Play Along: Did You Finish Your Scrapbook Album?


If not, how close are you?

I have some questions for you in a minute, so please be sure to look for them below. I thought I’d share with you what I accomplished this month in our journey together to finish a scrapbook album in less than 30 days, and you can share a link to your own blog post or gallery entry to share all you’ve done..

Six Complete Pages

I originally thought I’d have a little more than that, but once I moved some things around to solve some massive problems (Members got to see that magic happened in the Everyday Life scrapbook video), I ended up having less to do than I thought…

Food Tastes Better Outside
Food Tastes Better Outside

Eating outside almost every day of the year makes me so happy.

Flowers On Wednesdays
Flowers on Wednesdays

There was a flower shop near the dance studio’s old location and most Wednesday nights when it was Dad’s turn to pick up Trinity (usually every other week) they would stop at the flower shop first and pick out a beautiful bouquet. These are my favorite kinds of gifts.

Flowers on Wednesdays (closeup)

I made a vellum pocket and put three more pictures of flowers from Izzy and Trinity inside.

Reclaiming Our Home (left side)
playalong 3

Around 2010 we finally built the garage into a studio! * Goodbye, 3 days of a video studio in our living room every one to two weeks! * Goodbye, audio studio and messy office desk in our master bedroom! * Goodbye, giant fat cable that ran from one corner of the house (our bedroom), down the hall in full view of the living room to the opposite corner of the house (my scrap room)! * Hello, peaceful, happy, sweet, inspiring haven of a home! :)

We Do Art
We Do Art

Sous Chef
Sous Chef

You became vegan in 2009. You decided you wanted to start cooking with me. You bought us the best new cooking tools…

matching cutting boards
a Vitamix blender
a food processor

I bought us aprons (NOT matching).

And we found we move in coordination — like a knife and fork — without having to state who’s doing what. It just happens.

Two years or so later I began dancing every night at the studio and you took over as head chef. You bought a pressure cooker and Trin and I come home to a fresh hot meal every night.

2012 – ongoing…

The scrapbook’s title page: Our Everyday Life
Our Everyday Life

Missing Details on Older Pages

I was missing some vital info and was in need of a few additional details on some of my old pocketed pages…

2009 Intro to my Project 365

I added these chipboard cameras to some empty pocket pages. Front and back. I wish I had taken out the inner circle, though!

2009 Project 365

2009 Project 365

I made a title page for the focus of one week in 2010…

Inside my Everyday Life Album

2010 Week In the Life

Inside my Everyday Life Album

In addition to these I was still able to scrapbook a nice handful of pages for other albums, too. This project wasn’t overwhelming in any way.

How Much Better the Album is Now!

Wow — my album feels so much better in so many ways! If you got to watch the process video tutorial: Complete an Everyday Life Album, then you saw what a mess some of us have to deal with, and how easy it can be to fix problems like massive lumps and unevenness.

But another simple but big transformation that I love has to do with overall mood. When I started my album around 2007 I was using drab colors, and now with some time and perspective, I know those colors don’t reflect our everyday life at all. I didn’t change any of the old layouts. But by adding a colorful title page and the other five new pages scattered throughout my album, I do feel like the mood of the album is wonderful.

Some questions for you…

  • How did you do with this project? Did you finish? Do you feel good about it?
  • Is this something you would like to do with me again in the future?
  • What paradigm shifts did you have this month as we talked about scrapbooking albums?

And please don’t forget to share a link if you blog about your album completion for our Play Along. Thank you for all the enthusiasm! It kept me excited — you guys are awesome!

Shine On,

Did you miss the series? You can still play along and go at your own pace!
Click here to start finishing up a scrapbook album.

  • Don’t worry about leaving the little circle in the red chipboard cameras – you just have the lens cap on!

  • Ha ha — that’s funny.

    I’m not worried about it — it just occurred to me that it would look cool to have it off since the page is clear. :)

  • Chriss

    Your album looks great!

    I managed to almost finish off a second album this month — my 2012:Life album. Crazy, especially since I don’t scrap in any sort of order, but I guess I did a lot of ‘current’ scrapping last year! I think I want to add in a two page layout about our local playground, a page about some of the decorating we did around the house last year, and a page about language (as in learning our 2nd/3rd/6th language… depending on the family member). With the kids having been on holiday for the last 10 days I haven’t been able to finish those few pages, but hope to squeeze them in over the next couple weeks. Loving that it is just that much closer to ‘Done’. :)

    Thanks for the play along. I’d certainly to it again if I have an album to play along with. :)

  • tiffany h.

    I have noticed (and love) that you are using brighter colors. The addition to your album are great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Debbie Piercey

    You pages and the album look awesome. I fell behind, but really do want to do this! Very inspiring! Noell!

