PDS 007 – How Busy People Do It

How do you find the time for digital scrapbooking? We’ve got some ideas for you…

That’s the subject of this week’s Paperclipping Digi Show!

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  • Thanks for another great show!

    I can totally relate to Aaron when he mentioned scrapping by kits…I actually rarely re-use a kit again…unless it's for the same event or theme of pages. Wondering how other digi scrappers work…by the kits or all mixed together? It's obviously more work to mix up all the materials and find things that match up for a layout. I suppose it's more bang for your buck if you reuse your kits as well, but I'm always looking for something new and just prefer the ease of using kits that already match up.

  • Lynn in FL

    And I can really relate to Steph… I'm not all that crazy about scrapping events either. The thought of taking a bunch of Christmas pics and making a scrap page or pages is first overwhelming and second very boring to me. So what I do is I scrapbook the Christmas 'moments'. Thoughts, feelings, moment by moment with a pic or two to document. I find that so much less overwhelming and in the end I do find that I have a story that has been well told instead of all of those pics crammed onto one page with journaling that would have read more like a newspaper article. Thanks guys, really loving the show!

  • I loved the tip that Aaron shared about tagging the products you plan to use
    for a specific layout so you can just pull them up by doing a tag search
    when you come back around. He suggested it for “power-scrapbooking” but I
    think it would also be super helpful for longer-term projects, too!

    So, I have a question. This may be obvious to all the digi-scrappers around
    here, but as a majority paper scrapbooker, it's not obvious to me. Steph
    mentioned minimizing her in-progress layout when she needs to step away from
    the computer. Right now I'm working on a digi-heavy mini-album. I've been
    working on it for about 4 weeks (with a 2.5 week vacation in the middle so I
    had to take a LONG break from finishing it). Obviously you can't just
    minimize a project that takes several days to complete. I created a folder
    on my desktop and I save all of my pages as Photoshop files, keeping the
    layers separate so I can close PS and shut my computer down when I'm not
    working on it. This way I know where all my album pages are and nothing is
    set in stone — I have not flattened the layers or anything yet. This system
    is working really well for me.

    But I have no idea what other scrapbookers do when working on a project that
    takes a long time to finish like mine. I'm just curious to know if others do
    something different from me.

  • I'm absolutely loving the show. I download it from itunes and am listening to it on my ipod through the car radio speakers on my way to work. Keep up the good work. We just can't get enough digi !!

  • DailyDigiSteph

    When I'm working on a big project (an album usually) I create a folder for that project and then save the layout in PSD form and then I also save them as a flattened form as well, when I am done with them. By saving them in PSD for AND a flattened for, I can go back and make changes if I need to. The album I am working on right now, I have another folder inside that album folder called “ready to print” and I am saving the jpegs in there with a page number name. This helps me remember where I am after a long break (it's a chronological vacation album). It will also make it easier when I am ready to upload it to a book printing site, because I will know which page goes where by the file name.

    I really like Aaron's method for taking layouts for projects (I haven't tried it yet, but plan to). I also like Anna's method that she mentioned in the Photobook episode (episode 2, I think), she creates a project folder, then she will put any kits she wants to use in that folder then she creates a folder for each page (2 pages at a time) and puts all of the photos she wants to use for those pages inside those folders.

    I have set up a 12×24 inch psd file and brought in all of the photos, papers, and templates in there, saved it in a project folder and that way, when I have a big chunk of time to scrap, I can just do one layout after another. One frustrating thing for me when I go on a weekend crop is spending a bunch of time deciding which supplies to use, so if I set up a bunch of PSD files like this before hand, I feel like I get a lot more accomplished during that time I have set aside for dedicated scrapping.

    My projects that take a long time are usually vacations. Although I don't like scrapping events, I do really enjoy scrapping vacations and will probably always have a vacation album I am working on.

