Paperclipping Play Along: Finish an Album With Me?


Do you ever cringe while someone looks through one of your scrapbooks because it’s not quite finished?

Do you find yourself making explanations about what is or isn’t in the album?

“Oh — that ugly thing is the back of a page. I still need to put a layout there.”

Would you love to hand someone a finished scrapbook in full smiles and confidence with no explanations or apologies?

Then play along with me and finish an album this month! I’m not talking about starting a whole new one and finishing it within a month. I’m talking about taking one that is pretty darn close, and completing it so it is totally viewer-ready.

Three Reasons You Should Play Along with Me and Finish a Scrapbook

  1. Accomplishing something is more fun with other people.
  2. You’ll have a complete scrapbook album in four weeks!
  3. You’ll have an audience-ready scrapbook to share that requires no apologies or explanations.

I have a month of blog articles and video tutorials planned to help us along. You’ll see my own album ugghlies and what I do to pretty them up and make my scrapbook complete!

But I don’t want to do it by myself. I hope you’ll join me!

We start tomorrow with our first tasks. Be sure to come back so we can get going. If you work on multiple albums at once and you’re feeling motivated right now, you can choose which album you’ll focus on completing to be ready to start with the first tasks tomorrow.

See you then!

ETA: Our month is done, but you can still join us as your own page. Start at the first link and I’ll lead you from post to post to the end of our adventure:

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Paperclipping Play Along: Did you Finish Your Scrapbook Album?

Shine On,

P.S.> Thanks for playing along! We’re going to have so much fun paperclipping this month!

  • That will be wonderful! I believe the best way to deal with a loss is to tell and re-tell the stories of the person who is gone. For me, that’s how we keep them and their goodness with us.

  • They’re finally up! Thank you for your enthusiasm! :)

  • Melanie G

    Ill be joining in late but this is great motivation for sons baby album (he’s 7…lol). I just unused my first album (of my own an not made as gift) in EIGHT years so I’m ready to in ish another!