at my pages while I am the computer desk. It is also pretty easy to change the square layout to a landscape one, especially in Memory Mixer. I use both PSE8 and Memory Mixer, depending on what I am doing and my mood at the time. I definitely organize my albums in MM. MM opens my PS pages like a charm, no need to save to jpeg. Love, love, love the podcast!

  • Beth

    I’m a little late on this, but thanks for all the feedback both on the show and in the comments on the writing tablets! I will problem get a Bamboo and see how it goes. :-)

    Also, my husband thinks it’s pretty much the coolest that my comment was read on a podcast! Thanks; I feel famous!! :-D

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the kind words! So glad you are enjoying the show and Izzy’s questions!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little interested to know what designers you are seeing that are entering the tags or metadata! I think more should do it as well! :) At least at a top level with designer name, theme, product, etc.

  • Anonymous

    THANKS for letting me know! I’m hoping to get a couple of frames in the “Black Friday” sales.

  • Lynnette

    Kohls is having a terrific sale on digital frames and they have 20-30% additional if you have Koh’s charge card. I picked up a few after listening to the podcast.

  • Anonymous

    I´m not finished listening to the show, but I just have to share my experience with the bamboo/intuos. I took a class over at Jessica Sprauge, and that made a huge difference for me. Now my mouse is long gone, don´t even know where it is. Could not live without it and use it for everything. I´ve got the wireless Intuos 4 and I LOVE it!

  • Teri

    Thank you for this show. I always love to get ideas for gifts. I didn’t hear it mentioned, but this year I am doing the photo pendants for my MIL (she has practically everything,budget :) and the stuff she wants is a little out of our so it always so difficult). I took pictures of all her grandbabies and am going to do a charm bracelet for her using the glass tiles. I know there are lots of sources out there for them, but I used Annie Howes. She has these fun little kits that have everything you need in them. I was so excited about it when I opened the package. In fact, so excited that my SILs are also getting pendants for Christmas :)

  • How about a Daily Digi Android app?? for us non-Apple users :)