    I hope that helps! I'm glad to hear you are venturing into digi a bit :)

  • DailyDigiSteph

    I'm so glad you are enjoying them so much!! THANKS for letting us know! :)

  • DailyDigiSteph

    I really like this idea!! I got a similar one from the Paperclipping Roundtable that was on journaling. It does make the idea of scrapping Chirstmas or a bday party much more bearable! I probably do need to think more on exactly WHY I don't like scrapping these events and do something to fix it.

  • Tracy

    I love this show. I've been digital scrapbooking for less than a year and my mind is exploding with ideas and layouts I want to do.

    What I would like to hear about: What do people with their layouts in terms of albums & organization? This is really a two-parter.

    1. For everyday LOs that don't go into a Shutterfly-like album with a theme or a purpose, what do people do? Do they keep a chronological album on the shelf, or do they just put in LOs as they make them? Or is there some other way these LOs are kept?

    2. In both my husband's and my extended families (and going back more than one generation) one person ended up with most of the family photos. Since no one fights like family, many of these photos are simply not available to the younger generations. I hope my kids won't fight once I'm gone, but they might. I don't want one to get everything I've done and the other get nothing. I'm thinking of maybe printing each LO twice so each kid will have his own album of everything, or maybe do a separate book for each one. I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

    BTW, for the Shutterfly books I've done I get three printed, one for me and one for each kid. I figure these are special enough and theme-based that everyone gets his own copy. Plus, decades from now we likely won't be able to reprint the book.

    Looking forward to the next episode!!

  • Girl, I've been venturing into digi for a few years now! I'm just so much
    heavier on the paper side. :)

    Thanks for putting these different setup tips in one place in this comment.
    It's helpful to see them side by side. Very cool.

  • SirScrapalot

    These are all great ideas!

  • SirScrapalot

    Yeah, I tend to do this more too, I really am not a fan of scrapping events. Unfortunately, sometimes, it's the best way to get that stuff done, kwim?

  • SirScrapalot

    Those are all great tips!

  • SirScrapalot

    I can't even imagine trying to use multiple kits at once, I marvel at the people who do it so seamlessly. Sometimes, I do use a kit more than once, especially if I love it!

  • Hannahk

    Hi Steph and Izzy ~ the show is amazing, as are the guests and all the picks ~ I'm a nearly new digi scrapper I'm learning so much ~ thank you :)

    One topic I'd like to know more about is how to display all my digi layouts ~ especially double pages ~ I don't have room to print out everything and store them in albums. At the moment I occasionally load a number of related LOs on to an SD card and play them on the TV for family to watch but it's a bit of a faff and not as spontaneous and unplanned as picking up an old photo album and browsing during a quiet moment.

    I want to make the layouts easy for people to access at a time that suits them. I'm thinking about investing in an iPad to use soley as a digi album, in a way that recreates the traditional album. then store it close to hand so anyone can pick it up when they wish. However I notice that the screen gets covered in finger prints making it hard to see the pictures clearly…

    … so I wonder what everyone else does?

  • arimacias

    ok.. so here's a question. what do you do with the millions of printed pictures that you have all nicely organized and ready to paperscrap? i have not paper scrapped new pictures since nov. 2009, but i still have all those bazillions of printed pictures? do you scan and use them digitally or do you just throw them into 3-up photo books? i would love to hear what established digiscrappers do with them because i have a bit of photo-guilt theses days. i also find that my favorite shows are those when designers talk about the way they process, organize and display their finished pages.
    keep up the good work. i am learning so much!

  • dreamscrapper

    I scan in batches of photos, process them, and then using ACDSee tag them to match a potential layout I want to create with them. After I get done scrapping all of them, it's back to the scanner to scan some more!