  • DiaButterfly

    I finished both the wedding albums for our Moms! We gave the albums to them yesterday and they loved them! My Mom was sick yesterday so I sent it home with my Dad. I was so glad I did because she was so excited and was able to sit and read the journaling the first time through. It felt so good to make them both so happy.

    I really enjoyed playing along and would love to do it again.

    I think I finally learned that just finishing a project for someone is sometimes the most important thing because then they are able to enjoy it. It sounds so simple but as a crafter sometimes it is challenging because I want it perfect and I have a vision but our Moms just wanted the album.

    I am just starting a blog but if I can get the photos up this week I will post a link!

    Thank you!

  • I have to admit, this one slipped under the radar this month, especially after some back pain took out most of a week in our house, and the chores started to build up. I love your solutions though, so I am going to go back and watch the videos from this month and try to use your ideas next month instead and simply shift my deadline to accomodate a crazy month (or 2 – april is pretty busy with weddings and a holiday away planned), i think it is still totally do-able!

  • Jenn V

    Random Question…I am super curious which small letters you used on several of your new pages. I am talking about the different colored ones which mix upper and lower case. I love the mix of these letters and love that they are the same size! I’d love to know what brand they are. Thanks!

  • Susan Manohar

    Loved this project! I finished my iScrap album from a class Stacy taught at BPC two years ago. My dad died unexpectedly at that time, and I had put many things off. But this album was all about me, so it was great to finally have a finished product. (It seems that I saw somewhere that Stacy would be running this class again sometime this year, I highly recommend it!) I also finished a Smashbook that I had started putting together about our vacation to California this past Christmas. Noell, it was great to have the focus that you provided, as well as solid examples of your process. I would totally do this again! As far as a paradigm shift, maybe it’s realizing that my unfinished projects just need a little bit of time and thought invested for me to finish them up. Instead of beating myself up over all of my unfinished items, i took action based on your little “push”. In fact, I have two others “on deck” to finish in April. Thanks again, this was great!

  • Tiffany W.

    Thanks for the challenge. I wasn’t able to follow along because of other time commitments, but now I’ve been able to start. I appreciated how you’ve addressed finding a common thread or theme in the album, and then finding holes that need to be filled. I’ve been putting off a particular album for a few months now. Your questions made me realize that the over-arching theme of that album was about transitions and waiting. I hadn’t really addressed it at all, but it was an incredibly important part of what our family experienced. I wrote down what I had covered in earlier pages and then wrote down, off the top of my head, the stories I was still interested in telling and conveying. I don’t have pictures for everything, but I’m still telling those stories because they are important to the whole album. I’m putting together my pages bit by bit and feel inspired and excited about finishing the album.

  • I did finish an album and I started on finishing about 4 more! I loved this project! I loved taking somewhat random layouts and making them into a story and I loved adding bits to make the whole album feel cohesive. I would love to do this project again!

  • kathy m.

    I really enjoyed this challenge even though I didn’t finish the album I chose due to a busy month. It has got me started on completing an album and I will plug away at it in April. I also loved learning more about “story telling” within your album. It has made me take a look at some of my other albums and identify some missing layouts that will make the story more cohesive. I blogged about this challenge here:
    Keep the challenges coming. I love “playing along” with others. It is so inspiring and a great way to connect with others.

  • Just had a look. Thank you for blogging about your progress — I love seeing what you and others have done and it was fun to see your great pages.

  • That sounds great, Tiffany! Finding an over-arching theme is a big one, so congratulations on that alone. I find that having a theme or story line impacts my own experience of contributing to an album in a very positive way.

  • Thank you for sharing your paradigm shift. Yes — I need to just take some conscious thought and a decision to finish when it comes to finally completing an album. Once I do that the actual finishing part is a real pleasure and joy!

  • Those are from Prima. They’re great — they have a faux canvas look to them and a squishy feel. I like them a lot and have TONS of them. :)

  • I do hope people will use the series, even after the fact. Good luck with it, Ruth, and I hope you enjoy April with all the fun you’ve got scheduled!

  • Congratulations on finishing those!

  • You made me realize I don’t do much current scrapbooking, except for PL. Thanks to you I’ve decided to try doing more current stuff once in a while. I think I’d enjoy that! :)

  • Awesome! Thank you, Katie — I love hearing that at least a few others find this process rewarding, too!

  • I just plowed through this series and am massively inspired – I mostly scrapbook hiking pages, but the journaling tends to reflect the bigger themes in my life (hiking helped me out of depression, has given me lots of much-needed confidence, was my therapy through infertility, introduced me to a lot of my current friends, etc). I’m going to sit down, take a look at that album, and see how I can turn it into a narrative.

  • Follow-up: I did it! And then I blogged about it here. Thank you so, so much for the inspiration, Noell.