  • Crazymathchic

    Hey guys, great topic today! It seems like “finding the time” is always a great discussion! I like the “power scrap” concept; I do something similar with paper scrap projects (although I do have a dedicated space to leave projects out on, so it makes it a lot easier)

    So I have 2 possible future discussion topics for you:
    1) There has been some discussion on both the Digi Show and also the Round Table about digital and how there are some things you can do digital that you just can't do with paper. Last episode talked a lot about “fantasy” scrapping, but beyond that, what are some fun digi ideas that can't be done on paper?
    2) What about hybrid? I love the “tactile” nature of paper scrapping but also love to create digitally when it suits my project. What types of hybrid projects have you created?

    Oh, and speaking of iPads. . . at some point in the future, I'm hoping to find some funtionality for scrapbooking! It seems to me that there could be an app out there that would help me tag photos or organize layouts, but so far I have found nothing. Have any of you guys heard of anything like this yet? Do you use your iPad for any type of memory-keeping??

  • slbarton

    I am a paperclipping junkie and love all the podcasts. I am a digi only scrapper and have never scrapped a paper layout in my life, but I love it all—Great ideas are great ideas and can always be adapted to what I am working on.

    Here are a few show ideas:

    Since I have never paper scrapped or crafted prior to digi scrapping, I love learning about design concepts and would love to hear a show about great design concepts that make a page pop. I am a huge fan of Ali Edwards and Cathy Zeilske because they teach design technique…which always makes my pages better.

    Like I said, I was not a crafter prior to digi scrapping, but now I find myself making all kinds of little projects. I'd like to hear what people have done beyond layouts. Sungee at http://www.creativityinprogress.com/blog/ makes amazing stuff, and I'd love to hear about other crafts you can dabble in as a digi-scrapper. I personally have made all kinds of things and am sure I am not alone.

    And the last one is dear to Izzy's heart — the suspense on his new site about how to make this all help make you money has been killing me – but, I'd like to hear how people started their scrapping businesses and what makes it work for them. I've always wanted to learn more about scrap for hire, too….I'd love to see a show about how to make money with your scrapping addiction – ROFL.

  • slbarton

    Hannah — I know this is a super simple idea, but I've started doing it on all my computers and I love — I use my LOs as my screen saver file, so I can see them all the time. My kids and my niece are all babysat at my house, and they have all logged hours watching the LOs go by. Super simple, but it takes up no space…and this way they can see them before I print them, too.

  • slbarton

    I think events can be tough to scrap because it is so chaotic that the moments are hard to remember. So try this approach — Do picture collages, but record other people's favorite memories from the event. Ask people in the pictures what made that event special to them. It's a great way to get other's involved in your page, which can add excitement to the process that the event might not add for you. Or you can do remember when pages for events…and find a current picture from an event that reminds you of a past story. So the event gets scrapped, but the story, which you like to write about, also gets told. I find that make a collage and using a focal picture on the adjacent page is a good LO for this type of event LO. I also use events to talk about traditions — I try to pick out a single tradition for each event to highlight. Maybe on the birthday pages I will talk about how the kids get candles in their breakfast food on the their birthday , or that they get to choose the event for their party…stuff like that.

  • SirScrapalot

    Great ideas!

  • SirScrapalot

    I've started a family blog, and it's private. Only family members are allowed to see it, and I post all of my layouts there. That way, there is a central location where everyone can go and see them. Other than that, I print my layouts and organize them in albums…I wish my wife would let me get an iPad to put them on, LOL!

  • SirScrapalot

    It sounds awful, but I leave them alone. For me, learning to digiscrap and preserving memories that way is part of our history too. I'm ok leaving those older pictures like that because I didn't digi then, and for me, that's part of the history of the photo/our family. I don't stress about it!

  • slbarton

    I have another idea for a show — I do love my podcasts from paperclipping, but they don't last me a week of travel. I'd love to hear a show with some other pod casters to help me grow my selection.

  • Mande

    Hey there! Great show and topic as always. I love anything related to “how to save time.”
    One topic suggestion I have would about online classes and tutorials that you recommend, free or otherwise.

    Another suggestion is photo editing, in and of itself. How much is necessary? What are some tricks of the trade?

  • DailyDigiSteph

    These are all GREAT ideas!! Isn't Sunghee amazing?!? She's on the team at The Daily Digi and I am always wowed by her creations!

    It's funny that you say you got more into paper crafting after going digital because that was the case for me as well! I have spent more money on “paper” scrapping supplies in the years that I have been digital than I did in my years of being paper. Mostly tools and embellishments for hybrid mini-albums.

  • DailyDigiSteph

    Great ideas here!!

    I know that there are some iPhone apps (and at least one is available for the iPad as well) that allow you to create digital layouts in the app. The downfall is that they are lower file resolution. That would be the biggest reason it would be difficult to do any major digi scrapping is the lack of memory to run big programs on. There is a Photoshop app for editing photos though. If we could connect an EHD, I think it would be more likely that we would be able to do some real digi scrapping. Not being able to have all of your supplies on the drive is also a reason it would be difficult to do any tagging.

    I don't have an iPad, so I guess that would mean that I don't use it for memory keeping…lol. On my iPhone though, I use evernote for lots of notes about things. It would be really interesting to hear from other iPad owners though.

  • DailyDigiSteph

    That's a really interesting way of looking at it Aaron!!

    I stopped printing photos in about 2001-2002 and when I did get photos printed, starting in 2000, I usually had a CD made as well. My paper scrapbooks were current and up-to-date 1989-1997. I do have some photos that I plan on getting scanned very soon though and I'm sure that will be a show topic soon as well! :)

  • DailyDigiSteph

    Really great ideas!!!
    I wonder about an 8×10 photo frame? That might be fun to try…and less expensive than an iPad (unless you are looking for an excuse to get an iPad, then go for it). I know that I wouldn't want to leave my iPad out for my kids to pick up whenever they want. My older daughter would be fine, but not my youngest…lol!

    Please let me know if you try anything!!

  • DailyDigiSteph

    These are great topic ideas!! For a while, I was printing copies of each of my layouts for each kid…1) 12×12 for the family album and then a 6×6 of the same layout for each kid. I realized though that they didn't really care about having their own copy (not now), so I stopped doing that. I figure that it will only get less and less expensive to print, so as they move out, if they want copies, I can have them made then.

  • DailyDigiSteph

    GREAT ideas, THANK YOU!!!

  • tape

    A couple of ideas for future topics…

    Photoshop tips and tricks. Especially ones that help your workflow, such as keyboard shortcuts. I know not everybody has PS or PSE, but I bet this would help many people (and most things can be adapted to other programs).

    Designer stories. How did they get into designing, where do they get ideas, what sort of trends are they seeing, etc.

  • Sunghee

    Eeek~!!!! Thank you and Steph for very sweet comment about me! THANK YOU!!!

  • sunghee

    What a great idea! I have tons of photos of my kids and projects I made, but I'm using the images that came with the computer for my screen. lol.

  • Tamara

    I would use Becky Higgins' Project Life. If you want to do something with the pictures, do a year in review style album with her kit.

  • Tamara

    You already did a show on my idea that I left on Sir Scrapalot's blog about fantasy scrapping. So, I was just thinking about scrapbooking in general and about how a lot of times it helps me process feelings or brings clarity to things (does that make sense?). Like doing pages or mini albums about a loved one that has passed. I call it “scrapping therapy.” I'd love to hear more ideas on this. Thanks! Love the show!

    Maybe another idea is how to get the most out of your kits. I try to use them more than once, and if I find one I really LOVE then I use almost every thing in it on several pages. I'm always looking for more ideas on how to make things last longer and do it for cheaper :)

    Also about finding time- after having my 3rd, I knew I wouldn't have time to really scrapbook her baby stuff while she was a baby so I stocked up on quickpages. I could do it super fast, even when I was feeding her, and they were very cute. I didn't have to worry about the page design and could focus on journaling about her in the moment. It was the best of both worlds. It was about finding small amounts of time while my family was the priority.

  • I scan my old prints. I love having a digital version of those old photos,
    love being able to edit them, love being able to tell those old stories and
    know that I didn't ruin my only copy.

  • Kris Beauregard

    loved this episode….have a suggestion for a future discussion…how about a discussion about those of us who are on the fence between traditional and digi? and tips for making the switch? (unless this has already been discussed) :)

  • I've been a big fan of both the Roundtable and The Daily Digi for a while now, so I was thrilled when you started The Digi Show! I have been paper scrapping for almost 15 years (scary!) but only discovered digi about a year and a half ago as a way to get some scrapping done after my son was born. I found it easier to fit in and less stressful – the undo shortcut is my friend (not so easy with paper). I haven't created a gallery anywhere and am just starting to share my layouts on my blog. I'd love to learn more about etiquette when giving credit, how others track information when making layouts to make giving credit easier, and more about what to look for when picking a gallery to post to. The idea of sharing my layouts intrigues me, but I'm overwhelmed by tracking credits and options in galleries. Thanks for producing such a wonderful show! I'm always inspired to scrap after listening!

  • Ronniecrowley

    I'm so glad I found the paperclipping roundtables and then heard about this show. So much to learn and so great to final hear the voices of some of the names in the industry. As far as topics for shows I think a great one would be – ” We all know that photoshop and photoelements are the 'bomb' or a “body part” but if I could tell the developers what needs fixing and what needs adding what would it be”. I think it would be interesting to hear some of the things that frustrate the expert users of these programs.

  • DailyDigiSteph

    I would love to hear more about what you are looking for on this. What kinds of tips? Like what software to use, how to do your first layout? Or more about how to move away from the paper supplies! I'm intrigued! :)

  • DailyDigiSteph

    So glad to hear that you are inspired to scrap after listening to the show! :) THANKS for the great ideas!

  • DailyDigiSteph

    Hahaha! This made me laugh right outloud! Love it!

  • Jenny

    Thanks so much for both PRT and the Digi show. I am still really new to scrapbooking, especially digi scrapping. Aaron mentioned in this show that he uses a lot of templates for his own scrapping. I was surprised to hear this. I have only used templates as a way to learn but thought many people moved on from there as they learned how to “really” scrap digitally. I would love to hear more about how people alter (I think this was the term Aaron used) templates to make their own unique layouts. What is their favorite go-to for altering?
    Thanks so much!


  • Nicole Norman

    I would love to hear a show with several digi designers and hear how they got into designing and selling their digi products. It's something I'm interested in, but I have no idea how you'd even get started.



  • Lezlie

    I have to say…I LOVE the PDS! I have always considered myself a paper crafter/scrapbooker and just a “dabbler” in digiscrapping, but listening to PDS has brought a renewed interest to me in going digital. I feel like I am learning SO much and getting so much more scrapping done these days. I always find the conversations knowledgeable, fun and entertaining…really good stuff. And every time Izzy introduces himself saying “Waaaaduup Yo!” – it always makes me laugh….in a good way! :)

    Also, Steph – I LOVE the Daily Digi (and the Daily Digi APP, which I use all the time!)….there are so many resources out there that I never knew about…everytime I go to the site/app it's like “digi sensory overload” which is just plain AHHHH-SOME :)

    Anyways, I'm sorry if this was brought up or covered in another show, but I was wondering if someone could share their workflow process for downloading and keeping your supplies organized.

    – Do you download items to your computer, THEN move it to your external harddrive or do you download directly to an enternal harddrive.

    – If you download directly to an external harddrive, how do you keep your supplies organized ? Are you able to access your external hardrive through your organization system? (ACDeeSee, Shoebox, Picasa, etc) I currently use Shoebox to organize my supplies.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Anthem, AZ